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Movie Review: Junun is a lean and loose rock doc from Paul Thomas Anderson

It’s a brave new world for film distribution when the new movie by Paul Thomas Anderson can be legally watched online less than 24 hours after its premiere. There’s a reason, however, for that speedy turnover: Junun, which screened last...Show More Summary

Review: I Loved Pan. But It’s Got BIG Problems. - 3 out of 5 stars.

2 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Sometimes you watch a movie that, logically, you know can’t really be considered “good,” and yet, you just can’t help liking it. Usually, these movies have a sense of nostalgia around them—those nostalgia glasses sure have a strong prescription don’t they?

‘He Named Me Malala’ An Unremarkable Look at a Remarkable Girl (Movie Review)

It was one of those moments that stopped the world. Images of a smiling girl trickled through the newswires from Afghanistan, her bright face heinously juxtaposed by the captions and voices of the reporters that told us Malala Yousafzai had been shot. Show More Summary

Review: 'The Final Girls' Goes Camp For Slasher Comedy

4 hours agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

It's a twisted hobby of horror fans to ponder just how long we might last if we walked into our favorite scary movie. For the motley crew of the slasher comedy The Final Girls, this fucked-up fantasy becomes their bloody...

ReThink Review: Knock Knock -- Eli Roth's Anti-Infidelity PSA

If you were married to a famous filmmaker and that person cheated on you, how would you make that person pay for it? One possibility is that you could force your philandering spouse to write and direct a movie like Knock Knock, an infidelity...Show More Summary

We Lost It At Our Video Stores: The Writers Remember Movie Rental Havens

To celebrate the release of Tom Roston’s new book "I Lost It At the Video Store" (here's Glenn Kenny's review) we asked our writers to share their own memories about the VHS/DVD palaces that enflamed their cinephilia. What memories from...Show More Summary

'Steve Jobs' review: A great movie seen through Sorkin's reality distortion field

LOS ANGELES — "The Reality Distortion Field." Anyone who's had an ambitious boss has likely used the phrase, though few probably realize that it was coined at Apple Computer in the early '80s to describe the impossible demands emanating...Show More Summary

Google Chromecast 2 Review: The Sequel Is Better Than the Original

23 hours agoTechnology : Tom's Guide

The redesigned Chromecast offers improved performance and makes it easier to find movies, shows and audio to stream.

Watch Matt Damon Break Rules And Insult Michael Pena In Deleted Martian Clip

Last weekend, Ridley Scott's space adventure The Martian took over the box office, winning tons of praise from critics as well as moviegoers, and for good reason, it's a fantastic movie (read our review here). A new deleted scene just...Show More Summary

NASA Scientist Reviews “The Martian” [Spoiler Alert!]

Spoiler alert! There, I said it. Now watch the darn thing if you don’t really care. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I’ve read the book, and it’s really, really good. It’s official, “The Martian” is like “The Hangover” in space! [BuzzFeedVideo] The post NASA Scientist Reviews “The Martian” [Spoiler Alert!] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

“THE MIND’S EYE” (Movie Review)

yesterdayGenres / Horror : Fangoria

If SCANNERS came out today, what would we make of it? Luckily, we don’t have to ask ourselves this question with THE MIND’S EYE exploding across the festival scene (including Austin, TX’s Fantastic Fest). Informed as much by the 1994 spinoff SCANNER COP as by the iconic headbusting classic itself, THE MIND’S EYE takes the […]

Movie Review: Victoria demonstrates why it’s a bad idea to shoot a movie in one take

Shooting an entire feature film continuously, without a single cut, is a dumb idea. It was a dumb idea 67 years ago, when Alfred Hitchcock attempted to create the illusion of having done so in Rope (hiding the necessary edits by zooming...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Takashi Miike returns to midnight movies with the crazed Yakuza Apocalypse

When Takashi Miike first caught the attention of American genre fans in the early 2000s, it was as a purveyor of the sick, the twisted, the out-there, and the then-trendy extreme. At the time, the Japanese director was a one-man cottage...Show More Summary

Movie Review: The Final Girls is a dopey horror spoof with a heart of gold

The Final Girls opens with a trailer for Camp Bloodbath, a fictional early-’80s slasher movie modeled on Friday The 13th and its ilk. The trailer is done up like a poor man’s Grindhouse goof, simulating print scratches, dreamily faded colors, period trappings, and low-budget production values. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Keanu goes full Cage in Eli Roth’s sick home-invasion comedy Knock Knock

Ignore the dark and stormy night, the tinkle of ominous music, and the whole “directed by Eli Roth” part, and Knock Knock could momentarily pass for a star-powered porno. Its setup is pure after-hours Cinemax: Stuck home working on Father’s...Show More Summary

Movie Review: The tension between Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle drives Steve Jobs

It’s a scene straight from the Aaron Sorkin playbook: A prickly, smartass genius man explains to a naïve female subordinate how coincidences work—and specifically, how a coincidence is responsible for the genius’ computer project sharing her name. Show More Summary

'Pan' review: A movie so resoundingly god-awful that you have to see it

LOS ANGELES — Pan has created a new genre in film: A movie so bad, so resoundingly rotten in every way, that you should absolutely leave the house this weekend and pay good money to see it. We're not talking about "so bad it's good" here — this isn't Showgirls or The Room. Show More Summary

When Good Men Try To Be Aholes

The movie "99 Homes" explores what happens when a good man tries to become successful by emulating the man who crushed him. Ray Bechard reviews the movie and explores the themes behind it. The post When Good Men Try To Be Aholes appeared first on The Good Men Project.

[Review] ‘The Stranger’ The Fourth Horseman Cometh

Vampires are oversaturated, just like zombies, but sometimes we get a decent movie or two resurrecting the old hat and making something interesting from it. Guillermo Amoedo (Aftershock, The Green Inferno) brings us The Stranger which follows Martin who suffers from a blood disease that is highly contagious and causes him to desire blood and flee from the […]

[Review] ‘German Angst’ is a Hidden Merciless Gem

A horror anthology roaring full speed straight out of Deutschland, German Angst is the latest in a growing resurgence of horror movies emerging from the European nation. Although the country is famous for its wave of German Expressionism which went on to influence tons of horror films (most famously Tim Burton’s earlier work) and is […]

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