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Immigration Reform: It's Finally Officially Dead

I've had a friendly argument with Greg Sargent for some months about whether immigration reform was dead, or was merely on life support and still stood a chance of resuscitation. But in a way, it may turn out we disagreed a little less than we thought. Show More Summary

How the U.S. can solve its immigration crisis: legalize drugs

A refugee crisis has blown up along the American border in the last couple months. Something like 50,000 refugee children have arrived in the United States in 2014, an increase of more than 90 percent from last year. As Greg Sargent points out, this is a genuinely tricky issue as a matter of immigration law and policy. Show More Summary

When You’ve Lost Megyn Kelly…

Pretty cool. Megyn Kelly directly confronts Dick and Liz Cheney by reading from @paulwaldman1's rant: — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) June 19, 2014 Note Kelly’s facial expression — skeptical, all through the clip. Show More Summary

Bloomberg poll: Voters still think Obamacare is worth keeping

Recent developments in Virginia aside, there's still not a whole lot of clamoring out there for Obamacare repeal, except maybe among the people who voted for David Brat and those applauding his victory. Greg Sargent sums up the latest...Show More Summary

Immigration Reform Is Dead, and That's Still a Big Problem for the Republican Party

I got into an email argument with Greg Sargent yesterday over my belief that immigration reform has been "dead" for months and remains dead following Eric Cantor's primary defeat. His view is a little more nuanced: it could pass anytime John Boehner allows it to come up for a vote, so it's not really right to simply call it dead. Show More Summary

"There’s no GOP establishment/Tea Party divide, and there never has been."

Wrote WaPo's Greg Sargent last May.So today, when incumbent Republicans are threatened from the right by Tea Party challenges, they don’t react by moving right in any substantive way. Not only would it be all but impossible for most of them, it isn’t necessary to shift their positions on issues. Show More Summary


Shock poll: Even red staters want to save planet Greg Sargent, June 2, 2014 (Washington Post) “…[A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that…a lopsided and bipartisan majority of Americans support federal limits on greenhouse gasShow More Summary

Senate Democrats Will Introduce Proposal To Expand Social Security Benefits

It appears that Duncan Black's dirty hippy plan is starting to play itself out and Senate Democrats are getting on board with a plan to expand our Social Security benefits. Greg Sargent: The idea has long remained outside the boundaries...Show More Summary

Monday Evening Open Thread: Parsing

.@paulwaldman1 on Vegas shooting: "How much does right wing rhetoric contribute to right wing terrorism?" — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) June 9, 2014.@radleybalko @ThePlumLineGS @paulwaldman1 So how many Oklahoma...Show More Summary

Democrats likely have the signatures to get a minimum wage vote in Arkansas

Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) Chances are looking good that Arkansas voters will have the chance to vote on a minimum wage increase come November, Greg Sargent reports: Dems organizing the initiative tell me they have now amassed at least 10,000...Show More Summary

President Calls Out GOP for Extremism, Media for False Equivalence

Via Greg Sargent, some on-point remarks from the president during a fundraiser last night: “You’ll hear if you watch the nightly news or you read the newspapers that, well, there’s gridlock, Congress is broken, approval ratings for Congress are terrible. And there’s a tendency to say, a plague on both your houses. But the truth [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

JAMES TARANTO: Socialist Supermodel: Not long ago, the left raved about the VA. Paul Waldman, …

JAMES TARANTO: Socialist Supermodel: Not long ago, the left raved about the VA. Paul Waldman, Greg Sargent’s deputy, sees broader ideological implications. “If Democrats are going to argue that government can be a force for good, their most basic responsibility is to make government work,” he writes. (An odd statement. It seems to us making [...]

Democrats' secret 2014 weapon: Expanding social security?

That's the argument Greg Sargent lays out over at The Washington Post. The thinking goes like this: Midterm voters tend to be older and whiter, which favors the GOP. But Democrats could peel away some of those voters by pushing an expansion of Social Security and forcing Republicans to come out publicly against such a plan. Show More Summary

Monday Evening Open Thread: Covering

(Tom Toles via Greg Sargent asks, gleefully, “Are Republicans surrendering on Obamacare?“: As #Benghazi fever rises among Republicans, the Hill reports this morning that the House GOP has “gone quiet” on Obamacare. There are no scheduled votes or hearings on the Affordable Care Act. Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Benghazi! Um, Benghazi?

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Greg Sargent: What’s more, press coverage of the Benghazi affair thus far has left Dems with a sense that no matter what Dems do, press accounts will accord credibility — initially, at least — to whatever revelations Republicans serve up, even if they turn out to be bogus later. Show More Summary

Top House Democrat urges party to boycott GOP's #Benghazi committee

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Now that House Speaker John Boehner has made it clear he will ignore Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's request for a non-partisan approach to the GOP's #Benghazi committee, Greg Sargent reports that Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel is throwing his weight behind the movement to boycott the committee. Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit roundup: GOP's disjointed attacks on Obamacare, income inequality, and more

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

First up, Greg Sargent previews the latest attempt to attack the successful Affordable Care Act: A new report this morning confirms that Republicans intend to use upcoming confirmation hearings for Obama’s HHS nominee to breathe newShow More Summary

Friday Morning Open Thread: Give ‘Em Hell, Harry Reid

(Ted Rall’s website) Greg Sargent at the Washington Post, “The Democrats’ election year blueprint takes shape”: So Senate Republicans just successfully filibustered the Dem push for a minimum wage hike to $10.10 per hour, blocking it from even proceeding to debate. Show More Summary

Anger at the Plutocracy Isn't Strong Enough to Make a Big Difference in November

Greg Sargent writes today that the Democratic strategy of going after the Koch brothers isn't about the Kochs per se, but "a gamble on what swing voters think has happened to the economy, and on the reasons struggling Americans think...Show More Summary

Running Away From Obamacare Is a Fool's Errand

Are red-state Democrat senators certain losers to Republican challengers in this year's midterm election? According to recent polling, no. The races are all pretty close. But Greg Sargent points out that these Democrats do indeed have...Show More Summary

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