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EITC vs MJ.ABW: Neo-Liberal Acronymic War

Cryptic enough? Well let me do some unpacking and straight out asserting and then turn this over to AB readers and commenters. EITC is the Earned Income Tax Credit. Its open premise is that work should be rewarded. Its more hidden premise is that this reward should come as a premium over actual marginal labor […]

Why Aren't Those $26.4M Speech Fees Taxable To Bill & Hillary?

Should the Clintons pay taxes on $26.4 million of speech Income their foundation 'forgot' to report?

Pennsylvania Senate Considers Hiking Income and Sales Taxes

The Republican controlled Pennsylvania House of Representatives, with strong Democratic support, recently passed a bill to increase the state’s personal income and sales and use taxes. If passed by the Republican controlled Senate and...Show More Summary

Bracket creep fuels surplus plan

Grattan Institute analysis shows path to surplus relies on harmful increases in income tax.

An EITC Increase Versus a Minimum Wage Increase

What are the pros and cons of Warren Buffet’s proposal to increase the earned income tax credit rather than increase the federal minimum wage?

Video: Top Rate of Taxation

Taxing high incomes – a special session discussing recent research on top tax rates in the UK, France and Denmark, and their effects on tax revenues, tax avoidance, labour supply and inequality Slides for this lecture are available here:

Warren Buffett Wants A Bigger EITC---And So Do Tax Identity Thieves

Refundable credits meant to benefit low income workers bring out identity thieves and fraudulent preparers who prey on both them and the IRS.

Warren Buffett's Good Idea on the Earned Income Tax Credit Is Bad For Progress

In the Wall Street Journal on Friday, famed investor Warren Buffett made an argument you often hear against raising the minimum wage: increase the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) instead.“I may wish

Commentary: Inequality Hurts Growth, But How?

A new OECD study is better at showing that inequality hurts growth than at explaining why. That means policy makers who want to use taxes and social spending to close the income gap can't assume they will help the economy in the process, Greg Ip writes.

Hedge Fund Manager Compares Paying More Taxes To The Holocaust

Clearly the same thing. The so-called “hedge-fund loophole” – where people who work in an industry where you easily earn millions of dollars a year pay a paltry low income tax rate of 15 percent – is a frequent target of ire for American taxpayers. Show More Summary

Warren Buffett: Stop Blaming The Rich For Income Inequality. If You Want To Help, Increase Tax Credits

The world’s third-richest man weighed in on the national debate over rising levels of income disparity in the United States yesterday, saying that while the gaps between the country’s haves and have nots are definitely increasing, it is not the fault of those at the top. Nor will it be [...]

These states rob from the poor and give to the rich

The federal tax code is a powerful for reducing income inequality: in general, high-earners are taxed at higher rates than low-income people, with a significant part of that money going toward programs that help the poor, like food stamps and other safety net payments. But we don't usually think as much about the impacts of state […]

Making Sense of Profit Shifting: Scott Dyreng

Scott Dyreng is Associate Professor of Accounting at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Professor Dyreng’s scholarship focuses on corporate tax avoidance, international taxation, accounting for income taxes, and profit shifting. Show More Summary

U.S. Expatriates and International Workers: Beware of Exceptions to the Foreign Income Exclusion

U.S. citizen, resident aliens and others who are U.S. taxpayers face a unique mode of taxation in the United States. That is, U.S. taxpayers are taxed on their worldwide income regardless of where it was earned. Predictably and understandably, this method of taxation results in many expatriates worrying about whether they will face double taxation […]

Brown follows centrist course with earned income tax credit

6 days agoHealth : Booster Shots

If you were the governor with extra bucks to burn, would you help the working poor? Or help the aged and disabled poor who are unable to work?

A Redesigned Earned Income Tax Credit Could Encourage Work by Childless Adults

The earned income tax credit (EITC) lifts millions of working families out of poverty, but provides little support to workers without children and some low-wage workers married to other low-wage workers. Congress could fix this flawShow More Summary

Conference on Tax Citizenship and Income Shifting

Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Norwegian Center of Taxation, and University of Notre Dame host a two day multi-disciplinary international taxation conference on Tax Citizenship and Income Shifting at Notre Dame's London Global Gateway. Among the interesting tax papers are: Jennifer Blouin (Penn), Does Organizational Form...

Which States’ Tax Laws Widen Inequality

New research by a trio of Federal Reserve staff economists finds that, on average, state taxes increase income inequality.

Bob Rucho speaks

To Carolina Business Journal: “I told (Panthers president Danny) Morrison this the other day: I said, ‘You know, we lowered your corporate taxes, we lowered the (personal) income tax, we cleaned up the issue of what was a (3 percent gross-receipts) tax embedded into my Panther tickets and yet for the last two years I’ve […]

A consumption tax is a wealth tax

(May 19, 2015 08:41 PM, by Scott Sumner) When I advocate a (progressive) consumption tax to replace our current income tax system, some commenters reply that wealth provides benefits beyond consumption, such as peace of mind and security. I think that's true, but to me it seems to... (0 COMMENTS)

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