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AHCA, HSA and incoherent policymaking

I am not a fan of HSA’s.  They are a good tax shelter to healthy people with high incomes.  They can be used to cushion a one-off shock of catastrophic medical events but they are useless in reducing the cost burden of either repeated catastrophic events or chronic conditions.  At best, in those cases, it […]

Top Incomes and Human Well-Being Around the World

The post Top Incomes and Human Well-Being Around the World appeared first on The Big Picture.

3 Passive Blogging Income Stream Ideas

One of the big bonuses of establishing passive blogging income streams while I circle the globe is that I literally make money while I sleep. As I pass out here in Thailand, folks from all over the globe can page through and purchase...Show More Summary

New housing development planned for Hill Street

233 units on the eastern edge of South Park The South Park development boom continues to spread out into the adjacent sectors of Downtown, and a planned new development could bring more mixed income housing to the southeastern edge of...Show More Summary

How To Start Your Own Internet Business In Your Spare Time

Do you want to learn how to create a full-time income in your spare time and gain freedom from the rat race? Do you want to learn how I make 7 figure each year while traveling the world with my family? Then you need to be at the IM Freedom Workshop! The IM Freedom Workshop is a free live internet […]

Money can’t buy happiness: why a massive rise in wealth left Chinese people less happy

7 hours agoNews : BlogPost

BEIJING – The past quarter of century has seen personal incomes go up roughly five-fold in China, and hundreds of millions of households have been able to afford color televisions, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators for the first time. But more money and possessions haven’t made people any happier. In fact, happiness in China […]

The Rise of Corporate Inequality

Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom discusses the research he’s conducted showing what’s really driving the growth of income inequality: a widening gap between the most successful companies and the rest, across industries. In other words, inequality has less to do with what you do for work, and more to do with which specific company you work for. Show More Summary

Energy efficiency can help rural families save money

Families below the poverty line spend 8 percent of their income on electricity, a much larger proportion than higher income families, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. And in rural areas, 17.7 percent of families live below the poverty line, as noted by the U.S. Show More Summary

How to Make Passive Income Like Top Brands Example 3

  In this video, I will show you how to make passive income like top brands online. This is the third episode of the series where I cover This Is Why I’m Broke and how the website makes its money. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below! Here’s […]

Robinson Presents State Income Tax Law In The Shadow Of The Internal Revenue Code Today At Indiana

Mildred Robinson (Virginia) presents Irreconcilable Differences?: State Income Tax Law in the Shadow of the Internal Revenue Code at Indiana-Bloomington today as part of its Tax Policy Colloquium Series hosted by Leandra Lederman: [T]his paper will proceed in four parts. Part I provides a brief history of states’ experience with...

GameStop retail stores saw 13 percent revenue drop in the fourth quarter

13 hours agoTechnology : Venture Beat

GameStop said that revenues for its fourth quarter ended January 28 dropped 13.6 percent to $3.05 billion, while net income was down 18 percent to $208.7 million. On an adjusted basis, earnings were $243.8 million, down 3 percent from a year ago. Those earnings were below analysts’ expectations. The world’s biggest game retail store operator […]

Using Merchandise As A Fan Engagement Tool

Although artists of today have the ability to capitalize on the multiple income streams available in the digital age, doing so requires a larger skillset than ever before, including creating and marketing merchandise a subset of fans will spend money on. ____________________________ Guest post by Jack Farina of Teespring Wearing...

What’s the average post-tax income of the 50 million least entrepreneurial, disruptive, and paradigm-shattering Americans?

There are about 50 million people, approximately, who live in households at the 20th percentile of household income or lower (There were 126 million households in the US in 2015, with an average size of 2.54 people, but the least-wealthy households include a disproportionate number of single-person households, so 50 million is a ballpark estimate. […]

How Republicans’ new health plan will affect American incomes

17 hours agoNews : Daily Chart

PITY the poor Republicans. For the past four nationwide American elections, their rallying cry has been the outright repeal of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Now, with nearly complete control of government in the party’s hands, the promise has come due.

Pay your income taxes by credit card? Um, no

You'll pay processing fees and interest charges and could max out your credit -- here's a better way to pay off a big tax bill

Trumpcare Doesn't Even Pretend to Care About New Moms with Low Incomes

18 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Ana Sofia Knauf He may as well have just written "We hate women" over and over. CHRISTOPHER HALLORAN / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM On Monday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan submitted two new amendments to the American Health Care Act, the monstrosity...Show More Summary

If we ever get a GameCube Virtual Console, Nintendo needs to make this Joy-Con

Man, if only I had a disposable amount of income that would allow me to paint over an $80 Joy Con set, I would give experiments like this a go. The folks over at Boss Fight Props took the plunge, and managed to craft an amazing looking...Show More Summary

Productization: How to Turn Your Services Into Top Products

Whether you’re a freelancer or a consultant, selling services is a solid business. You provide clients with your skills and, in return, they pay you a fee for the value you provide.  Still, there is a downside. Because your income is tied to your time, selling services limits your profits and opportunities. Show More Summary

Republican health bill would widen America's big wealth gap

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans' health care bill provides massive tax cuts to the wealthy while increasing taxes for many lower income families, adding to America's big income gap between the rich and everyone else. Income disparities...Show More Summary

UK Study - Gig Work Part-Time and Provides Supplemental Income

The UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) released To gig or not to gig? Stories from the modern economy, which is study based on a survey of UK gig workers. The quick summary is UK's gig workers have...

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