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“Soul Searching” for thee but not for me

(Paul Mirengoff) Jennifer Rubin, whose “Right Turn” space at the Washington Post seems reserved lately for attacks on Donald Trump, finds “problematic” last night’s “Make America Safe Again” theme at the GOP convention. The most consistent anti-Trump voices in the party, she notes, have been foreign policy conservatives. Show More Summary

Can John Cochrane and Jennifer Rubin handle the truth about the lump-of-labor fallacy?

An open letter to John Cochrane and Jennifer Rubin Dear John Cochrane and Jennifer Rubin, I read with interest your column, Jennifer, which led me to your chapter, John, in Blueprint for America on trade and immigration. I have studied the history of the lump-of-labor fallacy claim for nearly 20 years and have have published several […]

WaPo house conservative: Hillary is the grown-up America needs

(Paul Mirengoff) Jennifer Rubin is the author of “Right Turn,” a conservative space in the Washington Post. Some on the right question whether Rubin is a conservative, but I don’t I believe I ever have. I was surprised, therefore, by Rubin’s latest offering. Show More Summary


SENATE REPORT: STATE DEPARTMENT FUNDED EFFORT TO OVERTHROW NETANYAHU. As Jennifer Rubin adds at the Washington Post, “Netanyahu survived the election, of course, and Obama will not face the voters again. Nevertheless, the report won’t help the unprecedentedly antagonistic relationship between the U.S.’s and Israel’s elected leaders. Show More Summary

Wow Even Jennifer Rubin Says GOP Voters 'Lack Common Sense'

Regular Crooks and Liars readers know that Jennifer Rubin has long been a defender of the Republican lie machine. Here are just a few headlines we've used here at C&L about Jennifer: Jennifer Rubin Falsely Claims Obama Never Mentioned...Show More Summary

With Trump, Republicans now fit the stereotype: Racism charges will stick (Guest Voice)

By Jennifer Rubin Since the 1960s, Republicans have had to battle against liberal elites’ accusations that the GOP is exclusionary, anti-immigrant, uninterested in the fate of minorities and downright racist because the party rejected top-down welfare state programs, opposed race-based quotas and did not have a lot of national nonwhite leaders. That changed somewhat under [...]Show More Summary

Obama Calls for Social Security Expansion, Nebraska Sen. Ebke Ditches GOP for Libertarian Party, California Wants Copyright for State Records: A.M. Links

2 months agoNews : Reason

"It’s understandable that social conservatives are frustrated" by Donald Trump, writes Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, "but attacks on Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson verge on comical." Nebraska state Sen. Laura Ebke...Show More Summary

6 reasons anti-Trump ‘thoughtful’ Republicans will go for Hillary Clinton

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

By Jennifer Rubin It has not gone unnoticed that Hillary Clinton is reaching out to independents and any “thoughtful Republican.” How could she enhance her chances? 1) She should empathize with them. These are people in the party of Lincoln who’ve seen their party hijacked by a...

WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Breaks Up With Abusive Dumb Nightmare Boyfriend, The GOP

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin breaks up with the GOP for being too crass, stupid, and angry. Maybe she is libertarian-curious?

Breitbart’s anti-Semitic headline is a sympton of Trump’s bigoted views

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

By Jennifer Rubin Breitbart, the rightwing Web site that has served as a cheering section for Donald Trump’s campaign (even going so far as to smear its own reporter, Michele Fields, who accused Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of manhandling her), created a firestorm in social media...

The Existential Agony of the Anti-Trump Right-Wing Blogger

Anyone who's spent much time reading the Washington Post's designated conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin, or dealt with her (as I have) in media appearances, knows her as one of the most intensely partisan writers of an intensely partisan era. Her devotion to Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential cycle was ... More »

Kasich vs. Rubio

And now back to convention speculation. Jennifer Rubin writes about just how far-fetched Kasich’s nomination is. Let’s say that neither Trump nor Cruz can get a majority of delegates, and that the delegates start judging the candidates based on their electability. Show More Summary

Washington Post propagandist for Israel warns Sanders to stay away from the subject, forever

Jennifer Rubin's denunciation of Bernie Sanders's comments on Israel and Palestine are propaganda for Israel, in the Washington Post, from start to finish and represent a warning to Sanders not to touch the issue or we will smear yo...

The Fall Of The GOP Establishment In Jennifer Rubin Headlines

As Republican voters have rejected Sen. Marco Rubio's presidential bid in primary after primary, the establishment wing of the conservative media has gone from cheerleading for his candidacy to calling for the Florida senator to withdraw from the race and rallying behind Sen. Show More Summary

If You Support Cruz You Shouldn't Be An Idiot To Rubio Fans

Me? Oh hell no, I'm rubbing it. I take no joy in the sadness of your average Rubio supporter. But when Jennifer Rubin(!) tells Marco it's over and it's time to make your obedience to our new Dark Lord and...

Now the Establishment Is Cheering the Destruction of the GOP

The Washington Post's very liberal "conservative" establishment GOP shill Jennifer Rubin wants a new GOP party that looks a great deal like the Democrat Party. Ben Sasse, who earlier employed the liberal tactic of using the most unappealing opponents to...

Trump Tells Christie To "Go Home"

The always obnoxious Jennifer Rubin might have summed up this unholy alliance best when she tweeted earlier today: Christie is now an errand boy for a white supremacist — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) February 28, 2016 ..because that's exactly what this looks like. Show More Summary

Neocon savages Christie for failing ‘months and months of careful coaching’ by foreign policy experts

Neoconservatives are having panic attacks over Donald Trump's noninterventionist foreign policy ideas. Robert Kagan, who helped bring us the Iraq war, is endorsing Hillary Clinton. While Jennifer Rubin says Trump endorser Chris Christie finked out after "months and months" of careful coaching on foreign policy by outside experts.

Rubio Fans In The Media Are Still Trying

Marco Rubio may never bounce back from last Saturday's debate, but there are still folks in the media who are just aching for a miraculous recovery. Here's Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post: Rubio remains the best, and perhaps only, candidate who can unite all segments of the party around a smart, compelling and forward-looking message. Show More Summary

Names in Horror: Jennifer Rubin

Fans will recognize the beautiful Jennifer Rubin as the drug-addled Taryn from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Rubin also starred in Bad Dreams the following year, and she can be seen in Beauty Rest from Tales from the Crypt, along with The Crush and Screamers.

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