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Small Hands/Small Infrastructure

The initial response to Trump’s infrastructure plan has been justifiably critical.  Jennifer Rubin, my favorite conservative columnist, says the plan doesn’t pass the straight-face test.  A good deal of it is designed to encourage privatization of infrastructure or to eliminate environmental safeguards for new projects.  I want to focus on a different aspect of the […]

MSNBC conservative flays ‘spineless’ Paul Ryan: ‘He couldn’t stand against racism if his life depended on it’

last monthNews : The Raw Story

AM Joy regular Jennifer Rubin had very little good to say about Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Sunday morning after viewing a clip of the House Speaker brushing off concerns over an ad run by the Trump campaign saying Democrats will be “complicit” in murders if they refuse to fund President...

WaPo: Here’s How to Make 2018 Candidates Squirm

With primary season soon to be upon us for the 2018 midterm elections, Jennifer Rubin, who writes the Right Turn blog for the Washington Post, offered a list of “How to make the candidates squirm in 2018.” Since the reported opinion comes from a conservative perspective, one might expect questions that put Democrats in uncomfortable positions. […]

'A Walking Advertisement for the Danger of Nepotism'

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post: She's a walking advertisement for the danger of nepotism, an exemplar of class privilege and a perfect representative for Republican know-nothingism. She was supposed to be the brains of the family and the moral ballast; instead, she's a self-righteous enabler. Show More Summary

‘This is who he is, he has no shame’: Conservative Jen Rubin rains hell on Trump for his racist immigrant rant

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

During a MSNBC panel discussion over comments President Donald Trump reportedly made about Haitian and Nigerian immigrants, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin claimed she had no doubt Trump slurred the immigrants, bluntly stating, “This is who the president of the United...

Criticisms of Comey’s and Mueller’s Investigations Aren’t ‘Character Assassination’

In his efforts to refute Charles Cook’s recent exposé of Jennifer Rubin, I was surprised to see David Frum, in passing, attack my Hoover colleague, legal scholar Peter Berkowitz (a “Sean Hannity–style character assassination of James...Show More Summary

Attempt to Defend WaPo Columnist For Bias Falls Flat

Jennifer Rubin, who bills herself as the Washington Post’s conservative political blogger, was taken to task by Charles Cooke of the National Review, for taking any position to oppose President Trump, even if it means a 180 from previously expressed positions. Rubin was defended by David Frum of the Atlantic, whose main argument — which seemed […]

David Frum’s lame defense of Jennifer Rubin

(Paul Mirengoff) David Frum has responded to Charles Cooke’s take down of Jennifer Rubin. Missing from Frum’s response is any refutation of Cooke’s argument — that Rubin is intellectually dishonest because her positions on policy questions oscillate depending on whether she likes the person advocating a given position at a particular moment. Show More Summary

WaPo Columnist Will Change Any View to Oppose Trump

If you’re waiting for Jennifer Rubin to say something positive about this most conservative president since Ronald Reagan, you may be waiting a long time. Rubin writes a blog in the Washington Post called “The Right Turn,” which is promoted as a conservative take on the news. But as Charles Cooke wrote in a piece […]

David Frum Proves My Point

At the Atlantic, David Frum has responded to my piece on Jennifer Rubin. I say “responded,” because he hasn’t refuted what I wrote so much as he has chosen to confirm it, and to then make excuses for those who have succumbed to the bad...Show More Summary

On Cooke-Frum-Rubin

A few thoughts about David Frum’s recent production: He dwells on the notion that Charles C. W. Cooke’s criticism of Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is “personal”—“savagely personal,” even—but it seems to me that criticizing what has been said and written by someone in the saying-and-writing business is entirely fair. Show More Summary

Consistency in the Age of Trump

Over at The Atlantic David Frum steps up to defend Jennifer Rubin from Charlie Cooke’s criticism. Frum calls it a “savagely personal attack,” which I just take as a melodramatic euphemism for its effectiveness, a quality established entirely by the quotations from Rubin herself. Frum’s makes a larger point of it. Show More Summary

Jennifer Rubin’s longstanding intellectual dishonesty

(Paul Mirengoff) Charles Cooke has written a devastating take down of Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s ostensibly conservative blogger and reflexive critic of President Trump. Cooke has not hesitated to criticize Trump. Thus, his article isn’t coming from a pro-Trump perspective. Show More Summary

Conservative columnist: How the 2018 midterms could end the nightmare of Trump | Opinion

By Jennifer Rubin It is slowly dawning on Republicans and the right-wing media echo chamber that President Donald Trump’s assault on democratic norms and the rule of law, his betrayal of his own populist campaign themes (with tax cuts for the rich and Medicaid spending cuts, for example), his misogynist and xenophobic rhetoric, his mean-spirited [...]Show More Summary

Republicans are tied up in knots to keep standing by Trump

By Jennifer Rubin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., got himself tied up in knots over the alleged sexual predations that have convulsed his party. Commenting on the resignation of Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., he told NBC’s Chuck Todd he was “very glad women have had the courage to step forward.” He declared that men “need [...]Show More Summary

Washington Post Writer says there’s “a special place in hell” for Trump’s Top Female Employee

While on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” with host Joy Reid, Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin stated unequivocally that there is a “special place in hell” for women who defend “accused child

WaPo Crackpot “Conservative” Says There’s A Special Place In Hell For Kellyanne Conway (VIDEO)

Guest post by Mike LaChance at American Lookout: Jennifer Rubin is one of the Washington Post’s “conservative” writers. She is also a Never-Trumper who pretty much lost her mind after the election. Now she’s a welcome guest on far left MSNBC programs where she bashes Trump and members of his team. Show More Summary

‘They’d rather keep a child molester in the Capitol’: Conservative Jen Rubin blisters GOP’s thirst for power

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

During an MSNBC panel discussion on the Republican response to accusations against Alabama candidate Roy Moore over sexually abusing teen girls in the late ’70s, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin said GOP “tribal” loyalty is compelling some voters to approve of putting a...

Where will the excuses end for the GOP?

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post says the Republicans must stop making excuses for bad and even criminal behavior just because it is done by Republicans...

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