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Is The ABA Using Dallas, Ave Maria Law Schools As Scapegoats To Deflect Criticism From Department Of Education?

Inside Higher Ed, ABA Tightens Up: The ABA takes a hard line on two law schools' admissions standards amid criticism that the group's accrediting arm is not doing enough to help struggling law-school graduates. Earlier this month, the ABA’s accrediting arm recommended against approving the University of North Texas-Dallas College...

“The Faulty Logic Of The NLRB College Student Unionization Ruling”

Another huge ruling, as NLRB hurtles leftward at topmost speed during these final Obama months [Inside Higher Ed; Connor Wolf, Inside Source; Jarad Lucan via Daniel Schwartz] “Bringing a union into the mix could interfere with the primary purpose of the student’s relationship with the school: education. Show More Summary

UC-Berkeley Chancellor Resigns Following Widespread Faculty Criticism; Latest Revelation: Amidst Widespread Budget Cuts University Paid $200,000 To Improve His Image

Following up on my previous posts (links below) on the leadership turmoil at UC-Berkeley: Inside Higher Ed, Amidst Budget Cuts, Berkeley Paid $200,000 to Improve Chancellor's Image Los Angeles Times, UC Berkeley Chancellor Resigns Following Widespread Criticism by Faculty Prior TaxProf Blog posts: New Allegations Against Chancellor Roil UC-Berkeley (July...

Schools roundup

3 weeks agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

Microaggression: you’re outta here. Smash vintage stained glass window on purpose: welcome back to Yale family [Inside Higher Ed, John McGinnis] “Florida teenager threatens to sue after failing to make cheerleading squad” [New York Daily...Show More Summary

Lincoln University Facing Shuttering of History Department Because of Financial Woes 

Lincoln University, an HBCU in Missouri, is known for its rich history, founded by veterans from the 62nd and 65th U.S. Colored Infantries who were determined to build a school for African Americans. However, now, Inside Higher Ed reports, the school’s board of curators has voted 4-2 in a special meeting to deactivate the university’s […]

Malcolm Gladwell-Bowdoin College Food Fight Over Student Amenities v. Financial Aid To Low-Income Students

Inside Higher Ed, Food Fight: Why do some seemingly similar colleges admit more low-income students than others? Malcolm Gladwell, the popular writer (The Tipping Point, among other books), has an answer for that question. Elite colleges that spend to have quality food and other amenities for students are making choices...

Vassar Faculty Propose Reducing Teaching Load To 2-2, Freeing Up Time For Research, Student Mentoring

Inside Higher Ed, The Price of Cutting Course Loads: Faculty members at Vassar College generally agree that teaching five classes per year makes it hard to keep up with research and the one-on-one interaction that students expect. Many professors also worry that students are taking on too many courses at...

University Of Memphis Gives Adjuncts 40% Raise; Adjunct Teaching Full Load Would Earn Less Than Minimum Wage (But No Adjuncts Teach Full Load Because Of ObamaCare)

Inside Higher Ed, When a 40% Raise Is Just Getting Started: The University of Memphis has proposed a 40 percent increase in minimum adjunct pay, from $1,500 to $2,100 per three-credit-hour course. This marks the first pay raise for adjuncts at the university in three decades. Yet as adjuncts at...

The Law Professor Who Penned A 6-Page Response To Students Who Criticized Her 'Black Lives Matter' Shirt

Following up on Saturday's post: Inside Higher Ed, The Law Professor Who Answered Back: A few months ago, one or more anonymous students wrote a note to their law professor, complaining that she had been spotted at least once on campus wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. The letter said...

Will Placement Data, U.S. News Fudging Make Law Schools Liable For Their Students' Debt Under New DOE Rules Aimed At For-Profit Colleges?

Following up on my previous post, Law Students May Use Department Of Education's New Fraud Defense To Loan Repayment Aimed At For-Profit Colleges To Discharge Law School Loans: Inside Higher Ed, Proposed Federal Student Debt Forgiveness Rules Aimed At For-Profit Colleges Worry Some Nonprofit Colleges: For-profit colleges and their advocates...

ABA Could Be Stripped of Its Accreditation Powers

According to Inside Higher Ed, the Department of Education's National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) recommended that the ABA be stripped of its accreditation power for a year. Call it a sign of the times. With over 200 law education institutions accredited by the organization and extreme......

Was Temple Provost Fired Due To Success Of Automatic Merit Scholarships (1350 SAT, 3.60 GPA) In Raising Quality Of Freshman Class (But Blowing $22m Hole In Budget)?

Inside Higher Ed, Debating a Provost's Ouster: Temple University has a new provost and a newly adjusted budget, but the Philadelphia research institution is still grappling with the sudden dismissal last week of its provost on the heels of a high-priced financial aid overrun. Faculty members have continued to protest...

QUICK NEWS, July 5: Science Community To Congress: Get Real On Climate; EV Sales Hold Steady; Breakthrough Ocean Energy Concept

Science Community To Congress: Get Real On Climate Science Groups: Congress Must Accept Climate Change July 5, 2016 (Inside Higher Ed) “…[Thirty-one scientific societies have called on Congress] to accept that climate change is real....Show More Summary

Permanent Pell In Prison: More Than Twenty Years After It Was Taken Away REAL Act brings hope for Higher Ed in prison

From 1997 to 2001 I was incarcerated, without any way to improve myself. I already had my high school diploma, and some college credits, which meant there were no other educational programs available to me inside the prison I was assigned. I...Show More Summary

The Disappearing Humanities Faculty Jobs

Inside Higher Ed, The Disappearing Humanities Jobs: The arrival of annual reports on the job market in various humanities fields this year left many graduate students depressed about their prospects and professors worried about the futures of their disciplines. English and foreign language openings were down 3 percent and 7.6...

Northeastern Fund-Raising Pitch: Donate, Win $1,000 Student Loan Repayment

Inside Higher Ed, Northeastern Criticized for Fund-Raising Pitch: Northeastern University is getting grief on social media for a text it sent encouraging alumni to donate and to win a chance at having the university pay back $1,000 in their student loans.

Interpreting nonacademic job ads

A useful article in Inside Higher Ed provides tips for understanding job ads and communicating your skills

One day after the NYT publishes "Kenneth Starr, Who Tried to Bury Bill Clinton, Now Only Praises Him"...

... we learn — from Inside Higher Ed — that Starr is expected to resign from his job as president of Baylor University, where the Board of Regents has been considering firing him for looking the other way when the school's football players...Show More Summary

Fast-Talking Dean Speeds Up Graduation Ceremony By Hitting 15 NPM (Names Per Minute)

Inside Higher Ed, When You Need a Fast-Talking Dean: These days, many colleges and universities graduate so many people at a single commencement that the tradition of reading graduates' names is long gone. For smaller colleges, the tradition lives on. But many in the audience care only about the name...

Pomona College Adds Diversity As A Tenure Requirement

Inside Higher Ed, Diversity as a Tenure Requirement: Pomona College's faculty has voted to change the criteria for tenure to specifically require candidates to be "attentive to diversity in the student body." While many colleges and universities encourage faculty members to support diversity efforts, and a few have encouraged tenure...

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