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'Defiance' Recap: 'Ostinato in White'

All photos courtesy Syfy. BY DAWN FEAKESIn Defiance, when one threat is neutralized, another emerges. Here there be monsters. Let's do this.Folks running about at night are rarely out for exercise and this is no different as an Indogene that looks suspiciously like Doc Yewll is tracked then ripped limb from limb. Show More Summary

Dear Glenn Loury (Brown University) and John McWhorter (Time, Columbia University) - The Solution To "Ta-Nehisi Coate's REPARATIONS: "Micro-Reparations Charged To WHITE FOLKS WHO GIVE A DAMN"


In Delusional White Folks News: Racist Sheriff Who Jailed Sandra Bland Doesn’t Think Racism Exists In Waller County

Waller County Sheriff Doesn’t Believe That There Is Racism In Texas THIS GUY doesn’t think there is racism exists??? Via HuffingtonPost Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith, who oversees the jail where Sandra Bland died, insists there’s absolutely no racism in

Morning Videos: Teacher Heroes, White People, Bluetooth Teacher Coaching

Gov. Jindal praises heroic teachers - via Washington Post. Or, here's a new MTV documentary called "White People" by (undocumented) documentary filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas in which young folks talk about what it's like being white....Show More Summary

Dana White sets record straight on firing UFC cutman 'Stitch' Duran: 'We were never friends'

UFC's president tries to quell the situation surrounding the fight promotion's abrupt firing of longtime cutman Jacob "Stitch" Duran last week. Many folks in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community cried foul when they heard that Ultimate...Show More Summary

And Now the Moto X (3rd Gen) in White and Gold

After yesterday’s Moto X (3rd gen) “leak” barrage, I know you aren’t satisfied. You want more, don’t you? It’s OK, I do. How’s this? The folks at HelloMotoHK posted this image to their G+ page last night, calling it the “X³,” which of...Show More Summary

In White Folks News: Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Divorcing After 4 Years Of Marriage

Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Divorce Another Hollywood couple is calling it quits; Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. People Magazine reports: Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are calling it quits after four years of marriage. “This is not the future

Catch Fade: Two White Men Go “Ham” In Publix Deli [Video]

Was anybody arrested is the question… You know how they be doing… “Some Folks.” A verbal altercation in the Baldwin Park Publix parking lot Monday led to a fistfight in the store’s deli aisle, according to Orlando police.

As Rep John Lewis Is At Comic-Con Reenacting "Selma" Among White Folks - 4 People Are Shot In Northwest Atlanta

John Lewis Admits: ONE BLACK MAN Reenacting "Selma" On A Movie Scene Or An Air Conditioned Convention Center In California Is Safer What A Community Of Black People Residing In Parts Of Northwest and Southwest Atlanta Face Every DayShow More Summary

Ta-Nehisi Coates Now Has LOW EXPECTATIONS Of.....................................WHITE AMERICA

You have to understand what the Negro "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" has been promoting for years:IN ORDER TO IMPROVE THE LOT OF THE "COLONIZED NEGRO IN AMERICA".....................WE MUST CHANGE "WHITE FOLKS" AMERICA It stands...Show More Summary

White Supremacists Look for ‘Vast Black Conspiracy’ in Nickelodeon Kids Show

Black folks in America have always had a funny relationship with conspiracy theories. Given the actual lengths and depths to which white racists actually have been willing to go to harm black folks, it makes us particularly susceptible to believing just about anything is possible if the man has it in his mind to cause trouble.

New hotness in education: Ebonics for white folks

Back in 1996, the Oakland School Board (personifying Mark Twain's observation: In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.) passed a resolution that recognized Nigritian Ebonics (I am not making this up) as an 'official' language with special teachers. Show More Summary

In White Folks News: Beef With Maria Menounos Sends Giuliana “Rancid” Rancic Packing From E! But Guess Who Else Is On Their Way Out?

Giuliana Rancic Leaving E! Because She Hates Maria Menounos Who knew these two had beef? Giuliana Rancic is turning her skinny backs on the network that made her big — all because they’ve brought Maria Menounos aboard. According to ...

Yes, Racism Is Still a Problem in America

On June 22, 2015, I posted "White People, If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem" on LinkedIn, a plea for white folks to examine how our everyday actions contribute to institutionalized racism and suggesting ways to change our behavior to improve race relations. Show More Summary

Chuck C. Johnson Quotes White Supremacist Source in His Latest Racist Rant

Chuck C. Johnson smiling next to Lee Harvey Oswald's sniper rifle at the JFK Museum in Dallas OK, folks, I wasn't going to write anything about this one because Chuck C. Johnson is an absolutely horrible nightmare of a human being, but he says something in this podcast with Adam Carolla...

July 15th Approaches

For those in the know, Operation Jade Helm – Obama’s secret plot to become king and herd all the white people into concentration camps – starts on July 15th. The folks in Bastrop, Texas, are perfectly aware of that and have not beenShow More Summary

In White Folks News: Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Get Married

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Married Ashton Kutcher and his baby’s mother Mila Kunis have officially tied the knot in a secret ceremony. reports: It’s a fairy tale come true for That ’70s Show fans: Ashton Kutcher an...

A Visit to Rubbin' Buttz BBQ for White Appreciation Day

I drove to Milliken, Colorado in my boyfriend’s grandmother’s Mercury Sable and an orange gingham skirt. I hello-ma’am’ed it up in lipstick and chunky heels, wore my favorite Hidden Folk perfume with katafray in it—this wasn’t drag, it was so no one would assume anything slant about my body or ask questions about my tattoos. Show More Summary

Dear Black Folks, Mike Huckabee Would Like To Be Your White Knight

Boy, do we owe Mike Huckabee an apology. While we have, in the past, subtly suggested that Mike Huckabee is a racist piece of fuck, it seems we were wrong. Huckabee loooooooooooves African-Americans and knows the troubles they’ve seen,...Show More Summary

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