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INTERESTING BUT NOT SURPRISING: More to come. MORE (HAT TIP TO ACE): I can’t read the Greg Sargent tweet Strassel was responding to without jumping through a hoop or two, because Sargent has me bravely blocked. But here’s the link if you haven’t been.

Democrats May Issue Minority Report on Russia

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) told Greg Sargent that Democrats “are seriously exploring the possibility of issuing a minority report that details (among other things) the degree to which Republicans tried to impede a full investigation, should that end up happening.” [...]

Republicans Are Relentlessly Working to Subvert the Trump/Russia Investigation

Greg Sargent has a good summation of the latest developments in the Republican Party's outrageous ongoing effort to subvert the investigation into Trump's ties to Russia: How bad is the Republican coverup on Trump and Russia? We may soon find out. In an interview with me, Rep. Show More Summary

Rendering Reality Irrelevant

Greg Sargent: “But such incredulity misses the deeper significance of this stuff. The brazenness of it is the whole point — his utter shamelessness itself is meant to achieve his goal. In any given case, Trump is not trying to persuade anyone [...]

Trump Thanksgiving Tweet: POTUS Publicly Calls Out Reporter Greg Sargent For Calling Him Racist [Opinion]

Donald Trump used the solemnity and propriety of Thanksgiving Day to send out a tweet publicly calling out reporter Greg Sargent, who had the audacity to call the president a racist, Slate is reporting. There are several things that Donald Trump just doesn’t seem to get, but the top two are probably these: propriety and dignity. Show More Summary

Donald Trump posts bizarre reply to tweet accusing him of stoking racism

"Trump's rage-tweets about LaVar Ball are part of a pattern," Greg Sargent, the author of the opinion piece tweeted. Ten minutes later, he sent another "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" tweet, this time as a post to all his followers rather than a reply.

House Democrats Expand Target List for Midterms

Greg Sargent: “House Democratic strategists, convinced that Tuesday’s results represent a massive voter uprising against Trumpism that will continue through next year, are adding nearly a dozen new GOP districts to their list of 2018 takeover targets, in an effort [...]

Question of the Day for Sens. Flake and Corker (from Greg Sargent)

“Shouldn’t you — and your party — speak out more forcefully against Trump’s nonstop lies about how millions voted illegally in our elections, which undermine faith in our institutions and in liberal democracy’s integrity?”   —Greg Sargent … Continue reading ?

Trump Threatens to Hurt Millions Out of Anger and Spite

Greg Sargent: “As the implosion of President Trump continues amid the increasingly bitter intraparty war engulfing the GOP, let’s not lose sight of the very real impact this spectacular meltdown could have: It could end up harming millions and millions [...]

How Many Factions In The Republican Party?

Greg Sargent’s Morning Plum has been on fire for the last two days. Today’s discusses the divisions in the Republican Party. The Post and the Washington Examiner have remarkable stories this morning that portray the Republican Party as gripped by an internal war of recriminations over the fact that Trump has not signed any major accomplishments. I want to […]

Trump, Painted in a Corner

Greg Sargent writes that Trump supporters are in meltdown mode: With the chatter intensifying about the possibility of President Trump cutting a deal to protect the “dreamers,” The Post reports today that his loudest supporters are in a fury. They are warning that “the base” will desert him if he commits such a massive betrayal.  … […]

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: On White Presidents, destroying the GOP, and sham commissions

4 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Greg Sargent/WaPo: Ta-Nehisi Coates’   powerful new essay, “The First White President,” offers up an indictment   of white America — and white punditry — that is more sweeping than it first appears. Coates’ argument is not just that Donald Trump’s ascent was fueled by the racism of much of his white electorate. Show More Summary

Response #2

TPM Reader JB rightly notes there’s no single explanation or solution … I hope you are well. I have been thinking about your piece this morning, the one on the 8th, and Greg Sargent’s piece yesterday in regards to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ piece. Show More Summary

Moving on?

Do you agree with Greg Sargent’s read here? This is a big deal. It looks like Trump has now called on Republicans to drop Obamacare repeal and move on: — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) September 8, 2017 Maybe, but healthcare gains won’t be safe until the GOP is out of power. In other news, is […]

Mr 'Know Nothing'

Greg Sargent in The Washington Post suggests that Jared Kushner threw Donald Trump Jr. 'under the bus' with a carefully crafted written statement in which he denied knowing much of anything about a high level Trump campaign involving a Russian lawyer in June 2016. Show More Summary

“Russia may sabotage the next election, too. What will Trump and Republicans do about it?”

Greg Sargent: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which oversees House races, has issued a formal request to its Republican counterpart, asking it to join in showing a “united front” and creating a “joint plan” against any Russian efforts to undermine … Continue reading ?

Republicans Are Lying to Sell a Bill That Will Kill People

Yesterday, I noted Greg Sargent's keen observation that Republicans are going to "extraordinary lengths" to conceal that the Affordable Care Act has helped countless people: "If you think about it, pretty much every major lie that [Donald]...Show More Summary

If We Only Had An Institution That Would Inform Us About Such Alarming Developments

Whatever McConnell/Ryan/Trumpcare looks like in its final form, it will eviscerate Medicaid to give huge tax cuts to the rich. Greg Sargent notes that many Americans don't seem to know this: Cutting spending on the poor to facilitate...Show More Summary

The summary of the Senate AHCA

Here is the TLDR of the Senate AHCA draft. Here is the difference between the Senate and House GOP repeal bills, helpfully summarized in two sentences: — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) June 22, 2017 There are a lot of details that matter (I even like Sec. 102-b-1-B-II) but that is the fundamental difference. CPI-U comes […]

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Saying the Quiet Parts Out Loud

AP poll: 65% think Trump doesn’t have much respect for US democratic institutions & traditions or none at all: — Michiko Kakutani (@michikokakutani) June 15, 2017 Greg Sargent, in the Washington Post, Republicans are privately angry at Trump for accidentally unmasking their big scam”: House Republicans are angry with President Trump for blurting out […]

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