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Blue John stone: a remarkable fluorite from a limestone cavern

Blue John stone is the name given to banded fluorite found in the Castleton area of Derbyshire in England (Ollernshaw, 1964). It has been prized for centuries. Chemically, it is a calcium fluoride (CaF2) and […]...

Wright sets the trend in return as specialist T20 coach

8 months agoSports / Cricket : The Cordon

Derbyshire have appointed John Wright as a specialist T20 head coach - the first English county to do so

More on the Alternative Right

What exactly is the alternative right (alt-right), and how does it differ from other views on the right? Yesterday I argued that John Derbyshire's definition is useless because too broad. Jacques by e-mail contributes the following: If the alt-right is...

So What is Alt-Right Anyway?

John Derbyshire gives the following answer (HT: Malcolm Pollack): So what, in my opinion, makes the Alt-Right a distinct thing — not by any means a party, a faction, or a movement, but a collection of souls with something in...

BETTER DEAD THAN RUDE: “The lesson learned from the Texas ‘It’s not a bomb, it’s a clock’ episode: I…

BETTER DEAD THAN RUDE: “The lesson learned from the Texas ‘It’s not a bomb, it’s a clock’ episode: If you see something — don’t say something.” (Headline via this 2002 John Derbyshire post.)

Collectors: "You Done Well"

John Derbyshire declares: this looting is the best thing that could happen to the antiquities and those who care about them. These priceless objects will now end up in civilized countries, where they can be properly cared for, instead...Show More Summary

1843: A bunch from Heage hanged

2 years agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

The Derbyshire village of Heage achieved a bit of lasting notoriety with the triple hanging on this date in 1843 of three of its felonious sons: Samuel Bonsall, William Bland, and John Hulme. “They hang ‘em in bunches in Heage” and “You can tell a man from Heage by the rope mark on his neck” […]

Local By-Election Result : February 5th 2015

Birmington on Derbyshire (Lab Defence) Tricia Gilby (Labour) 1,293 votes (62% -7%) Paul Stone (United Kingdom Independence Party) 380 votes (18%, no candidate in 2013) Mick Bagshaw (Independent) 157 votes (8%) John Ahern (Liberal Democrat) 135 votes (6% -3%) Lewis Preston (Conservative) 120 votes (6% -5%) Labour HOLD with a majority of 913 votes (44%) […]

Up Close at John Smedley Fall/Winter 2015

John Smedley look to their native Derbyshire, Northern England, for a little Fall/Winter 2015 inspiration. The brand, now in their 231st year, have more than earnt their knitwear stripes, combining that traditional approach to quality and… The post Up Close at John Smedley Fall/Winter 2015 appeared first on Selectism.

On Friday’s Radio Show…

• You’ll hear one of our best Friday Night Free For Alls of the year with columnist John Derbyshire, Editor-At-Large Mandy Stadtmiller  and legal analyst and talk show host Lionel. • We’ll also have interviews with controversial rancher Cliven Bundy and actor Kevin Sorbo. 

Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Hypes Ugly Anti-Gay Article at White Nationalist Website

You may recall that National Review columnist John Derbyshire was fired from the magazine in 2012 when he published an absolutely horrible racist article at a website called Takimag. Takimag is an overtly racist and often antisemitic publication, with a list of contributors that's a who's who of white nationalists, racists,...

Conquest’s Second Law illustrated

(Scott Johnson) At least two of Robert Conquest’s Three Laws — set forth here by John Derbyshire — explain the political world much as Newton’s laws of thermodynamics explain the physical world. Conquest’s Second Law provides: “Any organization...Show More Summary

Former NRO's John Derbyshire Attacks Maya Angelou As 'Talentless,' 'Affirmative Action Mediocrity'

I've had my run ins with John Derbyshire, formerly with the NRO over the years. I debated him several times on Alan Colmes radio show and it was enlightening to say the least. He's a proud racist, a loud misogynist and overall whack job of the first degree. Show More Summary

Maya Angelou A ‘Talentless’ ‘Whining’ ‘Affirmative Action Mediocrity’ Says Derbyshire

Conservative writer John Derbyshire is not in mourning for the passing of Maya Angelou. Derbyshire sets up his post by declaring that “I always assume that any black person in a well-paid position is an Affirmative Action hire” and goes on to declare that Coates, Angelou, and for good measure Attorney General Eric Holder, are […]

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Dream Big

The American Spectator's nightmare is my dream. — billmon (@billmon1) May 21, 2014 (And — look at the top left-hand corner — proud racist John Derbyshire is back!) Apart from dreaming of a better world (i.e., one where J-Darb gets to annoy nobody but his own offspring), what’s on the agenda for the evening? This space reserved for your ad.

On Friday’s Radio Show…

• A special two-hour Friday Night Free-For-All! Join us for the last two hours of our show for our special panel of pundits.  Guests include liberal blogger “The Rude Pundit,” conservative columnist and blogger, John Derbyshire, and comedian Joe Raiola.

John Derbyshire: GOP Should Become Party of White Ethnocentrism

Every cloud has a silver lining, amirite? Getting shitcanned from the National Review has freed John Derbyshire to let his inner crank bloom unimpeded. He's now "writing" for a white nationalist site: Making the Republican Party more inclusive is a big goal of center-right politicos these days. Show More Summary

Derbyshire: ‘Practically All Educated Black Americans…Are Communists’

John Derbyshire. formerly with the National Review until he expressed “views with which we’d never associate ourselves,” has stirred the pot again. Practically all educated black Americans, for example, are communists. And white conservatives are the only people in the U.S.A. trying to ‘transcend contentious racial issues.’ Everyone else is keenly exploiting them for group […]

Blue John Cavern in Derbyshire, United Kingdom

The Blue John Caverns in Derbyshire produce one of the scarcest minerals in the world and also offer a truly unique exploration experience. Far from the dank and dingy caves usually associated with mining, these limestone caverns have...Show More Summary

What’s the Difference Between Richard Cohen and John Derbyshire?

Tod Kelly argues that there's only one real difference: NRO was willing to part ways with Derbyshire for his embarrassingly offensive racism, while the Washington Post seems to be OK with Cohen's.

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