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Millennials and the 'Nones': Why 40 Years of Religion in US Elections May Change in 2016

20 hours agoNews : Vice News

Forty years ago, Jimmy Carter's born-again faith transformed the American political landscape. Whereas John F. Kennedy's Catholicism had been a liability in the 1960 presidential campaign, Carter's evangelicalism in 1976 was a curiosity, and secular reporters trekked south to learn about the candidate's peculiar practices: He read Scripture. Show More Summary

Public Contract Cost-Analysis Bill Approved by House Cmte.

By John L. Kennedy, The Legal Intelligencer Legislation that would require a state fiscal office to determine the cost of public-sector contracts before they take effect cleared the state House of Representatives State Government Committee. The bill, SB 644, has already won approval in the state Senate.

What Anthony Kennedy could have learned from Brown v. Board

Go for clarity rather than depth of feeling, advises Paul Horwitz [PrawfsBlawg] Re: AMK’s revival of substantive due process, warns John McGinnis, libertarians should be careful what they wish for [Law and Liberty] Tags: judges, same-sex marriage, Supreme Court What Anthony Kennedy could have learned from Brown v. Show More Summary

It’s Not Too Late to Partake in This Historical Moment!

There’s a widespread and pretty much true idea that everybody of my generation remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard that President John Kennedy had been shot. Yes, I do, in vivid detail. My...Show More Summary

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Imbalance Leads To Innovation

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks people should follow John F. Kennedy’s advice and welcome challenges. In a new podcast interview, the astrophysicist and television host said work-life balance isn’t all it is cracked up to be. He said that...Show More Summary

Highlights from the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court's historic decision on Friday legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states is loaded with lofty language characteristic of its lead author, Justice Anthony Kennedy. The decision found Chief Justice John Roberts back among the court's conservatives. What follows are highlights from the decision.       

The Consistency of Flashbulb Memories

I remember as a kid that my parents shared vivid memories of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. They could tell me where they were and who they were with when they found out the president had been shot. In 1977, Roger Brown and James Kulik called memories like this flashbulb memories.

Republican 2016 hopefuls split on gay marriage

The Supreme Court’s decision affirming the right to gay marriage came on a 5-4 vote. In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy writes that “No union is more profound than marriage.” Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia, Samuel … Continue reading ? The post Republican 2016 hopefuls split on gay marriage appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Anthony Kennedy Discovers a Right to Gay Marriage

(John Hinderaker) Two hundred twenty-four years after the Constitution was ratified, Anthony Kennedy and four loyal Democrats have discovered, hidden somewhere in its provisions, a right to gay marriage. This so-called right, deemed “fundamental” by the five-justice majority, was undreamed of until a few years ago. Show More Summary

An Open Letter to the Supreme Court Justices on the Obamacare Ruling

An Open Letter to Justices John G. Roberts, Jr., Stephen G. Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Anthony M. Kennedy, and Sonia Sotomayor. In my 32 years serving the people of California in Congress, I have never written to Supreme Court Justices. Show More Summary

Why Did the Supreme Court Decide Yet Another ObamaCare Case Today?: The Honest Broker for the Week of June 28, 2015

This morning, Republican-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts wrote and five of his colleagues -- Democrat-appointed Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, and Republican-appointed Kennedy -- agreed that: Section 18031 [of the Affordable Care Act--i.e., the ObamaCare Law--] provides that “[e]ach State shall... Show More Summary

In its ACA opinion today, the Court significantly narrowed its “Chevron-deference” doctrine. I’m glad. Even despite the immediate repercussions for EPA authority.

[T]oday’s victory may have been even more decisive than it looks at first glance. It isn’t just that the Court ruled six-to-three in favor of the government’s position, with John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy joining the Court’s liberals in support of a single, non-splintered decision, though that’s important. It’s also that Roberts’ opinion may have precluded […]

An Open Letter to Justices John G. Roberts, Jr., Stephen G. Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Anthony M. Kennedy, and Sonia Sotomayor

In my 32 years serving the people of California in Congress, I have never written to Supreme Court Justices. But your ruling in the King v. Burwell case was so momentous and so important for America's families, I felt compelled to write and share my gratitude for this decision. The stakes in this case were enormous. Show More Summary

Warhol's Sprawling "Eothen" Estate In Montauk Is On The Market

       The Rolling Stones spent some time there in the 1970s, as did John Lennon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Elizabeth Taylor. Before Andy Warhol bought it in 1971, this Montauk compound—called Eothen (meaning "from the east")—belonged to the Churches, better known as the Arm & Hammer family. Show More Summary

John Roberts Saves Obamacare, Again

``Roberts's decision, joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy as well as the Court's four traditional liberals, is a particularly strong, square win for the administration. Unlike its ruling on the individual mandate, this time the Court didn't reach for a middle ground. Show More Summary

Chief Justice Roberts Saves Obamacare a Second Time

With Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy joining the liberal wing, the Supreme Court handed the president a huge win as it upheld the Affordable Care Act’s provision of health-care subsidies in states that did not set up insurance exchanges, and instead allowed the federal government to do... More »

Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Kennedy Family Up For Auction

6 days agoNews : Huffington Post

More than 70 never-before-seen photos of the Kennedy family are up for auction. The 79 pictures are part of an auction that also includes a maternity dress worn by Jackie Kennedy when she was pregnant with John F. Kennedy Jr. The dress and the photos originally came from Kennedy family nanny Maud Shaw, who cared for Caroline and John F. Show More Summary

JetBlue Focuses On West As United Moves East

JetBlue's stock went up by almost 1.5% to $20.23 per share last Friday when the airline announced its plans to offer additional flights with its premium Mint service to customers flying from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, to the West Coast beginning October 25, 2015. Show More Summary

Dancing in the Dark

6 days agoArts / Dance : Danceviewtimes

Obsessions: “Adagio & Scherzo”, “Rite of Spring”, “Moving Rooms” Polish National Ballet Eisenhower Theater The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Washington, DC June 23, 2015 by George Jackson © 2014 by George Jackson The...Show More Summary

Meet the $935 Pen That Turns a Scribble Into a Status Symbol

It's not often that a pen finds itself at the very center of an international event, but that's exactly what happened 52 years ago when John F. Kennedy visited Cologne, West Germany. His host was Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who invited the young U.S. Show More Summary

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