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???? Depressed On Your Job Search? Take This Quick Test

Use this simple self-test to find out if your job search is keeping you down more than it should.

When you’re most likely to start looking for a new job

A disappointing performance review. An acquisition by some big faceless corporation. A bonus that was kind of 'meh.' These might seem like the most obvious milestones that would prompt someone's job search activity -- fueled by feeling undervalued, under-appreciated or apprehensive about the professional changes to come -- to see a big boost. Show More Summary

New Grad RN Job Search, Reboot Recruiting Strategy, & Expanding Telemedicine

This blog post by Nacole Riccaboni offered some good tips for how newly graduated registered nurses can improve their resumes by emphasizing the experiences they have gained in training. Since you have no bedside nursing experience, your resume should be filled with nursing school experience […]

Is Your Lack Of Confidence Holding Your Job Search Back?

Is Your Lack Of Confidence Holding Your Job Search Back? CAREEREALISM Is your lack of confidence holding you back while trying to find a job? Change the direction of your thoughts today and land the job you want! The post Is Your Lack Of Confidence Holding Your Job Search Back? appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

America's Hottest Spots For Tech Jobs [Infographics]

The San Francisco Bay area has long reigned supreme as America's capital for technology jobs. However, high salaries and soaring house prices are forcing some startups to cast their eyes elsewhere in search of lower costs. That has resulted in the healthy growth of technology jobs in other parts of [...]

First Amendment rights don't trump NYPD's duty to do their jobs

yesterdayNews : NY Daily News

Thousands of times a day NYPD cops make snap judgments — deciding to arrest, summons, detain, search or use force against people.

5 Important Things Other Than Salary You Should Consider in Your Job Search

Is salary the most important consideration when choosing a job? originally appeared on Quora: the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Paul K. Young, Software Engineer at Google, on Quora: Compensation is important; it says a lot about the job and the company. Show More Summary

Use Olympian Strategy to Organize Your Job Search

Olympic athletes need to stay organized to meet their training goals and do well during competitions. Using strategies these elite athletes employ is a great way to keep your job search on track. Here are a few organization tips from top athletes to keep you moving toward your goals. Show More Summary

What Is the Best Time to Schedule a Job Interview – Ask #HR Bartender

We’ve talked a lot here about the do’s and don’ts of job search including LinkedIn profile tips, resume resources, and following-up after a job interview. This question is a new one: Hi Sharlyn. Do you know if there is any advantageShow More Summary

21 Tips to Nail Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

Interviews are one of the worst parts of the job search process, some would say the worst. Do you prepare properly? These simple tips could help a lot!...

5 Secrets Savvy Job Seekers DON’T Want You To Know

5 Secrets Savvy Job Seekers DON’T Want You To Know CAREEREALISM What do savvy job seekers do that you don’t? Here are some strategic habits you should start adding to your job search routine... The post 5 Secrets Savvy Job Seekers DON’T Want You To Know appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

10 Easy Ways to "Epic Fail" Your Job Search

With the summer coming to the end, many people are taking advantage of the last days of vacation. However, those of us who work in either career services or college/university relations areas are already ramping up for what promises to be an exciting and robust recruiting season. Those of you [...]

What You Will Need to Prepare for Your Job Search

A successful job search relies heavily on preparation. Candidates need to spend ample time not only completing application materials but also compiling career goals. Prepare for your search with a clear focus in mind to narrow your findings and opportunities to positions that fit your skills. Show More Summary

4 Lessons Learned from a Bad Intervfiew

It is inevitable that job seekers experience a bad interview during their job search. The good news is that you can learn valuable lessons from less-than-stellar experiences when meeting with potential employers. Learn how to turn these interview mistakes into opportunities to improve your strategies to better prepare yourself for the job market. Show More Summary

A backup plan may set your job search up to fail

Landing your dream job is a daunting prospect for anyone. So you might be forgiven for thinking that the smartest thing to do when pursuing an ambitious career is also thinking up a Plan B, in case your Plan A goes wrong. Right? Making plans is usually thought to be a good thing, and having a backup...

Don’t Try This at Home: You Are Not Going to Make Money With These Five Side Hustles

Side hustles represent the new American dream: making more money, without going through the trauma of the job search process, or retraining for an entirely new career. But not every side gig is created equal. Pick the wrong one, and you could watch your time and money go down the drain, without a thing to show for it except frustration. Show More Summary

Are You Bold Enough to Try Some of These Unconventional Tips?

When you're knee-deep in the job search, it can seem like an endless parade of applications, phone calls and rejection letters. Conventional methods of looking for a job may not be enough in today's ultra-competitive job market. To increase your odds of success, consider the following unconventional job search strategies. Show More Summary

Are You Misinterpretating What the Interviewer Says?

Keeping your optimism in check can help you maintain realistic expectations during a job search. If you're prone to overconfidence, you may expect an offer after a great job interview, leading to crushing disappointment when the callback never comes. Show More Summary

Job Posting: Director of the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute

The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute has opened their search for a new director. For the past 15 years, CAARI has played an important part in my career as an archaeologist and historian, and the two directors of the institute played no small part in the success of my field project, the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project.… Read More ?

NFL hires Cathy Lanier as top security official

After a search process that included advertising the job on the Internet, the NFL has finally found a replacement for V.P. of security Jeff Miller. The league announced Tuesday that Cathy Lanier will assume the role next month. In 2007, Lanier became the Chief of Police for the Metropolitan Police Department for the District of Columbia, serving…

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