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HTC Says It's Becoming Difficult To Justify Sponsoring League Of Legends

It’s been an interesting week for League of Legends. On one hand, a handful of teams are gearing up for their final — perhaps only — shot at qualifying for the world championships through the International Wildcard qualifier. AmidstShow More Summary

HTC breaks its promise to update the One A9 'within 15 days'

When HTC launched the One A9, it promised to update the phone with new versions of Android "within 15 days" of their release. Pretty sweet, right? Well, it would be -- but that's not happening with Android 7.0. In a tweet, HTC said the...Show More Summary

So much for HTC updating the One A9 within 15 days of Nexus devices

HTC will certainly be coming under some fire after announcing its Android Nougat update schedule for the HTC 10, One A9, and One M9.

HTC One A9 15-day update pledge ditched before the first update

HTC will begin updating its flagship phones to Android Nougat in Q4, but this means that the One A9's 15-day update promise will be missed.

HTC 10 price slashed: Are low-cost, high-quality Chinese smartphones to blame?

The HTC 10 is one of my favorite phones of 2016, but it might not be selling well, as HTC has dropped the price $100 for the next few weeks. The price drop could be a sign of pressure from other low-cost phones.

The HTC 10 is Now Available in Red and Gold

When the HTC 10 first arrived in the United States, it only came in boring old silver and grey. Seeing as how pretty much everyone has at least one flashy color to help their phone stand out, that probably wasn’t a good call. Well, better...Show More Summary

Three months with HTC Vive — the most fun you can have in VR today

Stepping into VR is way more interesting when you're actually stepping into VR. The truly fascinating thing about virtual reality right now is how many things fall under that umbrella. It's not one specific experience, but instead a collection of ways to experience something as though you're somewhere else. Show More Summary

Hands-on with HP's crazy VR backpack computer

One of the biggest flaws with virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is that they have to be tethered to your computer like some kind of cyborg marionette. A fully functional PC that your strap to your back, the Omen X backpack gives you the ability to move freely while playing VR games without having to worry about tripping over any pesky wires.

HTC's Nexus phone efforts show up at the FCC

If there was any doubt that HTC is working on at least one Nexus phone this year, the FCC (and a handful of leaks) just erased it. The regulator has received an HTC filing for smartphones that will be explicitly branded as a Nexus -- a letter says you'll find the user manual on Google's Nexus page. Show More Summary

HTC’s and Google’s Nexus phones pass through the FCC

Over the weekend, images of what’s believed to be one of the upcoming HTC-manufactured Nexus smartphones surfaced, showcasing what’s believed to be the hardware design for the upcoming handsets. Word on the street for some time has been that HTC would be making not one, but two new Nexus smartphones for [...]

HTC Nexus Phones Stop Off at the FCC With Universal US Carrier Support

Oh boy, the HTC Nexus phones just stopped off at the FCC this morning. As we all know, that’s huge news in terms of how this story begins to unfold in front of us. After seeing supposed pictures of one of the phones hours ago, we now...Show More Summary

Here Come the HTC Nexus Leaks!

Ready to catch your first supposed real look at one of the new HTC Nexus phones, the smaller “Sailfish” model? Here you go! According to the folks at Android Police, who previously posted a mock-up that looked quite similar to what we are seeing below, this is the real deal. Aside from the insane amounts […] Here Come the HTC Nexus Leaks! is a post from: Droid Life

Two HTC Nexus phones just passed the FCC

Details and code names for not one but two HTC Nexus smartphones have just passed through the FCC.

HTC’s and Google’s Nexus Sailfish shown off in leaked photos

Word on the street is that HTC is putting together two Nexus smartphones this year. One of them is said to be codenamed “Sailfish,” and now, images of what appears to be the device have surfaced. The photos here look quite similar to the renders of the handset that have cropped up recently, [...]

This protective One M8 case and holster combo is just $4.95 today!

Want to keep your HTC One M8 looking good and protected? If so, Amzer's Shellster case and holster combo will provide great protection for when you are using or transporting the phone. Right now you can pick the combo up for just $4.95. ...

T-Mobile Seems to Have Axed the HTC 10 After Just Two Months

The HTC 10, a phone that is by all means one of the best Android phones of the year and HTC’s best by a mile in about four, has been axed from T-Mobile’s line-up after just two months. At least, that’s what we are left to believe after the phone disappeared from T-Mobile’s site back […] T-Mobile Seems to Have Axed the HTC 10 After Just Two Months is a post from: Droid Life

‘HoloBall’ For HTC Vive Lets You Skip The Gym For A Day

The HTC Vive offers some mind-blowing virtual reality experiences. Some games like HoloBall can help you work up a huge sweat and take off pounds. One only has to look at the reviews of the game from users on Steam. “Superbly awesome, I am so freaking sore from this game. Show More Summary

Best Heavy Duty Cases for the HTC 10

Keep your phone safe from harm with these great HTC 10 cases! Heavy duty cases are not typically the most stylish accessories out there, but they're big, bulky, and sturdy by design for one purpose: keeping your phone as safe as possible. If...Show More Summary

Scary Android vulnerability affects nearly 1 billion phones

Researchers have discovered a new form of Android malware, and it's pretty scary how many phones are vulnerable. If you have Google's Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 or Nexus 6P, HTC's One M9 or HTC 10, BlackBerry's DTEK50, or Samsung's Galaxy S7Show More Summary

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