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Fennec fox plays with two girls

3 days agoHumor / odd : TYWKIWDBI

YouTube link. Those who found the image of the captive fennec fox disturbing should enjoy this video of a fox interacting with two little girls on his home turf, so to speak. A hat tip to reader Ellen S. for locating the video.Its name...Show More Summary

Face soap is not an existential crisis for manhood

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Hat tip to Erik Loomis for linking to this whiny piece by Andrew O’Hagan in the New York Times style magazine. O’Hagan is mad by the supposed pressure men are under these days to groom themselves extensively, which he fears—because of course he does—is taking away his...

Links I liked

Russ Roberts interviews Josh Angrist, king of causality Does LaTeX lead to more paper errors than R? (I prefer LyX) (Hat tip to Development Impact blog for the last two) AEJ Applied has an astonishingly good special issue devoted to microfinance … Continue reading ? The post Links I liked appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Gunfondlers: Big Fans of Statistics, But Only the Invented Ones

Hat tip to commentor Howard Beale IV for the AddictingInfo link: The Texas House approved the use of “panic buttons” in lawmakers’ offices after several incidences earlier this month where open-carry advocates showed up to bully andShow More Summary

Are women inherently less trustworthy than men? (Answer: No, but people believe it.)

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Hat tip to Feministing for linking this soul-searching piece by Damon Young at Very Smart Brothas, where he analyzes how men—and he includes himself in this—are socialized so often to assume women are lying/crazy/hysterical until proven otherwise, at least when women are saying things...

Open Thread: Make Your Own #Shirtstorm

Hat tip to comentor Morzer for the TPM link: Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor happily showed off his tattoo of the Philae lander to the media on Wednesday, as the spacecraft approached what would be the first ever landing on a comet. But it was Taylor’s colorful shirt adorned with images of scantily clad women, [Read more...]

Mick's Tape: A guide to Internet mayhem

Welcome to another Wednesday Hump Day Link Dump Day. Hat tip (H/t) to RedEye Social Media Lady Jessica Galliart (If you aren't already, you should follow her.) for that alternate name suggestion for Mick's Tape, my weekly round up of...Show More Summary

Louis Farrakhan: Ebola and AIDS are "race targeting weapons"

6 months agoNews : Reason

From Louis Farrakhan's official Twitter feed (hat tip: Mark Hemingway). The link goes to an article in the Nation of Islam (NOI)'s Final Call by Farrakhan that alleges, among other hings: What is the method that they [the U.S. government] are going to use to depopulate? Through civil wars in which depleted uranium and Agent Orange are used. Show More Summary

Feds Threatened Foley’s Parents, Tumor Knocks Rob Ford Out of Race, Germany Bans ISIS Symbols: P.M. Links

7 months agoNews : Reason

James Foley's parents say the Obama administration threatened to charge them with supporting terrorism if they paid the ransom o the ISIS terrorists who ultimately killed the man. (Hat tip to Francisco d'Anconia) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,...Show More Summary

Suddenly Popular.

An xkcd of obvious linguistic relevance; since you’ll wonder: lahar. Don’t miss the mouseover text, and just to get it out of the way: I, for one, welcome our new God-Empress overlord. (Hat tip to John Cowan for sending me the link....

Meanwhile, About That “Global Warming” . . . .

A few new articles from the past couple of days (hat tip to Drudge for these links): Unusually cool summer leads to fall colors... in mid-August. 90F days in DC? Unusually few this year – 40% fewer than average. West Virginia sees record low temps in mid-August. It’s not just this month, […]

Floodwaters in Switzerland

8 months agoHumor : TYWKIWDBI

YouTube link. An impressive but somewhat misleading sight. Those are not boulders being pushed down the streambed (explanation below the fold)...A hat tip to Skipweasel at Neatorama for this observation: "That's ice. You can see it floating, on occasion. It gets very grubby in the muddy water you find on eroding mountainsides."

Video of Palestine in 1896

8 months agoHumor : TYWKIWDBI

YouTube link. An excerpt from "Palestine: Story of a Land", by Simone Bitton. This footage was taken by the Lumiere brothers in 1896; the voiceover and audio effects are modern additions.A hat tip to Gerard Vlemmings, who found this and posted it at The Presurfer.

Unspoken love

9 months agoHumor : TYWKIWDBI

YouTube link. I'm going to end my blogging day with this absolutely delightful advertisement for a Peruvian hardware store. The explanation for what is happening comes at the very end... A hat tip to reader John Farrier, who posted this at Neatorama.

NC Board of Elections website showing incorrect info on election night; news outlets contacting counties

11 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : BlueNC

A hat tip to Wautauga Watch for linking to this story from WSPA in Spartanburg, SC. On election night the NC State Board of Elections site was showing incorrect information on the races - news outlets wound up calling local county offices...Show More Summary

6 White Hat Link Building Tips for 2014 and Beyond by @venchito14

White hat link building is any tactic employed on behalf of a website to acquire backlinks in which […] Author information Venchito Tampon Venchito Tampon provides custom link building services to different businesses from different countries. Show More Summary

Guantanamo & the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

I think I owe someone a hat tip for this link. Carol Rosenberg, at the Miami Herald, still slogging away on the Gitmo beat: GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba — The military judge in the USS Cole bombing case has ordered the CIA to give defense lawyers details — names, dates and places — of [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Great Steve Jobs Video (& Transcript) from 1990 on Continuous Improvement

Hat tip to Brent Brewington (@BrentBrewington) for sharing a link to this amazing video via Twitter. Starting at about 7:54 into the video, Steve Jobs talks about continuous improvement. Here is a little more background about the video, shot in 1990, when Jobs was 35 years old and CEO of NeXT Computer. I admit I […]

A Weekend Oddity – the “Members Only” Museum

One hint, folks: it ain’t about clothing. It’s called the Icelandic Phallological Museum.  Hat tip to Drudge for the link. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – you read that correctly.  Discretion/consideration of your environment recommended if you elect to visit the link, particularly if there are small children around.  (IMO it’s not […]

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