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This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem v kalendas decembres

ante diem v kalendas decembres 43 B.C. — the lex Titia de triumvirato gave G. Julius Caesar Octavianus, Marcus Antonius, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus the title of triumviri rei publicae constituendae with near-dictatorial powers for a period of five years 8 B.C. — death of the poet Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) ca 110 A.D. — […]

The Fault, Dear Brutus

When Edward R. Murrow did his famous See It Now broadcast on CBS that helped expose Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-WI), he ended the program with a quote from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in...Show More Summary

Losing the War Against ISIS -- Turning a Deaf Ear to Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar -- and Losing Ourselves

My introduction to religious oppression and bloody conflict came early in life. Iran became the "Islamic Republic of Iran" when I was 2 ½ years old. For the next decade the brutal morality police was at everyone's door and the war with Iraq meant up to six rocket attacks into Tehran per day. Show More Summary

Snow Warning Teaser: Game of Thrones!

The last we saw of poor Jon Snow, he was laying in a growing pool of his own blood after the brotherhood of the Nightwatch had decided he was a traitor and pulled a Julius Caesar on him – each running him through with a sword. The big question on every GoT fans lips as … Continue reading Snow Warning Teaser: Game of Thrones! ?

Encrypted Messages Explained

Terrorists in the modern age have a tool in their arsenal that allows them to operate under the radar: technology. Think of Egyptians and cryptography or Julius Caesar and the Caesar cipher.

The first woman to head Chicago Symphony in 125 years

Like Julius Caesar in another context, Helen Zell thrice refused the crown. She never wanted to be chair of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. But the pressure was on and when she accepted, writes Shia Kapos in a fascinating profile, ‘a barely audible “Yes!” went up from a half-dozen women at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s annual meeting.’ […]

Caesars Palace Las Vegas to roll out renovated Julius Tower in time for hotel's 50th anniversary

Hail, Caesar! At Caesars Palace Las Vegas, the Roman Tower, soon to be renamed, is getting a makeover as the hotel-casino gears up to mark its 50th year in 2016. The revamped tower will be renamed the Julius Tower, for the hotel's namesake Roman ruler. Rooms and suites will feature modern designs...

Asterix Author Reveals Why Assange Was Perfect Foil For Julius Caesar

In an exclusive interview with Sputnik, Adventures of Asterix cartoonist Jean-Yves Ferri explains the inspiration for the newest edition of the comic, which features a Gallic investigative journalist based on Julian Assange, revealing the secrets of Julius Caesar.

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem xii kalendas novembres

ante diem xii kalendas novembres 1558 – death of Julius Caesar Scaliger  

The US Government Just Crossed The Rubicon

Submitted by Simon Black via, In 49 BC, a defiant Julius Caesar stood in front of his army at the River Rubicon and made the biggest decision of his life. It was strictly forbidden by Roman law for a general lead his army out of its province and into Rome. Show More Summary

This is the best time to borrow money. In all of history.

This is the best time to borrow money in recorded history. That's right: Interest rates are lower today than they were when FDR or Napoleon or Henry VIII or Genghis Khan or Charlemagne or Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great or even Hammurabi were around. Or, if you want to put a year on it, lower […]

‘Et tu, Brute?’ Why Julius Caesar is wildly popular 2,059 years after his assassination

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

“All the world’s a stage,” William Shakespeare wrote, and his play Julius Caesar has been produced on just about all of them this year. It has graced the theaters such as the Chicago Shakespeare Company, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Globe Theaters in England, the Baltimore Shakespeare...

A Movie You Might Have Missed #51: Caesar Must Die

"To think, at school I found this so boring." #51. Caesar Must Die Caesar Must Die (2012, Italian)Convicts in an Italian high security prison practice and perform Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. In the process, we see how the play holds up as a real life reflection of not only the prisoners' experiences but of life in general. Show More Summary

On the way to the Forum

It’s strange that tourists rarely visit the most famous site in Roman history. The spot in Pompey’s assembly hall where Julius Caesar was murdered on the Ides of March, 44… Read more The post On the way to the Forum appeared first on The Spectator.

New Julius Caesar Biopic Will Borrow A Page From Game Of Thrones

If treated properly, historical biopics on famous leaders can be inspirational - or at the very least entertaining in a thought provoking manner. We've seen it with Frost/Nixon, Hyde Park On Hudson, and even with the recent Netflix series Marco Polo. Show More Summary

Newswire: And now ABC has ordered a modern-day Julius Caesar show

In an apparent bid to take all of the week’s entertainment news stories and jam them into a single project, ABC has announced that it’s ordering a pilot for a modern-day political drama based on William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The...Show More Summary

Caesar’ Drama From Matt Lopez & John Glenn Gets ABC Put Pilot Commitment

In a highly competitive situation, Caesar, a sprawling contemporary drama from Matt Lopez and John Glenn, has landed at ABC with a put pilot commitment. The project, which reimagines Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar in modern day Los Angeles, is described as a tale of power, sex and revenge — themes right in ABC’s drama wheelhouse. Show More Summary

The Quality of PAS 'data' (2)

SUSS-BA7F45: Found near Brighton. A modern fantasy coin representing a Roman denarius in silver based on obverse portraits of Julius Caesar and the AEGVPTO (or AEGVPT) CAPTA reverse type of Octavian minted in 28-27 BC. The best explanation seems to be that it was made for people to buy whilst on the Grand Tour in Italy. Show More Summary

Lionsgate Developing Julius Caesar Film 'Emperor'

300 producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are bringing Julius Caesar's story to the big screen. Titled Emperor, the film is said to be a combination of 300 and Game of Thrones. Lionsgate will develop Emperor, based on a series ofShow More Summary

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