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50 Easy, Budget-Friendly Baby Food Recipes for Every Age and Stage

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Not only is making homemade baby food much easier than most people realize, but it can also save parents a ton of money, too. As convenient as those pouches and jars might be, they can get pretty pricey after a while -- and there are only so many flavors and combinations on the shelves. Show More Summary

50 DIY 3-Ingredient Baby Food Recipes That Are Super-Fast and Nutritious

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Surprisingly, baby food isn't hard to make. But can be hard to think of new and interesting combinations to keep a little one from getting bored (and, let's face it, to keepĀ mom and dadĀ from getting bored). Show More Summary

Is the Viral 'Dear David' Haunting a Hoax? We Asked a Real Life Ghost Hunter

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. If you've been following the paranormal saga of "Dear David," you're no doubt losing sleep wondering whether or not the viral phenomenon is legit (not to mention how unbelievably creepy the whole thing is). Show More Summary

The 1 Big Reason Kids' Social Skills Are Regressing

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. If you're the parent of a school-aged child, you've probably noticed a disturbing trend: Kids don't really talk to each other anymore -- not in the traditional sense, anyway. Where we used to race home to call our friends after school, they text or get on Snapchat. Show More Summary

Outraged Parents Say School Never Reported the Sexual Assault of 5 Boys to the Police

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Yet another horrifying sexual assault is in the news, and this one is particularly disturbing because it involves teen-on-teen violence. The NYPD is investigating multiple allegations at a Brooklyn highShow More Summary

10 Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. In some ways, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be pregnant. Think about it: Nobody''s gonna give you the side-eye when you go back for a third helping of mashed potatoes, and maternity clothes mean not having to worry about popping your top button on your jeans after dessert. Show More Summary

8 Vacation Ideas That Make Kids of Different Ages Happy (Yep, Even Teens and Toddlers)

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Planning a family vacation is always challenging (to put it mildly), but choosing the right getaway when your kids are a wide range of ages is especially tricky. Toddlers and teens don't have many interests...Show More Summary

Father of Missing Dylan Redwine Arrested for His Murder After 4 Years and The Story Just Gets Worse

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Years after the disappearance of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, we finally have some real answers about the teen's tragic murder -- and the truth is even worse than we expected (if that's possible). Dylan'sShow More Summary

Teen Arrested After Live Streaming Fatal Car Crash That Killed Her Sister

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. A mother and father in California are reeling from the worst kind of tragedy imaginable right now: A car accident that left one of their teenage daughters dead and the other in jail on suspicion of drunk driving and manslaughter. Show More Summary

'Star Wars' Fans Are Still Asking the Makers of Monopoly #WheresRey?

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. If there's one thing we need more of in movies, it's fierce, fabulous female characters who can stand on their own two feet. That's why Star Wars fans rejoiced at the introduction of "Rey" in The Force Awakens: Played by Daisy Ridley, she fits all of the above criteria and more. Show More Summary

Fidget Spinners for Your Nipples Are the Breastfeeding Tool No One Asked For

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Here are some things most breastfeeding moms like: Naps. Hydrating beverages. More naps. Here are some things most breastfeeding moms do not like: Spinning gadgets affixed to their already overworked nipples. Show More Summary

This Incinerated Car Is Exactly Why Boys and Fireworks Don't Mix

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Stories about kids without drivers' licenses taking the family car out on a joyride rarely end well, though usually these tales take a turn for the worse with a fender bender (and that's the best case scenario). Show More Summary

Chris Pratt Shares a Sweet Message and Photo About Spending Time With Your Kids

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Chris Pratt might be the star of one of the summer's biggest blockbusters (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), but as far as we're concerned, his most important role is still that of Most Adorable Dad in Hollywood!...Show More Summary

Brooke Shields's Reason for Banning Her Daughters From Modeling Is Actually Super Empowering

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Splash NewsSome former supermodels seem happy to have their daughters follow them down the runway -- Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley come to mind -- but others are less enthusiastic about the idea.Show More Summary

15 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Teachers, Too

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. While not all celebrities are known for their intelligence, others are so smart they made their livings as teachers before they hit the big time -- or even moonlight as college professors now! From musicians...Show More Summary

Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Will Be Starring in Another Adorable Children's Book

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. You know Kelly Clarkson for her impressive set of pipes and the ridiculously cute pics of her kids she posts on social media, but you might not know that the singer is also an accomplished children's author!...Show More Summary

This Is Why Your Kid Isn't Listening to You, According to Science

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. We've all been driven to the ends of our proverbial ropes when our kids refuse to listen to simple instructions, especially when those instructions have to do with health and safety ("Brush your teeth!" "Hold my hand!"). Show More Summary

14 Celebrities Who've Totally Shielded Their Kids from the Spotlight

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Some celeb parents put their kids in the spotlight from the second they're born -- or even before (ahem, Kardashians). Other famous moms and dads, however, go to great lengths to make sure their children...Show More Summary

15 Weird Things About Newborns That Are Surprisingly Normal

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. You expected your baby to be adorable and tiny and sweet, but you might not have expected him to be quite so... weird. It's true: Newborns are quirky little creatures, with all sorts of odd traits and behaviors that often take new parents by surprise. Show More Summary

Missing Teen Was Allegedly Held Captive for a Year by Man She Met Online

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. A missing North Carolina teen has been reunited with her family at last, after spending a year in captivity -- and a 31-year-old Georgia man has been arrested in connection with the horrifying crime, which serves as yet another scary reminder of just how dangerous the internet can be. Show More Summary

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