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Budget cigarettes linked to higher infant mortality rates in EU countries

(Imperial College London) A study in 23 EU countries found that larger price differences between high and low priced cigarettes are associated with higher infant mortality.

Sexually aroused male flies unable to sleep after close encounters with females

(Imperial College London) The urge to mate appears to override the need to sleep in flies, according to new research that hints at the importance of sleep for animals.

Nanoparticles turn a clear window into a mirror and back again

Creating a material that can alter its optical properties in real time has proved challenging for scientists, but a team at Imperial College London has finally achieved a major breakthrough by developing a material that can transition...Show More Summary

Birds' unique skulls linked to young dinosaur brains

(Imperial College London) Bird skulls and brains look like those of young dinosaurs, providing clues to their unique evolution and modern success.

'ET' Dust Extracted From White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover serve as both a stunning photographic subject and as an iconic British symbol of defense during war. Now they're also a geological museum of sorts: Scientists from Imperial College London have discovered 76 particles of fossilized cosmic dust in the chalky limestone, which could shed...

Scientists find fossilised cosmic dust in white cliffs of Dover

Researchers from Imperial College London report that the white cliffs of Dover contain the fossilised remains of cosmic dust.

Curing Alcoholism: We’re Finally Putting MDMA to the Test

It seems ironic that one of the first drugs I used on my way to full-blown addiction is now being used in a study to cure alcoholism. Last week, UK researchers from Imperial College of London broke the news they were about to begin the world’s first clinical trial using MDMA (the active ingredient in...

Rethinking serotonin could lead to a shift in psychiatric care

(Imperial College London) A better understanding of how a key chemical messenger acts in the brain could lead to a radical shift in psychiatric care, according to a new research paper.


2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Damn Interesting

The most perfectly spherical object ever observed by mankind is the electron. In a series of experiments led by physicist Jony Hudson at Imperial College London, electrons were anchored to a molecule of ytterbium fluoride and measured 25 million times with a laser beam. Show More Summary

'Seeing' robot learns tricky technique for studying brain cells in mammals

(Imperial College London) Imperial scientists have successfully taught robots to perform a challenging brain technique only previously mastered by a handful of humans.

Molecules chilled below Doppler limit

A team of researchers working at the Centre for Cold Matter, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London, has found a way to chill molecules much closer to absolute zero. In their paper published in the journal Nature Physics, the team describes the two-step technique they used to achieve the feat and offer some ideas on how it might be used by others in the near future.

Early puberty may mean less time in education for girls

(Imperial College London) The age at which girls have their first period may influence how long they stay in education.

New antibiotic class found effective against gonorrhea in the laboratory

(Imperial College London) Closthioamide, discovered in 2010, might eventually offer an alternative for current drugs that are becoming less effective against gonorrhoea.

Can the UK's gas grid go green? New white paper explores options

Options for a greener gas grid are explored by researchers from Imperial College London in a white paper out today.

Unbalanced wind farm planning exacerbates fluctuations

(ETH Zurich) If European countries cooperated better in the field of wind energy, wind power output would fluctuate less. This is the conclusion reached by a group of energy and climate researchers at ETH Zürich and Imperial College London, who for the first time have combined a long-term analysis of predominant weather patterns with Europe-wide wind electricity generation.

Hundred-year-old law on fluid flow overturned by new research

Engineers from Imperial College London have dispelled a 100-year-old scientific law used to describe how fluid flows through rocks.

New research: One in three musicians suffers an eating disorder

2 months agoMusic / Classical : Slipped Disc

The Anglo-Greek pianist Marianna Kapsetaki has published a paper at Imperial College, London showing a high incidence of eating disorders among musicians. Our screening tools for EDs showed a high prevalence of EDs in musicians: the EDE-Q Global Score (EDE-QGS) showed pathological values in 18.66% of the musicians and when questioned about lifetime prevalence, 32.3% […]

New way to predict when electric cars and home batteries become cost effective

(Imperial College London) The future cost of energy storage technologies can now be predicted under different scenarios, thanks to a new tool created by Imperial researchers.

World's first trials of MDMA to treat alcohol addiction set to begin

Imperial College London scientists expect to give first dose in the next two months alongside psychotherapy Doctors in Bristol are set to begin the world’s first clinical study into the use of MDMA to treat alcohol addiction. Researchers...Show More Summary

Unlock molecular secrets with mobile game BioBlox2-D

(Imperial College London) BioBlox2D is a new free mobile computer game inspired by tackling one of the hardest problems in biological science -- how molecules fit together.

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