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Robots: Space Business

In today’s episode we speak with Stephen Gorevan from Honeybee Robotics about how he and Chris Chapman started the company and how his childhood dream of working for NASA got them into space robotics. The interview, which was recorded...Show More Summary

Artist Ren Ri works with honeybees to create gorgeous world map sculptures

Rather than traditional marble, plaster or wood, artist Ren Ri has turned to nature to help make his sculptures, by partnering with honeybees! The artist has teamed up with a fleet of pollinators to create gorgeous sculptures made entirely from beeswax. Ri’s

Obama Urged To Do Something To Protect The Honeybees By 4 Million Environmental Advocates

President Obama is being swarmed by four million environmental activists pushing for substantial protections for honeybees. A massive coalition of food safety activists, beekeepers, citrus growers, farmers, environmentalists, and business leaders recently converged upon the White House to deliver a save the bees petition. Show More Summary

Artist Sarah Hatton’s newest artworks feature more dead honeybees arranged in intricate patterns

Sarah Hatton, a Canadian artist, uses dead bees to create beautiful works of art and bring attention to the plight of bees around the world. Her work features bees arranged in patterns symbolically linked to monoculture crops. According to Hatton, “The link

Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Ventilator “Bees & Honey”

Sneakersnstuff are the latest collaborators on the Reebok Ventilator silhouette and in celebration of the model’s 25th anniversary, the Stockholm-based shop have turned their attention to the plight of honeybees. The “Bees & Honey”… The post Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Ventilator “Bees & Honey” appeared first on Highsnobiety.

Widespread risk of infectious diseases to wild bees, new study reveals

A network of viruses, which were previously associated with managed honeybees, may now pose a widespread risk to bumblebees in the wild, according to a new study. The study revealed multiple interconnected diseases that are threatening several species of bumblebee and the managed honeybee, which are essential pollinators of many agricultural crops and wild flowers.

Bees That Fly Together Die Together

Like that bout of mono that mysteriously infected everybody on your residence floor freshman year, wild bumblebees and farmed honeybees that live close to one another wind up sharing a lot of the same viruses, a new study shows. Bee populations across the US are diminishing, which is impacting the pollination of food and natural plant life. Show More Summary

Honeybees: Population Declines And Hive Theft Expected To Cause Fruit Prices To Soar

Bee hive thefts and another year of significant honeybee population declines has many agriculture researchers anticipating a big hike in fruit prices and almond prices this spring and summer. A definitive answer to why colony collapse disorder has been occurring since 2005 has not yet been reached. Show More Summary

5 frame nucs

I did a talk about 5 frame nuc's at the Honeybee Club of Stillwater.Here is the link to the summery:

Flow Hive: New crowdsourced project lets beekeepers harvest honey on demand

We know that honeybees are having a rough time, so naturally we're excited to hear about Flow Hive—a new honey collection and extraction system that allows beekeepers to easily extract honey from their hives by quite literally having it on tap. The result

Ants Have Toilets, Too

Humans aren't the only species to have waste management down. Naked mole rats, honeybees, and spider mites have all developed various means of disposing of waste, with piles of poo typically forming outside their living quarters. Now researchers in Germany are reporting in the journal PLOS ONE that black garden...

Someone has invented the world's first beehive with a tap for collecting honey.

last monthHumor : Happy Place

This would blow Winnie the Pooh's mind. Scientists keep debating why the population of honeybees is declining. Theories range from infection to pesticides to stress. But after watching this video, the answer seems clear: they just weren't...Show More Summary

Bethany & Brendan's honeybee wedding on the farm with cows, chickens, and tears

These two B-named cuties decided to have a honeybee wedding on the sweetest little Minnesotan farm. Don't miss the beehive piñata, honeystick favors, dad/daughter first look, and all the tears EVER. Everyone's crying and we're totally crying along with them. Oh, and check out the bride's good luck heirloom dress, too.

Mahunag – Karna of Mahabharat Worshipped in Honeybee form in Himachal Pradesh

2 months agoReligion / Hinduism : Hindu Blog

Mahunag is a deity worshipped in Himachal Pradesh. It is widely believed that Mahunag is... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Study Shows Honeybees (Beads?) Lose Self-Control, Act Impulsively When Hungry - One might even say they go buzzerk.

2 months agoHumor : Geekosystem

The next time you feel yourself on the verge of hanger (hungry anger, and don't pretend you haven't been there), take heart: at least humans aren't the only creatures that get a little irrational when they need a snack.

Which apocalyptic threats are most likely to wipe out Earth's population?

2 months agoHumor : Boing Boing

Will the human race be wiped out by honeybee extinction, nuclear armageddon, bioterrorism, loss of topsoil, a natural pandemic, a combo-pocalypse, overpopulation, nano-weapons, climate change, flawed super AI, underpopulation, a geo-engineering...Show More Summary

Need a Wedding Singer? Here are Booking Rates for 120 Famous Bands

According to St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine, couples spend an average of 5.2% of their wedding budget on music. That seems about right; the Honeybee and I spent $500 for a DJ to set the party ambiance at our wedding reception way back in 1996 — that amounted to 4.6% of our total expenses. […]

Four Big Drawbacks to Store Credit Cards

The other day the Honeybee applied for a clothing-store credit card to take advantage of a deal that gave her a one-time savings of 15% off her purchase. I know. To tell you the truth, I’m not really that big of a fan of in-store credit cards, but because the Honeybee and I are extremely […]

Honeybees: Population Declines Continue, Is The American Food Supply In Jeopardy?

Honeybees have been disappearing at an alarming rate since 2005. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) has sparked increased efforts to preserve the pollinating insects. Approximately 70 percent of our food supply is pollinated by honeybees — if the bees die, the human race will not be far behind. Show More Summary

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