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Tumor Associated Macrophages are Polarized to an Anti-Cancer Phenotype by Ferumoxytol

3 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Ferumoxytol is an FDA-approved therapeutic for the treatment of anemia. It’s a solution of iron oxide nanoparticles roughly 17-31 nm in diameter and replenishes the body’s iron levels. Researchers from Stanford University have discovered...Show More Summary

Scientists uncover secret to gold's catalytic powers

Settling a decades-long debate, new research conclusively shows that a hierarchy of active species exists in gold on iron oxide catalysis designed for low temperature carbon monoxide oxidation; Nanoparticles, sub-nanometer clusters and dispersed atoms—as well as how the material is prepared—are all important for determining catalytic activity.

Sharpshooting nanoparticles hit the target

Multi stimuli-responsive nanocapsules selectively deliver drugs to exactly where they are needed, say researchers. The researchers created the multifunctional nanocapsules by wrapping magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles inside a biocompatible polymer coat that could be tuned to respond to acidity or temperature. Show More Summary

An Alternate Explanation for Jasper Formation Prior to the Great Oxidation Event

Dust to dust: Evidence for the formation of “primary” hematite dust in banded iron formations via oxidation of iron silicate nanoparticlesAuthors:Rasmussen et alAbstract:Conventional models for the deposition of banded iron formations...Show More Summary

Oil Spot and Hare’s Fur Glazes: Demystifying Classic Ceramic Glazes

Silver Iron Cup (detail), porcelain with a hare's fur combination glaze - two coats of John's SG-12, one coat Candace Black, and one coat of Hamada Rust, cone 10 oxidation.Oil spot and hare's fur glazes are beautiful and fascinating....Show More Summary

The Hawai'i That Was: A Veritable Rainbow of Sand (and cute gratuitous sea turtles)

6 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

Lai'e Beach on the island of Oahu, with a coral beach sand stained by iron oxides Sand is white or gray. If you live in Florida or some other low-lying coastline, the sand tends to be nearly pure quartz, leading to the white color. In California and other mountainous coasts, there are other minerals mixed with the quartz, leading to a grayer shade. Show More Summary

Rust under pressure could explain deep Earth anomalies

Washington, DC-- Using laboratory techniques to mimic the conditions found deep inside the Earth, a team of Carnegie scientists led by Ho-Kwang "Dave" Mao has identified a form of iron oxide that they believe could explain seismic and geothermal signatures in the deep mantle. Show More Summary

Bubble technology invented that can shoot drugs deep into tumors

Using ultrasound, drug particles can be directed to a specific area, including tumors, researchers report. They have created micro-sized gas bubbles coated with cancer drug particles and iron oxide nanoparticles, and then use magnets to direct these bubbles to gather around a specific tumor.

NTU scientists invent bubble technology which can shoot drugs deep into tumors

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) have invented a new way to deliver cancer drugs deep into tumour cells. The NTU scientists create micro-sized gas bubbles coated with cancer drug particles and iron oxide...Show More Summary

In these microbes, iron works like oxygen

New light has been shed on a curious group of bacteria that use iron in much the same way that animals use oxygen: to soak up electrons during biochemical reactions. When organisms -- whether bacteria or animal -- oxidize carbohydrates, electrons must go somewhere.

Mysterious 'four-dimensional' iron oxide explained

An international group of researchers including Russian scientists from the Moscow State University has been studying the behaviour of the recently-discovered Fe4O5, iron oxide. The group has succeeded in describing its complex structure, and proposed an explanation for its very unusual properties. Show More Summary

Extreme Micro-Organisms Discovered Replacing Oxygen With Iron Oxide --"Foreshadows Life On Other Worlds"

“A fundamental approach in astrobiology is to use terrestrial sites as analogs, where we look for insight into the possibilities on other worlds,” says Eric Roden, a professor of geoscience at University of Wisconsin–Madison. “Some people believe that use of...

Magnetic nanoparticles show promise in biomedical applications

Recent developments and research related to iron oxide nanoparticles confirm their potential in biomedical applications – such as targeted drug delivery – and the necessity for further studies.

How to Create a Rusted Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating Rusted metal is one of those natural phenomena that is terribly destructive, yet strangely beautiful at the same time. As iron ore oxidizes it creates brilliant colors, patterns and texture in a surface we normally expect to be smooth and plain. Show More Summary

Discovery of new iron oxides points to large oxygen source inside the Earth

Using a special high-pressure chamber, scientists have discovered two new iron oxides in experiments at DESY's X-ray light source PETRA III and other facilities. The discovery points to a huge, hitherto unknown oxygen source in the lower mantle of the Earth. Show More Summary

Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Reduce Oxidative Stress in Flies

11 months agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers have found that iron oxide nanoparticles can act in similar ways to cellular antioxidants such as catalase, soaking up oxidative molecules and reducing oxidative stress and consequent damage. To the degree that this helps...Show More Summary

Dimensionality transition in a newly created material

Iron oxides occur in nature in many forms, often significantly different from each other in terms of structure and physical properties. However, a new variety of iron oxide, recently created and tested by scientists in Cracow, surprised both physicists and engineers, as it revealed features previously unobserved in any other material. read more

Japanese scientists create super-strong glass, but don't call it 'unbreakable'

Rumors of a truly unbreakable glass breakthrough are greatly exaggerated. In late October, scientists in Japan revealed that they had successfully developed a new form of oxide glass that is as strong as cast iron and, by one metric,...Show More Summary

Exploding Thermite Pumpkins

last yearHumor / odd : Neatorama

A video from The Royal Institution explains in a very calm, subdued, British way what happens when you burn iron oxide and aluminum powder inside a pumpkin. The visual effects are quite impressive. (YouTube link) It’s also quite dangerous, so don’t try this at home. Please. Thermite is nothing to fool around with. -via The Daily Dot

Two Jack-o’-Lanterns Demonstrate an Explosive Thermite Reaction in a Fiery Halloween Science Video

last yearHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Two jack-o’-lanterns demonstrate an explosive thermite reaction in a fiery halloween science video by the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Host Andy Marmery explains the powerful exothermic reaction between iron oxide and aluminum powders that erupts and sets off a wad of gun cotton in the second pumpkin.

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