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ANSWERING THE STUPID QUESTIONS: Would racism exist if there had been no US slavery? The answer, …

ANSWERING THE STUPID QUESTIONS: Would racism exist if there had been no US slavery? The answer, of course, is yes. When Gunnar Myrdal wrote about racism in his An American Dilemma, it wasn’t the racism that made Jim Crow an American dilemma — it was the racism set against a founding document that declared that […]

North Carolina Took 17 Days To Ask Supreme Court To Rescue Its Voter ID Law

The state of North Carolina on Monday filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court so that it can enforce a broad set of voting restrictions that an appeals court in July called one of the worst “since the era of Jim Crow.” That...Show More Summary

"Olympic Pride, American Prejudice": How 18 Black Olympians Defied Jim Crow & Hitler in 1936

'Democracy Now looks at a new documentary that looks at the 17 African-American athletes who, along with noted track and fielder Jesse Owens, defied Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler to participate in the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany.Show More Summary

Battling the New Jim Crow

North Dakota joined the walk of shame. It became the latest state to have its 2013 voter I. D. law overturned. Native Americans successfully pressed the case that North Dakota did not have a voter fraud problem that needed fixing. Its mandatory I.D. law was intended to put a damper on Native American suffrage. In [...]Show More Summary

Live Chat with author/TPM Prime contributor Joan Quigley today at noon EST

Joan Quigley is the author of "Just Another Southern Town: Mary Church Terrell and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Nation's Capital" and "The Black Woman Who Led the Fight Against Jim Crow – And Why No One Has Ever Heard of Her" featured in TPM's new longform magazine The Arch. Show More Summary

A Georgia town is sending police to black residents’ homes to challenge their voting rights

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Jim Crow laws have been off the books for years, but that hasn’t stopped individual states and cities from coming up with new ways to depress minority voter turnout. Last week, for instance, a U.S. appeals court struck down a North Carolina voter ID law that it said was specifically designed...

Elizabeth Warren’s Devastating Trump Hit: She Drew a Straight Line from Jim Crow to Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren's DNC speech made a crucial point about Trumpism's racial hatred: nobody benefits except the rich. The Democratic National Convention got off to about as rough a start as you could imagine, with the party committee chair abruptly resigning and her replacementfending off choruses of boos from delegates loyal to Bernie Sanders. Show More Summary

You May Never Have Heard Her Name

This morning we're publishing the second edition of TPM's new virtual magazine, The Arch with an article (sub.req) on the life of Mary Church Terrell, a pivotal leader of the fight against Jim Crow who most of public memory and much of history has simply forgotten. Show More Summary

Exploring the Unsung ‘Pioneers of African-American Cinema’

How is it possible that the most prolific African-American filmmaker of the 20th century is still virtually unknown? Or that a filmmaking movement by African-Americans in the Jim Crow era receives only token acknowledgment in most film histories? During the first half of the 20th century, when African-Americans were virtually invisible in mainstream films, as […]

Ted Cruz Says Building Trump's Wall Is Like Fighting Slavery and Jim Crow

In a primetime address to the Republican National Convention Wednesday, Ted Cruz compared GOP efforts to restrict immigration to the Civil Rights Movement's fight against Jim Crow laws. But the Texas senator was loudly booed by Donald...Show More Summary

You’ll Never Guess Which College is Bringing Racial Segregation Back to Campus

The idea of racial segregation on campus might sound like an old-fashioned idea from the Jim Crow era. Liberals would like to paint conservatives as being the main group that

Police Are Using Tragedies in Dallas and Orlando to Demand More Militarized Weapons

As Black Lives Matter protests continue, police are clamoring to bulk up their arsenals. Police killings of black people, which last year outnumbered lynchings of African Americans during the worst year of Jim Crow, have touched off two years of nationwide protests for racial justice that have forced police brutality into the global spotlight. Show More Summary

Living in a world that’s falling apart, and better than ever

last monthNews : The Raw Story

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2016 – In the 1960s, America was a worse place than it is today. Jim Crow still ruled the South. In 1963, white supremacist terrorists planted a bomb at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, klling four little girls and wounding 22 others. The next year,...

My Morning Jacket share new song “The First Time” — listen

Written for Cameron Crowe's Roadies in conjunction with Jim James' appearance on the show.

Hush, Child: A Black Mom's Tongue-Tied Attempt To Explain Cops Who Kill Us

Mama didn't talk much about her girlhood in the Jim Crow south. I didn't know about "colored" and "white" designated water fountains until I watched Cicely Tyson's parched lips take the screen in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Like...Show More Summary

"[S]ome students embrace Mr. Trump as a way of rebelling against the intricate rules surrounding privilege and microaggression, and provoking the keepers of those rules."

"... And Mr. Trump’s rise is shifting the country’s racial discourse just as the millennial generation comes fully of age, more and more distant from the horrors of the Holocaust, or the government-sanctioned racism of Jim Crow.... For a generation weaned on a diet of civic multiculturalism, supporting Mr. Show More Summary

Tuesday Links: Fox News Not A Fan of Dread Scott’s Flag at Jack Shainman

2 months agoArts : Art Fag City

Jack Shainman has hung Dread Scott’s “A MAN WAS LYNCHED BY POLICE YESTERDAY” flag above the gallery, referencing the iconic Jim Crow era NAACP flag. Predictably, our colleagues over at Fox News find this controversial and insensitive following the mass shooting in Dallas in which five police officers were killed. Show More Summary

Michelle Alexander's Colonizing Little Sister At Harvard University Continues Research On "Mass Incarceration" But Failed To Speak About STOLEN UPLIFT AND DEVELOPMENT Through "Progressive Fundamentalist Rocket Fuel Diversion"

PLEASE RECALL THAT I READ MICHELLE ALEXANDER'S BOOK "THE NEW JIM CROW" THREE TIMES First To Read It For Pleasure Second - To Highlight The Main Colonization Arguments That She Made Third - Focusing On The Highlights To Make A Blog Post...Show More Summary

Gun Control Is the New Jim Crow

Blacks are expected to dismiss their natural, God-given right to protect themselves, while at the same time they are propagandized to disdain the police as irredeemably hateful and racist.

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