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Links 7/29/15

Links for you. Science: ‘It’s like going to Pluto and seeing McDonald’s’ Call off the bee-pocalypse: U.S. honeybee colonies hit a 20-year high (what this doesn’t discuss is the fate of wild polinators) Maybe he’s unhappy that a traveling exhibit … Continue reading ?

Don’t Bee-lieve Fearmongering About A ‘Beepocalypse’

Fear often trumps facts in media coverage. The past several years of worries about dying colonies of bees was certainly no exception, but The Washington Post recently supplied some much-needed sting to the honeybee situation. News media...Show More Summary

JPMorgan ChaseVoice: Are Honeybees Closing Chicago's Skills And Employment Gap?

A historic Chicago neighborhood grappling with high rates of unemployment is getting a much-needed opportunity. Thanks to the North Lawndale Employment Network, residents are benefiting from essential job skills training and employment placement opportunities. The agency served 1,988 people in the 2014 fiscal year, resulting in 599 people securing full-time [...]

Daily demand and supply: bee-pocalypse and higher prices for fruits and nuts

This is good news but if we're not living through the great tribulation then I don't know what to say: You've heard the news about honeybees. "Beepocalypse," they've called it. Beemageddon. America's honeybees are dying, putting honey production and $15 billion worth of pollinated food crops in jeopardy.... The...

Call off the bee-pocalypse: U.S. honeybee colonies hit a 20-year high

You've heard the news about honeybees. "Beepocalypse," they've called it. Beemageddon. America's honeybees are dying, putting honey production and $15 billion worth of pollinated food crops in jeopardy. The situation has become so dire that earlier this year the White House put forth the first National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other […]

The Miraculous Space Efficiency of Honeycomb

Excerpted from Single Digits: In Praise of Small Numbers by Marc Chamberland. Out now from Princeton University Press. What do grocers and honeybees have in common? The obvious answer is that they are both adept at providing food for others. Show More Summary

What’s the Buzz: Study Links Pesticide With Honeybee Collapse

Colony collapse disorder (CCD)—the sudden and massive die-off of honeybees—has emerged as one of the most mysterious ecological disasters of the past several years, and one of the most expensive. Around the middle of the last decade, commercial beekeepers began to report that colonies of bees were collapsing without warning, with death rates approaching 30 [...]

The death of bees, in a nutshell: 6-minute video explores colony collapse disorder

Honeybees are an integral part of our food system, and their demise could spell big trouble for us. This video explainer offers a quick and easy-to-understand look at the issue.

Here's Why All the Bees Are Dying

Bees are having a really hard time right now. For about a decade, they've been dying off at an unprecedented rate—up to 30 percent per year, with a total loss of domesticated honeybee hives in the United States worth an estimated $2 billion. At first, no one knew why. Show More Summary

The Fearless Honey Hunters of Nepal

3 weeks agoHumor : eBaum's World

Fearless men risk their lives to harvest the massive nests of the world's largest honeybee.

Nectar Flow

Honeybee on my just now flowering Basswood Tree photo by W. Kloek My basswood tree has finally flowered. This honeybee was taking advantage of the available nectar.I am hearing great things about this nectar flow. A beekeeper that keeps bees in St. Show More Summary

New York City, June 30, 2015

???? Now the sun bore down a bit, and the air in the park felt dusty. Starlings, one drab with new plumage, foraged in the clover and grass. Honeybees cruised low. A white stretch limousine, its rearmost window partway down, rolled to a stop outside the brassy Trump Internarional canopy. A sawdust smell rode the […]

New York Homeowners Evicting 1 Million Bees Living In Their House

A house with 40,000 bees? Sure, that sounds crazy. But homeowners in New York have that story beat, after finding an estimated one million bees buzzing around in the siding of their home. There are so many honeybees, beekeepers working on removing the little buzzers will need about a week to completely clear the home, reports the Times-Herald Record… [More]

15,000 Bees Swarm Senate Entrance In Capitol Hill Building

Capitol Hill police arrived, one officer with a large assault rifle, to help fight a swarm of about 15,000 honeybees on Friday afternoon. Nevertheless, it was a group of volunteer beekeepers that saved the day this time in Washington D.C. Show More Summary

Drug “Sniffing” Honeybees Could Make Airport Security Dogs Obsolete

Trained bees may become the new face of law enforcement, as drug policy evolves beyond what canines can handle.

Bee health complexity requires scientific solutions

This article is on the relationships between pesticides and row crops, farmers and beekeepers, and factors influencing honeybee health.

Police Are Trying to Use Honeybees to Detect Illegal Drugs

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

With drug laws changing all the time, it’s hard for police sniffer dogs to keep up with what they’re supposed to find and what they aren’t. That’s why police forces are turning to insects to sniff out narcotics. Read more...

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