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An ethical oath for programmers

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Nick Johnstone's "Programmer's Oath" is billed as "An oath for programmers, comparable to the Hippocratic Oath." Naturally, it's on Github and you can create a pull request if you think that Johnstone got something wrong. (more…)

Four short links: 26 February 2018

Programmer's Oath, Theory of Mind Neural Network, Quantum Internet, and Debugging Web Apps Programmer's Oath -- an oath for programmers, comparable to the Hippocratic Oath. A Machine Theory of Mind -- it passes classic ToM tasks, such...Show More Summary

Should Data Scientists Adhere to a Hippocratic Oath?

As concerns mount over the uses of data, some in the field are trying to forge ethical guidelines.

In Case You Were Wondering if Forbes.Com Was Journalism

Bloviation by politicians and nutters aside, most people are aware that professional journalism has its own code of ethics that anyone who studies journalism in school learns the same way doctors learn the Hippocratic Oath. Anyone unfamiliar...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Zandar Versus the Stupid: About that Hippocratic Oath… Economic Policy Institute: About that raise in overtime pay? Pennsylvania is on it. Informed Comment: About that ongoing U.S. troop deployment in Syria... Speaking of which, your...Show More Summary

Trump Administration Proposal Guts Hippocratic Oath on ‘Religious’ Grounds

The “religious freedom” rule is nothing less than the codification of long-standing and deeply-held biases. The post Trump Administration Proposal Guts Hippocratic Oath on ‘Religious’ Grounds appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Doctors Have Followed the Hippocratic Oath to Help Patients, But Euthanasia Turns Them Into Killers

One of the most powerful reasons why people oppose euthanasia concerns the enormous significance of taking a human life. Doctors have historically made a solemn and specific professional commitment to respect the lives of those entrusted to them. But the Hippocratic Oath is in fact somewhat redundant, because the universal code of civilized human conduct, […]

If You Are A White Male, Nurse Evil Wants You To Die

PJM: Here is the full report. First of all, I realize that nurses do not swear the Hippocratic oath like doctors.  Second, I do not believe in the concept of thought crimes.  I don’t want such an idea ever applied to me, and I won’t apply it to her. Still, there is the notion of […]

The Hippocratic Oath, updated for today

I am not a curmudgeon, but I am worried about the current plight of health care and the attack on the Hippocratic Oath. Bigger health care is sold as better and more efficient with the premise of lowering health care costs. The promised financial outcomes and efficiencies for the physician and their patients have not […]

Young Doctors Rejecting Hippocratic Oath

Well this is certainly alarming. According to a Medscape poll, younger doctors are turning their backs on the Hippocratic Oath.  According to the poll, to which readers began responding November 22, of those under age 34, 39% said it...Show More Summary

Doing no harm to addicts might be doing a lot of harm

“Do no harm.” This is a key phrase in the Hippocratic Oath; one that I announced with conviction at my medical school graduation. I swear to do no harm. What would Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, think about the concept of harm reduction? Canada has a drug problem. We are one of the world’s […]

Code of conduct needed for ocean conservation, study says

(University of Washington) A diverse group of the world's leading experts in marine conservation is calling for a Hippocratic Oath for ocean conservation -- not unlike the pledge physicians take to uphold specific ethical standards when practicing medicine.

New Group Forms of Doctors and Nurses Who Kill Patients in Assisted Suicides

The Hippocratic Oath reads in part, ” I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.” But Canadian death doctors and nurse practitioners who euthanize the sick, disabled, and mentally ill–soon perhaps, also those with Alzheimer’s–are actively embracing the very lethal act Hippocratic doctors forswore for the protection […]

Canadian Medical Killers Form Trade Association

The Hippocratic Oath reads in part, ” I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.” But Canadian death doctors and nurse practitioners who euthanize the sick, disabled, and mentally ill–and soon,Show More Summary

The cruel irony of the Hippocratic Oath

In a few weeks, new medical school graduates will take their turns saying the words of the Hippocratic Oath. In theory: This is a noble tradition where they promise to fulfill their duties as wonderful physicians: Autonomous, wise, humble, prevention-focused, and active members of their communities. In reality: The health care system in which they’re […]

When it comes to healthcare, Republicans need to take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm

When I became a doctor, I went to work in an emergency room that admitted and treated the kind of hard-working, low-income farmworker families I grew up with. For many of them, the ER was their first and last resort after avoiding the doctor for years because they had no health insurance. We didn’t...

Today’s version of the Hippocratic oath

I swear by Epic, by eClinicalWorks, by Allscripts, by AthenaHealth, and by all the coders and accountants, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture. To hold my mouse in this art equal to my own hand; to make it right-click as well […]

Better Design Could Hold The Key To Less Retouching In Images

The Retouchers Accord is a Hippocratic oath created to tackle the ethics of retouching.

Newswire: James Franco plays a creepy doctor in The Institute trailer

James Franco continues in that “bad hair/facial hair” vein with The Institute, a psychological thriller in which he plays a doctor who seems to have forgotten the Hippocratic oath. As Dr. Cairn, he tries to “cure” the patients of the...Show More Summary

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