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A WWI–Era Memo Asking French Officers to Practice Jim Crow With Black American Troops

In this memo published by W.E.B. DuBois in the NAACP’s magazine the Crisis in 1919, a French liaison to the American military in France counsels French officers on the proper treatment of black American troops. The memo, signed by Colonel J.L.A. Show More Summary

Kathleen Parker Is Awfully Solicitous Of Black People's Feelings All Of A Sudden

Kathleen Parker thinks Bernie Sanders has been awfully rude to black people: African Americans in the South can’t get a break when it comes to voting, as history can’t deny. After all they’ve endured through slavery, Jim Crow and the...Show More Summary

Reforming Academia in 2016

Colleges and universities are creating intellectually stifling environments comparable to Jim Crow America.

The Battle to Represent Marginalized Histories in California Textbooks

Textbook controversies are nothing new — and they are important. From Texas, where textbooks gloss over slavery and Jim Crow, to, well, Texas, where biology textbooks like to inform us that creationism is a scientific theory on par with evolution, textbooks have long been a space of debating social power. This article from Aria Thaker in […]

Ben Carson: Delegate Rules are Like Jim Crow

Ben Carson, just stop, please! Appearing on MSNBC, the former presidential candidate argued that just because a law or rules are in place doesn’t mean they are right, pointing to Jim Crow laws during the era of racial segregation. Carson then went on to question the Electoral College. “During the Jim Crow era, those were […]

Ben Carson: The GOP Delegate Rules Basically Like Jim Crow

At this point anyone who thinks Ben Carson is anything but totally bought-and-paid-for by Donald Trump and will do or say anything he is told is totally delusional. The post Ben Carson: The GOP Delegate Rules Basically Like Jim Crow appeared first on RedState.

Alex Jones Thinks GOP Delegate Rules Are Worse Than Jim Crow Laws

The Trump talking point of the day must be the Orwellian comparison of Republican party rules to the truly horrible Jim Crow laws of earlier days. Ben Carson led off the pack this morning with his ridiculous comparison. I guess a Black...Show More Summary

Ben Carson: 'During the Jim Crow Era, Those Were the Rules, Too'

There was a time when Republicans as a whole and conservatives in particular used to really object to willy-nilly comparisons of the controversy du jour to the Jim Crow Era. Apparently that time ended.  “You know, during the Jim Crow...Show More Summary

Ben Carson Compares RNC Rules To Jim Crow Laws

Ben Carson has compared the delegate election process in Colorado to the racially-oppressive voting rules of the Jim Crow era. The former neurosurgeon and former Republican Presidential primary candidate made the remarks in responseShow More Summary

Bernie and Black Southerners

The following post comes from Adele Oltman. Adele is the author of Sacred Mission, Worldly Ambition: Black Christian Nationalism in the Age of Jim Crow (University of Georgia Press). Adele Oltman The most significant thing about Bernie...Show More Summary

Dr. Ben Carson Compares Colorado Delegate Rules To Jim Crow Laws

Donald Trump is still fuming about being out played in the delegate fight in the state of Colorado. He just penned a piece in the WSJ that dropped this morning called Let Me Ask America A Question On Saturday, April 9, Colorado had an “election” without voters. Show More Summary

Carson Compares RNC Convention Rules to ‘Jim Crow Era’ Laws

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Speaking to Andrea Mitchell, former GOP candidate and dubiously supportive Trump surrogate Dr. Ben Carson compared the arcane RNC convention rules, which are currently dogging the real estate mogul, to Jim Crow laws.

Ben Carson on Colorado’s rules: The Jim Crow era had rules too, you know

"I’m not saying this is the same. But, you know, I think you get the point."

Sanders Accuses GOP of Wanting to Bring Back Jim Crow Laws

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are vying for the African-American vote ahead of Tuesday’s New York primary, both addressing Al Sharpton’s...

Bernie Sanders, in Manhattan, says GOP trying 'to bring back Jim Crow'

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, at a Manhattan gathering of black activists Thursday, blasted Republican leaders who he said are crafting "ways to shrink the voter turnout." “We... To view the full story, click the title link...

Bernie Delcares Voter ID Laws the New Jim Crow, Actual Black People Disagree

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said during a speech Thursday that a large majority of African-Americans support Jim Crow laws.

Bernie Sanders to Black Audience: GOP Wants To Bring Back ‘Jim Crow Days’

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Speaking to the National Action Network Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Republicans were trying to bring America "back to the Jim Crow days" by passing voter ID laws.

Stupidest Man on the Internet: Trump Is DOMINATING With New York Women!

DERP Let's kick off another week of batshit crazy politics with a typically hilarious post from the fabled Stupidest Man on the Internet, Jim "Dim" Hoft, who's crowing and preening about a Fox News poll that shows (according to the SMOTI)...Show More Summary

Islamic Terror and Collective Guilt

Spencer Case concludes: If white moderates deserve blame for their inaction against Jim Crow, then perhaps moderate Muslims today can be faulted for failing to combat a culture of jihad. I would add, however, that while Jim Crow has been...

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