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Kasich vs. Rubio

And now back to convention speculation. Jennifer Rubin writes about just how far-fetched Kasich’s nomination is. Let’s say that neither Trump nor Cruz can get a majority of delegates, and that the delegates start judging the candidates based on their electability. Show More Summary

Washington Post propagandist for Israel warns Sanders to stay away from the subject, forever

Jennifer Rubin's denunciation of Bernie Sanders's comments on Israel and Palestine are propaganda for Israel, in the Washington Post, from start to finish and represent a warning to Sanders not to touch the issue or we will smear yo...

The Fall Of The GOP Establishment In Jennifer Rubin Headlines

As Republican voters have rejected Sen. Marco Rubio's presidential bid in primary after primary, the establishment wing of the conservative media has gone from cheerleading for his candidacy to calling for the Florida senator to withdraw from the race and rallying behind Sen. Show More Summary

If You Support Cruz You Shouldn't Be An Idiot To Rubio Fans

Me? Oh hell no, I'm rubbing it. I take no joy in the sadness of your average Rubio supporter. But when Jennifer Rubin(!) tells Marco it's over and it's time to make your obedience to our new Dark Lord and...

Now the Establishment Is Cheering the Destruction of the GOP

The Washington Post's very liberal "conservative" establishment GOP shill Jennifer Rubin wants a new GOP party that looks a great deal like the Democrat Party. Ben Sasse, who earlier employed the liberal tactic of using the most unappealing opponents to...

Trump Tells Christie To "Go Home"

The always obnoxious Jennifer Rubin might have summed up this unholy alliance best when she tweeted earlier today: Christie is now an errand boy for a white supremacist — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) February 28, 2016 ..because that's exactly what this looks like. Show More Summary

Neocon savages Christie for failing ‘months and months of careful coaching’ by foreign policy experts

Neoconservatives are having panic attacks over Donald Trump's noninterventionist foreign policy ideas. Robert Kagan, who helped bring us the Iraq war, is endorsing Hillary Clinton. While Jennifer Rubin says Trump endorser Chris Christie finked out after "months and months" of careful coaching on foreign policy by outside experts.

Rubio Fans In The Media Are Still Trying

Marco Rubio may never bounce back from last Saturday's debate, but there are still folks in the media who are just aching for a miraculous recovery. Here's Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post: Rubio remains the best, and perhaps only, candidate who can unite all segments of the party around a smart, compelling and forward-looking message. Show More Summary

Names in Horror: Jennifer Rubin

Fans will recognize the beautiful Jennifer Rubin as the drug-addled Taryn from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Rubin also starred in Bad Dreams the following year, and she can be seen in Beauty Rest from Tales from the Crypt, along with The Crush and Screamers.

'Dilbert' writer has Trump figured out

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin says there is one person who has Donald Trump figured out…the writer of the comic strip “Dilbert."

Does Rubio’s Gang of Eight membership doom him?

(Paul Mirengoff) It wasn’t long ago that conservative proponents of comprehensive immigration reform were insisting that the idea is popular among Republican voters. In 2014, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin told us, “nope, immigration...Show More Summary

The ‘Isolationist’ Smear

After the latest Republican presidential debate, The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin argued that Ted Cruz had undone himself “courting” the “Trumpkin base,” sinking “further into the far-right brew of isolationism

LEADING FROM BEHIND: [embed width=400][/embed] Star…

LEADING FROM BEHIND: Starring President Empty Chair, and his would-be successor, his former Secretary of State who couldn’t be bothered to answer her own 3:00 am phone call. (Via PJM alumnus Jennifer Rubin.)

Trump smears Washington Post opinion writer: ‘She Is in Love With Marco Rubio’

5 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Donald Trump continues to go after reporters who paint him in anything less than a completely flattering light. On Friday afternoon, Trump’s baleful gaze fell upon Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin. Trump called Rubin “one of the dumber bloggers” at the Post and...

Trump on Critical Washington Post Opinion Writer: 'She Is in Love With Marco Rubio'

Jennifer Rubin criticized Trump in her opinion column in the Post, prompting a vicious backlash from the New York real estate mogul.

Donald Trump attacks “low IQ” conservative Washington Post blogger for being “a real dummy”

Jennifer Rubin criticized Trump's plan to have CNN pay him $5 million for next GOP debate, so he unloaded on her

"Highly untalented Wash Post blogger, Jennifer Rubin, a real dummy, never writes fairly about me. Why does Wash Post have low IQ people?"

"You would think a paper like the Washington Post would be fair and objective. For the record, almost all polls showed I won all debates."Tweeted Donald Trump, reacting to Rubin's "Is Donald Trump too chicken to debate?"In the blog post...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Insults a Washington Post Blogger, Leaving Journalists Everywhere Wondering When It Will Be Their Turn

Fresh on the furor over his alleged mocking of one journalist, Donald Trump goes after another on Twitter:For those luckily innocent of exposure to her work, Jennifer Rubin is the house conservative blogger at the Post, and while she has often attracted negative attention for highly mercenary behavior on behalf... More »

Jennifer Rubin: Bush Should 'Put The Screws' To Candidates Opposed To Boots On The Ground In Syria

From this Sunday's Meet the Press, Mitt Romney fangirl and right wing shill, the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin has some campaign advice for Jeb! I hate to break it to Rubin, but the warmongering and calling for more ground troopsShow More Summary

America’s grossest love affair returns: Beltway media predicts a Chris Christie comeback… any day now!

Pundits like Jennifer Rubin keep predicting a Christie revival in the hope that maybe it will actually happen

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