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Ohio woman whose bee maternity shoot went viral suffers stillbirth

4 days agoNews : USAToday: News

Emily Mueller posed with a swarm of honeybees in an August maternity shoot and in no time everyone around the world was buzzing about the photos.        

Woman in viral maternity photos shares devastating news

MASSILLON, Ohio (WGN) -- The Ohio woman whose viral maternity photo shoot featured a swarm of honeybees has announced some devastating news. Read more...

Miitomo - content update for Nov. 14th, 2017

Creepy crawlies can be cute too! Itty-Bitty bug fashion #2 now available in Miitomo Drop! - butterfly hair clip - long butterfly dress - winged honeybee tee - honeybee shorts

Bees' left/right-handedness could be applied to human tech

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Most humans are right-handed … but what about honeybees? A new study from Australia's University of Queensland indicates that about a quarter of them are, while another quarter are left-handed, and half have no preference. The findings...Show More Summary

Honeybee Doughnuts Debuts Hot Chocolate Bar

As locals savor cooler temperatures, Honeybee Doughnuts in South Miami recently debuted the city's first hot chocolate bar.

How honeybees read the waggle dance

(Society for Neuroscience) Neurons that enable honeybees to sense the waggle dance -- a form of symbolic communication used by female bees to inform the hivemates about the location of a food source -- are investigated in new research published in JNeurosci.

EXCHANGE: Beehives make their way into cities

Honeybees are following chickens into urban backyards and all signs show that the buzz is spreading. Kristina Clark of Ottawa has two hives in her backyard a half-mile from Ottawa … Click to Continue »

Robotics modelled on bees

In a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, a research group from Graz is investigating the behaviour of young honeybees immediately after hatching and successfully transfers this to robots. The bees' brood-care strategies turn out to be surprisingly efficient.

Robotic bees could take the sting out of Colony Collapse Disorder

2 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

GUEST: America’s agricultural sector faces an unprecedented crisis. Native honeybees, one of the most prolific pollinators in the animal kingdom, are dying off at an unprecedented rate from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and threatening an ecosystem service worth about $15 billion. Show More Summary

Honeybees Could Play a Role in Developing New Antibiotics

An antimicrobial compound made by honeybees could become the basis for new antibiotics, according to new research at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Nectar Flow Is Over, Robbing Is Starting

The nectar flow is over for most of us. I have heard that robbing is happening to some beekeepers. For honeybees, robbing starts with the end of the nectar flow. Robbing from wasps and hornets starts usually around mid to late August. Show More Summary

Bee larvae fed beebread have no chance of becoming queen

Whether a honeybee larva becomes a queen or a worker is down to the food it is given – and the amount of plant RNA in it

Cross-kingdom regulation of honeybee caste development by dietary plant miRNAs

(Nanjing University School of Life Sciences) Honeybee larvae develop into workers but not queens, in part, because their diet of beebread/pollen is enriched in plant miRNAs. While miRNAs are generally negative regulators of gene expression...Show More Summary

Honeybees become workers or queens depending on the plant microRNAs in their diet

Bee larvae develop into workers, in part, because their diet of pollen and honey, called beebread, is rich in plant regulatory molecules called microRNAs, which delay development and keep their ovaries inactive. Xi Chen of Nanjing University in China and colleagues, report these August 31, 2017 in PLOS Genetics.

A honeybee struggles to escape the grip of a fearsome beewolf

When beewolves have mated, the females hunt for honeybees. Once they have been paralysed with a sting, the bees form a living larder for her young

Evolutionary ecology could benefit beekeepers battling diseases

Some commercial beekeeping practices may harm honeybees more than help them, scientists warn in a paper published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Evolutionary ecology could benefit beekeepers battling diseases

(Emory Health Sciences) A review paper draws on scientific studies to recommend ways to reduce honeybee disease impacts, such as limiting the mixing of bees between colonies and supporting natural bee behaviors that provide disease resistance.

How home security resembles dancing honeybees

The earliest forms of biological communication between single-celled organisms have survived evolution to exist in all species, including humans.

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