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Movie Review: The deliriously entertaining Split is M. Night Shyamalan gone wild

At last, M. Night Shyamalan has decided to let his freak flag fly, and made the sort of unapologetic B-movie one always suspected he had pent up inside of him; it swerves from dark comedy to 1970s-esque psycho-horror as the irresistibly preposterous script struggles for attention against a delirious lead performance by James McAvoy. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Michael Fassbender can’t make something fresh out of Trespass Against Us

Maybe it’s just a side effect of first appearing on screen as a glistening mountain of Spartan beefcake, but arrogance is probably the trustiest tool in Michael Fassbender’s arsenal. As an actor, he’s often most enthralling when portraying characters—a tech guru, a master of magnetism, a haughty android—with serious superiority complexes. Show More Summary

Movie Review: The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone can’t find humor in good faith

Like a lot of bad comedies, the David Spade vehicle Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star has a good premise that the movie doesn’t exploit to its fullest potential. So it’s not meant as any kind of affront to say that The Resurrection Of...Show More Summary

Hollywood is keen to do its own version of Attack on Titan.

Hollywood is keen to do its own version of Attack on Titan. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is currently negotiating for the rights. In case you missed them, read Kotaku’s reviews of the first and second Attack on Titan movies. Read more...

Movie Review: Suction cups, prog rock, wolves: Staying Vertical’s beguiling oddities keep coming

Opening a movie by fading in, rather than simply throwing the first shot onto the screen without prelude, is now so uncommon as to seem distinctly old-fashioned. It’s stranger still to fade in on a shot that appears to be already in progress, as Staying Vertical does. Show More Summary

A ‘Colossal’ Theatrical Opening Planned

From the exciting new distribution company, Neon, Nacho Vigalondo’s widely praised monster movie Colossal (review) will open in theaters on April 7, 2017. Our very own Kalyn Corrigan reviewed Colossal, calling it “a clever and fascinating...Show More Summary

Sunday assorted links

1. Why is California so closely connected with melancholy?  Here is a smart, critical review of La La Land, but I think it misses the point: the movie is a critique and indeed subtle reflection of what is (supposedly) an all-pervasive...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Hidden Figures

Oh, trust me, we weren’t gonna let this movie go by without telling you ALL ABOUT IT. This is based on the book by Margot Lee Shetterly (as reviewed by Carrie here) about three Black women who helped shaped the space program: Katherine...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Fences

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: IT IS AWARDS SEASON Y’ALL. And the movies that get released in the next month are the Oscar hopefuls, some of which are gonna be great and some of which are gonna be, “Well, you tried.” ThisShow More Summary

Best Horror Movies On Netflix: Review Of Netflix Original ‘Clinical’ And ‘It Follows’

Recently, Netflix added their original film Clinical and the modern classic It Follows to the lineup of their horror movies. Some of the best horror movies can be found on Netflix, and certainly It Follows deserves to be on that list. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Jamie Foxx is a dirty cop in the lean, mean, and completely implausible Sleepless

Sleepless stinks of disrepute: generic title, mid-January release, no advance screenings. But it’s not like today’s Hollywood has a surplus of watchable B-pictures. A beat-for-beat remake of a relatively diverting French thriller called...Show More Summary

The Bye Bye Man (Movie Review)

PLOT: Almost 50 years after an unspeakable tragedy took place, a trio of college kids take up residence in the infamous Redmon house in Wisconsin where it all occurred. There, they unwittingly awake the spirit of a malefic reaper known...Show More Summary

Review: Paced by Isabell Huppert, “Elle” is provocative, sophisticated and … twisted

Is it a feminist tract, an antifeminist screed, a willful provocation, a condemnation or possibly even a celebration of violence against women? You could claim any of those antithetical things about Elle. This is a movie without a thesis. It just wants to rattle your bones, brain and possibly other, lower parts. The French film...

'Live by Night' Review: Ben Affleck Made a Really Bad Movie

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Live by Night -- written, directed, and starring Ben Affleck -- is the kind of movie that will make you question whether we were wrong about Ben Affleck's directing talents. It's so bad that I found myself second-guessing how much.....

Movie Review: No, you seriously shouldn’t think about The Bye Bye Man—or see it, for that matter

Lots of bad horror movies are released into theaters every year, but most of them are bad because of a simple, boring failure of imagination: They’re too derivative, or they run down a checklist of clichés, or they settle for the cheapest of tactics instead of really trying to get under your skin. Show More Summary

Batman v Superman Writer David Goyer Tapped for Green Lantern Movie

DC Comics superheroes have had some trouble on the big screen as of late, prompting high-profile rejiggering of their film adaptations' direction, but Green Lantern was getting bad reviews before it was cool. The emerald do-gooder tanked at the box office in his self-titled, Ryan Reynolds–led 2011 flick, but DC's ... More »

Movie Critic Loses It Over Obama Farewell: I Want to Grab His Pant Leg and Tell Him Not to Go!

Movie critic Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter offered a rave review of President Obama's farewell address on Tuesday night, hailing it in the headline as "One Last Reminder of What Presidential Looks Like." Donald Trump is allShow More Summary

Movie Review: A literal monster truck is far from the stupidest thing about Monster Trucks

It’s a humiliating moment, to be sure. Tripp is riding to school with a bunch of other kids when a classmate pulls up alongside the bus driving a sweet, tricked-out truck, attractive young lady at his side, and shoots Tripp a derisive look. Show More Summary

Newswire: It looks like we know who Wonder Woman’s main villain will be

The main threat to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman might be the bad reviews haunting previous DCEU movies. However, there’s also a bad guy in the context of the actual film, and according to a new report out of France, the main villain is Ares, the god of war. Show More Summary

Movie Review: The only thing exciting about Alone In Berlin is the fact that it’s a true story

Movies based on actual events tend to announce their historical bona fides at the outset, knowing that audiences are often more affected by a story when they know that it really happened (even if they may suspect that it didn’t happen quite as depicted on screen). Show More Summary

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