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This Cat Won't Leave His Owner's Grave

16 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

This pretty kitty lives right on top of a grave in Central Java. Naturally, it's not just any grave -it's the grave of his beloved owner, Kundari, who took the feline in when it was just a baby. He does leave the grave here and there...Show More Summary

Java Vs C++ : An In Detailed Comparison

Today we will see an in detailed comparison between two prominent programming languages namely, Java and C programming. To develop your logic, best Java institutes in Pune often teach basics of ‘C & C++’ language along with Java training. Show More Summary

How Low-G Coffee Cups Could Help Get Us to Mars

If you’re a coffee lover, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting by a window and watching the sunrise, hot mug of java in hand. But until recently, caffeine-loving astronauts have had to check their hot beverage sipping habits at the airlock. Show More Summary

Java: The Most Secure Programming Language?

Java: The Most Secure Programming Language? What makes Java the most secure programming language? Or is it really so? We will discuss the same in this blog. If you wish to make a career in Java programming, join a Java developer course in Pune. Show More Summary

Oracle denied another Java copyright trial with Google

A judge has denied Oracle a third trial with Google regarding the alleged use of copyrighted Java APIs and the Android mobile operating system.

Oracle Issues 253 Security Patches Across 76 Products

Oracle’s latest quarterly security update contains 253 patches for 76 of its enterprise products including databases, operating systems, Java and networking components. Among the security bugs that the update addresses, 15 of them are...Show More Summary

Ghacks Deals: Complete Java Programming Bootcamp (price drop)

The Complete Java Programming Bootcamp is a ten courses spanning eLearning bundle that has just seen a price drop to $39 from $69. The original price of the bundle is $740 which means that the deal got a lot better. The bundle features the following Java programming language courses: Java Programming from Zero to Hero: […] Ghacks needs you. Show More Summary

Does a sorted array run faster than an unsorted array in Java?

In this video, Brian L. Gorman uncovers the relationship between efficiency and branch prediction when executing arrays in Java. Continue reading Does a sorted array run faster than an unsorted array in Java?.

Career Java Programming: Quick Learning Tips To Master Java Programming

Career Java Programming: Quick Learning Tips To Master Java Programming : We are going to share with you some valuable and quick learn tips to master programming in Java. After all, that is what you would need for career Java programming. Show More Summary

Is Java pass by reference or pass by value?

A common misconception is that Java is a pass by reference language. In this video Brian L. Gorman exposes the inner workings of pass by value. Continue reading Is Java pass by reference or pass by value?.

Modding Minecraft with PHP – Buildings from Code! - SitePoint PHP

I’ve always wanted to make a Minecraft mod. Sadly, I was never very fond of re-learning Java, and that always seemed to be a requirement. Until recently. Thanks to dogged persistence, I’ve actually discovered a way to make Minecraft mods, without really knowing Java. Show More Summary

Java gene study links caffeine metabolism to coffee consumption behavior

(Northwestern University) A new caffeine genetic study 'e-emphasizes not everyone responds to a single cup of coffee in the same way,' and found that a genetic variant previously linked with nicotine metabolism is now linked with caffeine metabolism. The findings could have great implications for the field of precision medicine.

Why is Java so insecure? Buggy open source components take the blame

Hard-to-patch bugs in Java applications are proving a difficult problem to solve.

The Best Way To Go About Learning Java!

Learning a programming language is one thing and how to go about learning the same is another thing. Because, different techniques can be used to learn the same. Which method suits you the most, depends on you. Same applies to the Java...Show More Summary

Predicting The Future Of Java Jobs In Pune and Rest Of The Country

Predicting The Future Of Java Jobs In Pune and Rest Of The Country. Be it any field, jobs is the thing that everyone looks for. How can Java be an exception to this? There are many Java programming course in Pune, that provide placement or jobs. Show More Summary

Daily Deal: Complete Java Programming Bootcamp

6 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Java is one of the most widely used platforms and programming languages. It's easy and adaptable. Grab the $39 Complete Java Programming Bootcamp and you'll be on your way to mastering Java. The 10 courses will teach you how to build...Show More Summary

Effective Java Programming Course Material For Self Learning

Effective Java Programming Course Material For Self Learning: Best institutes for Java in Pune can provide you with the course material for additional learning. This would be apart from the training given by the faculty in the form of lectures and practical sessions. Show More Summary

Digital Offers: Learn to code Java for only $39

In today's modern age, understanding coding is becoming more and more essential. So much so that some school districts are adding coding classes to their curriculum. Those who dove into the world of Java and other coding languages via...Show More Summary

Training In Advanced Java Programming

It is better to have the knowledge of core Java, before beginning with your training of advanced Java programming. Even the best Java courses in Pune would recommend the same. Purely because it would be easier to understand. For learning advanced Java programming via a course, join a Java institute in Pune. Show More Summary

Digital Offers: Get a complete Java programming bootcamp for only $39!

Breaking into the web development industry is a really smart move — demand for professionals is on the rise, and the career can be very lucrative. The problem? Education needed can be time-consuming and costly, two things you don't need...Show More Summary

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