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America's Corrupt Media – How Reporters Took Direct Orders From Hillary's Staff

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, It is the job of the Fourth Estate to act as a check and a restraint on the others, to illumine the dark corners of Ministries, to debunk the bureaucrat, to throw often unwelcome light on the measures and motives of our rulers. Show More Summary

‘Conservative Black Chick’ Gets Attention By Equating Democrats With Klan

3 hours agoNews : Mediaite

It seems as though Fox and Friends never tires of Conservative Black Chick and former RNC operative Crystal Wright's act, no matter how tiresome it gets. The "Con Job" author was at it again Friday morning, telling Fox and Friends host...

Great Job, Internet!: So it’s come to this: A Simpsons movie-reenactment clip show

Long before Family Guy made references the backbone of its comedy, The Simpsons has always incorporated pop culture into its stories. A lot of the allusions acted as introductions to films, TV shows, and music for many who grew up on the various adventures of the citizens of Springfield. Show More Summary

Robert Redford: ‘Really Tricky Acting Job’ to Play Dan Rather

"I'm going to have to find the essence of this guy, but I can't do a caricature"

Fmr. CCRB chief says Mayor de Blasio shot down her judge job

yesterdayNews : NY Daily News

Tracy Catapano-Fox sued the CCRB in October 2014, and says that being denied a judgeship is an act of retaliation.

Teaching a process versus transmitting knowledge

Ta-Nehisi Coates is forced to state who he's voting for in the next election. He struggles with the act of providing an answer, becauseDespite my very obvious political biases, I’ve never felt it was really my job to get people to agree with me. Show More Summary

Watch the moments that might win them an Oscar

An Academy Award-winning performance doesn't take place in a single scene, but the right mix of a great acting job plus a steady hand by the director can guide a well-crafted role into that sweetest of spots. Yet often whether a performance is extraordinary or merely good can, in fact, come down...

Helping More Americans Complete College: New Proposals for Success

Editor's Note: This is a joint article by Acting Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. and Shaun Donovan, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, that first appeared on LinkedIn. Today's good-paying jobs increasingly require a high-quality post-secondary degree or credential. Show More Summary

As God in 'An Act of God,' Sean Hayes has his OMG moment

2 weeks agoHealth : Booster Shots

In the Book of Genesis, God proclaimed, "Let there be light," and there was light. In the theater, there are stage hands to do that job, and on a recent morning, a crew had lighted the Ahmanson to a warm glow for the newest deity in residence. Standing on the mostly bare stage, actor Sean Hayes...

Ted Cruz's Claim That "Obamacare Is A Job Killer" Debunked By Fact-Checkers

The U.S. has added 9 million jobs since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2009, per the U.S. Department of Labor. Ted Cruz's assertion during the GOP debate on Thursday night that Obamacare is a "job killer" left some scratching their heads and begging for a fact-check. Read Full Story

Cruz Claims “Millions” Have Lost Their Jobs Because of Obamacare

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz claimed Thursday night that “millions” of Americans have lost their jobs because of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s landmark healthcare insurance reform. “It’s been a disaster,” the Texas senator said during the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses. Show More Summary

How To Play Young Han Solo, According To Contender Jack Reynor

The hottest acting gig in the galaxy at the moment is the job to play the young Han Solo in the planned prequel film. Literally thousands of potential choices have been considered, and the word is currently that Lucasfilm has narrowed down the pool of contenders to about a dozen. Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: This cut of every black actor who’s won an Oscar highlights the Academy’s problems

For 88 years, the Academy Awards have doled out awards to various people for their achievements in film. Yet out of those 88 years, only 66 black people have been nominated for acting awards with only 14 taking home the Oscar. It’s a...Show More Summary

The Prepd Pack is a lunchbox that acts as a nutritionist

Bringing your lunch to school was not exactly the cool kid thing to do, but as adults we’re jealous of the people who have their lives put together enough to think ahead that far. If you don’t pack a lunch for your grown-up job, you’re stuck eating protein bars or fast food, with not many healthy options that don’t cost an arm and a leg otherwise. If you want to...

Great Job, Internet!: See double with this supercut of actors acting opposite themselves

Since the earliest days of film, filmmakers have pitted actors against a double version of themselves. Whether it’s twins, clones, robots, or some imaginary or internal voice that’s been given form, there are lots of reasons to use two versions of the same actor. Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: This 5-part series about how David Bowie’s songs were used in film is pretty intense

The world continues to grieve the death of David Bowie. While his contributions to music and style cannot be overstated, it’s also worth noting how much his work has helped shape film as well. While he dabbled in acting in addition to...Show More Summary

“Illinois election board to decide fate of three St. Clair County judges”

Interesting: Is a judge acting unethically if he maneuvers to keep his job by choosing to run in a partisan election, thus avoiding the higher vote threshold required for retention in a nonpartisan vote? A small band of sign-waving protesters … Continue reading ?

41 of the trickiest questions Google will ask you in a job interview (GOOG)

Google has a reputation for asking difficult brain-teaser questions that challenge how you act under pressure. Most of them require you to think quantitatively and broadly, and test the way you tackle problems on the spot. Google probably...Show More Summary

Tori Spelling Being Sued For $38,000 Bill As Candy Spelling Reveals She Pays For Tori’s Necessities

Tori Spelling is having a few financial problems, which really isn’t shocking considering that her reality shows have all been canceled. Tori is getting an acting job here and there, but over all she isn’t working like she used to do and this has to cause some issues. Show More Summary

Grocery-store owners say city is overreaching by imposing labor mandates

The City Council on Tuesday guaranteed grocery workers their jobs for 90 days if store ownership flips, the latest in a flurry of new municipal labor laws. The Grocery Worker Retention Act protects... To view the full story, click the title link.

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