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Movie Review: A Walk in the Woods... An Important Film

Nick Nolte grabs this film and walks away with honors. Every second that he is on screen is memorable. A Walk in the Woods is a sensitive, delicate, seamless comedy. Not the guffawing laugh fest implied in its horrible trailer. No, A...Show More Summary

Mad Max films available now on Steam, Fury Road incoming

According to Comic Mix, the movie garnered a prestigious consideration by inspiring a video game since the visuals of the Australia director George Miller brought more umph to the Mel Gibson film. It’s less so for a games reviewer who would actually like to play the game before release in order to give a valued

‘Everest’ Review: Big-Screen 3D Adventure Hits A New Peak

Set for its world premiere tonight as the opener of the Venice Film Festival, Everest is the kind of big-screen adventure picture Hollywood used to make regularly but seems to have forgotten about in the rush to comic book movies. This...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Loving nature means hating the world in the contemptuous A Walk In The Woods

“Talk to people, it’s good for you!” Bill Bryson’s wife, Catherine, tells him early in A Walk In The Woods, as they attend a funeral he wanted to avoid. “I don’t like talking to people,” he grumps back at her. And so the film’s theme...Show More Summary

DVDs: "Mad Max: Fury Road," "Citizenfour," The Who At Shea Stadium And The Usual Crush Of TV Stuff

It just keeps coming. Season after season of show after show. TV may be in a golden age but it's starting to feel a little overwhelming. First, let's start with one of the best reviewed movies of 2015, one of the best reviewed documentaries of 2014, The Who in concert and an odd little show that would never be made today (except it has). Show More Summary

‘Inside Out’ Movie Brilliance: Review And Spoilers Ahead [Spoilers]

There’s a reason folks of all ages are going to see the movie titled Inside Out. It’s also the same reason that Inside Out has made at least $700 million worldwide, reports Deadline. It’s the kind of movie that should come around more often, especially since Inside Out places an 11-year-old girl as its central... Show More Summary

‘We Are Your Friends’ A Bland Attempt to Define Millennials (Movie Review)

It was only a matter of time before someone attempted to make a grand cinematic statement about the wants and desires of millennials. Their ubiquity in pop culture and media makes them ripe for catering to—they are, after all, a significant...Show More Summary

‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’ is a Challenging Look at Female Adolescent Sexuality (Movie Review)

Despite its saccharine sounding name, Diary of a Teenage Girl is a film that will challenge audiences with its no holds barred depiction of teenage lust and infatuation. I imagine that reactions will be mixed pretty evenly into two camps:...Show More Summary


5 days agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

With its stark Scandinavian settings and central lycanthropy/coming-of-age metaphor, WHEN ANIMALS DREAM has inevitable echoes of some of the best horror/dramas of the past couple of decades, yet establishes a distinctive identity and develops a chilling veneer of its own. Categorically a werewolf movie, WHEN ANIMALS DREAM (opening in New York and LA and available […]

Review: “Digging For Fire” digs smartly into adulthood; “The Prophet” aimlessly seeks focus

Digging for Fire comes at you with the shaggy, shambolic quasi-charm of previous movies from Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas). It’s very loose-limbed; a

Cub (Movie Review)

CUB is available on Blu-ray now; order it HERE! PLOT: Troubled 12-year old Sam joins his Cub Scout pack for a summer in the isolated Belgian woods. When his camp leaders tell an ominous spook story about a monster lurking deep in the...Show More Summary

‘No Escape’ Offers Cheap Terror and Little Else (Movie Review)

No Escape is the sort of mindless fodder that somehow works best in these late summer months. Perhaps it has something to do with the brain-frying effects of spending several months staring at screens witnessing round after round of city crumbling, earth shattering, mind numbing action that so entrenches itself in mid-year box offices. Show More Summary

How To Get Instant Movie Reviews From Google

In Google’s ideal world, you would never have to leave the search results page to find the information you need, which is why it continues to extend its Knowledge Graph strategy to bring you more bite-sized summaries before you’ve clicked through to any other site. The latest stream of data to be added to Google’s system? Movie reviews. Read more...

Movie Review: Miss Austen Regrets

Miss Austen Regrets is a BBC movie about the last years of Jane Austen’s life. It’s beautifully cast, with wonderful dialogue, much of which comes straight from Jane Austen herself, and Olivia Williams is a fantastic Jane – very human, funny, smart, and fun loving. Show More Summary

Furious 7 Movie Review

Furious 7 -- the seventh chapter of the Fast & Furious series -- features Vin Diesel's crew racing through the streets of Los Angeles, Tokyo and Abu Dhabi as it squares off against a league of terrorists. Thrilling stunt work keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seats, and sleek and sexy cars include the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Owen Wilson flees a coup in the incoherent No Escape

Despite its illegible chase scenes, awkward slow-motion shots, and fumbling attempts at political commentary, No Escape manages to be intermittently interesting, thanks to an off-beat supporting turn from Pierce Brosnan and the intrinsic curiosity factor of watching a film mishandle an inspired premise. Show More Summary

[Blu-ray Review] Catch a Ride with Franco Nero in ‘Hitch Hike’

Pasquale Festa Campanile’s Hitch-Hike is one of my absolute favorite movies. It’s nearly perfect in every way. In fact, I’m quite certain that if I sat down for hours and tried to find flaws with this movie, I’d come up empty handed. So excuse me for a moment while I gush all over this masterpiece. […]

REVIEW: In "Z For Zachariah," Love at the World's End is Brutal Business

Starring Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine, this post-apocalyptic love story isn't the movie you might expect. It's way better.

Kristen Stewart Will Be An Ass-Kicking Action Hero In American Ultra 2, If It Ever Happens

It's time for some frank talk: unless something drastic happens, American Ultra is not going to get a sequel. The movie didn't even crack the top five at the box office in its opening weekend, reviews haven't been kind, and no one is particularly clamoring for more. Show More Summary

Review: 'Until Dawn' Is The Most Terrifying Game You'll Ever Make

When you play Until Dawn, it will play you right back Until Dawn is a scary descent into a horror story that is both a video game and a movie, where your actions have control over the story. The game evolves with you, for you, even against you. It all kicks off [...]

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