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Meet Henri Junttila of

The ultimate goal of every blogger is to have their blog become a huge success and eventually make enough money from it to run as a full or part-time source of income. This is exactly what Henri Junttila has been able to do through his blog, however his story isn’t like the majority of blogging who accidently fell into success. Show More Summary

Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 002: Henri Junttila on the intersection between heart and business

From poker to niche sites to teaching online business, Henri Junttila has followed his heart to find freedom and happiness. Highlights: Some of Henri’s coach/mentor relationships have been horrible wastes of time and money. Others have been awesome and fruitful. How does he pick ‘em? Going from 0% following your heart to 1% and slowly […]

5 Product Creation Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

This guest post is by Henri Junttila of Creating your own products can take you from earning a few dollars a month to a few thousand. It can be scary, but as you learn to take action, and learn from the feedback you receive, you get better and better. There are many mistakes I [...]

7 Simple Ways to Thrive in Tough Times

A guest post by Henri Junttila of Wake Up Cloud. We all go through tough times that frustrate, anger, and depress us. Some people seem to cope with these times better than others. Why is that? I’ve worked for myself my whole adult life, which has allowed me to get very good at dealing with [...]Show More Summary

10 Simple Ways to Double the Speed of Your Writing … Right Now

4 years agoArts / Writing : Write to Done

A guest post by Henri Junttila from Imagine being able to produce the same amount of writing you do now in half the time. Or even producing double the amount of work you do now in the same amount of time. It’s not only possible to do, but very simple. I’ve written thousands of [...]

7 Ways to Turn Your Life from Boring to a Bold Adventure

By guest author Henri Junttila. Everyone wants to live a life of fulfillment and passion. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and a boring life. However, when I say boring life, I don’t mean that you have to be on the move constantly. For me, a bold adventure means doing something you [...]

7 Powerful Ways to Supercharge Your Life With Positivity

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Henri Junttila of Wake Up Cloud. “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” - Mahatma Gandhi Have you ever wanted to be more positive? Have you ever been frustrated with the negativity that your thoughts seemingly force upon you? I think [...]

The Harsh Reality of Working for Yourself

This articles is a case study by Henri Junttila, who writes at Wake Up Cloud, where he simplifies the path to passion and freedom. He is also the author of Passionate Living: A Guide to Doing What You Love. For almost the past six years, I’ve been working for myself. Show More Summary

5 Simple Ways to Increase the Reach of Your Blog

This is a guest post by Henri Junttila. We all want our blogs to be more popular. There’s a lot of content out there that will help you with just that, but what they often lack is personal experience. The 5 simple ways I am about to share are strategies I myself have used to increase my [...]Show More Summary

4 Deadly Mistakes You Must Avoid When Pursuing Your Dreams

By Henri Junttila In my last post I wrote about how you can find your passion, but today I want to focus on the mistakes people make while going after their dreams. If you can identify with any of these mistakes, you might want to get it corrected as fast as possible. Show More Summary

7 Unconventional Tips to Become an Irresistible and Profitable Blogger

This is a guest post by Henri Junttila Do you want to learn how to make money blogging? In this article I’ll give you 7 simple, yet unconventional tips for becoming a profitable and irresistible blogger. I’m not going to give you the same old tips that most people cover, because you’ve had enough of that. I’ve [...]

5 Simple Ways to Find Your Passion and Take Your Blog from Zero to Hero

This is a guest post by Henri Junttila. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Blogging is hard work. It can easily take up to a year or two before your blog starts taking off, if it ever does. I’m not...Show More Summary

5 Simple Ways to Find Your Passion

By Henri Junttila Passion, passion, passion. That's all we hear nowadays. Everyone's telling you to follow your passion. But do you have a clue what yours is or what to do about it? I know I didn't just some time ago. Passion is a concept that seems impossible to grasp, until you grasp it. Show More Summary

44 Ways to Improve Your Health and Happiness

By Henri Junttila Do you want to improve your health and feel better? The human body and mind are fascinating, and the science behind improving your wellbeing is something I find extremely interesting. There are a lot of different tools, methods, and practices that can help you jumpstart your wellbeing into the direction you desire. Show More Summary

How Poker Can Transform Your Life

tweetmeme_source = 'PeterClemens'; By Henri Junttila Poker is a tricky game. If you aren’t familiar with the game it can seem like a game of random events, when in reality the game has intricate patterns and a culture of its own. Poker has a large degree of luck, which means that it will take longer for the [...]Show More Summary

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