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Trump May Welcome Super PAC Money

Greg Sargent: TRUMP FACES BIG DECISION ON SUPER PACs: On Morning Joe today, Trump was asked whether he would “welcome the support of Super PACs in the general election.” He replied: “I’m going to be making a decision over the … Continue reading ?

What is Bernie's End Game?

For a while now, Greg Sargent has been speculating about Bernie Sanders' end game in this presidential primary. The candidate himself has said that it will be up to...

Get Ready for the End to Self-Funding Trump (and the Loss of His Too-Rich-to-Be-Bought Message)

Greg Sargent: This means Trump will be facing some tough dilemmas very, very soon. The question isn’t just whether Trump himself will take contributions (which, as Manafort says above, hasn’t been decided yet). Another question is whether Trump will signal … Continue reading ?

Party Unity Time Is Coming Soon for Bernie and Hillary

Greg Sargent thinks that Bernie Sanders has already conceded to the reality that he's not going to win the Democratic nomination. He'll continue to go through the motions for a while, but will then start up "serious unity talks" with...Show More Summary

“Democratic voters refuse to believe the worst about Hillary Clinton”

Smart Greg Sargent piece: But my strong suspicion is that Clinton’s reliance on corporate money and her Wall Street speeches are not actually deal-breakers, in and of themselves, for many Democratic voters. Judging by the fact that Clinton has won … Continue reading ?

National Political Parties Don’t Really Control Their Presidential Nominating Processes

Earlier this week, the Washington Post's Greg Sargent wrote a stimulating post on the possibility of Bernie Sanders using his leverage over Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to demand changes in the process that will determine future presidential nomination processes. Aside from the pros and cons of such "reforms,"... More »

Can Republicans Recover From Convention Chaos? Democrats Did in 1968

We learn from the Washington Post's Greg Sargent today that the pro–Hillary Clinton super-pac Priorities USA is already developing ad copy mocking the likely chaos and self-mortification of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And it's true that confab is looking like the kind of ungainly mess that does not... More »

Time to Reform Big Sanders?

Former TPMer Greg Sargent has an interesting post today about how the Sanders campaign could end and end well - specifically, by using his clout at the convention to reform the primary process. It's an intriguing suggestion and makes...Show More Summary

Who Is More Toxic, Cruz or Trump?

Greg Sargent talked to Democratic pollster Geoff Garin about the two most likely Republican nominees. Garin, who works for Clinton’s Super PAC Priorities USA, had a lot to say about...

Clinton and Sanders Spar Over How Much Clinton Takes from Fossil Fuel Industry

Greg Sargent has the details. Really looks like very small amounts of individual contributions from those in that industry, and so the Sanders campaign now adds in contributions from lobbyists who have lobbied for the industry, as well as contributions … Continue reading ?

The Nexus of Trump's Racism/Sexism: Dominance

Recently Greg Sargent posited a reason for Donald Trump's appeal among his supporters. But what if Trump’s efforts to court white backlash constitute one of the essential ingredients of his...

Why Donald Trump Is Unlikely to be President

Greg Sargent: “With Donald Trump steamrolling towards the GOP nomination, the political chatter is increasingly focused on whether Trump could win a general election by making surprise inroads into states in the industrial Midwest. Many Democrats and nonpartisan observers see [...]

Primary Concerns Episode 6: Super Twosday, Supreme Wednesday

Super Tuesday Numero Dos on March 15 proved to be one of the most consequential nights of the 2016 primary season. On this episode, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post ’s The Plum Line blog joins our host Brian Beutler to discuss the...Show More Summary

Trump Threatens Violence at Republican Convention

Holy cow! From Greg Sargent: But no sooner had this chatter started, then Trump dropped another bomb, by suggesting this morning on CNN that if he finishes with the most delegates, and the nomination goes to someone else, that violence … Continue reading ?

“How Trump could blow up the GOP without winning the nomination”

Ben Ginsberg talks to Greg Sargent. (Note the caveat in my earlier post.) … Continue reading ?

Nothing or Nothing At All

If, as seems reasonable, Greg Sargent is correct that the spectacle of Senate hearings on an Obama-nominated Supreme Court Justice will empower hardliners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the Republican...

Quick Takes

Greg Sargent identifies the similarities between Trump and Sanders. Trump says, "we're getting ripped off" and Sanders says, "the system is rigged." But he also notes the differences between...

What Clinton Is Missing

Greg Sargent: “Right now, the Clinton campaign has a much bigger problem than the story it wants to tell about New Hampshire. That problem is this: the campaign has no story to tell the voters about Hillary Clinton and why [...]

New Hampshire Open Thread

I’m inclined to stay out of the predictions racket tonight — if the Maple Leafs can dump Dion Phaneuf’s contract and somehow get a second round draft pick back surely anything is possible. Some links: Greg Sargent has a good deep dive into the issue of Clinton and bankruptcy. I think he’s right on both […]

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