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Sending Your Kid Abroad Is Something All Parents Should Do

Post by Janelle Harris Most of us — except folks who don’t have to empathize with anybody because they’re just that wealthy and powerful — love an underdog story. So here’s one that isn’t vying for headline space alongside...Show More Summary

Homeless Mom Arrested for 'Child Abuse' Is Really a Hero to Her Family?

Post by Janelle Harris. Last week, Shanesha Taylor left her children, ages 2 and 6, in her Dodge Durango. The windows were cracked and the doors were locked when a passerby heard the baby crying from the backseat and reported the unsupervised little ones to the authorities. Show More Summary

Monsters Among Us: Terrence McNeal killed Tiffany Durst and Terence George because he believed that Tiffany “snitched” on him over a burglary

Tiffany Durst and Terence George With 2 Bodies Found, Aurora Finds Many New Questions 3 Arrests Made In Connection With Couple’s Deaths Terrence McNeal, Janelle Harris, Tiera Homes nailed in Tiffany Durst-Terence George case: 69 3 Arrested In Slayings Of 2 Victims Found Months Apart Police search field in Aurora for possible murder connection Man […]

Esperanza Spalding, Stevie Wonder Push For Closing Guantanamo in ‘We Are America’

Esperanza Spalding weighs in on the Guantanamo Bay detention center in the new song "We Are America," and an accompanying video featuring Stevie Wonder, Harry Belafonte and Janelle Monae.

Blackface Is ALWAYS Offensive—When Will People Learn?

Post by Janelle Harris. The thing about living in a country that celebrates and prides itself in being a multicultural melting pot is that society in general doesn’t get to dictate what should and shouldn’t be insulting to the smaller groups of people that make up the whole. Show More Summary

Mother and Son Overcome Incredible Odds, Graduate Together With PhDs

Post by Janelle Harris. Because we needed a reminder that sometimes, when things go wrong, they can still turn themselves upright, there’s this story: Vickie McBride had her son, Maurice, when she was just 13 years old. That’s jarring, even by our almost un-jarrable standards. Show More Summary

College Student Wants Straight-Girl Sorority Because Heterosexuals Are 'Marginalized'

Post by Janelle Harris. You knew it was coming. If you didn’t, you should have. College kids are generally our most unobstructed and free-thinking minds, what with all of the exposure to new people, theories, knowledge, and such. But...Show More Summary

Naming Your Baby 'Messiah' Is Your God-Given Right

Post by Janelle Harris OK, so turns out you can name your kid “Messiah.” That other judge was just blowing off steam about her Jesus love and whatnot. This time it’s for real. “Messiah” is a go. In a complete up yours to the previous...Show More Summary

Censoring Books in School Doesn't Keep Teens From Learning About Rape

Post by Janelle Harris It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a scene from pornography and a scene from classic literature. Porn is artistically uninspired smut, lit is beautifully descriptive prose. Porn shapes barbaric acts into sexual fantasy, lit taps into the angst of those tragedies. Show More Summary

Censoring Books in School Doesn't Keep Kids From Learning About Rape

Post by Janelle Harris It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a scene from pornography and a scene from classic literature. Porn is artistically uninspired smut, lit is beautifully descriptive prose. Porn shapes barbaric acts into sexual fantasy, lit taps into the angst of those tragedies. Show More Summary

Chicago Mom Charged With Raping a Man at Gunpoint

Post by Janelle Harris OK, this is just odd. Wrong and odd. A Chicago woman is accused of holding a man at gunpoint and forcing him to have sex with her friend in the backseat of a car. The situation unfolded when Cierra Ross, 25, offered the victim a ride after she spotted him walking down the street. Show More Summary

Horrifying ‘Lizzy Seeburg’ Sign Publicly Disrespects Rape Victim in Front of the World

Post by Janelle Harris On Saturday, ESPN aired its annual College GameDay and, as part of the infectious hype and hullaballoo, thousands of manic game-goers put their Sharpies to some serious work to show off the wittiness they’ve been cultivating at their respective institutions. Show More Summary

'Be What You Were Meant to Be': Why Oprah's Right

Blogging at Essence, Janelle Harris writes that she believes as Oprah Winfrey does, that "you can only be what you were meant to be." You just have to work hard to determine what that is. Read full article...

Father's Day Isn't 'Single Moms' Day'

Janelle Harris shares at Ebony why, as a single mom, she doesn't need recognition on Father's Day. Her piece reflects on the fact that while, yes, single mothers take on the responsibilities of both mother and father, in no way can they...Show More Summary

Cancer Patient Proposes to Girlfriend After Getting Cutting-Edge Treatment That Could Save His Life

Post by Janelle Harris If you can muddle through the infinite amount of silly, nonsensical, and downright vicious gah-bage that lives online, you can also find amazing examples of love if you want to. Like the kind of love that makes you appreciate love, even if they’re not in love yourself. Show More Summary

While Boy Scouts Decide the Future of Gay Members, Parents Have a Decision to Make Too

Post by Janelle Harris Next week, the Boy Scouts will hold their National Annual Meeting which, like most events of its kind, is an opportunity to put pressing issues on the table for discussion. And when they do, they’ll make a decision...Show More Summary

Boston Marathon Bomber Wrote a Note to Explain His Evil Crime

Post by Janelle Harris One month after bombs shattered the euphoria at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, investigators say suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote a note on the wall of the boat he was hiding in before he surrendered to police on April 19. Show More Summary

5 Ways the Cicadas Are Going to Make Me a Bad Parent

Post by Janelle Harris They’re coming. Every other day, it seems, there’s a news box on Google about the impending descent of the II Brood of cicadas, those huge bugs with the bulging red eyes that emerge every 13 or 17 years, depending...Show More Summary

Whoopings Ain't Working, Y'all

Essence's Janelle Harris makes the case that corporal punishment that leaves welts and open sores is going to exacerbate the problems that exist and create some new ones, too. ... Black folks believe in spankings. It's a cultural norm, accented with funny anecdotes about picking your own switches and being mollywhopped with mama's backhand from hell. Show More Summary

Beyoncé to Headline Jay-Z’s Made in America Music Festival

Beyoncé and Nine Inch Nails will headline Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival this year. Last year, Jay-Z brought together musicians such as himself, Kanye West, Common, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Jill Scott, D’Angelo, Pearl Jam, Janelle Monae, MMG Music and many others for the first annual Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. More »

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