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Say It Is So Or Ain't So, Joe!

Greg Sargent has rather emphatically joined my campaign to convince the vice president to put an end to the weird and destructive speculation about his presidential plans--or the lack thereof--as...

How Many Republican Voters Agree With Ben Carson's Islamophobia?

Greg Sargent with the latest on Ben Carson's foray into outright Islamophobia. This really is crazy, especially when you consider how many American Christian cults teach their initiates that lying in the service of bringing a Christian...Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Toughness and a long camapign

Fact that Trump can't name foreign military leaders seems less important than fact that he told @chucktodd he gets military advice from TV — McKay Coppins (@mckaycoppins) September 4, 2015 Greg Sargent: On Morning Joe today, Donald Trump...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton's Favorability Ratings Are Right In Their Normal Groove

Greg Sargent says that Hillary Clinton's tanking favorability ratings should take no one by surprise. It's what happens every time an election starts up and she's once again viewed as a partisan political figure. "Her drop was probably...Show More Summary

NYTs Asks 75 High Ranking Democratic Insiders About Hillary; They're Officially Getting Ready to Dump Grandmonster Hillary

Well I don't know about that but they are actually panicky. Even ultra-spinning in-the-bag hack Greg Sargent at the Washington Post's Plum Line (note that no conservatives get their own political column) admitted that this makes it official: The Democrats...

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The Trump effect and GOP losers

Greg Sargent: But [Megyn] Kelly is absolutely right to note, in the context of the birthright citizenship debate, that Trump has answered questions “explicitly,” while Cruz won’t. This illustrates, once again, that Trump’s immigration...Show More Summary

GOP Operatives Warned Sidestepping Immigration Reform Could Explode In Primaries

Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent points out that saner voices within the Republican party pointed out that sidestepping immigration reform would lead us to a demagogue like The Donald: So here’s a friendly reminder: this whole Trump mess probably could have been avoided. Show More Summary

Shoulda Listened, GOPers

I don't know if Greg Sargent has been saving his told-you-so for a particularly propitious moment. Probably not, since he sincerely wanted Republicans to do the right thing, and held...

Nancy Pelosi pushing undecided House Democrats hard to back Iran agreement

House Democrats still undecided on the Iran agreement can expect Nancy Pelosi to keep calling them. Greg Sargent at the Plum Line reminds us that even though the conventional wisdom has it that foes of the Iran agreement are the underdogs...Show More Summary

You Break It, You Buy It

Good piece from Greg Sargent at the WaPo (we don’t quote him or the Benenator 2000 near enough) about Democratic culpability if the Iran deal is rejected in Congress: If the deal does go down, those Democrats — in addition to Republicans — will also own the consequences that follow. As Brian Beutler recently explained, [Read more...]

Trump Is Now Running to Win

Greg Sargent: “The sight of Donald Trump rolling out a new, and highly specific, immigration plan has been more than a little unsettling: It shows that Trump is now genuinely playing in the GOP primaries to win, and reveals in [...]

O'Malley Flack Zings WashPost's Sargent For Opposing More Primary Debates

"Just stop this, @MartinOMalley," sneered Greg Sargent on Twitter earlier today, reacting to an O'Malley aide's complaint about the DNC rigging the primary debate process in favor of frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Lis Smith of the O'Malley camp quickly shot back that it was "not a good look" for a "journalist" like Sargent to oppose "more debates and dialogue."

If You Don't Get Donald Trump's Appeal, You Really Need to Catch Up on Your "Celebrity Apprentice" Viewing

What's the source of Donald Trump's appeal? 1 Responding to one of David Brooks' periodic psychoanalysis sessions of the American voting public, Greg Sargent makes a wacky counterproposal: "What if a key source of his appeal is that a lot of Republican voters agree with what he’s saying about the issues?" That's a thought. Show More Summary

Day's End and Night Watch

Fair warning: Greg Sargent and I are going to keep harping on the "How ya gonna deport 11 million people without creating a police state?" theme until we get some...

Things are About to Get Crazy in Congress

Greg Sargent: “Hillary Clinton has signaled that she hopes to run for president in part by painting the GOP-controlled Congress — and, by extension, the Republican Party — as a divisive, destructive, hidebound, reactionary force… And it looks as if [...]

Sorry Donald, Most Republicans Don't Actually Care That Much About Illegal Immigration

Greg Sargent has an item today noting that by a 63-34 percent margin in a new CNN poll, Republicans believe the main focus of immigration policy should be stopping the flow of immigration and deporting the ones who are already here. No big surprise there. Show More Summary

Where's the Cattle Car Appropriation?

As Greg Sargent points out today, the more carefully self-identified Republicans are polled on what they actually want to do with 11 million undocumented people, the more a clear majority...

The Party Of Deportation

As Greg Sargent points out, the latest CNN poll finds Republicans overwhelmingly want to deport some 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US by a nearly 2-1 margin. By 56-42, Americans support developing a plan to legalize undocumented immigrants over stopping their flow and deporting those already here. Independents agree by 58-39, and moderates by [Read more...]

Scott Walker: Military Action Possible 'On Day One'

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent has a scary look at the plans of two GOP presidential contenders regarding Iran. My God, these Republicans are a bloodthirsty bunch: A dispute has erupted between Scott Walker and Jeb Bush over howShow More Summary

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