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Pharmaceutical Companies Are Robbing Diabetics of More than Just Money

Today, as a fill my pump with insulin, I think to myself how grateful I am for this life-saving medicine. For without it, I wouldn’t be here. This life that I’ve grown accustomed to is normal to me. Normal in a chaotic way. I go through the motions every day and manage as best as I […]

Finding the High Blood Sugar Culprit

A few days ago, I was waxing poetic about how I had these really odd overnight highs that seemed to be for no good reason. I sort of (but not really) thought they could be connected to bubbles in my insulin pump cartridge reservoir. Or they could have been because of any number of extraneous […]

Why You Need a Certified Diabetes Educator

By Gary Scheiner MS, CDE As we all know, there is no shortage of fancy gadgets for those of us with diabetes.  We have pumps and pens for delivering insulin.  Meters and continuous monitors for measuring blood sugar levels.  Digital scales for counting carbs.  Pedometers and accelerometers for tracking physical activity.  Not to mention the […]

Does an Insulin Pump Make Me Lazy?

In a recent blog post, I expressed that my insulin pump has offered a greater level of convenience in giving my insulin doses. I lamented that I was often slack with carbohydrate counting, weighing my portions and delivering insulin in a timely manner when I was on injections. This led to a few comments from social […]

Summertime Insulin Pump Break

By Hillary Rasker I am on week 3 of a pump break, and it’s going really well! (Yes, I’m serious. No, my doctor does not hate me. And yes, I am wearing all of the dresses). Late this spring, I went on my first intentional pump break. It was terrible. I decided on a whim […]

Medtronic’s Enlite Sensor Approved for iPro2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Medtronic received FDA approval for its Enlite sensor for use with the firm’s iPro2 professional continuous glucose monitoring system. Previously available with the MiniMed 530G insulin pump, the Enlite sensor can be worn continuously on the body for up to six days, even while showering. Show More Summary

Learning to Have Confidence in My Insulin Pump

The very first thing Gwen emphasised to me last year was that using an insulin pump would not be any easier than Multiple Daily Injections. Boy, oh boy, was she right. These past three months have been by far the most challenging I have faced since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six years ago. […]

A Look Into Medtronic’s Insulin Pump Game Plan

By Craig Idlebrook Medtronic’s reasoning for releasing the 630G, and why the company may be looking past it to the artificial pancreas. Last week, I wrote about the curious move by Medtronic to release an unpredictive insulin pump in the shell of a pump that had predictive technology. The 630G pump looks like the 640G, a […]

How We Got a Lower A1C

I’ve written blog posts for years about how we’ve reduced Arden’s A1c. I’ve told you about the OmniPod insulin pump, DexCom continuous glucose monitor, modifying diet, being bold with insulin and more. The process has existed on many paths. We had to conquer school days, overnights, carb-rich foods, sports and my fear of insulin. If you search […]

JDRF Helping Capillary Biomedical to Develop Better Insulin Delivery Catheter

Capillary Biomedical, Inc. is getting funding support from JDRF to optimize infusion catheter in order to help people with diabetes on insulin pumps and future continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) technology get better results. Show More Summary

JDRF and Arecor Ltd Partner for Ultra-Concentrated Insulin for Insulin-Delivery Devices

JDRF has partnered with Arecor Ltd. to help bring about the development of a rapid-acting insulin that is stable and ultra-concentrated. The coming of insulin-delivery devices such as smaller insulin pumps, artificial pancreas systems and other wearable insulin-delivery systems will all require concentrated insulin. Show More Summary

Insulin Pumps vs. Insulin Injections: Which is Best?

By Sarah Kaye and Ginger Vieira Today, as people with diabetes, we’re very lucky to have options. And boy, do we have options! Not only do we get to choose between a pump/pod or injections, we also have half-a-dozen different pumps to choose from, we have pens to administer injections, and all kinds of newer technologies to make […]

Is an Insulin Pump Really a Commodity?

By Gary Scheiner MS, CDE By now, many of you have heard that United Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, has opted to restrict choice of insulin pumps for its members to one brand. United has designated “preferred provider” status to Medtronic, meaning that it will be difficult and costly for its adult […]

Medtronic Announces New MiniMed 630G Insulin Pump System

Today, Medtronic Diabetes announced their newest addition to their insulin pump lineup, the MiniMed 630G. So, what’s the same and what’s changed? Here are a few key features that remained the same, a few great new changes, as well as additions for this generation in the Medtronic family. The Familiar Threshold Suspend, Renamed: The new pump will […]

Medtronic’s MiniMed 630G Advanced Insulin Pump System Now Available in U.S.

Medtronic is releasing in the United States its latest MiniMed 630G insulin pump system. The pump relies on the CONTOUR NEXT LINK 2.4 blood glucose meter from Ascensia Diabetes Care, a company created when Panasonic Healthcare Holdings bought Bayer Diabetes Care. Show More Summary

Having Doubts about Using My Insulin Pump

After a few infusion site failures of late, I’m starting to become really self conscious. After every new site change, I become really paranoid of whether it’s a failure or success. I poke my infusion site, trying blindly to detect a kinked piece of teflon that should be sitting underneath my skin. I prod around […]

Bigfoot Biomedical’s Diabetes Management System Going on Trial

2 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Bigfoot Biomedical is a company working on introducing an “artificial pancreas” for Type 1 diabetics who are on insulin therapy. The company has developed its own algorithms that control the delivery of insulin by a pump based on readings from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Show More Summary

Tandem Announces New t:slim X2 Insulin Pump & Device Upgrade Program

Tandem Diabetes Care has been on fire with great announcements this month: the FDA approval for both their Device Updater Tool and recent pediatric approval for users 6 years old and up, and their Licensing Agreement with TypeZero Technologies...Show More Summary

Tandem Diabetes t:slim Insulin Pump Now OK for U.S. Kids 6 and Older

2 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Tandem Diabetes Care just announced that the FDA has cleared its t:slim insulin pump to children age 6 and older. Previously available to U.S. patients over 12 years old, the t:slim is smaller than your average smartphone, but thanks to a touchscreen interface looks very much like one. Show More Summary

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