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Day's End and Night Watch

Fair warning: Greg Sargent and I are going to keep harping on the "How ya gonna deport 11 million people without creating a police state?" theme until we get some...

Things are About to Get Crazy in Congress

Greg Sargent: “Hillary Clinton has signaled that she hopes to run for president in part by painting the GOP-controlled Congress — and, by extension, the Republican Party — as a divisive, destructive, hidebound, reactionary force… And it looks as if [...]

Sorry Donald, Most Republicans Don't Actually Care That Much About Illegal Immigration

Greg Sargent has an item today noting that by a 63-34 percent margin in a new CNN poll, Republicans believe the main focus of immigration policy should be stopping the flow of immigration and deporting the ones who are already here. No big surprise there. Show More Summary

Where's the Cattle Car Appropriation?

As Greg Sargent points out today, the more carefully self-identified Republicans are polled on what they actually want to do with 11 million undocumented people, the more a clear majority...

The Party Of Deportation

As Greg Sargent points out, the latest CNN poll finds Republicans overwhelmingly want to deport some 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US by a nearly 2-1 margin. By 56-42, Americans support developing a plan to legalize undocumented immigrants over stopping their flow and deporting those already here. Independents agree by 58-39, and moderates by [Read more...]

Scott Walker: Military Action Possible 'On Day One'

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent has a scary look at the plans of two GOP presidential contenders regarding Iran. My God, these Republicans are a bloodthirsty bunch: A dispute has erupted between Scott Walker and Jeb Bush over howShow More Summary

Do Republicans Really Want to Scuttle the Iran Deal?

Greg Sargent reports that Republicans are gearing up to torpedo the Iran nuclear deal: Republicans are very, very confident that they have the political advantage in the coming battle in Congress over the historic Iran deal announced yesterday. Show More Summary

Two Takes on the Iran Deal

Two reactions from WaPo this morning to the Iran nuclear deal offer about as wide a disparity of opinion as is possible. Greg Sargent allows as how Republican shrieking over...

GOP begins to panic

The steady, boring, always-get-it-right political analysts are now predicting Republican failure in 2016 — a year that should belong to the GOP. As Greg Sargent reports in the Washington Post, 2016 is shaping up as “brutal” for the right. It’s all about the major change in demographics: America is no longer majority “white.” In 1980, [...]Show More Summary

As Trump Embarrasses Them on Immigration, Republicans Have No One to Blame But Themselves

The always excellent Greg Sargent makes a great point this morning at the Plum Line: Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for the quandary Donald Trump is putting...

So Much For Partisan Differences Stopping at the Water's Edge

As Republican presidential candidates compete with each other as to how rapidly they'd abrogate any Iran nuclear deal if one is reached, Greg Sargent raises another issue on which the...

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Donald Trump continues to screw the GOP, won't get off the stage

Post and Courier: ‘New day in South Carolina’: House votes to take down Confederate flag Greg Sargent: Trump’s comments — he referred to undocumented immigrants as drug dealers and rapists — have been properly condemned by some of the GOP candidates. Show More Summary

White Ballot Access, Black Ballot Access

Greg Sargent draws our attention today to a new report from the left-leaning Center for American Progress on, among other things, ballot access in all 50 states plus DC. They grade each state based on things like availability of preregistration,...Show More Summary

Why Universal Pre-K Will Be a Galvanizing Issue

At the Plum Line today, Greg Sargent argues that universal pre-K opportunities will bids fair to become "a central pillar of the liberal agenda — one that, if it is...

Obamacare Still Isn't Safe, and Liberals Better Not Forget It

Greg Sargent warns Democrats not to get complacent about Obamacare: House Republicans are still forging ahead with a separate lawsuit against Obama over the law (though it may not be resolved for years). Conservatives like Ted Cruz are still calling for holding spending bills hostage to roll back the ACA. Show More Summary

Blue Islands of Health Care Coverage

Greg Sargent makes a pretty important point today with some help from the Kaiser Family Foundation: there's no particular reason to believe that an adverse SCOTUS decision in the King...

Yeah, Scott Walker Is a Social Troglodyte. This Is News?

Greg Sargent: The other day, Scott Walker declared that if the Supreme Court rules for a Constitutional right to gay marriage, he’d support a Constitutional amendment allowing states to ban it. This stance would not have been surprising coming from Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, or Ted Cruz. Show More Summary

Is HRC's Message Baby Bear's Porridge?

So Greg Sargent puts what should be a final exclamation point on the Great 2015 Debate On HRC's Non-Clintonian strategy, summarizing the rather lopsided results suggesting that's a crock. But...

“Hillary leans hard into the battle over voting”

Greg Sargent: “There’s a good policy reason why Clinton might support universal voting, but there’s also a good political reason,” Rick Hasen, a voting law expert, tells me. “These are issues that motivate the Democratic base. Talking about Republicans suppressing … Continue reading ?

Lunch Buffet

Just another cold, foggy June day here on the Monterey Peninsula. No reason to move here, folks. Here are some warmer, brighter midday news/views treats: Greg Sargent explores arguments--including...

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