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Midcareer Professors Suffer From Middle-Child Syndrome: Are You A Synergistic Citizen, Independent Agent, Weary Citizen, Or Disgruntled And Discouraged?

Inside Higher Ed, Midcareer Professors Need Love, Too: Midcareer, tenured faculty members power their institutions, but many also suffer from something like middle-child syndrome. Past the defined demands of achieving tenure but often still relative newbies, they can get lost in the institutional fray. Preliminary research to be presented here...

Inside the Higher Ed Lobby

Welcome to One Dupont Circle, where good education-reform ideas go to die.

At The Universities Of Michigan And Virginia, Faculty Salaries Are Tied To Research Productivity, Not The Number Of Students Taught—And That's A Good Thing

Inside Higher Ed, Study Explores How Universities Deploy Faculty and Link Professor Pay: A common criticism of the faculty reward system is that it tends to value research over teaching. A just-released working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research offers new evidence in support of that contention, suggesting...

Cornell Pledges To Reduce Administrative Burdens On Faculty That Detract From Central Mission Of Excellence In Research And Teaching

Inside Higher Ed, Streamlining 'Shadow Work': Cornell Looks for Ways to Cut Time Professors Spend on Administrative Requirements, as Opposed to Teaching and Research: Bagging our own groceries, printing out boarding passes, pumping our own gas — everyone's day involves some "shadow work," tasks that previously would have been performed...

Freshman Drops Out Of Kansas State With 4.0 GPA, Says College Is A Scam Because Students Learn Quadratic Equations, Not Taxes

Inside Higher Ed, Giving the Finger to K-State and General Education: Billy Willson finished his first (and his last) semester at Kansas State University this week -- and in so doing has set off a debate there and beyond on the value of college and of general education in particular....

MIT Profs Push Moneyball Approach For Faculty Hiring And Tenure Decisions

Inside Higher Ed, Academic 'Moneyball': MIT management professors push data-based model they say is more predictive of an academic's future research success than traditional methods of peer review in tenure. Michael Lewis’s 2003 book, Moneyball — later made into a movie starring Brad Pitt — tells the story of how...

News from the open access revolution

Three items of interest on the open access front: Harvard council advises faculty to publish through open access venues. Coverage of this memo: Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, The Atlantic, The Guardian MIT open access...Show More Summary

New Website Seeks To Register Professors Accused of Liberal Bias

Inside Higher Ed, Being Watched: New Website Seeks to Register Professors Accused of Liberal Bias and “Anti-American Values”: A new website is asking students and others to “expose and document” professors who “discriminate against conservative students, promote anti-American values and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.” The site, called Professor...


Inside Higher Ed, Academic Humblebrags: Consider the humblebrag, a seemingly modest utterance that’s actually a boast.... Gosh, if I don’t send in that manuscript to Oxford by this fall, they’re gonna kill me! You know, if it weren’t for all the grateful letters that I’ve gotten from students over...

Bad News for British Public Libraries

Topic: International Libraries From Inside Higher Ed, Barbara Fister writes: Last March, the BBC reported that 343 public libraries have closed in the U.K. and another 111 were scheduled to be closed this year. That’s about 15 percent of all public libraries in the UK. Show More Summary

Michael Rectenwald on 'Trigger Warnings' and the Origin of the Alt Right

For background, read this Inside Higher Ed article. As far as I can make out, NYU professor Michael Rectenwald is a commie who takes issue with the trigger warning nonsense because it gives the Left a bad name. The following...

50% Of Law Schools Selected For Random ABA Audit Flunked Placement Data Documentation

Inside Higher Ed, Law Schools Flagged for Job Data: The first audits of the employment data that law schools report about their recent graduates have generated concern among watchdogs, with a series of reviews finding several deficiencies that raise questions about the class of 2015’s reported outcomes. Most notably, a...

 Princeton Pays Up

This article originally appeared in Inside Higher Ed. When Princeton University announced it had settled litigation with area homeowners who had argued it is a profit-making institution in order to challenge its exemption from property...Show More Summary

Donald Trump and the Future of Title IX: The Campus Could Become a More Dangerous Place

In an article titled "Trump, Clinton and Sex Assault" (10-11-2016), Inside Higher Ed has outlined the positions of the two campaigns on the issue of campus sexual terror. Reporter Jake New noted that their approaches "would differ" and...Show More Summary

AM News: Controversial Teacher Prep Regulations, Chromebooks Vs. IPads, & Clowns

Obama administration releases final rules for teacher preparation programs - Inside Higher Ed Obama administration releases long-delayed regulations for teacher-preparation programs… Final U.S. Show More Summary

Survey of University Admission Directors

Inside Higher Ed had a story yesterday on its latest survey of college and university admission directors, and it contains much of interest. For example, “in a potentially notable finding, a significant minority of college admissions...Show More Summary

Teaching Evaluations and the Problem of Unstated Assumptions

There’s a piece in Inside Higher Ed today on yet another study showing that student course evaluations don’t correlate with student learning. For a lot of academics, the basic reaction to this is summed up in the Chuck Pearson tweet that sent me to the story: “Haven’t we settled this already?” The use of student…

Did Wayne State University Give Donor Too Much Control Over Curriculum, Dean's Salary In $40 Million Gift To B-School?

Inside Higher Ed, Wayne State Donor Agreement Goes Under the Microscope: Terms of a pizza-and-sports magnate family’s $40 million gift to build Wayne State University’s business school have come under scrutiny in Detroit, with clauses about donor consultation on curriculum and dean pay catching attention in particular. But while a...

Fired Medical School Professor Shoots Dean

Inside Higher Ed, Police: Dean Shot by Fired Professor: Authorities have charged Hengjun Chao, a former assistant professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, with attempted murder for shooting the school's dean and another man Monday morning at a deli in Chappaqua, N.Y. Chao is being held in jail....

Professor Goes on Hunger Strike Following Denial Of Tenure By President And Board, Following 12-1 Favorable Faculty Committee Vote

Inside Higher Ed, Going Hungry for Tenure: Lafayette professor goes on a hunger strike to protest what he sees as irregularities and injustices in his failed tenure bid. He is the latest minority professor to raise questions about fairness of teaching evaluations. Professors who think they’ve been treated unjustly in...

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