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Maria Damon and Murat Nemet-Nejat Interview Alan Sondheim for Rain Taxi

At Rain Taxi, an interview with Alan Sondheim by Maria Damon and Murat Nemet-Nejat! “Since January of 1994, Sondheim has worked on the ‘Internet Text,’ a continuous meditation on philosophy, psychology, language, body, and virtuality; the Internet Text is coordinated with multi-media work on various websites. A pioneer in the field of electronic literature, he […]

How to Portray Confidence in an Interview — Even if You Are Painfully Shy

Even shy people need jobs, which is why people who have trouble readily relating to others need to show confidence in an interview. Confidence comes from a variety of factors, including body language, attitude and comfort level with the people around you. Show More Summary

First Things First: How Body Language Affects First Impressions During an Interview

Believe it or not, [body language] (“Body Language: How to Ace a Job Interview Without Words”) plays a huge role in your job interview. How you carry yourself with your mannerisms can affect someone's first impression of you more than your great answers to interview questions. Show More Summary

What Your Body Language Tells an Interviewer About You as an Employee

An interviewer gets a first impression of you the second you walk in the door. By the time you've shaken hands and taken your seat, the interviewer may already have decided whether she's interested in hiring you or not, and that's before she's even asked a single question. Show More Summary

Are These 10 Interview Body Language Don'ts Keeping You From Landing a Job?

Your cover letter, resume, references and qualifications are impeccable. You aced the phone interview thanks to calm nerves. Now comes your big chance to land the job of your dreams by wowing the HR manager and your future boss at the interview. Show More Summary

Body Language: How to Ace a Job Interview Without Words

Body language plays a crucial role in how you present yourself in a job interview. The wrong body language can destroy your chances of landing the position, but the right nonverbal cues send a positive message that can lead to your perfect job. Show More Summary

What You Should and Shouldn't Do With Your Hands During a Job Interview

There’s more to acing an interview than a good resume and solid answers to their questions. Body language plays a big part as well. If you’re not sure what to do with your hands during a job interview, these tips will help. Read mor...

The Biggest Body Language Mistakes You Can Make In a Job Interview

Hiring managers size you up in a lot of different ways during an interview, including how you physically present yourself. A recent nationwide survey of over 2,500 hiring and human resource managers found these body language mistakes hurt your chance of landing the job the most. Read more...

These Are The Biggest Mistakes People Make During Interviews

Body language faux pas derailed candidates' chances of getting the job as much as what the person said. According to a new poll, half of employers say they can size up a candidate within the first five minutes of an interview and determine whether they'd be a good fit for the job. Read Full Story

Body Language Counts in an Interview

A job interview may seem pretty routine and typical to job seekers, but it is one of the most important elements of the hiring process. Employers evaluate not only the experience detailed on each candidate's resume, but also personality and body language. Show More Summary

What Does the Interviewer Notice?

Although interviewing skills are important, they aren't the only thing interviewers notice when they meet with candidates. You also need to have the right body language, dress for the job you want, and show enthusiasm for the job opening and the employer. Show More Summary

The Metacognitive Dawn Lundy Martin Talks to the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has published an interview with Dawn Lundy Martin! In “Why Do We Speak a False Language?” Anya Creightney talks with Martin about the black female body, teaching, her most recent book, Life in a Box is a Pretty Life (Nightboat Books, 2015) and its connection to Carrie Mae Weems, and the […]

6 signs that you should ‘nope’ right out of that job interview

There are a lot of articles covering things you should or should not do during a job interview. You should dress nice, answer questions confidently and have the right body language. You should not fidget with your pen, ask about vacation or compensation policy or even sit without being offered a chair. Show More Summary

The 2-Minute Trick For Nailing Your Next Job Interview

If you feel nervous before job interviews (I mean–who doesn’t??) but really want to nail ‘em, you need to know this trick. In her TED talk (watch the full video below), social psychologist Amy Cuddy proves that body language is more than just an indicator of a person’s confidence level–it can actually make them more confident. In an […]

‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards Was ‘Withholding The Truth’ During ‘Dr. Phil,’ Claims Body Language Expert

Was RHOBH star Kim Richards lying to Dr. Phil during her interview earlier this week? In a shocking new interview, body language expert Patti Wood MD, PhD, claimed Richards appeared to be “withholding the truth.” On April 30, Wood revealed the following to Radar Online of the RHOBH star: “Following Dr. Show More Summary

Deciphering Denial: Kim Richards ‘Withholding The Truth’ In Dr. Phil Interview, Says Body Language Expert

It is not only Kim Richards’ ex-boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld who believes that the 50-year-old troubled Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is lying about her drinking. After watching clips of… READ ON

Your Body Language Could be Sabotaging Your Interview

When preparing for a job interview, you likely spend a lot of time answering practice questions and reviewing your resume. You should always do these things, but don't forget about the importance of body language. Your body language helps interviewers form their first impressions of you, making it a key component of interview success. Show More Summary

Body Language Mistakes According to Employers

An interviewer sizes up candidates from the first moment of contact. Your resume provides a snapshot of your experience and skills, but your body language speaks volumes about who you are. Avoid common interview mistakes by paying close...Show More Summary

Mind Your Body Language

In the process of preparing for a job interview, many applicants forget about the non-verbal factors that influence the outcome — namely, body language. While it may seem insignificant in comparison to well-rehearsed answers and impeccable research, the way you carry yourself can make a big impact on a potential employer. Show More Summary

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