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Elon Musk Invests In Neuralink, A New Artificial Intelligence Company

Yesterday, Musk announced a new venture called Neuralink, a California medical research company that will explore how to physically interface computers and the human brain, presumably to speed up the output speed of the brain far beyond...Show More Summary

SuperData: Digital sales continue to grow thanks to consoles, PC, and mobile

Consumers are spending more of their budget on digital gaming. Digital game revenues increased 4 percent worldwide in February year-over-year to $7.83 billion, according to industry intelligence firm SuperData Research. Console revenues grew 8 percent while mobile jumped 9 percent. Show More Summary

System better allots network bandwidth, for faster page loads

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) At the Usenix Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation this week, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) are presenting a new system for allocating bandwidth in data center networks. Show More Summary

New safety technology enables teamwork

Until now, heavy-duty robots have always been housed in separate work areas to safeguard factory employee safety. Researchers at Fraunhofer want to change that with an ingenious security concept and intelligent robot control. This technology will enable people and robots to collaborate as a team. Show More Summary

Honeywell joins Atlanta IoT research center

This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Honeywell recently announced that it will join Georgia Tech’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet...Show More Summary

How our species got smarter: through a rush of blood to the head

Anthropologists have been curious about the evolution of human intelligence for many decades. The main lines of research have involved archaeological finds concerning the use of fire, tools and so on.

AI Identifies Coded Hate Speech on Social Media

Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed an artificial intelligence system that can identify coded hate speech online. In early 2016, Google unveiled tech incubator Jigsaw, with the intention of “substantially reducing” […] The post AI Identifies Coded Hate Speech on Social Media appeared first on

Canada funds $125 million Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy

(Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) The Government of Canada is funding a Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy for research and talent that will cement Canada's position as a world leader in AI.

Non-breeding ravens live in highly dynamic social groups

Ravens have impressive cognitive skills when interacting with conspecifics – comparable to many primates, whose social intelligence has been related to their life in groups. An international collaboration of researchers led by Thomas...Show More Summary

This Parrot Has An 'Infectious Laugh,' Scientists Say

last weekNews : The Two-Way

The researchers say that when the highly intelligent kea parrots hear a call associated with play, they start playful tussling, aerial acrobatics, or throwing objects into the air.

AI Investors Rack Up Massive Returns in Stock Market Study

A international team of researchers showed that artificial intelligence can make a killing on the stock market, and some real-world hedge funds are already trying it.

Method speeds testing of new networking protocols

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) At the Usenix Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation later this month, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory will present a system for...Show More Summary

Andrew Ng leaves chief scientist post at Baidu to take AI beyond tech

Andrew Ng, the onetime co-creator of the Google Brain research project who joined Baidu Inc. as its chief scientist in 2014, today said he’s leaving the Chinese tech giant to pursue his own work in artificial intelligence beyond the tech industry. Show More Summary

Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng is stepping down, Haifeng Wang will lead expanded AI group

Andrew Ng, who joined Chinese search company Baidu as its chief scientist after contributing to the creation of Google’s Google Brain artificial intelligence (AI) research group, today announced that he will be leaving Baidu. The company will consolidate existing research groups under a new leader, Haifeng Wang. “Baidu’s AI is incredibly strong, and the team […]

Researchers develop biometric app for smartphone security

Scientists from the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Russia) are developing a mobile app called InCallAuth, which allows a smartphone recognize its owner by a characteristic movement of the hand when answering a call.

Artificial Intelligence Is Learning to Predict and Prevent Suicide

Doctors at research hospitals and even the US Department of Veterans Affairs are piloting new, AI-driven suicide-prevention platforms. The post Artificial Intelligence Is Learning to Predict and Prevent Suicide appeared first on WIR...

DeepMind organises its AI researchers into 'strike teams' and 'frontiers' (GOOG)

DeepMind organises its artificial intelligence (AI) researchers into groups such as "strike teams" and "frontiers," according to a report in The Financial Times (FT) by Madhumita Murgia. The company, which is on a mission to "solve intelligence,"...Show More Summary

Deep learning and stock trading

A study undertaken by researchers at the School of Business and Economics at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) has shown that computer programs that algorithms based on artificial intelligence are able to make profitable investment decisions. Show More Summary

Google’s DeepMind overcomes the rather tricky problem of forgetfulness

Researchers at Google’s DeepMind project report that their artificial intelligence has just become a little more human: It now remembers things. One of the hurdles to overcome in the advancement of A.I. is the fact that you can train...Show More Summary

DeepMind-Royal Free deal is 'cautionary tale' for health care in the algorithmic age

Researchers studying a deal in which Google's artificial intelligence subsidiary, DeepMind, acquired access to millions of sensitive NHS patient records have warned that more must be done to regulate data transfers from public bodies to private firms.

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