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Who caused the Great Recession?

Senator Bernie Sanders has blamed the "big banks" of Wall Street for the financial crash of 2007-2008 and the Great Recession that followed, while Secretary Hillary Clinton has pointed in the direction of the "shadow banking" sector....Show More Summary

Wexford Festival Opera, Recovered From Great Recession, Will Return To Three-Weekend Format

“In yet another sign of a recovering economy,” the festival, renowned for reviving obscure and forgotten scores, will from 2017 “be extended from a 12-day event to an 18-day event, a return to the pre-Recessionary format.”

The Debt Crisis: It Hasn’t Gone Away

That thing we had back in 2007-2011? We used to call it a Global Financial Crisis or a Great Recession... The post The Debt Crisis: It Hasn’t Gone Away was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

The Shipwrecked Lives of the Great Recession

The disdain that the Amish faithful feel for family members who reject their all-encompassing religious worldview is such that they refuse to dine with them at the same table. That is exactly how mainstream politics treats those spurned by its decisions. Show More Summary

First-Time Home Buyer? Consider These 5 Cities

The Great Recession has come and gone, leaving economic disparity in its wake. The result is an America in which certain cities are supreme for mortgage newbies looking for a home, while others are not so hot. Read on for our roundup of the friendliest locales for first-time home buyers. (See...

City millennials earning less and less, but still better off than those elsewhere

Millennials' wages have not recovered from the Great Recession and in fact seem to be getting worse, a study from Comptroller Scott Stringer has found. The generation, defined in the study as... To view the full story, click the title link.

Three Trends That Could Spell Big Trouble For Wall Street

Investors paying too close attention to the Fed and the rally it has fueled on Wall Street in the aftermath of the Great Recession have probably overlooked three trends that could spell big trouble for stocks over the long term. The first trend is the slowdown in globalization, as evidenced by [...]

Why America's impressive 5% unemployment rate feels like a lie for so many

There are three main reasons the vaunted economic recovery still feels false to so many. The first is the labor participation rate, which plunged at the start of the Great Recession and discounts the millions of Americans who have been out of work for six months or more. Show More Summary

Dohaha, Slippery Oil Prices Laugh at Nearly Everyone

by David Haggith from The Great Recession Blog As predicted relentlessly here, the scuttled meeting in Doha to limit oil production broke up with no agreement at all. The meeting foundered like a tanker snagged in the dessert sands because...Show More Summary

Americans Fall Out of Love with Owning Stocks

Before the Great Recession, almost two-thirds of Americans owned stocks. That number has since fallen to a little more than half, as you can see from the chart below:   This is an important development with ramifications for retirement planning, demographics and income inequality. Show More Summary

CFPB: Good cop or bad cop?

After the housing bubble burst and led to the Great Recession, the pressure was on Congress to ensure that this crisis could never happen again -- and to create a system under which the financial services industry could be held accountable. Show More Summary

Fracking the Ecosystem | Periodicals Price Survey 2016

What does fracking have to do with scholarly publishing and journal pricing? While the library financial landscape has improved since the depth of the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009, it still cannot be considered robust. As articles...Show More Summary

The Class of 2016: The labor market is still far from ideal for young graduates

Young high school and college graduates were hit hard in the Great Recession. While young graduates’ economic prospects have brightened in recent years, they still face elevated unemployment rates and stagnant wages. Many groups—including...Show More Summary

Another Pension Fund Goes South After the Great Recession

Here's the latest big pension fund in trouble: More than a quarter of a million truckers, retirees and their families could soon see their pension benefits severely cut — even though their pension fund is still years away from running...Show More Summary

One of the biggest problems caused by the Great Recession might be turning around

One of the biggest problems caused by the Great Recession might be turning around. In addition to massively increasing the unemployment rate, the Great Recession led to a rise in broader measures of labor slack. For example, the labor...Show More Summary

Many Negative Labor Market Trends Started before the Great Recession

Part I While some indicators show that the labor market has significantly recovered from the Great Recession, other indicators are causing concerns. In turn, policymakers and researchers continue to debate whether a full recovery is under way. Show More Summary

"Someone Is Going To Be Very Wrong"

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Retail-Less Despite all of the cheering by the mainstream media that the economy is “doing great” and “no recession” in sight, a look at small business sales trends and retailShow More Summary

Strong U.S.-France Relationship Good for Global Economy

As the world continues to recover from the Great Recession and further unites against global threats to our security and the safety of our citizens, the importance of growing and bolstering the global economy is an increasing priority for many nations. Show More Summary

Voter anger is mostly about party, not social class

The many stories about “voter anger” in this election cycle tell of downscale voters — less educated, lower incomes — who feel left behind by the recovery from the Great Recession. Last week, my colleague and collaborator Lynn Vavreck showed why that story is missing something important: partisanship. Vavreck’s piece, which is based on research […]

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