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St. Louis Bank President Jim Bullard Tells Us Why the Fed Needs to Be Reformed

The Federal Reserve Board has enormous power over the nation’s economy. Its efforts to promote growth through pushing down interest rates in the wake of the Great Recession have almost certainly created more than 1 million jobs, while saving homeowners hundreds of billions of dollars in mortgage interest. Show More Summary

U.S. construction is on the rebound after the Great Recession

Overall, the construction industry’s impact on U.S. gross domestic product has grown by more than 21 percent since its low point in 2011, according to a Stateline analysis of inflation-adjusted data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Continue reading ? The post U.S. construction is on the rebound after the Great Recession appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Inequality made the Great Recession worse (especially for the poor)

Previous research found that income and wealth inequality had little impact on the aggregate dynamics of consumption, investment and output. This reinforced the idea that we can study downturns in the economy using representative agents. Show More Summary

7 Years After the Recession, America’s Public Schools Still Haven’t Recovered

American public schools have 200,000 fewer workers — and 1 million more students — than they did before the Great Recession.

Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin: Yellen Unveiling, Jackson Hole 2016

“The Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession posed daunting new challenges for central banks around the world. They have failed the test of understanding them. The post Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin: Yellen Unveiling, Jackson Hole 2016 was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Proof That The Great Recession Has Yet To Release Its Grip

5 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Buried deep in a speech that President Obama delivered at the height of the Great Recession was a line that has remained etched in my psyche. When Obama was acknowledging the economic devastation that the recession had wrought on individuals, he predicted, “And some people won’t ever recover.” At the time, I wondered who he meant. Show More Summary

Government Study Admits Fed Policies Have Deepened Downturn For Many

Via The Daily Bell, Wealthy Have Nearly Healed From Recession; the Poor Haven’t … The Great Recession and the subsequent recovery from it have deepened the wedge between the very wealthy and everyone else in America, plunging the poor deeper into debt and wiping out two-fifths of the wealth held by families in the heart of the middle class. Show More Summary

Fear! M1 Money Multiplier Remains Below 1.0 Since End Of Great Recession (And Financial Crisis)

The M1 Money Multiplier is the ratio of M1 to the St. Louis Adjusted Monetary Base and it has been below 1.0 since June 2009, the end of The Great Recession (at least according to the NBER). The post Fear! M1 Money Multiplier Remains Below 1.0 Since End Of Great Recession (And Financial Crisis) was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Golden Coast – Recess

Indie pop duo Golden Coast wrote a song about one of the greatest things of all time…recess. These guys are a slice of SoCal sunshine with great hooks, sing-a-long lyrics and a mixture of pop and electronic fit for all ages. Check it out! posted by @tristanorchard

Summer driving season is ending — here's how far $50 worth of gas will get you on America's highways

US gas prices have hit the lowest point in recent history, falling to levels last seen before the Great Recession. According to the New York Times, the national average fell to $2.18 per gallon in July.  Since gas prices have becomeShow More Summary

The Fed and Lehman Brothers

Much of the damage from the Great Recession is attributed to the Federal Reserve’s failure to rescue Lehman Brothers when it hit troubled waters in September 2008. It has been argued that the Fed’s decision was based on legal constraints. Show More Summary

Why We Need a Fiscal Policy Commission

I have a new column: Why We Need a Fiscal Policy Commission: During the Great Recession, monetary policymakers were aggressive and creative in their attempts to revive the economy. I wish they had been even more aggressive, and at times...

Great Recession's other legacy: Inconsistent work hours

A new study finds that an unpredictable work week is the norm for growing numbers of low-wage workers -- nearly 40 percent of whom worked variable hours for at least one four-month period after the start of the 2007-09 Great Recessi...

Whirled Politics: Would you rather be Trumped or Pillaried?

This article by David Haggith published first on The Great Recession Blog. I’ve never seen anything so surreal as the United States’ current political circus of unelectable and undelectable candidates offered as each party’s top of the crop. Show More Summary

Great Recession's other legacy: Inconsistent work hours

SEATTLE -- It can be hard to plan for basic needs, like paying rent or taking care of your kids, if you don't know when you'll be working next week or just how many hours you will be needed. A new study by researchers at the University...Show More Summary

Wednesday assorted links

1. “…the slowdown in TFP during and after the great recession is due to the decline in the speed of adoption of new technologies in response to the credit disruptions that shocked the US economy since the end of 2007 and that have affected the cost and availability of funds for companies until the end […] The post Wednesday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Professional Stupid-People Consultant: A Personal Perspective on Why Corporate Culture is in Decline

This article was first published on The Great Recession Blog. I’m working on a new Linked-in profile and wanted to get your thoughts on it. I’m sure others have similar experience in the decline of corporate culture to share here, too. Show More Summary

The US does not need to kick its car habit

For the better part of two years, as the US auto market has roared back from the depths of the Great Recession and set new sales records, there's been abundant fretting about whether Americans should be buying so many cars. At Bloomberg, Mark Whitehouse takes no prisoners: Americans love cars. Show More Summary

The Reality on Retail... and a Recession

Over 70% of the US economy is driven by consumer spending. With that in mind, one has to ask… “if retail sales are as great as the data has been claiming, why are retail stocks lagging by so much?” Retailers lead stocks. They peaked out higher at the last market peak. Show More Summary

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