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It Only Counts If You Fight For Yourself On The Bad Days

It only counts if you can stare down the shittiest, most despicable parts of yourself and go, 'Okay. I am going to own these things. I am going to accept that they’re a part of me.'

Security experts have cloned all seven TSA master keys

Key escrow – the process of keeping a set of keys for yourself “just in case” – has always been the US government’s modus operandi when it comes to security. From the disastrous Clipper chip to today the government has always wanted a back door into encryption and security. That plan backfired for the TSA. The TSA, as you’ll remember offers a set of… Read More

Stranger Things' Creators on the Possibility of a Second Season

If you haven't glued yourself to Netflix's Stranger Things yet, do it! It's one of the year's biggest surprises and is currently the "OMG have you watched [show title] yet?!?!" series du jour. The eight-episode first season, a supernatural mystery about the disappearance of a young boy in Indiana, is... Read More > Other Links From Stranger Things

High-Ranking Law Schools in America's Cheapest Cities

Do you pride yourself in finding the best deals or stretching your dollar out to its limits? Then you might want to take a look at this list showing some of America's "cheapest" cities by living expenses that featured law schools as highly ranked as the University of Texas. It's......

Selfie addicts now suffering their own repetitive stress injury

6 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets :

There’s a new plague sweeping our nation. If you’re not careful, you too may find yourself in its unforgiving grasp. What is this demonic affliction? They call it… Selfie elbow! Oh yes, it’s […]

Do Not Let Yourself Be Trolled By Bill O'Reilly

Last night, Bill O’Reilly did what he does so well: he doubled down on a stupid, trivial argument intended to make more people watch his television show. It, as it generally does, worked. Read more...

Prep For Your Next Oil Change With Five Quarts of 0W-20, Just $23 Today

8 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

If your car takes synthetic oil, and you like to change it yourself, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than $23 for five quarts of Mobil 1 0W-20 synthetic motor oil, complete with Prime shipping. Read more...

How to Eat a Lobster

Few foods are more decadent than a fresh lobster. Bright red and steaming with savory, delicate morsels of shellfish, this prized dish is sure to set you back a pretty penny (even when cooking it yourself!). On that special occasion when you take the plunge to treat yourself, don’t ruin the experience by destroying this […]

Hire a VP Finance Sooner Rather Than Later

The post is aimed at CEOs of startups who have at least 15 employees. If you don’t have a VP Finance on your team reporting to you, do yourself, your team, and your investors a favor and go hire one right now. While it’s trendy to outsource your accounting to a third party, once you... Read more The post Hire a VP Finance Sooner Rather Than Later appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

What Is a Linux Rolling Release, and Do You Want It?

What’s with all those numbers on my Ubuntu installation file? Why does my Arch Linux file only have the date after the name? Why do I have to reinstall Fedora every couple years to the newest release? If you have asked yourself any of...Show More Summary

Ford Files Trademark Applications for ‘Transit Courier’ and ‘Courier’ in U.S.

Have you ever sat in a Ford Transit Connect and said to yourself, “Gosh, I like this, but it’s just so darn big!“? Well, if Ford’s latest trademark filings are any indication, the Blue Oval might soon have exactly what you’re looking for. Show More Summary

11 Budgeting Skills Everyone Should Master

Budgeting. In some of our lives, it's known as "the b-word." If you've never budgeted before, it can seem like a gargantuan task that only produces something that will make you miserable. And if you consider yourself bad with money or find that you have a difficult time living within...

Banks in India To Use Artificial Intelligence for Its Services

Life is all about keeping pace with time and evolving and changing yourself with the passage of time. If your footsteps match

Express Yourself – 5 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Artist

As children, we would dream of drawing, painting, building things from scratch and living the dream with art. It was... The post Express Yourself – 5 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Artist appeared first on Lifehack.

Smartest Hacks To Make Your Traveling Experience Much Smoother

No matter how often you travel, it’s still an exhausting task when it comes to packing and getting yourself ready for... The post Smartest Hacks To Make Your Traveling Experience Much Smoother appeared first on Lifehack.

Take A Look Around While Flying Down Some Amazing Italian Roads In A Ferrari GTC4Lusso

yesterdayVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Put yourself in the cockpit of a new Ferrari GTC4Lusso as it plows through the Italian dolomites in this 360 degree video. Read more...

The Sun Sets on The Chesapeake Diaries

In New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart's novel, up-and-coming artist Lisbeth Parker finally has a chance to show the folks back home what it means to leave Cannonball Island and make something of yourself. As a native whose stubborn father forbade her from befriending townies, Lis always felt like an outsider in St. Show More Summary

Twitter for Android finally gets Night Mode

The official Twitter app for Android has finally received a Night Mode, making it easy to tweet in the dark without blinding yourself.

Why Is It So Hard To Relax?

Have you ever asked yourself why it's so hard to relax sometimes? I spent Sunday afternoon on a pontoon boat, cruising around beautiful Lake Chatuge. This pristine oasis in the north Georgia mountains is surrounded by lush green rolling hills. Show More Summary

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Kindle Master

The Kindle e-reader has been with us in one form or another since 2007, and it’s still going strong. It’s a super simple device, and for most people, that’s a huge part of its appeal. But don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking there aren’t any interesting tweaks you can make to your beloved e-reader. Show More Summary

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