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Why Hillary Won’t Make It

(Steven Hayward) Time out briefly from the Obama Debacle to contemplate the Hillary 2016 debacle-in-waiting. Jennifer Rubin has a nice rundown of all of the new difficulties Hillary mas made for herself lately with all of the usual foibles we associate with the adjective “Clintonian” but without any of the Big Dog’s roguish charm. Show More Summary

Who reads a column called "A meaningless State of the Union" that begins "Why bother with the State of the Union?"

Here it is, by Jennifer Rubin. I'm just pointing at it because the headline captured my attitude, and the SOTU happened, and I wanted to commemorate the event somehow. Did I listen to the speech? I'm not sure. It was on, and I was near the television. Show More Summary

Romney’s best bud flees: Mitt’s most reliable media hack turns her back on him

WaPo's Jennifer Rubin was the hackiest of pro-Romney hacks in 2012, but even she's not on board with Mitt 2016

Jen Hearts Mittens Jeb

You heard about how the guy with the Romney face tattoo is no longer backing Romney? That’s nothing! It’s to a post by WaPo’s Republican blogger Jennifer Rubin, that thoroughly mocks and trashes the idea of Mitt ‘16. I’m not sure which analogy most aptly describes how shocking this is. Peter’s three-fold denial of Christ? […]

Washington Post 's Jennifer Rubin (Maybe) Gives Up On Mitt Romney

After a long period of dishonestly flacking for Mitt Romney, Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin appears to have given up on him and is urging him not to run for president a third time. In two recent blog posts, Rubin reacts negatively to the news that Romney is considering running for president in 2016. Show More Summary

Jennifer Rubin: Tapping 'Middle Class Angst' Key to GOP Nomination

Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin argued that tapping into "middle class angst" would be the key to winning the Republican nomination for president in 2016 and that Jeb Bush would lose if he ran as an "elitist" on Wednesday's "Laura...Show More Summary

Washington Posts's Jennifer Rubin Calls Rep. Steve King "Hateful" And "Racist"

Yesterday in an interview with Iowa Congressman Steve King to discuss the "Iowa Freedom Summit," a multi-candidate forum for presidential hopefuls, King claimed that Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin called him a "racist" to a member of his staff during a phone exchange earlier in the day. Show More Summary

Headline Inversion: The Consequences of a Jennifer Rubin Mindset on Terrorism

8 months agoNews : Reason

Washington Post neoconservative and big government cheerleader Jennifer Rubin published her latest bit of agitation for a renewed War in Iraq under the misleading headline: "The consequences of a radical mindset on jihadist terror."Show More Summary

Right-Wing Consensus Won't Let You Forget: Rand Paul Might not Be as Warry as You'd Like!

8 months agoNews : Reason

Readers of Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, be ready for a lot of repetition of this point as the 2016 election season dawns: Hey Republicans! Even Hillary is more ready to start a war than this Rand Paul guy! Don't vote for him,...Show More Summary

Oh Dear God In Heaven. I Agree With....I Can't Event Type It

I'm not sure what sign of the Apocalypse this is but you're going to want to get right with your God ASAP. If you had asked me ten minutes ago what I thought Jennifer Rubin would suggest the GOP do...

Happy Hour Roundup

The most common response you hear from Republicans when asked why they won’t pass immigration reform is that they don’t trust President Obama to enforce the law. Jennifer Rubin reports on a poll from a GOP firm showing that even Republican voters don’t believe this argument: 86% of Republicans believe Congress should take action […]

In Defense of Rand Paul's Foreign Policy (II)

On June 9, 2014, Jennifer Rubin delivered an impassioned intellectually resistant Papal-like Bull against Rand Paul's foreign policy reminiscent of Pope Callixtus III's alleged Bull against Halley's Comet in 1456. Ms. Rubin styles herself...Show More Summary

Is Jennifer Rubin ever right? Eric Cantor edition

10 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! From the pundit who hilariously predicted Mitt Romney would win the White House, and Minnesota along with it, and thinks the Oregon and Virginia Senate races are in play this year, came... well, this...Show More Summary

We Went to North Carolina: Jennifer Meanley at SECCA and Nancy Rubins at The Weatherspoon

11 months agoArts : Art Fag City

In which we discuss Jennifer Meanley at SECCA and Nancy Rubins at The Weatherspoon.

Alison Lundergan Grimes getting rock-star treatment in Kentucky

11 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Jennifer Rubin, a few of days ago: Finally, the Kentucky Senate general election will remain competitive, but Alison Lundergan Grimes is proving to be a less adept candidate, to both sides’ surprise. Reality: Not only is she getting strong coverage, she's drawing big, enthusiastic crowds. “Well this will be a little bit like church. Show More Summary

Forget data, Jennifer Rubin has 'Republican insiders'

11 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

No, Jennifer, Sen. Jeff Merkley isn't going anywhere. Jennifer Rubin, a week before the 2012 elections: Romney rising, Obama overwhelmed In sum, you have one camp where the message, the electorate and the news are all downers. On the...Show More Summary

"The worst excuse ever: The Rhodes memo debacle."

By Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post. That's helpful, sorting through egregious bullshit.But surely that can't be the worst excuse in the history of the world. If you're going to pick apart other people's rhetoric, you ought to resist deploying superlatives. Show More Summary

Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin is on to our dastardly (popular) agenda!

New rule: If you thought this guy was going to win, you can't call anyone else "deluded." Jennifer Rubin headline: Tom Steyer, self-deluded liberal billionaire Funny for Rubin to call anyone "self-deluded" when it was she who wrote, a week before the November 2012 elections: Romney rising, Obama overwhelmed [...]Show More Summary

The War Over The Core, Ctd

Jennifer Rubin sighs over growing right-wing distrust of the Common Core: The rationale for Common Core is that state standards, even the best of them, are far too low, leaving our kids in the dust behind international competition. (“A 2009 study by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found no state had reading proficiency standards […]

'WaPo' conservative columnist: 'Strident' marriage equality opponents have lost

last yearLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Jennifer Rubin, conservative columnist at Washington Post's "Right Turn" blog: The strident anti-gay marriage and anti-gay rights forces on the right, having lost their grip on public opinion, now can’t convince fellow Republicans of their views.... The opposition to...

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