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"Renormalization" Is Dead: The Market Is Pricing Just One Rate Hike Over Next 3 Years

Several days ago, Jeff Gundlach said that the "rate hike cycle has left the building". He was right: as of this moment, the Fed's plans to "renormalize" are practically finished, with the market now pricing in just one rate hike over the next 3 years. Show More Summary

Jeff Gundlach: "Things Are Going To Get Pretty Scary"

One day before the Fed's June statement, Jeff Gundlach once again accurately predicted the somber mood that would ensue as a result of Yellen's Wednesday decision and press conference when he correctly said that "Central Banks Are Losing...Show More Summary

Gundlach: "Central Banks Are Losing Control" - His Latest Presentation

In his monthly call with DoubleLine investors, Jeff Gundlach ratcheted up the gloomy rhetoric - and considering the rising voices claiming central banks are rapidly losing both credibility and control, he has been spot on - and saidShow More Summary

GUNDLACH: It's going to be a rocky summer (SPX, SPY, DJI, IXIC)

DoubleLine CEO Jeff Gundlach delivered his latest presentation on markets and the economy on Wednesday. Here were the main points: A summer sell-off is coming, and will be triggered in part by rhetoric around Donald Trump’s possible election win. Show More Summary

'Timing & Strategy': Jeff Gundlach's full presentation on markets, President Trump, and where the world economy is going next

DoubleLine Capital's "bond king," Jeff Gundlach, hosted another closely watched webcast on Tuesday by outlining his views on the world economy and markets. He spent much of his time decrying the effect of negative interest rates andShow More Summary

Gundlach Was Right About The Short Squeeze; Warns Of "Massive Anxiety" About The Market

Jeff Gundlach has reason to celebrate: as of today, his DoubleLine capital, founded less than 7 years ago, now manages $100 billion in assets, a key milestone for the fund - recall that Pimco's Total Return Fund made major headline when it sunk under $100 billion just last September. Show More Summary

"Buying Here Is Like Picking Pennies In Front Of A Steamroller" - 10 Reasons To Be Bearish From Credit Suisse

Just like the ongoing fascination with $50 oil, everyone wants to know if the S&P will rise above the psychological level of 2,100 (or hit Jeff Gundlach's "all green" level of 2,200). To be sure, this comes at an awkward time for the...Show More Summary

This Is What Would Make Jeff Gundlach Bullish

In his latest market commentary, presented by Reuters on Tuesday night, Gundlach remained skeptical on the stock market. Specifically, he said that the rally in U.S. stocks, which began on Monday, feels like a short squeeze and characterized U.S. Show More Summary

Gundlach Feels Like We Are Back In December, Says "Stocks Are Dead Money" After A Short Squeeze

In his latest contrarian comments to Reuters, Jeff Gundlach focused on the recent flipflopping by the Fed and its various speakers who are now positioning the market for an imminent rate hike despite the US economy still treading water,...Show More Summary

Jeff Gundlach Warns That "Something Changed" At The Fed

Something has changed according to Jeff Gundlach. After claiming that a rate hike is "inconceivable" as recently as a month ago, a stance which he softened somewhat in recent days, Gundlach said that the Fed has changed the conditions...Show More Summary

Gundlach: "I See The S&P Going To 1600", Bashes Hillary Clinton

In what is now a weekly tradition for the new bond king, overnight DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach spoke to Reuters' Jenn Ablan following his periodic investor conference call, to discuss such things as the Fed's rate hike, on which he remains understandably skeptical and said the Fed will be "challenged" to raise interest rates this year. Show More Summary

How Jeff Gundlach Is Preparing For A Trump Presidency

Two weeks ago, long before the outcome of the Indiana primary was known, we first reported that it was Jeff Gundlach's opinion that Donald Trump would be the winner of the 2016 presidential race. For those who missed it, here are the key excerpts from his interview posted on April 22. Q. Show More Summary

GUNDLACH: Central bankers' terrible policies are making investors 'seasick'

Jeff Gundlach, the so-called "Bond King" and head of DoubleLine Capital, does not like negative interest rates. Gundlach, speaking at the Sohn Investor Conference, compared negative yield bonds to disorienting optical illusions designed...Show More Summary

Jeff Gundlach's Key To Successful Investing

"A succesful investor is that which makes all the same mistakes that everyone else makes... but learns from them," explains DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach in this brief but extremely crucial to comprehend interview. If you want to know why you lost in 2008 and 2011 when you thought your 'bond' portfolio would save you... the new bond guru explains... Two words... "negative duration"

Gundlach Predicts "Trump Will Win", Says "The Federal Reserve Has Basically Given Up"

In an interview posted on Swiss Finanz und Wirthschaft, Jeff Gundlach unleashes his deep ir, and in traditional style, offloads on both the Fed and all central banks, sayng that "negative interest rates are the dumbest idea ever", adding...Show More Summary

GUNDLACH: If Trump wins the Republican nomination, he'll win the White House

"Bond king" Jeff Gundlach thinks Donald Trump is just a nomination away from the White House. Speaking to The Financial Times' Stephen Foley, Gundlach — CEO of DoubleLine Funds — said if Trump wins the Republican nomination he will win...Show More Summary

Jeff Gundlach: "I Remain Bullish On Gold", Fed Hike Increasingly Likely "One And Done" - Live Webcast

As is the case every month, moments ago Jeff Gundlach started his periodic webcast to DoubleLine investors, this time focusing on asset allocation. Among his notable remarks so far is that it increasingly looks like the Fed hike "increasingly...Show More Summary

This Is Jeff Gundlach's Favorite (& Scariest) Chart

``According to DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach, this is his favorite chart - backing his perspective that equity markets have "2% upside and 20% downside) from here.''

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