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Jsoniter: JSON is faster than thrift/avro

Jsoniter is a new JSON library for Java & Go, with innovative API and faster than thrift/avro

Const and ReadOnly in Java, C# and C++

A continuation of my comparison series of articles, today I am going to compare how the big 3 OO languages implement const and read only variables.

Everything I've ever needed, I found at Starbucks

4 days agoNews : NY Daily News

Everyone loves to hate Starbucks. But the java chain has won me over — and I don’t even drink coffee.

Sorry, coffee fiends, prepare to pay more for your java

While coffee drinkers have enjoyed modest prices for years, the cost of beans is expected to rise this year -- here's why

CodeSOD: Extended Conditions

Every programming language embodies in it a philosophy about how problems should be solved. C reduces all problems to manipulations of memory addresses. Java turns every problem into a set of interacting objects. JavaScript summons Shub-Niggurath,...Show More Summary

10 Facts About Coffee Fans and Foes Should Know

Good morning, family! Have you had your cup of java today? Yes, even you who is expecting, you too can enjoy coffee. The drink gets a bad rap. Yes, it has its own issues but there are plenty benefits. Me personally? I’m addicted. Here are 10 other facts about coffee you might or might have... Read More »

Daily Deal: The Professional Android Developer Bundle

6 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The $39 Professional Android Developer Bundle includes 5 courses designed to help you create interactive apps from scratch. You will learn the fundamentals of operating systems and you'll dive into Java, one of the most universally used programming languages, and build a strong foundation in Object-Oriented Programming. Show More Summary

OBAMA: The First Javanese President? Actually, I think the better (unmentioned) analogy is to Java

OBAMA: The First Javanese President? Actually, I think the better (unmentioned) analogy is to Javanese regarding themselves as superior, and everyone else (“not yet Javaneses”) as deplorables.

Google's Go beats Java, C, Python to programming language of the year crown

Google's Go language has been the focus of a huge rise in interest among developers, according to the long-running Tiobe Index.

Java EE users need more REST, survey shows

Oracle's latest Java Enterprise Edition community survey shows developers want to open the framework up to the cloud, containers.

How to Check If Java Is Installed on Ubuntu (And Install If It Isn’t)

Despite the fact that Java can be problematic, it’s often times a necessary evil. A lot of cross-platform apps are written in Java, and considering how Linux already lacks a lot of useful apps, choosing not to use Java will severely limit your options. Show More Summary

This self-brewing coffee mug is the gadget we all need

Do you love the smell of coffee before you even get out of bed in the morning? Stash some coffee pods on your nightstand, pop one into Hey Joe's Self-Brewing Coffee Mug and you'll have some java before you swing your legs over the side of the bed. Show More Summary

Grand Hyatt Jakarta: It’s Where to Stay

Have you ever been to Jakarta? Do you want to go? If so, be prepared for traffic, and lots of it. I went to Java to check it off my country count list for my quest to reach 100 'countries'. The post Grand Hyatt Jakarta: It’s Where to Stay appeared first on The Points Of Life.

JavaScript WTF #2: the this keyword (part 1)

Java language specification defines “this” keyword in one sentence. EcmaScript 6 definition of “this” is about a page of pseudo-code spread over several paragraphs, and there is a good reason […]

Minecraft’s PC & Mac version has passed 25 million copies sold

Minecraft is easily one of Microsoft’s most popular properties. The game’s gone on from a simple Java based clone of Infiniminer to a worldwide sensation, and the insanely high sales of its Xbox 360 version led Microsoft to purchase the game’s developer, Mojang. It’s been ported to as many platforms as possible, almost always remaining […]

Deal: Computer Science Learning Bundle

Ramp up your dev skills with this series of eight online courses covering the basics of programming, databases, and the principles of application design. You’ll build skills in C, C++, Python, Java, SQL, and more along the way. Save 89% in The Awesomer Shop.

Upcoming changes to AwReporting

AwReporting is an open-source Java framework that is optimized for large-scale retrieval of AdWords API reports. We plan to release a new major version (v2.0) within the next few months that will provide a full suite of reports withShow More Summary

Atari Now Runs Java, Thankfully Doesn’t Require Constant Updates

Java Grinder is a tool that compiles Java programs to run on platforms like microcontrollers and consoles, by outputting native assembly code and using APIs to work with custom hardware like bespoke graphics and sound chips. Amongst other hardware, Java Grinder supports the Commodore 64, which uses a variant of the 6502 CPU. Show More Summary

Inside the Galapagos Islands’ First Organic Coffee Farm

Lava Java wants to create a model of organic farming for the people of Galapagos, an archipelago where it is cheaper to import food than it is to produce it locally.

Wake Up Bright and Early New Year’s Day to Gorgeous Coffee-Painted Art

Embracing the caffeine high, Jon Norquist takes a few java dribbles and evolves them into an artform.

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