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Global Citizen Lets Readers Act On The News Instead Of Just Reading It

17 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Ending global poverty isn’t just a job for nonprofits and governments — we all have a role to play. In that spirit, HuffPost has partnered with Global Citizen, a platform aimed at ending extreme poverty by 2030. As the advocacy group...Show More Summary

Chris Christie’s shifty ways of balancing the budget

New Jersey state law requires a balanced budget. Chris Christie, who is acting like but is not declared as a presidential candidate, has been touting how good a job he’s done balancing the budget of his state. Contrasting that to the federal government’s inability to balance the budget. Show More Summary

Lawsuits, Complaints Continue to Proliferate at American Apparel

Three former employees of American Apparel have filed a class action lawsuit against the company, WWD reports. The lawsuit alleges that in cutting 200-odd jobs last month, American Apparel was acting in violation of federal and state labor laws. Read more...

9 Things Motherhood Taught Me About Human Relationships

Motherhood is not just a full-time job, but it’s an act of utmost love and devotion, a transformation.

Act Like A Leader, Think Like A Leader

With only 13% of employees around the world being engaged in their jobs, organizations are clearly doing something that isn't working. I believe many of the challenges that organizations are faced with stem from the people with positions of power. Whether you want to call them managers or leaders doesn't matter, [...]

The New Congressional Minimum Wage Act

Wednesday saw another highly-publicized set of strikes and protests over low wages, coupled with inadequate work schedules, that turn so many jobs into personal economic frustration. There was so much attention you might not have realized that Congress actually took action in minimum wage legislation. The legislation wasn't specifically titled minimum [...]

Transgender Man Sues Company That Fired Him Because He Wouldn't Wear 'Women's Clothes'

We're glad he's standing up to this atrocious act! A 21-year-old transgender man has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit that claims he was forced out of a job he had recently landed after they noticed on his drivers license that he was listed as a female. And they subsequently made some demands of him that he was [...]

Great Job, Internet!: Interactive website offers digital tour of Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios in London is one of the most renowned and historically important recording studios in the world. From the Beatles to Pink Floyd, Radiohead to Kanye West, the roster of acts and artists who have recorded some of the most culturally important and commercially successful records of all-time from within its walls is truly staggering. Show More Summary

You have questions; I have answers

Wayfare Tavern is one of the few restaurants near Eureka Theatre open for Saturday Lunch. The Chronicle Part of what I do in my job is to act as a dining concierge for readers. Not a day goes by that I don’t get  requests from people who have specific perimeters for finding the right restaurant, […]

Illinois, Indiana should work together instead of competing for jobs

Behind the rhetorical fusillades between Illinois and Indiana lies an inconvenient fact. These states don't really compete with each other, and neither will thrive until they start acting like the neighbors they are.

WATCH: Fired for Refusing to Wear 'Women's Clothes,' Louisiana Trans Man Files Suit

A week into his job for First Tower Loan, Tristan Broussard says he was told to sign a form saying he would dress and act like a 'female' at work. read more

Great Job, Internet!: Polaris’ Mark Mulcahy visits the set of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete in a new video

With a reissue of Music From The Adventures Of Pete And Pete on the way for Record Store Day and some upcoming tour dates, it’s a good time to be into Polaris. The Mark Mulcahy-fronted act initially garnered acclaim as the band thatShow More Summary

Truth - The Cure For Cognitive Dissonance

Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog, “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ? George Orwell Every time the BLS puts out their monthly propaganda report on the wonderful state of the U.S. jobs...Show More Summary

FDA Accused Of Slacking On Dietary Supplement Dangers

The FDA has done a good job getting weight loss and erectile dysfunction products of the market that are adulterated with real drugs. So it's puzzling why it hasn't acted on thermogenic fat-burners and mind-sharpening supplements that contain the amphetamine relative, BMPEA.

Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

Is it time to quit your job? Use this infographic to help you know if you should stay or you should start getting your act together and find a new job. The post Is It Time To Quit Your Job? appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Turn Write at the Stop Sign

My son, Dylan, was in a school play in the 6th grade, and I still remember a conversation I had with one of the other moms. She told me her son wasn't chosen for an acting part. His only job was to open the curtain, so she didn't plan...Show More Summary

Sarah Thomas credits preparation and hard work for her job in the NFL

Newly minted NFL official Sarah Thomas has heard the accusations that hiring her was a publicity stunt by a league that wants some good public relations after a year dominated by stories about players committing acts of violence against women. Thomas says her hiring was actually an example of the most qualified person getting the…

Man who recorded cop shooting Walter Scott speaks out

last weekNews : NY Daily News

Feidin Santana (right) was walking to his North Charleston job Saturday morning when he witnessed an astonishing act of violence — a white cop pumping five bullets into a fleeing black man.

Inside Plies’ Security Meeting After The Body Slamming “I’m Not A Real Goon… It’s An Act!” [Video]

Plies’ security had ONE JOB. After a fan attacked Plies on stage in Tallahassee, Florida, a sit down meeting with security was a MUST. Find out how the meeting went in the latest parody from All Def Digital! #ADD #ADDParody

Coachella's 5 Most Annoying Scheduling Conflicts

We get it, Coachella. You've got over 100 acts and only about 36 hours to cram them all onto your six stages, so there's bound to be some overlap. And for the most part, you do a good job of putting acts head-to-head that have little chance of cannibalizing one...

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