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Safely navigating object hierarchies in JavaScript using prototype methods

Anyone who’s dealt with a deeply nested set of properties in JavaScript, whether through use of an extensive third-party JavaScript API or a custom library, has likely run into the problem of safely accessing such structures.

.NET and WebAssembly - Is this the future of the front-end?

6 years ago Erik Meijer and I were talking about how JavaScript is/was an assembly language. It turned into an interesting discussion/argument (some people really didn't buy it) but it still kept happening. Currently WebAssembly world is marching forward and is supported in Chrome, Firefox, and in Development in Edge, Opera, and Safari. Show More Summary

JSON Python Parsing: A Simple Guide

JSON (stands for “JavaScript Object Notation”) is a text-based format which facilitates data interchange between diverse applications. For example, an application written in C++ running on Windows can easily exchange JSON data with an application written in python and running on Linux. Show More Summary

Introducing the daveutils package

When I started programming seriously in JavaScript, I did what a lot of programmers do, I started a utils file where I put all the general-purpose routines I like to have around. That's what daveutils is. An NPM package of handy JavaScript functions. Frontier programmers will find these functions immediately familiar. Show More Summary

Export your InDesign doc as fixed layout HTML

This free script for Adobe InDesign outputs the file with proper supporting CSS and JavaScript to a “fixed layout” type of HTML format, that looks and behaves just like a fixed layout EPUB, with the big exception that each page is output...Show More Summary

How to Disable Google AMP in Google Search on Android and iPhone

AMP, short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an initiative by Google that aims to speed up the loading time of websites on mobile devices. Technically, it’s an open-source HTML framework that strips out most of the JavaScript, certain CSS styles, and other elements that may slow down the loading performance of a website. Show More Summary

Introducing opmlToJs -- an NPM package

As I reported yesterday I have been modularizing my Node work by creating packages of reusable code. The first one I want to show you is called opmlToJs. It does two things well: Parses an OPML string and turns it into a JavaScript object. Takes...Show More Summary

Four short links: 4 August 2017

Chinese Spamsorship, History of Intelligence, Patreon Numbers, and Javascript WTFs Quackspeak Ascendant (Cory Doctorow) -- China's approach to networked control is one of three dominant strategies used in the world: in Russia, they fill...Show More Summary

Mozilla bets its Rust language will make your internet safer - CNET

JavaScript, a smash hit among programmers, made the web powerful. Now Mozilla's Rust could protect the web from hack attacks.

Keeping Up With the JavaScript World

How do you learn a new technology? Like what steps do you follow? Our tech world is moving at a fast pace, with new stuff coming every day. How do you keep track of it and build up your knowledge about stuff? Keeping up with the web development world is like drinking from the proverbial fi

A Simple Windows Vista/7 Gadget To Preview CodeProject's Featured Articles

In this article, we'll discuss on how to use HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax to create a simple lightweight Windows Vista/7 sidebar desktop gadget that allows to preview featured articles contributed to CodeProject's web site

Use case benchmarking drives open-source Node.js forward

The success of open-source communities like Node.js — a JavaScript runtime based on Chrome’s V8 engine — is completely dependent on contributions from a rich pool of organizations working toward the common goal of building a robust development framework. Show More Summary

Intel aims to help open-source developers discover the power of Node.js

Some say the mantra of every programmer who works on networked systems is ‘the client is the enemy,’ because the user’s client program simply cannot be trusted. But, now, Node.js, a JavaScript runtime based on Chrome’s V8 engine, allows developers to run JavaScript server-side in a controlled environment. Show More Summary

Node.js has come a long way in five years, says VC

Going back to 2012, there was plenty of discussion in technology circles about Node.js, a JavaScript runtime based on Chrome’s V8 engine. It held tremendous promise as a lightweight, efficient, non-blocking development framework that was made to order for the Web. Show More Summary

Ghacks Deals: Interactive Web Developer Bootcamp (94% off)

2 weeks agoTechnology :

Interactive Web Developer Bootcamp is a full-stack web development eLearning course that teaches you HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. You build several projects during the course, a blogging platform for instance and an application for a fictional startup that combines all the technologies that you learned into a single web product. Show More Summary

Daily Deal: Interactive Web Developer Bootcamp

2 weeks agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The $29 Interactive Web Developer Bootcamp covers full-stack web development using modern tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. This training is as robust as it gets, combining HD training videos with a curated list of online resources for perfecting your craft and becoming an advanced developer. Show More Summary

Online Document Scan Using a Webcam – Dynamsoft Camera SDK 6.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of version 6.0 of Dynamsoft Camera SDK, the web-based camera library which provides JavaScript APIs that enable you to easily capture images and documents from UVC cameras. Online Document Imaging...Show More Summary

JavaScript developers are competing to build games in under 13kb

Games development is notoriously difficult. With that in mind, spare a thought for the folks taking part in this year’s Js13kGames competition, which sees them create a JavaScript game while staying within a 13kb file limit. That’s crucial,...Show More Summary

Learn the power of database with this Ultimate SQL Bootcamp — now 87% off

If you really want to get hired as a programmer, look for a specialized niche coding field in need of qualified pros — and fulfill that need. While Java, JavaScript and Python coders are relatively plentiful, finding someone knowledgeable in SQL isn’t quite so simple. Show More Summary

JavaScript Compressors: How and Why to Minify Your JS

We’ve all been there, you learned how to build an awesome website, but once you publish it, it’s unbearably slow. Minifying your javascript is one way to speed up website response times (along with compressing HTML), and fortunately for you, it’s an easy process. Show More Summary

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