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Netflix Delights With ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Prequel (TV Review)

I’ve got a bit of a bizarre relationship with the original Wet Hot American Summer; it’s a movie that had to grow on me. Usually, that’s not an easy feat for a movie to accomplish. Movies I hate rarely get the opportunity to redeem themselves...Show More Summary

[DVD Review] ‘Patch Town’ is a Dark Fantasy for the Whole Family

When I was a kid I felt like there were always movies coming out that had horror elements that were aimed at a younger audience. Whether it was stuff that hit theaters right before I was born like Gremlins and Goonies or movies that came out a little later like Monster Squad, Ernest Scared Stupid and Hocus […]

[Blu-ray Review] ‘Miracle Mile’ Explodes on Blu-ray

Before Kino Lorber announced they were releasing Miracle Mile on Blu-ray I had never even heard of the film, much less seen it. The other night when I got around to popping the movie in and hitting play, I did so with no expectations. What happened in the next 88 minutes blew me away. Maybe […]

Movie Review: Before We Go

Before We Go is marketed as a drama, a comedy and a romance, and it marks Chris Evan’s debut as a director. When the film opens we see Nick Vaughan (Evans) sitting on the floor at Grand Central Station, fiddling with his trumpet. No, like an actual trumpet. Show More Summary

Forget Pixels and stick to 'Do The Donkey Kong'

Have you seen the movie Pixels yet? Despite lukewarm reviews, since movie theaters are celebrating a movie with '80s video games, it looks like the perfect time to remember one of the biggest stars of the arcade and Do The Donkey Ko...

NECA's Anniversary Dark Horse Predator Stands Out in the Concrete Jungle [Review]

In 1987, 20th Century Fox introduced the world to the Predator in one of the most memorable action films of Arnold Schwarzenegger's career. I wouldn't see the movie until a few years after it's release on cable at a sleepover, but the impression it made was instant. Show More Summary

Tech review roundup: Best of July 2015

"One Crazy Summer" is one of the more underrated movies in that great run of eighties comedies. It's also an apt modifier of my own summer. I became feverishly ill in a sleet storm five miles into the Grand Canyon. Ran out of gas in rural western Nevada...

Film Review: Big Significant Things (Dir. Bryan Reisberg)

Big Significant Things Dir. Bryan Reisberg [Oscilloscope Laboratories; 2015] by Slouch Rating: Second only to the Western, the road movie embodies the contradictions of American society. The open road is a seductive vision — it reminds...Show More Summary

Movie Review: With Counting, Jem Cohen watches the world through a camera lens

It doesn’t feel quite right to call Jem Cohen’s Counting an essay film. It’s more like a collection of snapshots taken out the window of a moving train by a backpacking student abroad who’s too distracted by the scenery to focus on the heavy textbook in his lap. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Drishyam

Since the release of Jeethu Joseph’s Malayalam film “Drishyam” (Visual) in 2013, it has been re-made in four different languages. The latest is Nishikant Kamat’s Hindi adaptation. In each remake, whether it is the Kannada, Telugu or the Tamil version, the story doesn’t change, right from the opening shot to the way it ends, except the actors.

Review: ‘The End of the Tour’ Offers a Tale of Two Davids

The movie presents a lifelike picture of its subject, David Foster Wallace, although Wallace is not really its subject at all.

Tom Cruise’s 10 Greatest Movie Stunts, Reviewed by a Stuntman

This post originally ran on April 8, 2015. We figured it was worth resurfacing before this weekend's release of Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. When the trailer for the new Mission: Impossible film landed last month, it seemed all anybody could talk about was the stunt of Tom Cruise hanging... More »

Movie Review: The Kindergarten Teacher has some very strange ideas about the creative process

There’s something fundamentally weird about The Kindergarten Teacher, the sophomore feature by Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid (Policeman). Its narrative (“plot” would be too strong a word) concerns a 5-year-old boy named Yoav (Avi Shnaidman)...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Jenny’s Wedding would’ve been the hippest gay-themed indie of 1995

If the gay-marriage melodrama Jenny’s Wedding had come out (so to speak) 20 years ago, it might provoke a queasy, quasi-nostalgic fascination today. Hey, remember the ’90s, when just about every gay-themed indie that escaped the festival...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Best Of Enemies captures the moment political commentary got personal

Television used to value public intellectuals a lot more than it does today. In the heyday of “panel shows” like What’s My Line? and To Tell The Truth, TV’s idea of a celebrity included Broadway impresarios, publishing magnates, newspaper columnists, and any man or woman who could quip knowledgeably about current events. Show More Summary

Just Stay Home for This ‘Vacation’ (Movie Review)

Whatever bad I have to say about Vacation—and there’s a lot—I want to acknowledge that it sure did try its best. That may not count for much, overall, but it counts for something; they could have easily just not tried and relied on the...Show More Summary

[Fantasia ’15 Review] ‘Possessed': An Inventively Sadistic Claymation Trip to Hell

Put the kiddies to bed, this Claymation movie isn’t for the little tykes. Put the grandparents to bed while you’re at it because it might make them spit out their dentures. In fact, put everyone to bed who doesn’t have a disturbingly morbid sense of humor refined from years of consuming horror films. That’s the […]

New Comic Book Day: My Fourth Favorite Marvel Movie

3 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

I managed to sneak away from my piles and piles of comics that I have to review long enough to go check out Ant Man this weekend, and I loved it. It had as much heart as a phase 1 Marvel movie, w...

Zaki's Review: Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation

Click here to read my 2011 review of Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol After 19 years and five films, you have to give it up to the Mission: Impossible movies. Sure, I may have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start with the first two big screen go-rounds, but even I have to stand back and appreciate their sheer consistency. Show More Summary

COMIC REVIEW: ‘Archie vs. Sharknado’

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Let’s call it as we see it: the Sharknado film franchise, currently filming its fourth movie in the series, ain’t the greatest cinema in the world.  But it knows what it is: entertaining, ridiculous schlock.  And because it makes no assertions of being good – and makes no apologies for being bad – you know […]

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