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Diabetic Danica: Lows at Work & Dosing off of a Dexcom

Danica answers questions from followers on SnapChat (which is totally weird because it can change your face and your voice). In this video she discusses her choice in insulin pump and CGM, if she likes her CGM or pump more, using her CGM to dose insulin, and handling lows at work.

Tandem Launches T:Lock Connector for Pump Cartridges and Infusion Sets

Tandem Diabetes Care has announced the launch of their t:lock Connector for their insulin pump cartridges and infusion sets. Tandem, the maker of the only touchscreen insulin pump in the US will now have available insulin pump cartridges and infusion sets with their new t:lock Connector which is made and supplied by Unomedical a/s, a […]

FDA Approves Tandem’s T:Slim X2 Pump for Use With Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM

Tandem Diabetes Care, the maker of the t:Slim X2 insulin pump has been FDA approved for integrated use with the Dexcom G5 Mobile continuous glucose monitor (CGM) making it the first CGM enabled pump approved to let users make treatment decisions without first pricking their finger. Tandem makes the only touchscreen insulin pumps in the […]

Anthem Deems the Artificial Pancreas “Investigational” & Won’t Cover It

The diabetes community was excited by the recent FDA approval of what some are calling “a breakthrough in diabetes management.” Now that the Medtronic MiniMed 670G closed hybrid loop insulin pump and sensor system has started to ship to early adopters however, many are unhappy. Not with the product itself but with the difficulty of […]

The Ugly Replacement for My Broken Insulin Pump

I’ve had my insulin pump for 3.5 years now. I got the Minimed 530G in December 2013 when it was still very new. The entire time, I’ve had one pump – my black one named Artemis. Unfortunately, over the Fourth of July weekend, I noticed a severe crack in Artemis, and was forced to call […]

My Review of the Tandem t:case

On the surface it seems that designing a case for an insulin pump should be an easy task. The new t:case for Tandem t:slim pumps demonstrates that it is actually more complicated than that and that it might be impossible to design one case that will make everyone happy. Two weeks ago the news spread […]

Tandem Begins Enrollment to Test Predictive Low Glucose Suspend Technology

Tandem Diabetes Care is announcing the enrollment of the first patients in an at-home pivotal trial for their t:slim X2 Insulin Pump using Tandem’s predictive low glucose suspend technology. This insulin pump system uses the Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitor, which is able to stop insulin delivery upon predicting low blood sugar and then […]


I’ve been wearing an insulin pump since 2004 and even though I take pump vacations or go untethered every now and again, I prefer pumping over injections because it’s just EASIER to avoid high blood sugars if I’m wearing a pump. Yep....Show More Summary

My Insulin Pump Failed…Choosing Gratitude over Grief

I had an unexpected challenge pop up last night that I wanted to share since I am generally always posting about positive, happy things as that is my default mode in life, but that doesn’t mean scary stuff doesn’t happen! My Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) for my Omnipod pump, which is what I dose all […]

Pumping Pitfalls: Avoiding and Dealing With Pump-Related Problems

By Gary Scheiner MS, CDE For anyone who uses an insulin pump, there are bound to be occasional problems. For some, problems may be as rare as a Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory; for others they may occur as often as a Hollywood scandal. Being mechanical devices, insulin pumps are subject to mishaps that can […]

Traveling With an Insulin Pump

When I first started on insulin pump therapy last year, I was given an overload of information in the space of a day and a half. At the time, I was still trying to get my head around the strange new device that was attached to me. I took all of the information packets away […]

Always Double-Check Your Replacement Insulin Pump Settings

I’ve had many replacement pumps in my years of pumping. To my recollection, I’ve had: 1 Disetronic replacement, 1 Accu-chek Spirit replacement, 1 Animas Ping replacement, 2 Medtronic Revel replacements, 5 or 6 Tandem t:slim replacements, and Now, I’m on my second Medtronic 630G replacement. So, as it should seem, I’m pretty well-versed at what to do. […]

Free Shower.

(to the tune of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Free Fallin’) He’s a good pump, does his job well Loves priming and bolusing too. He’s a good pump, crazy ‘bout islets Gives insulin when those islets don’t come through. It’s a long week being my Dex sensor There’s adhesive workin’ while I play And I’m […] Free Shower. Show More Summary

Magic Kingdom, Magic Bathrooms.

“Is that an insulin pump?” I was standing outside of the stall in a bathroom in Tomorrowland, waiting for my daughter to wash her hands. “Yes, on my arm here?  Yes, it is.”  I pointed to the infusion set on my right arm, the tubing snaking back up my sleeve into my dress. Show More Summary

Insulin Pumping for People with Greater Insulin Needs

By Kerri Sparling My daughter came running up to me, a new dinosaur joke on the tip of her tongue. “Mom!  Mom! Who was the most flexible dinosaur?” Without waiting for an answer: “Tyrannosaurus flex, Mom!!” Perfect. Perfect joke. Also perfect segue to talk about the large-capacity Tandem insulin pump, because it allows folks with […]

Our Decision to Switch to Medtronic Minimed 630G Insulin Pump – Part 2

This part may be a bit long, so go get some coffee and settle in. There is a lot to cover here. I started on the Medtronic 630G pump on 5/1/17 – the day I received it. This is a bonus of having a small endo office – they can pretty much work you in […]

F.D.A. Deal Would Relax Rules on Reporting Medical Device Problems

2 months agoHealth : NYTimes: Health

The makers of cardiac defibrillators, insulin pumps, breast implants and other devices will be able to delay the reporting of malfunctions under an agreement headed to Congress.

The 2 Big Mistakes That Led Me to Split My Basal Insulin Dose

I have used insulin injections for the past 11 years to manage my type 1 diabetes. Before that I was on a pump for 7 years and before that the old Regular and NPH insulin regime. I like injections but I’ve learned some personal lessons along the way. Giving a basal dose of Lantus or […]

Our Decision to Switch to Medtronic Minimed 630G Insulin Pump – Part 1

A few months ago, I was at home with the kids, and didn’t feel quite right. After a quick fingerstick, I saw that I was in the 20’s. In a panic, I couldn’t get anyone on the phone to talk with me until my sugars came up. I began to “eat the kitchen” as it […]

Medtronic deal with Aetna ties insulin pump payment to patient results

3 months agoHealth : Reuters: Health

(Reuters) - Medtronic Plc said on Monday it signed an agreement with health insurer Aetna Inc under which payment for its insulin pump systems will be tied to how well diabetes patients fare after switching from multiple daily insulin injections.

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