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State Of Emergency Declared In Iraq — UN “Concerned About Violence” During Protests

2 minutes agoNews : The Inquisitr - News

Thousands of people in Iraq have gathered to protest the recent failures of Iraqi MPs, who did not convene for a vote to approve new ministers. The protest follows weeks of political turmoil in Baghdad, according to the Sun. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has made an effort to shake up the government, sparking heated... Show More Summary

Trump Doesn't Know We Invaded Iraq After Afghanistan

During an interview on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump tried to show off his foreign policy expertise but committed a gaffe. Trump said, "I'd stay in Afghanistan. It's probably the one place we should have gone in the Middle East because it's adjacent and right next to Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons. Show More Summary

Iraqi Shia Protesters Storm Baghdad Parliament

Hundreds of Shia Muslim activists have stormed Iraq's parliament in protest against ongoing deadlock in approving a new cabinet. Supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr broke through barricades of the protected Green Zone in Baghdad after MPs again failed to convene for a vote. Show More Summary

Goofy Golden Retriever Saves Iraq Veteran's Life

Pfc. Philip H. Bauer's helicopter was shot out of the sky over Fallujah, Iraq, on November 2, 2003. Half of the thirty Calvary men and women in the helicopter survived the crash; Phil was one of them. He lost his right leg, suffered severe burn wounds, traumatic brain injury, and damage to his stomach and jaw. Show More Summary

Iraq Parliament Stormed By Protesters, Fortified ‘Green Zone’ Breached

Early this morning hundreds of protesters have stormed the Iraq parliament in Baghdad, after breaching the heavily fortified wall around the formerly U.S.-held “Green Zone.” The Iraq parliament was shut down this morning after hundreds of protesters broke into the building, causing a political crisis throughout Iraq. Show More Summary

ISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad bombing that killed 21

9 hours agoNews : NY Daily News

The attack targeted Shiite civilians shopping in a market selling fruit, vegetables and meat, according to Iraq’s Interior Ministry.

Iraq Protesters Storm Parliament, Demanding End to Corruption

10 hours agoNews : NYTimes: News

Hundreds breached the razor wire of Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, long seen as a symbol of a government detached from ordinary Iraqi citizens.

US-Created System In Iraq Is Collapsing: Protesters Storm Parliament, State of Emergency Declared - Live Webcast

Less than two years ago, the US set up another puppet government in the mid-east this time in the state of Iraq when following substantial US pressure, on August 14, 2014 then prime minister al-Maliki agreed to stepped down and be replaced with Haider al-Abadi. Show More Summary

Exclusive: The Coming Battle for Mosul Will Be Tougher Than You Think

Daniel L. Davis Security, Iraq, Syria, ISIS Urban warfare against ISIS isn't the only challenge. On April 17, U.S. secretary of defense Ash Carter visited Baghdad to confer with Iraqi leaders to discuss ways the United States might aid...Show More Summary

Shia Mob in Iraq Demands More Technocrats

Protesters stormed the Iraqi parliament today: Baghdad Operations Command declared a state of emergency and said all roads into the capital had been closed....Iraq is in the grip of a political crisis, with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi...Show More Summary

ISIS claims responsibility for deadly bombing in Iraq

Attack targets civilians shopping in open-air market ahead of pilgrimage on foot to shrine

Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in southeast Turkey, northern Iraq: sources

DIYARBAKIR (Reuters) - The Turkish army carried out air strikes in rural parts of southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq, targeting logistics posts used by Kurdish militants, security sources said on Saturday.

ISIL Digging in Against new US Troops in Syria

By By James Miller| ( RFE/RL ) | – – On June 29, 2014, when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gave a speech from the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, Iraq, announcing the…

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know We Invaded Iraq After We Invaded Afghanistan

During a two-part interview with buddy Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump tried to show off his foreign policy mojo but wound up revealing how truly ignorant he is on the subject. Of course, O’Reilly did not mention how Trump’s recent foreign-policy address had been slammed by editorial boards. O'Reilly did, however challenge Trump on policy. Show More Summary

Daesh Ambushes British-Italian Troops Operating in Libya – Israeli Media

As European Special Forces battle Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State, in Syria and Iraq, the extremist group has, this week, reportedly ambushed Italian and British troops in Libya for the first time.

How Chris Van Hollen learned to love Israel

MD Rep. Chris Van Hollen got into office opposing the Iraq war and in 2006 said Israel's disproportionate response in Lebanon was hurting the United States. Then AIPAC got him over its knee! And today Van Hollen is the Democratic Senate nominee for Maryland, with the Israel lobby's support.

Congressman Votes Against Own Female Draft Bill

A vocal anti-women-in-combat Republican proposed legislation that requires women to register for the Selective Service draft as a conversation starter. But Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Marine Corps veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, found that many liked his Draft America's Daughters Act. Show More Summary

Top US Military Commander: Our Troops Fighting and Dying in Iraq

The United States has maintained a military force in Iraq, ostensibly to serve in an advisory capacity for Iraqi Security Forces fighting Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State. On Thursday, however, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed that US troops are "fighting and dying" in combat operations in the region.

Woman and child killed in Iraq as US adopts Israeli ‘knocker’ bombs and leaflet drops

American forces have adopted Israeli military tactics employed in Gaza of dropping cautionary leaflets and knocker bombs intended to warn civilians of incoming attacks. The method was used outside of Mosul in a recent operation, yet a woman and a child were killed upon re-entering a building shortly after it was targeted by a hellfire missile. Show More Summary

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