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Fast Track Really Comes Down to the Filibuster

This thought has been nagging the back of my mind for a while, so I'm glad Greg Sargent has clarified it for me. In a detailed discussion of what will...

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Taking on the TPP

We begin APR with Greg Sargent and his interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren about fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement: PLUM LINE: But don’t you get 60 days to review it after the deal is finalized, with the...Show More Summary

What Incentive Do Republicans Have To Do Good Things for the Cities?

Yesterday I briefly mentioned a Greg Sargent post that considered the extraordinarily non-urban nature of the areas Republicans represent in Congress (or at least the House), and raised a perennial...

2016 already bought and paid for

Greg Sargent is pretty sure the Republicans have wrapped up the 2016 election …in dollar bills. The Federal Election Commission has all but given up. Over the weekend, the New York Times published a sobering interview with the head of the Federal Election Commission, who confirmed that she had largely given up on the agency [...]Show More Summary

Will Justice Kennedy Make History?

Greg Sargent notes that in 1986 Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell remarked to a clerk: “I don’t believe I’ve ever met a homosexual.” “Just under 30 years later, Powell’s seat on the Court is occupied by Anthony Kennedy, who is [......

Florida GOPers Want Literally Anything Other Than Obamacare

At the Plum Line Greg Sargent has been closely watching the many-splendored furor of the brouhaha in Florida over health care policy, mostly revolving around Republican arguments for and against...

Day's End and Night Watch

April is flying by, without much in the way of showers. Here are some remains of the day: Greg Sargent argues convincingly that HRC has moved "to the left"...

Safe Change

An awful lot of the argument about HRC's positioning--and her launch, for that matter--involves her relationship to two things, one a person--Obama--and one a concept--change. I think Greg Sargent has...

When it Comes to Congress, Don't Mistake Heat for Light

I'm going to go out on a bit of a limb and disagree with one of my favorite pundits: Greg Sargent. He suggests that there is a big difference between...

Reining In That Dangerous Peace-Making

Greg Sargent gets Sen. Chris Murphy on record making an important point about the foreign policy debates going on in Congress: Murphy asks why Congress is so much more eager...

Blowing Up the Deal

I haven’t had time to look into specifics, but Iran and several world powers have agreed on a framework for a nuclear deal. Greg Sargent writes, The preliminary deal would limit continued operation of centrifuges to one site, while converting a second one — which had been the subject of controversy — to a research […]

Let's Hear Some Specifics From Iran Deal Opponents

Greg Sargent is right: in the wake of the announcement today of a framework "understanding" for a Iran nuclear deal to be signed by the end of June, it's time...

Supreme Provocation on Marriage Equality?

While we are mulling the conservative reaction to their eroding position on marriage equality, and the strain that is going to put on the GOP's presidential field, Greg Sargent has...

Bush Versus Walker Mainly a Choice of Strategies, Not Policies

Greg Sargent makes a point today that we may well have reason to keep in mind throughout the Invisible Primary for 2016. There is an emerging media narrative that the...

Yes, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker Are Different Kinds of Conservatives

Jeb Bush may project a warmer, fuzzier, less hardnosed conservatism than Scott Walker, but is there really much difference between them? Greg Sargent isn't so sure: Here’s what I’ll be watching: How will this basic underlying difference,...Show More Summary

Liberal Groups Are Already Pushing For Warren As Senate Leader

Greg Sargent with some background on how the maneuvering to replace Harry Reid as minority (or majority) leader is likely to shake out: This debate is already underway: Two liberal groups are now floating the idea of a Warren run for...Show More Summary


Greg Sargent has what I think is a pretty solid run-down of where progressive Democrats are with the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In short, it’s not a strong hand. In this era where many congressional Democrats basically ignore labor and neoliberalism rules the day, we are stuck relying on a combination of Democrats who care more about […]

Can Labor And The Democrats Fix The TPP?

Greg Sargent with some news on the TPP fight: Here’s the latest: Labor is ratcheting up its campaign against Senate Democrats to prevent them from caving on what unions — and many liberal Democrats — see as a core mechanism for ensuring...Show More Summary

Is Ted Cruz Really An Outlier?

Greg Sargent's thoughtftul analysis is some of the best there is, judging by how little I want to tear my hair out and scream after I read his writing. In my opinion, he's the best hire the Washington Post has made in years, and I love...Show More Summary

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