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Movie Review: David Oyelowo’s bravura performance anchors HBO’s unsettling drama Nightingale

Social isolation feeds on itself, creating a relentless cycle that is remarkably difficult to break once it has begun. The fewer human connections a person makes, the less worthy he feels of making them, and his relationship to the outside world slowly deteriorates. Show More Summary

‘Aloha’ Reviews: Cameron Crowe’s Latest Is His Worst-Reviewed Yet

Until today, there were no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for Cameron Crowe’s latest, Aloha, which is scheduled to hit theaters this Friday. That is usually a bad sign for any movie, as it shows that the studio doesn’t have much hope for it. Show More Summary

‘Aloha’ Review: Cameron Crowe Fights Bad Buzz And Summer Tentpoles With Hawaii-Set Romantic Comedy

If ever there was a movie that came to its release date with what affectionately is known in the industry as bad buzz, it’s Cameron Crowe’s romantic comedy Aloha. Of course, it didn’t help that Sony was hacked and negative comments went...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Cameron Crowe heads for Hawaii with the clumsy but heartfelt Aloha

Cameron Crowe tells love stories. It’s about all he does, really. Most of the writer-director’s movies, from the teen classic Say Anything to his Grunge-era date flick Singles to the quotably potent Jerry Maguire, pivot around literal romances. Show More Summary

Film Review: 'San Andreas'

"San Andreas" was a movie that I went into incredibly excited. It was a chance to see The Rock face off against his old rival, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I kid, but I'm still in awe that after becoming one of the few wrestlers with a name so recognizable he could do film, he excelled at it. Show More Summary

'Aloha' Review: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone Anchor Cameron Crowe's Harmless Miss

Thumbnail: Cameron Crowe's newest romantic comedy doesn't quite work, but it is entertaining enough thanks to clever dialogue and old-school movie star charisma. The Box Office: Aloha, written and directed by Cameron Crowe, arrives courtesy of Columbia/Sony Pictures (domestically) and 20th Century Fox (overseas). The film arrives on Thursday night via [...]

Movie Review: Sensitive direction lifts I Believe In Unicorns above its clichéd indie elements

There’s no doubt that I Believe In Unicorns, the feature debut of Film Fatales founder Leah Meyerhoff, is deeply felt, possibly even autobiographical. If anything, Meyerhoff’s delicately sketched portrait of troubled young love is sensitive...Show More Summary

The Cinema Isn’t a Place; It’s An Idea

It’s welcome news that the Times has changed its policy regarding movie reviews. Until early this year, the newspaper reviewed, in principle, every movie that received a theatrical release in New York—though I’m not certain how theyShow More Summary

Movie Review: Banned in India, Unfreedom hasn’t much more to offer than provocation

It’s no surprise that the Indian drama Unfreedom has been the subject of major controversy in its native land. Raj Amit Kumar’s film, which was banned by the country’s national censor board, is an intentional act of cultural and political provocation, and goes about its task as relentlessly as possible. Show More Summary

Movie Review: It’s the Earth versus The Rock in the tension-free San Andreas

Anyone wondering whether there might be a degree of artistry to what Roland Emmerich does should look no further than San Andreas, an earthquake disaster movie in the Emmerich style, complete with divorced protagonist and obliterated landmarks, but lacking the blockbuster crafter’s sense of scale or knack for composing mayhem memorably. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Gemma Bovery is essential viewing... for Gemma Arterton fans

Gemma Arterton may never become a big star in America, but the work of Posy Simmonds is doing its best to make her, at least, an object of fascination. Simmonds wrote the serialized comic strip Tamara Drewe, a riff on Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd, which was turned into a Stephen Fears film in 2010 with Arterton in the lead. Show More Summary

Movie Review: When Marnie Was There is Studio Ghibli’s emotional but mechanical goodbye

There’s a lovely and fitting simplicity in 12-year-old Anna emerging as the heroine of When Marnie Was There, the last film from Japan’s Studio Ghibli animation house. (The company has placed production on hiatus while it reorganizes following the retirement of Hayao Miyazaki). Show More Summary

Hug the Future: Hour of the Wolf Movie Review of Tomorrowland

Upon reflection, it turns out I've been looking forward to Tomorrowland more than I've been looking forward to any actual tomorrows. Which is ironic, because that is pretty much what this film -- directed by Brad Bird, who co-scripted with Damon Lindelof -- is about. Show More Summary

The Irony of Epcot and Disney's 'Tomorrowland'

By Michael Longo: The movie Tomorrowland opened last weekend to fairly mixed reviews. Yet, being the theme park enthusiast that I am, this film made my "must see" summer film list. Whether you are a fan of the movie or not, it should...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Results may vary

We live in a media culture which constantly insists that we should look and feel better than we do. We try to mimic the images we see, but it's an impossible task. Obviously, you can never reach your ideal; no one is ever exactly the way they think they should be. Show More Summary

Movie Review: San Andreas - Rumble. Tumble. Yawn.

"San Andreas"? I thought we critics drove a stake through this film's heart when it came out 40 years ago under the title "Earthquake." But each generation of special effects creates its own avalanche of disaster films: movies aboutShow More Summary

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Book Review: “The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road”

Some movie companion books are little more than cash grabs, collections of official stills loosely connected with bland copy that sounds pulled from the production notes. It’s rare to find a tie-in coffee table tome hat really does its film justice. Show More Summary

Welcome Back to Robot Viking!

Hi everyone. The Robot Viking can never die, it merely waits. For longtime readers, most of the old gaming posts will not be coming back — we’re starting fresh! There will be new gaming posts, movie reviews, and information about...

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