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A Visit to Rubbin' Buttz BBQ for White Appreciation Day

I drove to Milliken, Colorado in my boyfriend’s grandmother’s Mercury Sable and an orange gingham skirt. I hello-ma’am’ed it up in lipstick and chunky heels, wore my favorite Hidden Folk perfume with katafray in it—this wasn’t drag, it was so no one would assume anything slant about my body or ask questions about my tattoos. Show More Summary

Dear Black Folks, Mike Huckabee Would Like To Be Your White Knight

Boy, do we owe Mike Huckabee an apology. While we have, in the past, subtly suggested that Mike Huckabee is a racist piece of fuck, it seems we were wrong. Huckabee loooooooooooves African-Americans and knows the troubles they’ve seen,...Show More Summary

In Divorcing White Folks News: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Call It Quits After 10 Years

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Divorce After 10 Years Hollyweird stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have filed for divorce and called it quits after 10 long years and 3 children. Via TMZ: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are

Peter Mulvey's 'Take Down Your Flag' responds to Charleston shooting

After the killings of nine black church members by a white gunman in Charleston, S.C., folk singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey tried to make sense of the massacre by talking about the event with other musicians.

Tweet Featuring Rainbow Kaaba in Mecca Draws Threats

You thought the rainbow-colored lights outside the White House were angering conservatives?That's nothing compared to the responses seen after the folks at Atheist Republic posted this image on Twitter, hoping that Islam, in addition to Christianity, would eventually come to accept LGBT individuals: The threats and complaints came quickly:

The Rachel Dolezal Collection: African-Themed Fashion Show Featured All White Models

African-Themed Fashion Show Features All White Models White folks want to look like us, dress like us, act like us not hire or be us. Prime example?? Via NY Mag: The ongoing conversation around cultural appropriation in fashion

Census: White People Quickly Dying Off in the USA

You white people aren’t having enough kids to replace those older folks who are dying, according to the U.S. Census. The government number crunchers are now saying that more white

"These White Folks, They Think the World Belongs to Them": Charleston, Race, and Forgiveness

In the wake of Dylann Roof's racial terrorism in Charleston last week, many Americans were profoundly touched by the forgiveness extended to Roof by the victims' families at his bond hearing. I was too. Anthony Thompson, the grandson...Show More Summary

50 Inch Fake Butt On Detroit Factory Worker Makes White Folks Say “We Thought Her Booty Was Ghetto-Fabulous!” [Video]

A STEEL worker is forging a career as a model – using her surgically enhanced 50-INCH butt. Patricia Washington, 31, hopes to escape her tough life in a Detroit steel mill, where she is the only woman on the work

Crooked cops a staple of American television, but complain about them in real life and folk hate you

Cast from FX's The Shield - all corrupt cops Have you ever noticed just how common it is to see crooked and corrupt cops on television? On the most popular shows in America, crooked cops are a staple. These shows, beloved by whites—often...Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Kiese Laymon on how his grandma and her black church taught him “that loving white folks in spite of their investment in our terror was our only chance of not becoming them morally.” What grade did your state get on reproductive rights?  “Discrimination against pregnant employees is the clearest sign we have that the American workplace […]

We’re Building a Movement with Young, Gifted and Black Coalition in the Lead

Chris Crass interviews Z! Haukeness on White Racial Justice organizing in Madison, Wisconsin, inspiring other white folks to get engaged in anti-racism work. The post We’re Building a Movement with Young, Gifted and Black Coalition in the Lead appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Stop Hiding Behind "Mental Health" and Just Say It: Our Society Is Racist

Once again, scared white folk are trying to frame this racist terrorism as an "accident" or a mental health issue. We are a country in denial, too scared to recognize the truth because of what it would mean. We're talking about problems...Show More Summary

In White Folks News: Martha Stewart Sells Home Goods Empire For $353 Million

Martha Stewart Sells Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia For $353 Million From the bank to the bing and back again… Via DailyMail Martha Stewart’s empire of recipes, spatulas, pots and books is heading to a new place. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Goin’ IN: Larry Wilmore’s “The Nightly Show” Monologue Burns Fox News To The Ground Over Charleston Coverage [Video]

Larry Wilmore Rails Against Fox News Biased Coverage Of The Charleston Church Massacre Larry ain’t feelin’ it and we ain’t either. White folks (and…uncle-y “brothas”) REALLY didn’t want this guy added to their list of racist murders SO bad that

Every White Person is Aiding and Abetting Terrorism Unless Naming Institutional and Cultural White Supremacy in #Charleston

Chris Crass explains the ways in which white folks nurture racism by refusing to call it by its name. The post Every White Person is Aiding and Abetting Terrorism Unless Naming Institutional and Cultural White Supremacy in #Charleston appeared first on The Good Men Project.

In White Folks (With Black Kids) News: Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Call Off Their Engagement

Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Call It Quits Damn, we know Jackson must be blown… According to US Weekly reports: Sad news. Sean Penn and his fiancee Charlize Theron have a called it quits after nearly a year

“. . . She’s Laura Linney White!”

(Steven Hayward) The good folks at Comedy Central did not disappoint in their handling of the Rachel Dolezal scandal. Jon Stewart strives mightily to turn it into an attack on Fox News, but unconvincingly. The far better takedown came from Larry Whitmore, formerly The DailyShow‘s “senior black correspondent” before he got his own show. Show More Summary

University Study Claims That Too Many White People in a Room Causes ‘Microaggressions’ in Minorities

Here is where America is, folks. We now have university “studies” claiming that minorities experience “microaggressions” when they enter a room filled with white people. We are at a point

In White Folks News: Miley Cyrus Comes Out The Closet And Says “I’m Bisexual And I Told My Mom At 14!” [Video]

In her interview with Paper Magazine, Miley Cyrus revealed that she was 14-years-old when she told her mom Tish Cyrus, that loves women the way she loves men.

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