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Jennifer Rubin: Bush Should 'Put The Screws' To Candidates Opposed To Boots On The Ground In Syria

From this Sunday's Meet the Press, Mitt Romney fangirl and right wing shill, the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin has some campaign advice for Jeb! I hate to break it to Rubin, but the warmongering and calling for more ground troopsShow More Summary

America’s grossest love affair returns: Beltway media predicts a Chris Christie comeback… any day now!

Pundits like Jennifer Rubin keep predicting a Christie revival in the hope that maybe it will actually happen

Jennifer Rubin praises Boehner’s “Act of Selflessness”

Jennifer Rubin, who according to the Washington Post offers "reported opinion from a conservative perspective," has proclaimed that [mc_name name='Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)' chamber='house' mcid='B000589' ]'s notice of resignation is an act of selflessness. Show More Summary

Partly Hoisted from Jennifer Rubin's Archives: I Should Have Listened to Norm Ornstein!

Norm Ornstein observes Jennifer Rubin (2015) saying "I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO NORM ORNSTEIN THREE YEARS AGO!!" to Jennifer Rubin (2012): Jennifer Rubin (September 15, 2015): [Perry exits: A sad sign of our politics]( More Summary

The Israel lobby is alive and well– and split

Jennifer Rubin says Democrats have turned against Israel and Jonathan Chait says that the Israel lobby blew the Iran Deal and was never very powerful. They are both wrong. The lobby is alive and well, and split between them.

DEMOCRATS ARE SOCIALISTS, IF YOU BELIEVE BERNIE-MANIA, Jennifer Rubin writes in the Washington Post …

DEMOCRATS ARE SOCIALISTS, IF YOU BELIEVE BERNIE-MANIA, Jennifer Rubin writes in the Washington Post today. But didn’t the Post itself confirm this at the start of the Obama administration, back when the paper still published Newswee...

Seven conservative mistakes

Jennifer Rubin, writing in the Washington Post, highlight how conservative rhetoric often gets it wrong. A sample: Third, hyperbole can make you sound like a nut. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) on Friday made this pronouncement: “Today is some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history.” That is preposterous considering wars, stock market crashes, […]

Jennifer Rubin Calls Out GOP Candidates Who ‘Flunked the Flag Test’

5 months agoIndustries / Media : FishbowlDC

While much of the coverage of the GOP candidates’ positions on the confederate flag followed in the horse race tradition, focusing on the political expediency and strategies behind adopting yay or nea stances or merely noting each candidate’s...Show More Summary

Misinformed on Common Core? This Won't Set You Straight

Whenever someone declares opponents of the Common Core “misinformed,” get ready: there’s probably a lot more misinformation coming your way. Case in point, a new offering from Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin attacking Wisconsin Gov. Show More Summary

Is Hillary’s Candidacy Just Another Business Deal?

(Steven Hayward) Jennifer Rubin notes this morning that Hillary’s obviously terrible campaign skills are getting noticed in the mainstream media. It’s so bad that Hillary is actually going to launch her campaign a second time next month with a big public rally. Show More Summary

Crackpotism in the GOP

“Republicans have their own problem: They tolerate far too many crackpots.” – Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin....................................................................................

Rubin: GOP Should Not Be 'Haven for the Unhinged'

Jennifer Rubin: Republicans are taking a certain amount of glee in watching the Democrats' ethical contortions as they try to back Hillary Clinton without accepting her self-dealing as business as usual. But Republicans have their own problem: They tolerate far too many crackpots.... Show More Summary

Has Jennifer Rubin woken up? Pundit warns GOP 2016 lineup looks like “haven for the unhinged”

The conservative pundit and former Romney shill calls out lunacy in the GOP...and she makes a lot of sense

Why Hillary Won’t Make It

(Steven Hayward) Time out briefly from the Obama Debacle to contemplate the Hillary 2016 debacle-in-waiting. Jennifer Rubin has a nice rundown of all of the new difficulties Hillary mas made for herself lately with all of the usual foibles we associate with the adjective “Clintonian” but without any of the Big Dog’s roguish charm. Show More Summary

Who reads a column called "A meaningless State of the Union" that begins "Why bother with the State of the Union?"

Here it is, by Jennifer Rubin. I'm just pointing at it because the headline captured my attitude, and the SOTU happened, and I wanted to commemorate the event somehow. Did I listen to the speech? I'm not sure. It was on, and I was near the television. Show More Summary

Romney’s best bud flees: Mitt’s most reliable media hack turns her back on him

WaPo's Jennifer Rubin was the hackiest of pro-Romney hacks in 2012, but even she's not on board with Mitt 2016

Jen Hearts Mittens Jeb

You heard about how the guy with the Romney face tattoo is no longer backing Romney? That’s nothing! It’s to a post by WaPo’s Republican blogger Jennifer Rubin, that thoroughly mocks and trashes the idea of Mitt ‘16. I’m not sure which analogy most aptly describes how shocking this is. Peter’s three-fold denial of Christ? […]

Washington Post 's Jennifer Rubin (Maybe) Gives Up On Mitt Romney

After a long period of dishonestly flacking for Mitt Romney, Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin appears to have given up on him and is urging him not to run for president a third time. In two recent blog posts, Rubin reacts negatively to the news that Romney is considering running for president in 2016. Show More Summary

Jennifer Rubin: Tapping 'Middle Class Angst' Key to GOP Nomination

Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin argued that tapping into "middle class angst" would be the key to winning the Republican nomination for president in 2016 and that Jeb Bush would lose if he ran as an "elitist" on Wednesday's "Laura...Show More Summary

Washington Posts's Jennifer Rubin Calls Rep. Steve King "Hateful" And "Racist"

Yesterday in an interview with Iowa Congressman Steve King to discuss the "Iowa Freedom Summit," a multi-candidate forum for presidential hopefuls, King claimed that Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin called him a "racist" to a member of his staff during a phone exchange earlier in the day. Show More Summary

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