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Zap2it First: 'Sex Sent Me to the E.R.' shows how a surprise family member ruins everything

OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create('ooyalaplayer', 'Excm9uczqLiq_JpxUUXacLRRINdfRoLB'); }); Please enable Javascript to watch this video When you've injured yourself during sex, the last thing you need is a surprise visit from a member of your family while recuperating. Show More Summary

Someone Teach These Sexy White Sox Fans How To Use A Camera (Video)

Please enable Javascript to watch this video On the north side of Chicago you’ll find the Cubs fans, who have a history of struggling to figure out how to properly use a baseball cap.  And on the south side of the city you’ll find the White Sox fans, who are still trying to get that […]

Node.js And IO.js May Be Approaching Reconciliation

After three months of internecine conflict, the popular open source JavaScript framework Node.js may be nearing a reconciliation with dissidents who created a rival version. Mikeal Rogers, a former Node core contributor and current community lead of that rival, IO.js, posted a proposal for healing the breach late Thursday in the IO GitHub repository. Show More Summary

AngularJS + ASP.NET Web API: Building a simple grid in AngularJS with server-side paging, sorting, searching (Part 2)

In the first part of the series I described how to configure the application to include the requisite JavaScript files, laid out the folder structure & stubbed out the app.js and a few other JavaScript files. I’ll now give a brief overview of setting up the data access layer, and then delve in

Learning JavaScript

For some time now I have achieved things in JavaScript through a combination of examples and brute force persistence. My methods are roughly akin to prisoners digging out of jail with a spoon. You can do it but it’s not something I’d recommend. Given my increasingly more sophisticated goals1 I was finding this to be… Read More

Question about JavaScript and XML

Update: I came up with a different solution, so this is no longer a priority for me. I want to write a routine that emojifies an OPML file. It takes OPML text as input, parses it,...Show More Summary

Grand Slam: New Mexico Elk Please enable Javascript to watch this video Meet father-son duo, Cole and Buddy Eastman of Hiram, Maine who have been selected for Outdoor Life’s 2014 Grand Slam New Mexico elk hunt. Show More Summary

Grand Slam: Africa Please enable Javascript to watch this video Meet father-son duo, Cole and Buddy Eastman of Hiram, Maine who have been selected for Outdoor Life’s 2014 Grand Slam New Mexico elk hunt. Show More Summary

Four short links: 26 February 2015

awesomplete — MIT-licensed ultra lightweight, usable, beautiful autocomplete with zero dependencies in Javascript. How to Seize the Opportunities when Megatrends Collide — excuse the cheesy title, the chart from PwC showing pairwise combination of trends, is interesting. Adopting Microservices at …

Fast Dynamic Geometry in WebGL

Recently I do a lot of WebGL programming that involves dynamic generative geometry. One of the problems with JavaScript is it's performance. Generally it's ok as long you don't create too many new object every frame and don't try to push to GPU too much at once. Show More Summary

'Mysteries of Laura' winks at 'Will & Grace' reunion

OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create('ooyalaplayer', 'NoYTJtczrxtw5gkJmMjnHd5TfXjaMAjG'); });Please enable Javascript to watch this video"Will & Grace" fans got a special treat on Wednesday's (Feb. 25) episode of "The Mysteries ofShow More Summary

JavaScript Front-End Web App Tutorial Part 3: Managing Unidirectional Associations

Learn how to develop front-end web apps with unidirectional associations between model classes, such as the associations that assign authors and publishers to books. While in most other tutorials, associations are only superficially discussed, if at all, this article provides an in-depth explanation

Comic Workshop, Painting Workshop Miiverse patch in the works

You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse.

Addition of two Numbers in AngularJS

Recently, I have started learning AngularJS. AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework, which helps you to declare more HTML Tag Attributes with very powerful functionality. Let’s Code Something The first thing, which I tried to do, is to add two numbers and show the result in a TextBox. I coded lik

Creating a Kanban Board Application with Webix UI library

In this article we’ll describe the stages of creating a basic Kanban Board with the Webix JavaScript UI library.

How to Send Email in SharePoint Provider Hosted Apps

There are few methods that we can use to send Emails in SharePoint Provider Hosted apps. Using general Email Sending method Using SharePoint Client Object Model (CSOM) Using SharePoint JavaScript Model (JSOM) Using general Email Sending method This is the general method we are using for sending e

New Hunting Gear: 10X Series Please enable Javascript to watch this video The 10X brand has been around for a long time, but this year they’re looking to get into the high performance hunting gear market. Show More Summary

New Gear 2015: ThermaCell Camp Lantern Please enable Javascript to watch this video This new lantern from ThermaCell creates a 15x15-foot mosquito-free area. It runs off of D-cell batteries that provide 50 hours of light on the highest setting (produces 300 lumens). Show More Summary

JavaScript – Prototype

Reason behind why sometimes JavaScript developers are considered as God :)

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