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How to Create a Web Scanning Solution with Dynamic Web TWAIN and AngularJS

AngularJS is a Web application framework for rendering dynamic Web content with MVC architecture. It reduces the amount of JavaScript code with the feature of two-way data binding. More and more developers tend to use AngularJS for client-side development. Show More Summary

Look at the cool visual toys people make with one line of javascript

yesterdayHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Dwitter has a bunch of javascript one-liners (must be 140 characters or less) that display pretty animated graphics. The cool thing is that you can edit the code and see the changes immediately.

Laravel Dusk – Intuitive and Easy Browser Testing for All! - SitePoint PHP

End to end testing for JavaScript applications, particularly single-page-apps, has always been a challenge. To that end, Laravel released its 5.4 version recently with a new testing library: Dusk. With the release of Dusk, Laravel hopes to give its users a common API for browser testing. Show More Summary

Umbrella JS: A tiny yet powerful alternative to jQuery

jQuery has been by far the most popular JavaScript library for the last 5 years. It's powerful, easy to use, and widespread. However, the latest jQuery release is 250kb. Since website speed is extremely important, what about giving a try to Umbrella JS, which is only 4kb? Let's have a look at this new and promising JavaScript library.

20+ Multiple Choice Questions On JavaScript Functions

This set of multiple choice questions on JavaScript functions includes MCQ on JavaScript function definition, nested  function and different ways of invoking functions. It also includes about closures and its implementation, function...Show More Summary

How to Access Webcam in JavaScript

As a Web developer, you might get a request to implement webcam access in your Web application. How to do that? You might consider the free option at first. As we know, HTML5 provides a MediaDevices.getUserMedia() method for connecting to a video or audio input device like webcam. Show More Summary

ES6 Class Tutorial

Object Oriented Programmers Rejoice! ES6 now has support for classes! This ES6 Tutorial will look at how JavaScript now has a class keyword as of ES6, and you can make use of it to program in a similar way as to how you might in C#, Java, or PHP. Show More Summary

ES6 Modules With Traceur.js

Let’s now jump into learning about ES6 modules. For this lesson, we are going to be making use of a fantastic piece of software for modern JavaScript development. Traceur.js by Google is a JavaScript compiler that is super easy to use, and is great if you don’t want to be bogged down by a massive build system. Show More Summary

A Detailed Introduction To Webpack

JavaScript module bundling has been around for a while. RequireJS had its first commits in 2009, then Browserify made its debut, and since then several other bundlers have spawned across the Internet. Among that group, webpack has jumped out as one of the best. Show More Summary

Top 20 Backbone.js Interview Questions

Today, we are going to cover another topic in Technical Interview Questions and Answers Series i.e. Backbone.js. Previously, we explored various JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks including jQuery, AnguarJS 1.x & AngularJS 2.0, ReactJS, NodeJS etc and you can follow to read more related here. We

Top 20 Multiple Choice Questions on JavaScript Arrays

Here you will get collections of multiple choice question on JavaScript Arrays includes MCQ on adding and deleting array elements. It also includes different ways of iterating arrays for both dense and sparse arrays along with testing elements in order to execute null, undefined and non existent elements. Show More Summary

Synchronous verbs in a shell language

Suppose you were trying to turn JavaScript into a nice system-level script tool, something more powerful and cleaner than a shell language, but for code that runs once an hour, or every minute, or overnight, so scaling is not an issue as it is for server software. Show More Summary

Gmail Blocks JavaScript Attachments

If you try to send a JavaScript attachment using Gmail or if you want to download a.js attachment, you'll get a new anti-virus warning: "Blocked for security reasons", "1 attachment contains a virus or blocked file. Downloading thisShow More Summary

Top 30 Multiple Choice Questions On JavaScript Object

This set of multiple choice question on JavaScript object includes MCQ on JavaScript property attributes, object attributes and categories of JavaScript objects. It also includes MCQ and interview questions on object literals, prototypes, inheritance along with deleting properties, testing properties and enumerating properties of JavaScript. 1. Show More Summary

A Guide to JSON-LD for Beginners

last weekInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by alexis-sanders What is JSON-LD? JSON-LD stands for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, which consists of multi-dimensional arrays (think: list of attribute-value pairs). It is an implementation format for structuring data analogous to Microdata and RDFa. Show More Summary

Top 20 MCQ On JavaScript Expressions And Operators

This set of multiple choice question on JavaScript expression and operators includes MCQ on JavaScript equality, inequality and comparison operators. It also includes about logical, assignment and evaluation expressions along with different types of operators; conditional, typeof, delete, void and comma used in JavaScript. 1. Show More Summary

Four short links: 16 February 2017

Memory-Busting Javascript, Taobao Villages, Drone Simulation, and Bio Bots ASLR-Busting Javascript (Ars Technica) -- modern chips randomize where your programs actually live in memory, to make it harder for someone to overwrite your code. Show More Summary

ASLR^CACHE Attack Defeats Address Space Layout Randomization

Researchers from VUSec found a way to break ASLR via an MMU sidechannel attack that even works in JavaScript. Does this matter? Yes, it matters. A lot. The discovery of this security flaw along with the practical implementation is really...Show More Summary

Ice Station Z - Version 1.2 due out March 1st, details and new trailer

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Researchers show they can beat address space layout randomization with Javascript in a browser (!)

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing Address space layout randomization is an important first line of defense against malicious software: by randomizing where in memory instructions are stored, ASLR makes it much harder to overwrite memory with new code that will be jumped to as a program executes, offering significant protection against buffer overflow attacks. (more…)

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