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Jurassic Meets Assassins in Jason Horn's 'Ninjasaur' [Back Pages]

Here at ComicsAlliance, Jason Horn's webcomic Ninjasaur has been a firm favourite for quite a while. Mixing ninjas and dinosaurs might be part of why we like it, although Horn matches the silliness with first-rate artwork and some of...Show More Summary

The Oldest Horned Dinosaur Ever Discovered In North America Is Tiny

4 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Say hello to Aquilops americanus, the newest addition to the neoceratopsian family of horned dinosaurs. The diminutive creature, which was found in Montana, was no larger than a crow, sporting a beak-like nose and sharply pointed cavities on its cheeks. Read more...

Hello, Aquilops! Paleontologists Discover Wee Dinosaur with Face of Eagle, Heart of Gold

4 months agoArts / Graphic Design : UnBeige

The Triceratops, with its cranial ornamentation and herbivorous habits, has long outshone the other -topses and -sauruses that make up the family commonly known as horned dinosaurs. That’s all set to change with the discovery of the 108-million-year-old skull of an Aquilops. Show More Summary

Aquilops americanus: a new Neoceratopsian From Albian Cretaceous Motana

A Ceratopsian Dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Western North America, and the Biogeography of Neoceratopsia Authors:Farke et alAbstract:The fossil record for neoceratopsian (horned) dinosaurs in the Lower Cretaceous of North America...Show More Summary

Scientists discover oldest horned North American dinosaur species in Montana

Scientists have discovered the first definite horned dinosaur species in North America, and it's all thanks to a skull they found in Montana. Andrew Farke, of the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology, and his colleagues found the horned dinosaur skull, and they have attributed it to the Early Cretaceous. Show More Summary

'Eagle-face' was oldest horned dino in US: Paleontologists working in Montana

4 months agoArts : Artdaily

Paleontologists working in Montana have unearthed a skull from the oldest horned dinosaur in North America, and it was as small as a crow, said a study out Wednesday. The newly named dinosaur, Aquilops americanus, which means "American eagle face," is closely related to its neoceratopsian cousins in Asia, said the study in the journal PLOS ONE. Show More Summary

Oldest horned dinosaur species in North America found in Montana: Hooked beak, sharply pointed cheeks distinguishes neoceratopsian species

Scientists have named the first definite horned dinosaur species from the Early Cretaceous in North America. The limited fossil record for neoceratopsian--or horned dinosaurs--from the Early Cretaceous in North America restricts scientists' ability to reconstruct the early evolution of this group.

100 million-year-old skull of oldest horned dinosaur in North America found

4 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Fossil from tiny plant eater, Aquilops americanus, suggests horned dinosaurs originated in Asia The oldest horned dinosaur in North America sported a hooked beak, pointy cheeks, and was no bigger than a crow, according to research on its ancient remains. The skull of the prehistoric creature that...

Oldest horned dinosaur in North America

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Talk

When it was first discovered back in 1997, Aquilops seemed to be just another plant-eater, but it is turning out to be much more

Oldest horned dinosaur species in North America found in Montana

Scientists have named the first definite horned dinosaur species from the Early Cretaceous in North America, according to a study published December 10, 2014 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Andrew Farke from Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology and colleagues. read more

A Reassessment of Chasmosaurine Ceratopsid Judiceratops tigris From Campanian Cretaceous Montana

A reassessment of the horned dinosaur Judiceratops tigris (Ornithischia: Ceratopsidae) from the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) of Montana, U.S.A.Author:CampbellAbstract:udiceratops tigris is a recently described ceratopsid, collected from sediments of the Upper Cretaceous (middle Campanian) Judith River Formation (JRF) of northern Montana, U.S.A. Show More Summary

New species of dinosaur discovered lying forgotten in a museum

4 months agoArts : Artdaily

A palaeontologist from the University of Bath studying fossils that were kept in a museum in Canada for over 75 years has discovered a new species of dinosaur. Dr Nick Longrich studied the fossilised bones of two horned dinosaurs from the ceratopsian family and found that they were in fact two previously unknown species. Show More Summary

Pentaceratops and Kosmoceratops Found in Campanian Cretaceous Alberta, Canada

The horned dinosaurs Pentaceratops and Kosmoceratops from the upper Campanian of Alberta and implications for dinosaur biogeographyAuthor:LongrichAbstract:The upper Campanian of the American Southwest has produced dinosaurs that are unknown from the northern Great Plains and vice versa. Show More Summary

Evolutionary Trends in Triceratops

Evolutionary trends in Triceratops from the Hell Creek Formation, Montana Authors:Scannella et alAbstract:The placement of over 50 skulls of the well-known horned dinosaur Triceratops within a stratigraphic framework for the Upper Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation (HCF) of Montana reveals the evolutionary transformation of this genus. Show More Summary

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Had a 'Winged' Skull

Move over Triceratops: There's a new horned dinosaur in town and its cranial ornamentation is even more impressive than the three-horned dinosaur the world has come to know and love. A study of the recently discovered species, Mercuriceratops...Show More Summary

New Horned Dinosaur Looks Kind Of Like Mercury

Look out Triceratops … you could be knocked down a notch on the “favorite dinosaur” list by a newly-discovered horned dinosaur (ceratopsian) with a face that both its mother and all dinosaur fans will fall in love with. Two specimens of Mercuriceratops gemini were discovered, one in...

New horned dinosaur reveals unique wing-shaped headgear

A new species of horned dinosaur has been named Mercuriceratops gemini: Mercuriceratops (Mercuri + ceratops) means "Mercury horned-face," referring to the wing-like ornamentation on its head that resembles the wings on the helmet of the Roman god, Mercury. Show More Summary

Mercuriceratops: With bony wings on its skull, dinosaur looked fly

A team of paleontologists has discovered a horned dinosaur with some seriously weird headgear. Meet Mercuriceratops, a Triceratops relative whose bony frill sports wing-like protrusions on either side of its head.

New horned dinosaur reveals unique wing-shaped headgear

Cleveland, Ohio - Scientists have named a new species of horned dinosaur (ceratopsian) based on fossils collected from Montana in the United States and Alberta, Canada. Mercuriceratops (mer-cure-E-sare-ah-tops) gemini was approximately 6 meters (20 feet) long and weighed more than 2 tons. Show More Summary

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