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Paint produced from toxic sludge could fund cleanup of polluted streams

Toxic sludge paint, made from the iron oxide pigments found in polluted streams, could fund its own large scale clean-up operation.

The Role of Iron Silicate Nanoparticles in pre Great Oxidation Event PaleoOceans

Precipitation of iron silicate nanoparticles in early Precambrian oceans marks Earth's first iron ageAuthors:Rasmussen et alAbstract:The early ocean was characterized by anoxic, iron-rich (ferruginous) conditions before the rise of atmospheric oxygen ?2.45 b.y. Show More Summary

This Painter Can Even Make Toxic Sludge Look Beautiful

4 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

If you didn't think anything beautiful could come from toxic waste, well, think again. Ohio University art professor John Sabraw and civil engineer Guy Riefler have joined forces and devised a method for extracting iron oxide metals from industrial waste. The extracts can then be turned into vibrant pigments and used to create stunning works of art. Read more...

Teapot / Vase (part 2)

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

I added the feet today to the pot I made yesterday (see previous post).The shape I am basing it is on this teapot on the far left. That is a stoneware that was gas fired to cone 10 and covered with an all over iron oxide decal pattern...Show More Summary

Lavender Hand Painted Ceramic Bead with Iron Oxide Daisy Decals

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Lavender Hand-painted Ceramic Bead I thought I would showcase this bead that I currently have available at my Etsy store. I drew that daisy, scanned the drawing, saved it as a 300dpi jpg photo, and opened up my word processing program. Show More Summary

The Beauty of Yellowstone's Fountain Paint Pots In the Cold

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The Fountain Paint Pots in Yellowstone National Park are named for the colorful muds produced by the oxidizing iron in the mud, the natural result of hot springs. In November 2014, a light dusting of snow both revealed the topography of the area and made the steam rising from the ground clear and eerie. Read more...

Wild Speculation: Could a Phorphorus Crisis Have Ended the Francevillian Biota?

Iron oxides, divalent cations, silica, and the early earth phosphorus crisisAuthors:Jones et alAbstract:As a nutrient required for growth, phosphorus regulates the activity of life in the oceans. Iron oxides sorb phosphorus from seawater,...Show More Summary

A new look at the finer details of rust show an assumed atomic structure has been wrong all along

Scientists have been studying the behavior of iron oxide surfaces. The atomic structure of iron oxide, which had been assumed to be well-established, turned out to be wrong. The behavior of iron oxide is governed by missing iron atoms in the atomic layer directly below the surface. This is a big surprise with potential applications in chemical catalysis, electronics or medicine.

New materials for more powerful solar cells

Applying a thin film of metallic oxide significantly boosts the performance of solar panel cells. Researchers have developed a new class of materials comprising elements such as bismuth, iron, chromium, and oxygen. These 'multiferroic' materials absorb solar radiation and possess unique electrical and magnetic properties.

Fossil Evidence of Iron Oxidizing Bacteria From the Great Oxidation Event

Fossil evidence of iron-oxidizing chemolithotrophy linked to phosphogenesis in the wake of the Great Oxidation EventAuthors:Crosby et alAbstract:The oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere allowed for the diversification of metabolisms to include those that rely on oxygen and its derivatives. Show More Summary

Karen's Clear

Karen's Clear ^10 (Reduction or Oxidation)Custer Spar 2700Whiting 2000EPK 2000 Silica 3300 Bentonite 200Good to go in soda. Dove gray over iron bearing claybodies, cool white to pale gray over white claybodies. Photos to come!

Nanomedicine Company MagForce Takes $15M From Thiel’s Mithril Capital

8 months agoTechnology : TechCrunch

MagForce injects iron oxide nanoparticles into a patient and then vibrates them with a magnetic field to generate heat that kills cancer cells. It sounds like science fiction but it’s real. That’s why Peter Thiel’s late-stage investment firm Mithril just led a $15 million investment into MagForce’s new American subsidary that values it at $65 million. Founded in 1997… Read More

Ceramic Quiz 11

9 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Name 5 sources of iron oxide used in glazes.1.__________________________2.__________________________3.__________________________4._________________________5._________________________

Nanoscale composites improve MRI: Magnetic particles merged to detect, fight disease

Submicrometer particles that contain even smaller particles of iron oxide could make magnetic resonance imaging a far more powerful tool to detect and fight disease. Medical researchers are creating composite particles that can be injected into patients and guided by magnetic fields. Show More Summary

Nanoscale composites improve MRI

HOUSTON – (June 16, 2014) – Submicroscopic particles that contain even smaller particles of iron oxide could make magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) a far more powerful tool to detect and fight disease. Scientists at Rice University and...Show More Summary

Promising results with local hyperthermia of tumors

Combined use of iron oxide nanoparticles and an alternating magnetic field can induce local hyperthermia in tumors in a controlled and uniform manner. The results Induced anti-tumor immune response that reduced the risk of recurrence and metastasis. Show More Summary

Research and applications of iron oxide nanoparticles explored

A scientist spent thirty years investigating how craftsman were able to render the beautiful red colors in Bizen and Arita pottery. This research revealed the important role of iron oxide particles for producing the colors. Now he is...Show More Summary

Tiny Timber Noa is a Playful, Six-Sided Prefab Modular Cabin in Estonia

The 270 square foot Noa house features a hexagonal floor plan and is built entirely from wood, with the exterior boards treated with iron oxide for a silvery aged finish. Since each side of the house, from the walls to the roof panels, are identically sized

Handpainted with Iron Oxice Designs

After I scrolled thick black lines on this bead, I applied my hand-drawn lacy iron oxide decal and re-fired. I found it in a bowlful of beads which was sitting in my living room and thought I'd offer it for sale. Find it here.

Iron Oxide Orchid Nugget Beads

I was surprised to find these had 26 views since uploading them late last week. They were originally this lovely purple shade and I added some original homemade iron oxide decals of my own drawings and refired them. The decals came out perfectly and I am very happy with them. Show More Summary

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