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The spymasters: Twelve fascinating men, one covert agency

For the first time ever, all 12 living CIA directors from George H.W. Bush to current Director John Brennan share their insights into the urgent question of our time: how can they keep America safe?

CIA director: There's no need to release the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 report

There's no need to release the classified 9/11 report, and having that information in the public would be unhelpful, CIA director said on Sunday's "Meet the Press" on NBC. CIA Director John Brennan warned that the 28 pages of the report...Show More Summary

9/11 Damage Control Begins: CIA Director Warns "28 Pages" Contains Inaccurate Information

It appears the reality of the so-called "28 pages" - removed from the 9/11 Commission report - being unclassified may be getting closer and many suspect. Why do we say that? Because none other than CIA Director John Brennan did the Sunday...Show More Summary

CIA Director Warns Against Releasing Secret 9/11 Pages, Says They're Full of Inaccuracies

Despite mounting pressure to release 28 classified pages in a 2002 report on the 9/11 attacks, CIA Director John Brennan advised against it on...

John Brennan Fights Release Of 9/11 Report’s Secret Chapter

CIA Director John Brennan is defending a decision to keep 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report classified, saying they contain inaccurate information that could wrongfully link the Saudi government to the 9/11 terror attacks. People fighting to see the pages released claim the information needs further scrutiny. Show More Summary

Death of Daesh Leader to Impact Group Greatly - CIA Chief

Death of Daesh jihadi group’s leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi would have a great effect on the extremist organization, Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan said.

CIA director says unverified material in secret 9/11 pages

WASHINGTON (AP) — CIA Director John Brennan says a 28-page secret chapter from a congressional inquiry into 9/11 contains preliminary information about possible Saudi links to the attackers that hadn't been corroborated or checked out at the time.

CIA Director: Missing 9/11 Report Pages Contain 'Inaccurate' Information

3 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday defended the government's decision to withhold 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report, telling NBC the classified pages contain "inaccurate" information that could be used to tie Saudi Arabia to the...Show More Summary

CIA Director Pays Unannounced Visit to Bosnia - Reports

US Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan is in Bosnia on an unannounced visit for talks with officials, the Web news publication Balkan Insight reported Friday.

Torture Is Not the Answer

Too little, and much too late. CIA Director John Brennan this week declared that the CIA would refuse to engage in waterboarding in the future, even if ordered to do so. This was the latest in a recent string of … Please continue reading.

CIA: No More Waterboarding

From Fox News: CIA Director John Brennan has said that his spy agency will not use controversial interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, even if ordered to do so by a future president. Brennan made the remarks in an interview with NBC News released Sunday. Photo by USDAgov

#AE16 North Down: UUP’s co-option of Chambers could be the deciding factor

2 months agoNews : Slugger O'Toole

Candidates: [DUP] Alex Easton, Gordon Dunne, Peter Weir. [UUP] Alan Chambers, Chris Eisenstadt, Carl McClean. [Alliance] Stephen Farry, Andrew Muir. [Greens] Steven Agnew. [SDLP] Conal Browne. [UKIP] Bill Piper. [TUV] John Brennan. [NI Conservatives] Frank Shivers. Show More Summary

The absurd torture debate: CIA Director John Brennan’s remarks on interrogations shows how low the GOP has sunk

Torture is immoral and will be illegal for the foreseeable future, but Donald Trump and the GOP won't give it up

Donald Trump On Waterboarding

USA Today: Donald Trump is taking on CIA Director John Brennan on torture, saying Brennan’s pledge not to allow waterboarding is “ridiculous.” Brennan said on NBC News Sunday that he would not allow enhanced interrogation tactics, including waterboarding, even if a future president ordered it. “I think his comments are ridiculous,” Trump said on Fox […]

US Troops May Face Prison for Refusing Trump Presidency’s ‘Illegal’ Orders

Despite claims by CIA Director John Brennan and America’s top military leaders that waterboarding, torture, and targeted civilian killings are illegal, the legal grey area could go against US soldiers.

CIA Would Ignore Torture Orders From A President Cruz Or Trump, Director Says

2 months agoNews : Huffington Post

CIA chief John Brennan says in no uncertain terms that he would refuse to comply with any order from a future president that would force his agents to engage in torture, like waterboarding, during interrogation of terror suspects. "I...Show More Summary

Trump Defends Waterboarding (Again), Texas A.G. Charged (Again), Virginia Gov. Won't Authorize Electric Chair: P.M. Links

2 months agoNews : Reason

Donald Trump says CIA Director John Brennan’s promise that agents would refuse to bring back waterboarding is "ridiculous." Apparently Trump's own progeny will not be able to vote for him in New York because they didn't register as Republicans...Show More Summary

Former CIA Counsel: The Agency Would Refuse Unlawful Actions Proposed By Trump

On Sunday, CIA Director John Brennan said in an interview with NBC News that he would not allow enhanced interrogation tactics, including waterboarding, even if a future president ordered it. Today Trump called Brennan’s stance “ridiculous.” “I think his comments are ridiculous,” Trump said on Fox News Monday. Show More Summary

Trump Calls Brennan's Refusal to Waterboard Terrorist Suspects ‘Ridiculous’

A pledge by CIA Director John Brennan to refuse an order from any US president to waterboard a captured terrorist reflects weakness of the United States in a battle against Islamist extremism, US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said on Monday.

CIA DIRECTOR: I would refuse to enact Trump and Cruz’s proposal to bring back waterboarding

CIA director John O. Brennan responded to calls from Cruz and Trump to bring back waterboarding. Produced by Jacqui Frank Follow BI Video: On Twitter Join the conversation about this story »

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