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Postwar policies fueled prosperity decades later

Economists call it the Great Moderation: the long stretch of low inflation and steady growth in the United States and seven other developed nations from the mid-1980s until the recession hit in 2007.

Providers: Thinking of Buying More EHR Than You Can Afford? Think Carefully

There wasn’t just one cause of the 2008 Great Recession, but certainly a major factor was the creative lending instruments banks used to qualify prospective home buyers. As is now well known, massive mortgage defaults among those homeowners undermined the integrity of mortgage-backed securities and came within a hair’s breadth of tanking both the American... Read More

Chart of the Day: The S&P 500 Since the End of the Great Recession

Since President Trump is bragging yet again about the stock market, here's your periodic reminder of what it really looks like: Thanks Obama!

2016 traffic deaths jump to highest level in nearly a decade

A jump in traffic fatalities last year pushed deaths on U.S. roads to their highest level in nearly a decade, erasing improvements made during the Great Recession and economic recovery, … Click to Continue »

Why Falling Home Prices Could Be a Good Thing

Suppose there were a way to pump up the economy, reduce inequality and put an end to destructive housing bubbles like the one that contributed to the Great Recession. The idea would be simple, but not easy, requiring a wholesale reframing of the United States economy and housing market. Show More Summary

Community banks hopeful as lawmakers target financial rules

The number of small, local banks has declined since the Great Recession, a change that advocates feel was intensified by the paperwork the increased oversight entails.        

An Unintended Side Effect of Trump's Border Wall

Since the Great Recession, more Mexicans have left the United States than migrated there. Constructing a barrier along the southern border may discourage more from going.

All the most controversial moments from HBO's 'Girls'

“Girls” has had quite a cultural impact throughout its six-season run. The HBO show was one of the first glimpses of millennial life for a wider audience. Following the worst recession since the Great Depression, creator Lena DunhamShow More Summary

Recession Alert: Treasury Receipts Turn Negative For The First Time Since The Financial Crisis

On the surface, today's monthly budget statement showed good news: in January the US Treasury brought in total receipts of $344 billion, versus outlays of only $293 billion, resulting in a surplus of $51 billion, substantially greater...Show More Summary

Initial Jobless Claims Near Lowest Since 1973, But Hours Worked YoY Shrinks By Most Since Great Recession

This is like one of those “good news, bad news” jokes. The post Initial Jobless Claims Near Lowest Since 1973, But Hours Worked YoY Shrinks By Most Since Great Recession was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Crisis, Credit and Resource Misallocation: Evidence from Europe during the Great Recession

1st Policy Research Conference of the European Central Banking NetworkThe chapters in this eBook analyse the behaviour of bank credit in Europe during the Great Recession and the subsequent recovery, drawing on research presented at the first conference of the European Central Banking Network (ECBN) held in Ljubljana in September 2015.

The Great Recession: A Macroeconomic Earthquake

Larry Christiano on why the Great Recession happened, why it lasted so long, why it wasn't foreseen, and how it’s changing macroeconomic theory (the excerpt below is about the last of these, how it's changing theory): The Great Recession: A...

The Cost of Progress

The era of Barack Obama is over. Eight years of liberal governance yielding a surprisingly comprehensive list of achievements. A stimulus program that stanched the bleeding of the Great Recession and set the stage for an extended period of job growth and rapid innovation in key sectors of the economy. Show More Summary

Fueled by Zika fears, Miami's hotel tax revenue sags

Hotel tax revenue in Miami-Dade has dropped at a rate not seen since the Great Recession, a decline in public money some attribute to tourists afraid of the Zika virus. … Click to Continue »

Payrolls in U.S. Increase 227,000 While Wage Growth Weakens To Below Level At End Of Great Recession

The January 2017 jobs report is out from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The highlights? The post Payrolls in U.S. Increase 227,000 While Wage Growth Weakens To Below Level At End Of Great Recession was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

January Auto Sales: Volume Flat; Prices Up; Discounts Up, Too

Discounts are high, but so are U.S. auto sales, and so are transaction prices. In the run-up to the Great Recession, sales failed to respond even when the car companies threw money at the problem. That's not the case, today.

Growth in U.S.–China trade deficit between 2001 and 2015 cost 3.4 million jobs: Here’s how to rebalance trade and rebuild American manufacturing

The United States has a massive trade deficit with China. It has grown since the end of the Great Recession. The growth of that deficit almost entirely explains the failure of manufacturing employment to fully recover along with the rest of the economy.

States should prepare for possible fiscal storm

Still recovering from the Great Recession and grappling with troubling fiscal trends, state budgets are already causing headaches for governors and legislators across the...

Back Below "Stall Speed": 2016 Economy Matches Worst Year since Great Recession

This is the third year since the Great Recession when GDP growth dropped below 2%. The Fed's policies of eight years of cheap credit have entailed soaring debt levels among companies, governments, and consumers -- money borrowed from tomorrow that was spent today. Show More Summary

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