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Online Games For New Or Young Programmers

We’ve talked in the past about online games that teach programming, with CodeCombat being one of the more popular options. However, it’s by no means alone and if you want to learn something besides JavaScript or Python, alternatives do exist for other languages. More »      

Storing database tables in JavaScript's Local Storage

In most apps we have some form of data management where data is represented in tables such that table rows correspond to objects, anf the table schema corresponds to the objects' type. When building a front-end web app with JavaScript, the simplest approach for persistent data storage is using JavaS

Video: What You Didn’t Know About Sandhill Cranes Please enable Javascript to watch this video I left New York with only a vague understanding of what I’d be hunting in Saskatchewan: sandhill cranes. Hunting cranes...Show More Summary

Variadic Functions In JavaScript

A variadic function is a function where the total number of parameters are unknown and can be adjusted at the time the method is called.The C programming language, along with many others, have an interesting little feature called an ellipsis argument. When an ellipsis is used in a methods signature,

Video: How to Paddle a Canoe Solo Please enable Javascript to watch this video You want to slip into the back of the beaver pond with a small bag of dekes. You want to fish the creek just down the road. Show More Summary

Video: Use Mock Scrapes to Find Big Bucks Right Now Please enable Javascript to watch this video While I tend to downplay the effects of the October “lull," I readily admit that bucks can be difficult to kill right now. Show More Summary

How to Build a Web Game in an Hour

2 days agoArts / Graphic Design : Noupe

You don’t need an entirely new skill set to develop games. In fact, your current Web development skills in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and so on are just fine for a wide range of games. When you build a game with Web technologies, it will run on pretty much any device with a browser. Show More Summary

Video: Story of a Doe Please enable Javascript to watch this video Buck fever hits us all a little differently. I get a good dose of it when a deer I want to shoot starts walking into range, but I can usually pull myself together for the shot. Show More Summary

Video: Bucks Are Sparring in South Carolina Please enable Javascript to watch this video Ever pulled cards from trail cameras you set a week earlier and found photos dating back months and years ago? Yeah,...Show More Summary

Amazon Dash Button Pizza Delivery Hack: Makin’ It Great

A couple of years ago we checked out the PiePal, a Raspberry Pi device that let you order from Domino’s Pizza just by pressing a button. Brody Berson combined a couple of free JavaScript apps with…

DeviceMock.js Produces Device Mockups via JavaScript

Previewing a new design can help to frame your concept in perspective. It can show what you’re doing that works, what might not be working, and how the final product should look. This process often requires a graphic design program like Photoshop or Sketch. Show More Summary

The State of JavaScript on Android in 2015 Is Poor

Jeff Atwood: It seems the Android manufacturers are more interested in slapping n slow CPU cores on a die than they are in producing very fast CPU cores. And this is quite punishing when it comes to JavaScript. This is becoming moreShow More Summary

First Look: New 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum Cartridge Please enable Javascript to watch this video There’s a new sheriff in town. Weatherby, for the first time in decades, is unleashing a new cartridge—and it is a speed-demon of a six-five. Show More Summary

Gun Lab: Ithaca Guardian Review Please enable Javascript to watch this video This new rifle from Ithaca is the most visually arresting gun of the year. The gorgeous wood (a $400 upgrade from...Show More Summary

Video: How to Fly Cast from a Canoe Please enable Javascript to watch this video You should ignore all the naysayers who cluck their tongues at folks who stand up in a canoe. With a little practice and the right technique, you can deliver popping bugs to targets 50 feet away and better, all while standing on your own two feet.

Bacbone.js - An Introduction

What is Backbone.js ?Backkbone.js is a JavaScript library that let us create Single-Page Applications (SPAs) in structured manner. Backbone.js is based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. It is suitable for creating Single-Page Applications (SPAs) using RESTful services for persisting dat

New Sonar/GPS: Raymarine Dragonfly-5Pro Please enable Javascript to watch this video I’m not a guy who spends two or three grand on electronics, but I still like to have quality stuff. For this reason, Raymarine’s brand new Dragonfly series immediately caught my eye. Show More Summary

Simple Lightbox is a Touch-Friendly Lightbox for jQuery Users

There’s no shortage of custom plugins for building almost any type of interface for the web. JavaScript is the underlying factor among all web interfaces, but jQuery is perhaps the largest open source library to simplify the process....Show More Summary

Video: How to Make a Cheap Bowfishing Rig Please enable Javascript to watch this video The other evening as I was coming home from the deer woods, I saw a pickup truck full of bowfishermen towing their boat to Barkley Dam. Show More Summary

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