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Nectar Flow

Honeybee on my just now flowering Basswood Tree photo by W. Kloek My basswood tree has finally flowered. This honeybee was taking advantage of the available nectar.I am hearing great things about this nectar flow. A beekeeper that keeps bees in St. Show More Summary

New York City, June 30, 2015

???? Now the sun bore down a bit, and the air in the park felt dusty. Starlings, one drab with new plumage, foraged in the clover and grass. Honeybees cruised low. A white stretch limousine, its rearmost window partway down, rolled to a stop outside the brassy Trump Internarional canopy. A sawdust smell rode the […]

New York Homeowners Evicting 1 Million Bees Living In Their House

A house with 40,000 bees? Sure, that sounds crazy. But homeowners in New York have that story beat, after finding an estimated one million bees buzzing around in the siding of their home. There are so many honeybees, beekeepers working on removing the little buzzers will need about a week to completely clear the home, reports the Times-Herald Record… [More]

15,000 Bees Swarm Senate Entrance In Capitol Hill Building

Capitol Hill police arrived, one officer with a large assault rifle, to help fight a swarm of about 15,000 honeybees on Friday afternoon. Nevertheless, it was a group of volunteer beekeepers that saved the day this time in Washington D.C. Show More Summary

Drug “Sniffing” Honeybees Could Make Airport Security Dogs Obsolete

Trained bees may become the new face of law enforcement, as drug policy evolves beyond what canines can handle.

Bee health complexity requires scientific solutions

This article is on the relationships between pesticides and row crops, farmers and beekeepers, and factors influencing honeybee health.

Police Are Trying to Use Honeybees to Detect Illegal Drugs

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

With drug laws changing all the time, it’s hard for police sniffer dogs to keep up with what they’re supposed to find and what they aren’t. That’s why police forces are turning to insects to sniff out narcotics. Read more...

Scientists study tie between insecticides and bee health

Scientists are studying the relationships between pesticides and row crops, farmers and beekeepers, and factors influencing honeybee health.

Mississippi farmers, beekeepers and protecting bees

Researchers are looking at the relationships between pesticides and row crops, farmers and beekeepers, and factors influencing honeybee health. This story focuses on the Mississippi Honey Bee Stewardship Program.

It Turns Out Bees Are, Quite Literally, Worrying Themselves to Death

The American honeybee is in peril, you might have heard, if you are the sort of person who likes a ghost story. In the last year, beekeepers lost 42 percent of their colonies, another peak in a string of mass die-offs on the scale of plagues: In the last five... More »

PHOTOS AND FACTS: What You Can Learn from the White House Honeybees

It's National Pollinator Week! What does that mean and why should you care? Check this out: read more

5 Ways to Make Sustainability Sexy for Millennials

The California drought is approaching its fifth year. Alabama is quaking with every new frack. And the honeybee is on its way to extinction. All signs point to the fact that using our resources with reckless abandon will put our planet...Show More Summary

How one small Loudoun nonprofit hopes to help save the honeybee

The plight of the threatened honeybee was made a national priority last month when President Obama announced the first National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators — a multifaceted plan aiming to save the honeybee and other vulnerable pollinating insects from ongoing population declines.Read full article >>

This colorful Bienenhaus is a bee castle that can house 16 hives in just 70 square feet

Inspired by the industrious nature of honeybees, architect Massimiliano Dell'Olivo has designed and self-built a contemporary version of the traditional alpine wooden apiary known as a Bienenhaus.

A smelling bee? Deadly mite would be a favorite to win

If there were an international smelling bee, a deadly mite would be a favorite to win. New research has revealed that Varroa mites, the most-serious threat to honeybees worldwide, are infiltrating hives by smelling like bees.

Phase One XF medium format camera system offers new AF system and touchscreen interface

Phase One has announced its new modular medium format XF camera system. The body features a new 'Honeybee' autofocus platform (created 'in-house'), touchscreen interface, and your choice of optical viewfinders. It supports the company's IQ1 and new IQ3 digital backs, with the latter supporting resolutions of up to 80MP. Show More Summary

Fighting Beemageddon: US Proposes Pesticide-Free Zones to Save Pollinators

Environmental regulators in the US have proposed the creation of pesticide-free zones on a temporary basis to protect commercial honeybees, which continue to suffer from alarming mass die-offs.

U.S. EPA proposing temporary pesticide-free zones for honeybees

(Reuters) - U.S. environmental regulators on Thursday proposed a rule that would create temporary pesticide-free zones to protect commercial honeybees, which are critical to food production and have been dying off at alarming rates.

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