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Greg Sargent identifies the similarities between Trump and Sanders. Trump says, "we're getting ripped off" and Sanders says, "the system is rigged." But he also notes the differences between...

What Clinton Is Missing

Greg Sargent: “Right now, the Clinton campaign has a much bigger problem than the story it wants to tell about New Hampshire. That problem is this: the campaign has no story to tell the voters about Hillary Clinton and why [...]

New Hampshire Open Thread

I’m inclined to stay out of the predictions racket tonight — if the Maple Leafs can dump Dion Phaneuf’s contract and somehow get a second round draft pick back surely anything is possible. Some links: Greg Sargent has a good deep dive into the issue of Clinton and bankruptcy. I think he’s right on both […]

Sure, But What About the Important People Who Matter?

[Content Note: Misogyny; war; drones; rape in war zones.]In the Washington Post, Greg Sargent takes on the question of [CN: video autoplays] that video of Senator Elizabeth Warren asserting that Hillary Clinton's voting history on bankruptcy bills proves that she is a corporate shill who has been influenced by donations. Show More Summary

“Hillary Clinton, Wall Street shill? Here are a few facts.”

Greg Sargent: I’m skeptical of Sanders’s case that Obama could have gotten a lot more than he did or that his explanation accounts for why Obama did achieve what he did. I’m also skeptical of Sanders’s case that he can … Continue reading ?

Yes, Bernie Sanders Is Questioning Hillary Clinton's Integrity

Greg Sargent points us to this exchange yesterday on CNN: WOLF BLITZER: Are you suggesting that Secretary Clinton is beholden to Wall Street and big money? BERNIE SANDERS: No. What I’m simply saying is a fact. She recently reported that her Super PAC received $25 million. Show More Summary

Greg Sargent on Clinton-Sanders Fight Over Clinton Wall St. Donations

Good point: In making this broad argument, Sanders is implicitly indicting not just Clinton, but President Obama and many Democrats who voted for Dodd-Frank financial reform. Indeed, that’s the essence of Sanders’ whole case: Obama achievements such as the Affordable … Continue reading ?

Tearing Out What Substitutes for Donald Trump's Soul

Greg Sargent has a piece up on how the Clintons plan on going after Donald Trump in the general. Given how close the polls are in Iowa and the fact...

The GOP’s Demographic Trap

Greg Sargent: “If the GOP nominee tries to win primarily by increasing the white vote, it would not only require a very large mobilization of whites, and/or very high levels of support among them, but it would also require the [...]

Can a President Lead a Revolution?

I love Bernie Sanders' latest ad. In discussing this ad, Greg Sargent got it right when he compares it to the Obama 2008 campaign. He quotes what Sanders said in...

Evangelicals Like Trump's Insult Comic Act

Greg Sargent takes a look at a campaign angle that is getting a lot of attention this morning: why is Trump polling so well with white evangelicals? All this has...

“What Will the Presidential Elections Cost Us?”

@KCRW and Zocalo Public Square are sponsoring the kickoff tomorrow (Jan. 12)  for my book tour for Plutocrats United: Campaign Money, the Supreme Court and the Distortion of American Elections. Over the weekend Greg Sargent reviewed the book for the … Continue reading ?

Greg Sargent Reviews Plutocrats United for Washington Post Sunday Book World

Review: In the end, what may matter most is the view of a mere nine people. Four current Supreme Court justices — two liberals and two conservatives — are likely to retire in the next eight years. So the 2016 … Continue reading ?

Why Cruz Won’t Take Trump’s Bait

Rick Tyler, a senior adviser to Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, tells Greg Sargent why they won’t attack Donald Trump even when egged on. Said Tyler: “We recognized that Trump changed all the rules. Attacking back clearly doesn’t work with him. [...]

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Guns, Oregon domestic terrorists, and the GOP race

Greg Sargent: In an emotional address today introducing his new executive actions on guns, President Obama teared up as he discussed the 20 children who were killed by gun violence in the awful 2013 massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.Show More Summary

Trump’s New TV Ad

Greg Sargent compares Donald Trump’s TV ad to the anti-immigration campaign by Gov. Pete Wilson that cost the GOP California on The Plumline in the Washington Post. As the final, frenzied push towards the first Presidential voting begins, Donald Trump has unveiled a riveting new television ad that perfectly sums up Trumpism in all its xenophobic [...]Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The 2016 election, demographics and the Republican base

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Greg Sargent: How big a demographic advantage do Democrats really wield in the 2016 election? A comprehensive new analysis from the Center for American Progress tries to assess this question, and concludes that while the demographicShow More Summary

In Congress, Christmas Is a Time of Giving - and Receiving

I was planning to write a festive poem to Congress as they approach their merry holiday recess but couldn't come up with a rhyme for "dysfunctional." Writing in Monday's Washington Post, Greg Sargent noted that all that inertia on Capitol...Show More Summary

GOP Will Sink or Swim with the White Nativist Vote

This morning Greg Sargent did a good job of laying out the different electoral strategies of the Rubio and Cruz campaigns. Marco Rubio has sought to project an optimistic, inclusive...

Wealthy donors give our dysfunctional Congress a lengthy Christmas wish list

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

I was planning to write a festive poem to Congress as they approach their merry holiday recess but couldn’t come up with a rhyme for “dysfunctional.” Writing in Monday’s Washington Post, Greg Sargent noted that all that inertia on Capitol Hill has been caused “less by a roughly equivalent failure...

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