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Links 3/24/15

Links for you. Science: Pet Peeves (excellent, and every science journalist must read this) In which the postdoc sell-by date continues to shrivel: The MRC comes to its senses Scientists Seek Ban on Method of Editing the Human Genome (it’s … Continue reading ?

Roadmap Epigenomics Project Releases Latest "Annotations" to the Human Genome

The human genome project captured the public imagination when its first draft was published 14 years ago this week in the international science journal Nature, but the epigenome may hold the real promise for conquering disease.

Links 11/18/14

Links for you. Science: Why Get A Flu Shot? Whole genome sequencing reveals potential spread of Clostridium difficile between humans and farm animals in the Netherlands, 2002 to 2011 When Fish Shout How to Explain Papers in a Non Academic … Continue reading ?

New ‘cool videos’ from NIH look at Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, MS, coral reefs

6 months agoHealth : The Checkup

Francis Collins, physician and geneticist, is widely known as director of the National Institutes of Health, former director of the Human Genome Project and an outspoken advocate of reconciling science with belief in Christianity. Read full article >>

Indiana State Research Aims to Bridge Gap Between Health Care, Science, Policy

The ability to sequence the human genome is technology that has developed only in the past couple of decades, so a student-led research project is looking at the role of genetic counselors and whether telegenetics is used to close accessibility gaps for patients.

The Art of Managing Science

J. Craig Venter, the biologist who led the effort to sequence human DNA, on unlocking the human genome and the importance of building extraordinary teams for long-term results.

Ronald Bailey Critiques A Troublesome Inheritance

9 months agoNews : Reason

Former New York Times science reporter Nicholas Wade's new book, A Troublesome Inheritance, begins well enough, with a nice roundup of what genomic science has old us about human evolution and migration. But the author then proceedsShow More Summary

“Protected bike lanes safer, better,” says science. “Duh,” says rest of us.

Study finds that cyclists feel safer when bike lanes are separated from car traffic. Study’s parents consider study underachiever, wish study was more like its sister Human Genome Project.

Oldest modern human genome from Siberia ~45 thousand years ago

Just a teaser from Ann Gibbons in Science: In 2008, Siberian ivory carver Nikolay Peristov was searching for ancient mammoth tusks eroding from the banks of the Irtysh River in western Siberia, when he found fossilized bones instead....Show More Summary

Mosaic: The Publishing Of Science, And The Science Of Publishing

last yearIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The UK-based Wellcome Trust is the second-largest non-governmental funder of medical research after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It was one of the main backers of the Human Genome Project, which pioneered the idea of open data by placing all its results in the public domain, and of open access. Show More Summary

Links 3/7/14

Links for you. Science: The obesity rate for children has not plumeted Google joins the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health When should the university stop supporting a lab? 700-Year-Old Poop Tracks History of Human Gut Microbes A New Generation … Continue reading ?

Links 1/19/14

Links for you. Science: Aiming to Push Genomics Forward in New Study Dr. Andrew Cronyn: Why I’m a Doctor–And What It Has To Do With Vaccines Death Dust: The valley-fever menace. Human–microbe mismatch boosts risk of stomach cancer New rotavirus … Continue reading ?

3 Ways the $1,000 Human Genome Can Revolutionize Science and Medicine As We Know It

The cost to sequence a full human genome reached a critical milestone on Tuesday when Illumina announced its next-generation system will enable $1,000 tests. There are far-reaching implications for human health, but the possibilities extend beyond the doctor's office.

Links 12/23/13

Links for you. Science: The Mating Habits of Early Hominins: A newly sequenced Neanderthal genome provides insight into the sex lives of human ancestors. Tracking the Secret Lives of Great White Sharks The Science Behind the Grants on Senator Coburn’s … Continue reading ?

Craig Venter on moving at the speed of light

Last week I had the privilege of speaking with J. Craig Venter at the Hillside Club in Berkeley, as part of the Bay Area Science Festival. Dr. Venter is a pioneer in biotech, from sequencing the Human Genome to creating a synthetic ...

Links 10/10/13

Links for you. Science: India Restarts Battle Against Leprosy Don’t BUGG me! Understanding SNPs and INDELs in microbial genomes It’s humans, not hornets, who are invading Why the government shutdown is bad for Americans’ health Other: Unlikely: The Impossible and … Continue reading ?

Links 7/31/13

Links for you. Science: Claws and effect: Climate change turns lobsters into cannibals A few minutes with … a guy who’s thrilled to live with roaches A classic 24/7 Lecture: Eric Lander — THE HUMAN GENOME Political Science NSF Update … Continue reading ?

Links 7/18/13

Links for you. Science: 365 Urban Species. #235: Stag Beetle Fixing obesity is not complicated The Horrible Psychology of Solitary Confinement The largest viral genome from a human Queens University professor helps tiny Micronesian islands adapt to global warming Other: … Continue reading ?

Bacterial DNA may integrate into human genome more readily in tumor tissue

Bacterial DNA may integrate into the human genome more readily in tumors than in normal human tissue, according to a new study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Institute for Genome Sciences. Researchers analyzed genomic...Show More Summary

Links 6/18/13

Links for you. Science: Neuroscience doesn’t need a grand theory to advance Q&A: David Altshuler on How to Share Millions of Human Genomes In Glittering Gems, Reading Earth’s Story Few Wash Hands Properly, Study Finds (WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!) The … Continue reading ?

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