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Glitch Accidentally Brings Peace To MMO Battlefield

Under normal circumstances, “World versus World” is a game mode in Guild Wars 2 where players from different servers duke it out. The entire point is competitive conflict. But yesterday, that strife briefly disappeared. Read more...

Guild Wars 2's Necromancer can become a 'Reaper' in the expansion

Guild Wars 2 is gearing up to deliver nine elite specializations in the Heart of Thorns expansion, which will fundamentally change-up your class. The Reaper will switch up Necromancers entirely, allowing them to use greatswords to enter...Show More Summary

Wildstar might be going free to play in August

Look, I’m going to try and not be smug about this… but I was right. A few weeks ago, Wildstar was pulled from the shelves in Australia, leading to speculation it might be going free to play or Guild Wars­-style buy to play (which, for...Show More Summary

Guild Wars 2 Cheater Faces Execution

Cheating in Guild Wars 2 runs the risk of public shaming, if this video is anything to go by.

Videogame hacker punished by company — with his character's public execution

After multiple reports that a player was using hacks to easily win player-versus-player battles in Guild Wars 2, game maker ArenaNet came to the only logical conclusion: execution. This involved a public stripping, and forced suicide for the character within the game. Show More Summary

Watch Guild Wars 2 Cheater Get Trolled By Developers

A cheater in Guild Wars 2 was found out by other gamers. They recorded him in action, took to the forums, posted the video and then complained to the developers what sort of actions would be taken against the cheater. Well, the developers responded by trolling the cheater and deleting his character... and recorded video of it.Click To Continue Reading

Ne'er-do-well player 'executed' in Guild Wars 2

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

A player of an online game was so good at cheating it became a problem for others in the online world of Guild Wars 2. So they gathered evidence of his exploits, made a case to the developers, and earned justice. Read the rest

Hacker receives developer-sanctioned death penalty in Guild Wars 2

Aside from feeding that loot treadmill addiction so you can stave off delirium tremens for just one more night, arguably the best part about playing an MMO is that it’s a growing, ever-changing, […]

'Guild Wars 2' Hacker Sentenced To 'Death'

The ultimate punishment for cheating in Guild Wars death.

Video game execution watched by 325,000 players

A character in the fantasy adventure game Guild Wars 2 was stripped and thrown to his death from a bridge after using a third party tool to access valuable properties Continue reading...

Guild Wars 2 Devs Teach A Cheater A Rather Humiliating Public Lesson

Cheaters ruin games for everyone and takes the fun out of playing them by making the lives of other gamers harder. Imagine playing a game of Battlefield or Call of Duty only to find out that players on the other team have hacked the game and are basically unkillable or are able to see through walls. Show More Summary

ArenaNet makes example of Guild Wars 2 cheater

One Guild Wars 2 player who played outside of the rules has had a very public - and quite medieval - comeuppance. On the basis of apparently incontrovertible video evidence, game developer ArenaNet assumed direct control of the account...Show More Summary

'Guild Wars 2' cheater faces public humiliation before ban

Most cheaters in online role-playing games face an ignominious end. The developers ban them, and that's all she wrote. Not one particularly egregious Guild Wars 2 offender, however. When game developer ArenaNet finally took action against...Show More Summary

ArenaNet reveals 'Dragonhunter' specialization for Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet is still working tirelessly on the Heart of Thorns expansion for Guild Wars 2, and they're ready to reveal another upcoming specialization (one of nine) -- the Dragonhunter. It's a ranged combat specialist that also excels at...Show More Summary

Hacker's MMO Character Publicly Stripped, Killed & Banned

A hacker terrorized Guild Wars 2 for weeks and weeks. When the game’s creators finally took action, they humiliated the crap out of the dirty cheater. Read more...

Guild Wars 2 API Drops OAuth2 Support

ArenaNet has announced in the Guild Wars 2 API development forum that the Guild Wars 2 API will no longer support OAuth2 and that an API key system is taking its place.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns introduces Chromancer specialization

One of the features set to come alongside the upcoming Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion is some cool new abilities for the game's existing classes. These elite abilities are called specializations and ArenaNet is debuting the first one today for the game's mesmer. Show More Summary

Gaming archaeology?

As MMOs Continue to Grow Leaving Old Areas Behind, Gaming Archaeology has Risen Up to Explore and Remember their Past MMOs such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars have been going strong for years now continually growing their player base and the areas open to them. They’ve become so large that the games have taken [...]

Guild Wars 2's Specialisations are a Game-Changer

The latest feature coming to the new MMO is set to change all the game's Professions... and essentially add nine new ones.

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