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We’re one step closer to getting cheaper, faster Internet from space

5 days agoTechnology : Post Tech

For many, it's been a years-long pipe dream: Ultra-fast, lag-free Internet that comes to your PC or smartphone via satellite instead of a wire into your home. Facebook, Google and even SpaceX have all explored the idea, partly in hopes of selling broadband access to a growing market with enormous potential — the developing world. But now, […]

Connectivity Technologies and the Internet of Things

IoT supports many ways to transfer data, and Bluetooth® LE, or Wi-Fi (to name a few) may not be the right fit for every device. The goal of this article is to make your selection easier by exploring the advantages and practical application examples for each technology.

This shocking dystopian video reveals how the Internet is giving rise to a new totalitarianism

last weekNews : The Raw Story

If you’re reading this post, odds are you spend a sizable portion of your day on the Internet. Based on a 2013 book of the same name, the documentary “Black Code” (2016) explores the “dark side” of our virtual existence, or as its author Ronald J. Deibert dubs it,...

Will the Internet Give Rise to a New Totalitarianism?

"Black Code" explores the dark underbelly of our virtual existence. If you're reading this post, odds are you spend a sizable portion of your day on the Internet. Based on a 2013 book of the same name, the documentary "Black Code" (2016) explores the "dark side" of our virtual existence, or as its author Ronald J. Show More Summary

StorURL: cross-browser bookmarks manager for Windows

StorURL is a cross-browser bookmarks manager for Microsoft Windows devices that supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Bookmarks are quite the useful thing in the browser world, considering that they allow you to keep a record of sites in the browser. Show More Summary

LeBron James finally shaved his head and the internet can barely handle it

The Golden State Warriors held their celebratory parade in Oakland on Thursday, three days after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. WATCH: Explore underwater with this tiny device that combines a bit of snorkeling and scuba diving Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments

AT&T’s DirecTV Now will drop Internet Explorer support after June

DIRECTV NOW is a standalone streaming service from AT&T for Live TV and On Demand entertainment. You can enjoy news, sports, events, and shows as they air on TV through internet. Also, you can access the content anywhere, anytime. In...Show More Summary

Kaspersky Expands Legal Battle With Microsoft Over Anticompetitive Behaviour

Microsoft has been in hot water before over its practice of bundling software with Windows to the detriment of other software companies By the time the browser wars were done in the courts Internet Explorer had crushed the competition...Show More Summary

Kaspersky files antitrust complaint against Microsoft for bundling Windows Defender

In a complaint that is reminiscent of the battle over the default installation of Internet Explorer nearly 20 years ago, Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab has filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft Corp. alleging that the bundling of Windows Defender with Windows constitutes unfair competition. Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Explore what David Lynch’s films say about Americana

At this point, someone who hasn’t even spent much time with the films of David Lynch knows, roughly, what “Lynchian” means. It might just scan as “weird” or “dark,” but then, after watching a few films, the throughlines become clearer: noir surrealism, mundanity and the macabre, and those wonderful, ominous ambient drones. Show More Summary

This Is What Microsoft Edge Is Good For

Microsoft Edge is the company’s attempt to make up for the misgivings of Internet Explorer (IE). While the latter browser was boring, slow to receive updates, and lacked extensions, Edge reverses all three of these issues. It’s regularly...Show More Summary

“Be Internet Awesome”: Helping kids make smart decisions online

As a parent, I’m constantly talking with my two daughters about how they use the Internet. The way they use it to explore, create and learn inspires me to do my best work at Google, where I lead a team making products that help families and kids have positive experiences online. Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Rom-coms’ changing attitudes toward interracial relationships

Nobody’s turning to romantic comedies for an exploration of progressive ideals or experiments with the cinematic form. Rather, rom-coms tend to serve as a symbol of any given generation’s sentimental ideals while also exuding a normality in terms of both personality and desire to encourage self-identification among its audience. Show More Summary

VPNs essential for expat internet access

Regardless of their reasons for leaving the home country, the majority of expats rely on the internet to keep in touch with friends and family as well as to further their business interests and plans to explore their new country of residence. Decades ago, the worldâ??s expat population looked a great deal different than it does nowadays.... Expats Blog -

Cupduck “Virus” Removal (Chrome/FF/IE)

Welcome to our Cupduck “Virus” removal guide. The following instructions will aid you in removing the unwanted software from your PC. If you open your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser and intrusive ads, banners...Show More Summary

How to Migrate Your Browser Data to Edge in Just One Click

Microsoft Edge has struggled with popularity since its debut. While it’s worlds better than Internet Explorer, years of putting up with IE have made people wary of any browser that comes from Microsoft. So it’s no surprise that most people only open Edge to download Chrome, Firefox, or some other browser and never use it again. Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Arrival’s mysteries are still worth exploring

Arrival remains a rare case of a critically acclaimed, successful sci-fi movie that shirked action or horror in favor of the genre’s headier pleasures. It’s a dreamy, philosophical, sometimes melancholy film, known as much for the mood created by its elliptical editing as the twist ending that editing hid. Show More Summary

How to Manage and Delete Browsing Data in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer with Edge with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is very good browser to use as it categorizes whatever, it stores on your hard drive. It saves credentials, cookies, cache and more. Moreover,...Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Let’s explore Adam McKay’s secretly brilliant brand of satire

Nearly every actor that has worked with Adam McKay is quick to acknowledge the fact that he’s brilliant. This isn’t just meant in the comedic sense, but also in the sense that he’s book-smart and has a deep knowledge of complex subjects...Show More Summary

If You Still Prefer Internet Explorer, This Is A Must Read!

Internet Explorer has been a part of Windows since 1995 until recently after the release of Windows 10. IE 11 was the last version of the Internet Explorer. Many of us still prefer to use Internet Explorer due to its user-friendly interface. Lately...Show More Summary

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