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Keanu Review: When Key and Peele’s Cat Comedy Is Good, It’s Soooo Good

The Key and Peele movie Keanu poses a question for brainy cult figures who want to make slapstick action comedies for the multiplex: Do they have the courage of their deadpan? The parodies that make up TV’s Key and Peele are outlandish, but they’re played more or less straight-faced, and ... More »

Check out Flixist's review of Ratchet & Clank (movie)

Hello! Long time no see. How's kicks? I just reviewed the new Ratchet & Clank movie over at Destructoid's sister site Flixist and thought you fine folks might be interested in it given that it's a movie based on a video game, and this is a video game site so people reading here might be interested in such things because they like video games and... Show More Summary

Movie Review: The Huntsman: Winter’s War

This is the prequel/sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. It’s one of those things that sounds terrible and you hope that it’ll be hillaribad and instead it’s just a huge fucking mess. Spoilers Abound, so be ye warned. It’s the origin...Show More Summary

How 'The Jungle Book' Movie Can Spark Empathetic Discussions in Adoptive Families

Warning: This is a review of 'The Jungle Book' from the lens of an adoptive family, and it contains plot SPOILERS. On opening night, our family of five went to see The Jungle Book. The excitement among the kids was palpable. I sat between...Show More Summary

‘Mother’s Day’ Review: Julia Roberts & Jennifer Aniston Turn On The Smiles, But Laughs Are Light In Dated Star Vehicle

At 81, it is admirable that director Garry Marshall is still cranking out feature films. Unfortunately, since he started turning faux holidays into excuses for movies with Valentine’s Day in 2010, followed in 2011 by New Year’s Eve, he — and we — have been experiencing diminishing returns. Show More Summary

Movie Review: L’Attesa makes absolutely no sense, but it looks good doing it

The trailer for L’Attesa, an Italian drama starring Juliette Binoche, constitutes a masterful exercise in obfuscation. Half the length of an average trailer (at just one minute and 15 seconds), it reveals almost nothing about the film’s narrative, merely showcasing random images set to a Widowspeak tune. Show More Summary

Rocky is back--in 'Creed' (Rocky post, part one)

DVD movie commentary/review The seventh Rocky film has been out on DVD since March and it takes the franchise in a new direction. Sylvester Stallone is back as Rocky Balboa, the former heavyweight boxing champion. He is the only actor...Show More Summary

Movie Review: The Family Fang is too restrained for Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman

It’s easy to see why Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman would be attracted to an adaptation of Kevin Wilson’s novel The Family Fang. The movie doesn’t emphasize the parallels between its characters and the stars playing them, but they’re present nonetheless. Show More Summary

Movie Review: The only thing interesting about Hemingway In Cuba is where it was shot

Only Nixon could go to China, and now, only Giovanni Ribisi can go to Cuba. As the first American production to be shot in the Marxist-Leninist republic since 1959—which also coincidentally happens to be the year in which it’s set—Bob Yari’s Papa: Hemingway In Cuba is significant even if it’s unlikely that it’ll open any floodgates. Show More Summary

"Look, I'm a huge fan..." Episode 1 of "Silicon Valley" Season 3, reviewed

Pando has a strange relationship with the HBO show “Silicon Valley.” Before the show aired, I couldn’t possibly believe it would be good. And worse: I couldn’t possibly believe it’d be remotely accurate. I mean, movies based off of “true...Show More Summary

Review: Bullets Over Broadway (Broadway in Chicago)

Broadway in Chicago's 'Bullets Over Broadway' is a bizarre, cartoonish musicalization of the 1994 movie of the same name. By the time the show wraps up, it’s abundantly clear why this Woody Allen production lasted less than three weeks on Broadway. (read Catey Sullivan's entire review....)

‘A Hologram For The King’ Review: Tom Hanks Faces Midlife Crisis In Saudi Arabia

Delivering another understated but heartfelt and memorable performance, Tom Hanks emerges as the primary reason to put A Hologram For The King on your list. On its own the movie is a fresh and rewarding movie experience, but Hanks takes the material one step above. Show More Summary

Reporter Who Hated 'Man of Steel' Gets Death Threats

Fans are waging a war on Twitter against critics who give DC movies a bad review, and now one man has taken it too far.

The 100 – Ep312 Demons – Recap and Review

I was in The Vegas last week hanging out with movie stars at CinemaCon – you know how I do, so missed recapping last week’s ep. Overall I liked it, but I’m sick to death of Bellamy’s bullshit and the fact that he never suffers any consequences for his actions. People act like he’s some … Continue reading The 100 – Ep312 Demons – Recap and Review ?

Review: Casting ‘Nina’ Was Controversial, but Is It a Good Movie?

last weekNews : NYTimes: News

This biopic of Nina Simone was criticized for its choice of Zoe Saldana in the title role, but its problems are greater than that.

‘Purple Rain’ the album and movie divided reviewers. But it made Prince an icon.

When “Purple Rain” the album and then the film were released in 1984 the impact could not have been known. At the time, the album was Prince’s fifth and “When Doves Cry” was topping the charts as a “stunningly sober single,” a drastic change from his earlier party hits “Let’s Go Crazy,”1999? and “Little Red Corvette.” The movie was panned by The Washington […]

Movie Review: Laal Rang

Lal Rang's narrative is thin and repetitive, and the film relies mostly on the charms of its two leading men to carry the burden of a middling screenplay. The dialogue lacks spark and the director takes his own sweet time getting to the conclusion.

Spider-Man and His Foes Get Superior Treatment From Marvel Legends [Review]

Hasbro's settled into a nice rotation with its Marvel Legends line. By alternating Avengers and Spider-Man series with whatever movie is hot at the moment, there's a seemingly constant stream of new and returning characters to continue building up the fan-favorite toy roster. Show More Summary

Share Your Love: Author Danny Peary on "Cult Movies"

It’s hard to imagine anyone sitting down and reading these pedestrian commentaries. To a field already overloaded with fluff, Peary brings precious little.” — From a 1989 Los Angeles Times book review of “Cult Movies” and “Cult Moves 2” by Danny Peary Actually, it’s hard to imagine any critique that was so wrong about its subject. Show More Summary

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