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Tools for Programming Java (Part 1) – Java IDE (Integrated Development Programming) Software Tools

Java is a programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet. It was designed to have the “look and feel” of the C++language, but it is simpler to use than C++ and enforces an object-oriented programming model. Java can be used to create comple

Understanding Guava Lists.transform()

Guava is a wonderful library by Google. Before Java 8 Guava was one of the best ways to use functional programming in Java. I’ve being using Guava in one of my projects and came accross an strance issue reasontly. I had a list of items and I wanted to convert them to different object and filter some of those items. Show More Summary

Cargo Tracker Java EE 7 Blue Prints Now Running on WebLogic

For those unaware the Cargo Tracker project exists to serve as a blue print for developing decently designed Java EE 7 applications, principally utilizing Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The project has long run on GlassFish 4 and Java SE 7. Show More Summary

Even the Java installer is a security risk

For years, the Java plug-in has been a security nightmare. If it’s not the plug-in itself causing problems, it’s the crapware toolbars bundled with it. Now it turns out that even the Java […]

Perhaps it's time to finally start learning Hadoop? Here's how.

Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework written in Java for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware. All the modules in Hadoop are designed with a fundamental assumption that hardware failures are common and should be automatically handled by the framework.

Tackling the challenge of testing multithreaded code in Java

Testing multithreaded code is a tough challenge. The first advice that you get when trying to test concurrency is to isolate your concurrent concerns in the code as much as possible. This a general design advice but in this case it’s even more important. Show More Summary

Docker Compose environment variable binding examples – Java, Node.Js, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails

Docker Compose Environment Variable Binding Examples – Java, Node.Js, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails

Rich Web Application with Spring MVC and ZK 8 Shadow Selector Demo

In this article, we will explore how Java configuration could be used to replace the XML configuration in ZK Spring MVC and the convenience of using a new feature in ZK 8 – Shadow Selector – to control shadow elements.

Introducing Cucumber for Java + STANDARD Values

As software developers, we all have our favorite tools for making us successful. Many are perfect for the job when getting started but are soon outgrown. Others require too much setup and training to “dip your toes in the water” just to simply find out if they are the right tool. Cucumber JVM is a t

Bootleg liquor kills at least 24 in Indonesian village: media

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Bootleg liquor has killed at least two dozen people in a village in Indonesia's Central Java province over the last few days, MetroTV said on Sunday quoting police.

Save 86% on this Java Developer Course Bundle in the Boing Boing Store

5 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Remember back to the time when people thought java was just a hip way to talk about coffee? Or you vaguely remembered from geography class that it’s an island in the South Pacific? We’ve come a long way since then and now that we’veShow More Summary

Some Interesting Real World CDI Usage Statistics

The good folks over at Genuitec developing MyEclipse recently asked the Twittersphere about real world CDI usage. They ran a week-long Twitter survey asking the simple question - "Do you use CDI in your Java EE applications?". The results of the survey were pretty interesting and certainly worth sharing. Show More Summary

Mad Anthony Brewing Jonesing for Java Porter, Latest Out of the Box Series Beer

(Fort Wayne, IN) — Mad Anthony Brewing Company is excited to announce the third release of their “Out of the Box” Ser… The post Mad Anthony Brewing Jonesing for Java Porter, Latest Out of the Box Series Beer appeared first on

Base62 Encode

A Base62 encoding algorithm with a special prefixed code for utilizing Base64 schema in Java.

The Rise and Fall of the Java Applet: Creative Coding’s Awkward Little Square

It's easy technology to hate, but the Applet predicted an age of web applications.

What Program Languages Should I Use? (Java, C#, C++, or HTML5)

This article gives you an overview of the key programming languages used in Android development.

Building Reactive Systems with JavaFX

JavaFX is the new standard library for building graphical applications in Java, but many programmers out there is still stuck with Swing or even (tremble) AWT. Here are a few tips on how you can use many of the new awesome features in the JavaFX toolkit to build reactive and fast applications!

The essential information about Java 8 streams and a cheat sheet

In this post we look into the essential information about Java 8 streams and how you should think about them, and how you should use them.

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