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WATCH: A Day in the Life of a Type 1 Diabetic

Each day, a person with Type 1 diabetes needs to do different things to stay a live, whether it be poke their finger to test their glucose levels multiple times, take shots, or program their insulin pumps to deliver insulin. They also have to do lots of math to add up the carbohydrate counts in […]

My Second Go’Round with Multiple Daily Injections

I definitely felt hesitant about going back to Multiple Daily Injections when I was contemplating a pump break. I didn’t really have too many fond memories of managing diabetes prior to insulin pumping. Lantus was very uneven and inconsistent the last time I used it. I felt I could never get the dose quite right. […]

How I Manage to Wear My Pump and CGM during MMA Fights

Wearing a CGM and insulin pump can seem like a bit of a headache… at least that was the main reason for me before I started using the Animas vibe insulin pump and Dexcom continuous glucose monitor in February of 2015. I was put off by the thought of having tubing attached to me for […]

Taking a Break From My Insulin Pump: Round Two

I spent two weeks disconnected from my insulin pump last month. It was honestly the best decision I could have made for my diabetes management in the long run. Going back to the simplicity of injections gave me some much needed relief from the stress the pump was inflicting on me, as well as a […]

Makeshift Solution.

Arriving at the hotel last night, I realized my insulin pump needed a swap-and-refill.  I pulled out all the necessary supplies for a pump site change and dumped them onto the hotel bed. The little insulin bottle protector I use keeps my insulin safe(r). Show More Summary

WATCH: How to Recognize and Prevent Injection-Site Lipohypertrophy

Whether you are using insulin injections or insulin pump therapy, one major side effect that you must watch out for is lipohypertrophy. So, one thing I’ve always loved to do is to break words down into their parts. With this one, you can break it into three parts: Lipo-, meaning to do with fat and […]

5 Things to Remember If You Take Insulin

I have been on shot therapy since 2007.  Before that I used a pump but we didn’t get along because I was out of control with my diabetes at the time.  I do well with shots so I stick with them for now.  These tips apply with taking insulin by shots or a pump. There […]

Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes: Using Tresiba Insulin

It’s easy to think you must be on an insulin pump during pregnancy with type 1 diabetes. How could you possibly manage your blood sugars tightly without an insulin pump? Impossible! Injections? Syringes? Multiple daily injections? Ohh, no, there’s no way you can get your A1C below 6.5 percent during the constant fluctuations in insulin […]

Why Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Don’t Use CGMs or Insulin Pumps

A recent study found that many young adults with type 1 diabetes avoid wearing CGMs and insulin pumps because of the device attachment to their person and their attitudes associated with wearing those devices. Researchers have known that the use of insulin pump and CGMs (continuous glucose monitors) has continued to be relatively low despite their positive […]

OneTouch Vibe Plus Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucometry System with App Connectivity FDA Cleared

2 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Johnson & Johnson‘s Animas division received FDA clearance to introduce its OneTouch Vibe Plus insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system. The system uses Dexcom‘s G5 continuous stick-on glucometer which talks to the OneTouch Vibe Plus, as well as the Dexcom G5 App. Show More Summary

U.S. posts rules for addressing cyber bugs in medical devices

2 months agoHealth : Reuters: Health

(Reuters) - The U.S. government on Tuesday issued rules for addressing cyber vulnerabilities in medical devices, providing manufacturers with guidelines for fixing security bugs in equipment, including pacemakers, insulin pumps and imaging systems.

To Bolus or Not To Bolus: Replacing Missed Insulin After Showering

I think I’ve noticed something lately … and I was curious how this affects other pumpers. I’m on the Medtronic (Quick Set) and so when I shower in the mornings, I disconnect and suspend my pump.  My husband might disagree but I take a fairly quick shower. But there are some mornings that I don’t automatically […]

Bionic pancreas system successfully controls blood sugar without risk of hypoglycemia

A bionic pancreas system has proven better than either conventional or sensor-augmented insulin pump therapy at managing blood sugar levels in patients with type 1 diabetes living at home, with no restrictions, in a clinical trial.

First Week with my Tandem t:slim X2 Insulin Pump

I have been contemplating my next insulin pump decision for months, if not over a year now. With different insulin pumps on the market, and with the promise of more to come in the next couple of years, I was hesitant to make a decision by the end of November as to what to do. […]

Bionic pancreas system successfully controls blood sugar without risk of hypoglycemia

(Massachusetts General Hospital) The bionic pancreas system developed by Boston University investigators proved better than either conventional or sensor-augmented insulin pump therapy at managing blood sugar levels in patients with type 1 diabetes living at home, with no restrictions, in a clinical trial led by a Massachusetts General Hospital physician.

LISTEN: Going Off To College with Type 1 Diabetes

Amanda has only been at college for a few days and she’s on the podcast to tell us about her initial experience: from “coming out” about her diabetes for fear of rejection, to explaining why she chose MDI instead of an insulin pump. She explains what she chooses to share, and what she chooses to […]

It Is Amazing How Much We Know!

After 23 years of managing my diabetes the "old-fashioned way," I am making the switch to an insulin pump... The post It Is Amazing How Much We Know! appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

How I Chose My New Insulin Pump

And the choice is… Next week I will be ordering a new pump or at least I hope I will. My decision could have been difficult, but because of the narrow time window for ordering my pump and looking at my future under Medicare, it was easy. Timing As someone who uses a lot of technology to […]

When Parents of Children with Diabetes Question if They are Doing Enough

It seems to be, reading the posts all over social media, that a young lady, another one too young, has passed away. From what I am reading, it seems there was a ‘kink’ in her pump tubing and insulin was being denied entry into the body. Her blood sugar rose, she entered DKA and at […]

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