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What I Wore | Camp Quirk

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. WhatIWore: We had such a fun time on our family trip into the woods last week! Here’s another outfit I wore while we were there. Adam and I went into...Show More Summary

What Is Express.js? Why Is It So Popular JS Framework?

10 hours agoTechnology : Fromdev

Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js (open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment), Express.js is a free and open-source software under the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) license.  Express.js...Show More Summary

Four short links: 23 October 2017

Web Performance, Fact Checks, DIY Computer, and Performance Reviews Real-world Web Performance Budgets (Alex Russell) -- JavaScript is the single most expensive part of any page in ways that are a function of both network capacity and device speed. For developers and decision-makers with fast phones on fast networks, this is a double-whammy of hidden costs. [...]Show More Summary

What Is ES6 and What Javascript Programmers Need to Know

ES6 refers to version 6 of the ECMA Script programming language. ECMA Script is the standardized name for JavaScript, and version 6 is the next version after version 5, which was released in 2011. It is a major enhancement to the JavaScript language, and adds many more features intended to make large-scale software development easier. Show More Summary

How to Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox

Alongside animation and interactivity, Javascript powers a range of intrusive advertisements, obnoxious pop-ups and dangerous attack vectors like XSS. By selectively blocking certain sources of Javascript, you can get the content you want while blocking the content you don’t. Show More Summary

Bubbly Backgrounds: Moving Backgrounds for Your Website

4 days agoArts / Graphic Design : Noupe

It’s not modern if it doesn’t move. Of course, this also applies to your website’s background. Bubbly Backgrounds are at your service. JavaScript for Bubbles Bubbly Backgrounds is a very small JavaScript written by a [...]

You can do everything in Javascript with six characters: []()!+

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Springing from the august tradition of esoteric programming language Brainfuck, behold the mind-mangling power of JSFuck. (more…)

Miiverse - Thank You posts from various official Nintendo accounts

Om Miiverse-posts te kunnen bekijken die op een website zijn ingevoegd, moet je op je systeem JavaScript hebben ingeschakeld. Post bekijken op Miiverse Visit the site to read the rest of the story...

Jazzari lets you sketch musical ideas in your browser, with JavaScript

Open up a browser tab, use code sketch musical loops and grooves (using trigonometry, even), and play / export – all in this free tool. Jazzari has been making the rounds among passionate music tech nerds, as a lovely free code toy.Show More Summary

Pure HTML5/CSS3/JS Modal Dialog MsgBox in .NET Style

A small JavaScript module to create a modal dialog box or user input box in the familiar.NET style

Implementing A Service Worker For Single-Page App WordPress Sites

With so many JavaScript frameworks around, single-page application (SPA) websites seem to be all the rage nowadays. However, an SPA architecture has the drawback of having a slower first-page load than a server-based application, because...Show More Summary

Await and Async Explained with Diagrams and Examples – Nikolay Grozev

“The async/await syntax in JavaScript ES7 makes it easier to coordinate asynchronous promises. If you need to asynchronously fetch data from multiple databases or APIs in a certain order, you can end up with a spaghetti of promises and callbacks. Show More Summary

Worrying WhatsApp vulnerability can reveal when two people are talking, or sleeping

The exploit can be achieved using a Chrome extension containing four lines of JavaScript.

Do You Know What Is JSON And Why It Is Used?

JSON is the abbreviation for ‘JavaScript Object Notation’ which is designed to exchange data as a standard format. It is a simple text-based and lightweight data standard, which is intended for the human-readable data exchange.In this...Show More Summary

How visual web development can change the landscape of web design

Web design has been changing constantly since its big boom in the mid 1990’s when JavaScript hit the scene to provide more dynamic, engaging websites. Then with the easy access to powerful Content Management Systems, it became easier and more accessible to those that didn’t have a comprehensive background in coding. Show More Summary

Cloudflare bans websites running cryptocurrency mining scripts

Content delivery network provider Cloudflare Inc. has banned sites that use JavaScript code to hijack visitors for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies, according to a report published Wednesday. TorrentFreak claims that Cloudflare,...Show More Summary

Nintendo opens limited-time Everybody’s Message Community on Miiverse

You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse. Pretty cool to see that Nintendo is doing this. I honestly didn't think they'd put together something like this. Well, while you still have time, hop over to the special Miiverse and share your kind words!

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