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Friday Thread: What crazy woman would pop her head through a glass ceiling?

3 weeks agoNews : Slugger O'Toole

Well, probably not in general. Definitely not in politics. And certainly not in Ireland, where in the Republic just 15% of politicians are women. But elsewhere, in the global marketplace this is changing rapidly, as Hanna Rosin points out in her TED talk: …for every two men who get a college degree, three women will more...

Morning Must-Read: Daniel Davies: Rules for Contrarians: 1. Don’t Whine. That Is All

Apropos of Jonathan Chait's ["Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say"]( and Hanna Rosin's ["The Patriarchy Is Dead"](,...Show More Summary

Letting Go of Asperger's—Not So Fast!

Thoughts on changes to the autism spectrum definition, the place of Asperger's, the value of DSM5, and Hanna Rosin's recent Atlantic piece, "Letting Go of Asperger's."

Some Women Take the Abortion Pill as Penance to Punish Themselves With a Painful Abortion

(LiveActionNews) — In an article in the Washington Post, author Hanna Rosin quotes abortion provider Kathy Rogers saying: [RU-486 is] not just a pill; it’s a process. And it’s not going to be fast or easy or simple. Rosin discusses why some women choose to undergo chemical abortions, even though they are so much more […]

HANNA ROSIN ON CAMPUS RAPE INVESTIGATIONS: Many women on campuses may want catharsis rather than ri…

HANNA ROSIN ON CAMPUS RAPE INVESTIGATIONS: Many women on campuses may want catharsis rather than rigorous justice, which is fine as long as no human beings are sacrificed.

HANNA ROSIN: The Washington Post Inches Closer to Calling the UVA Gang Rape Story a Fabrication. …

HANNA ROSIN: The Washington Post Inches Closer to Calling the UVA Gang Rape Story a Fabrication.

Liberalism, Conservatism, Skepticism

Thanks to the Washington Post, Tom Maguire and Hanna Rosin, we have a glimpse of what might have actually happened to UVA’s “Jackie”: A group of Jackie’s close friends, who are advocates at U-Va. for sex-assault awareness, said they believe that something traumatic happened to her, but they also have come to doubt her account. […]

Sexting and Gender

November 18, 2014. Posted by Jay Livingston I Much of Hanna Rosin’s recent Atlantic article “Why Kids Sext” plays on the generational divide. Parents get understandably upset about something that kids see as just another part of social life. Show More Summary

Revisiting Stephen Glass

5 months agoHumor :

In 1998, it was revealed that The New Republic writer Stephen Glass had fabricated many of the stories he had written for the magazine. Sixteen years down the road, Hanna Rosin, a colleague and friend from the New Republic days, writes...Show More Summary

The New Republic Turns 100

5 months agoIndustries / Media : FishbowlNY

The New Republic is 100 years old and yet it doesn’t look a day over 23. The first TNR was published November 7, 1914. To celebrate its birthday, TNR has published a special centennial issue featuring content from Hanna Rosin, Hendrik...Show More Summary

Twitter chat: Should teen sexting be a felony?

Photo by Getty Images. In a cover story in this month’s The Atlantic, Hanna Rosin tackled the question of “Why Kids Sext.” According to Rosin’s article, surveys have found that approximately one-third of children in their upper teens...Show More Summary

"The men who are sitting in their offices or in cafes watching this video will... be able to comfortably assure themselves that they don’t have time to sit on hydrants..."

"... in the middle of the day and can’t properly pronounce 'mami.' They might do things to women that are worse than catcalling, but this is not their sin." Says Hanna Rosin, analyzing the racial politics of that woman-walking-down-the-street viral video.

PBS NewsHour and The Atlantic Partner to Broadcast Cover Stories

5 months agoIndustries / Media : FishBowlNY

The Atlantic and PBS NewsHour announced this morning that they are collaborating to bring stories from the magazine to the news broadcast. The first premieres tonight with NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff and The Atlantic‘s Hanna Rosin, whose...Show More Summary

The Atlantic Partners with PBS NewsHour

5 months agoIndustries / Media : FishbowlNY

The Atlantic is partnering with PBS’ NewsHour to produce broadcast adaptation’s of the magazine’s work. The series begins tonight, with NewsHour co-anchor Judy Woodruff and The Atlantic’s Hanna Rosin discussing Rosin’s cover story on...Show More Summary

Abortion Rights Without Apology

Katha Pollitt has a fantastic looking new book about abortion rights coming out. This, in turn, has led to some excellent writing from Laurie Abraham, Hanna Rosin, Lindsay Beyerstein, and Jill Filipovic. I liked Rosin’s open in particular: I had an abortion. I was not in a libertine college-girl phase, although frankly it’s none of […]

Rosin: Abortion is a Positive Social Good

Hanna Rosin, Slate: I had an abortion. I was not in a libertine college-girl phase, although frankly it's none of your business. I was already a mother of two, which puts me in the majority of American women who have abortions. Six out...Show More Summary

Hanna Rosin on her book’s cameo in “Orange is the new Black”: It’s really funny to see it distorted in this paranoid world

"The End of Men" makes a brief appearance in the Netflix series. Rosin, needless to say, got quite a kick out of it

Healy Laments 'The End Of Men' On 'Orange Is The New Black,' As Only A Prison Guard Can

"Orange Is The New Black" is nothing if not culturally relevant. Two years after the book's publication, Hanna Rosin's The End Of Men has made it to prison -- specifically into correctional officer Sam Healy's office at Litchfield penitentiary. (Minor...Show More Summary

Watch the Men’s Rights Rant on Orange Is the New Black

10 months agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

Maybe it's only logical that long hours in a women's prison would turn a guy into a lesbian-conspiracy theorist. But it's still delightful to watch Orange Is the New Black guard Healy pull out a copy of Hanna Rosin's The End of Men in order to prove his point. Watch... More »

Why Parents Are So Afraid: The Overprotected Kid Syndrome

Last month Hanna Rosin penned a much-discussed article entitled "The Overprotected Kid," lamenting how parents have worked mightily to strip virtually every perceived risk from childhood without actually making childhood that much safer. Show More Summary

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