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Unlock molecular secrets with mobile game BioBlox2-D

(Imperial College London) BioBlox2D is a new free mobile computer game inspired by tackling one of the hardest problems in biological science -- how molecules fit together.

How astrophysicist and Queen musician Brian May made his own guitar

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Brian May, the lead guitarist and composer for Queen, is a multitalented guy. A Guitar World readers poll ranked him as the 2nd greatest guitarist of all time. He also has a PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College London was on the science team for NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission. Show More Summary

Large-scale study reveals global prevalence of obesity

Professor Azeem Majeed from Imperial College London says diets high in calories are major reason for obesity, but there's another culprit

Researchers pinpoint how diesel fumes could cause 'flare up' of respiratory symptoms

(Imperial College London) Scientists have shown how diesel fumes trigger respiratory reflexes which could potentially worsen underlying conditions, such as asthma.

Dad's involvement with baby early on associated with boost in mental development

(Imperial College London) Fathers who interact more with their children in their first few months of life could have a positive impact on their baby's cognitive development.

Scientists engineer baker's yeast to produce penicillin molecules

(Imperial College London) Scientists have inserted fungus genes into a yeast cell to make it produce penicillin molecules.

Scientists engineer baker's yeast to produce penicillin molecules

The synthetic biologists from Imperial College London have re-engineered yeast cells to manufacture the nonribosomal peptide antibiotic penicillin. In laboratory experiments, they were able to demonstrate that this yeast had antibacterial properties against streptococcus bacteria.

Earliest relative of Brachiosaurus dinosaur found in France

(Imperial College London) Scientists have re-examined an overlooked museum fossil and discovered that it is the earliest known member of the titanosauriform family of dinosaurs.

Follow-up colonoscopies associated with a significantly lower incidence of bowel cancer

(Imperial College London) Patients at risk of developing bowel cancer can significantly benefit from a follow-up colonoscopy, finds research published today in Lancet Oncology.

Turbo Power Systems (TPS) Collaborate on Project to Supply Solar Power to UK Trains

TPS will be working with Imperial College London, 10:10, Network Rail and many other partners to investigate the use of track-side solar panels to power trains.

Women with aortic aneurysms fare much worse than men, new study finds

(Imperial College London) Mortality rates for women undergoing surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysms are nearly twice those for men, a new study has found.

Predicting people's 'brain age' could help to spot who is at risk of early death

(Imperial College London) A method for predicting someone's 'brain age' based on MRI scans could help to spot who might be at increased risk of poor health and even dying at a younger age.

Founders Factory has hired an ex-Imperial machine learning guru to support its startups

LONDON — Founders Factory, a company that aims to create and scale startups, has hired former Imperial College London researcher Jeffrey Ng as its chief scientist. At Founders Factory, Ng — who has cofounded several of his own software...Show More Summary

Geologists Find Evidence of a Real Brexit

"Without this dramatic breaching Britain would still be a part of Europe," says Sanjeev Gupta—and no, he's not talking about Brexit. In what he dubs "Brexit 1.0—the Brexit nobody voted for," the Imperial College London researcher reveals two massive floods were responsible for physically separating Britain from...

Study reveals how ulcer-inducing bacteria survive in the stomach

Scientists at The University of Western Australia, in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College London and Perth-based biotech Ondek Pty Ltd, have revealed new insights into the structure of an important biomolecule in Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers.

New experimental drug offers hope for menopausal women with frequent hot flushes

(Imperial College London) Women plagued by frequent hot flushes during the menopause could cut the number of flushes by almost three-quarters, thanks to a new drug compound.

Fledgling stars try to prevent their neighbors from birthing planets

(Imperial College London) Stars don't have to be massive to evaporate material from around nearby stars and affect their ability to form planets, a new study suggests.

New 'gene silencer' drug reduce cholesterol by over 50 percent

(Imperial College London) The first in a new class of gene-silencing drugs, known as inclisiran, has been shown to halve cholesterol levels in patients at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Study suggests new drug alongside statins can significantly cut cholesterol

(Imperial College London) A new class of cholesterol-lowering drug has been found to help patients cut their risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.

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