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Experiment resolves mystery about wind flows on Jupiter

(University of California - Los Angeles) A UCLA geophysicist and colleagues have recreated Jupiter's jets in the laboratory for the first time and shown that they likely extend thousands of kilometers below Jupiter's visible atmosph...

Experiment resolves mystery about wind flows on Jupiter

One mystery has been whether the jets exist only in the planet's upper atmosphere—much like the Earth's own jet streams—or whether they plunge into Jupiter's gaseous interior. If the latter is true, it could reveal clues about the planet's interior structure and internal dynamics.

DC All-Access Host, Top Cow Editor Launch Kickstarter For New Comic

Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson are raising funds for an all-ages adventure called Jupiter Jet. The post DC All-Access Host, Top Cow Editor Launch Kickstarter For New Comic appeared first on

Public to choose Jupiter picture sites for NASA Juno

Where should NASA's Juno spacecraft aim its camera during its next close pass of Jupiter on Feb. 2? You can now play a part in the decision. For the first time, members of the public can vote to participate in selecting all pictures to be taken of Jupiter during a Juno flyby. Show More Summary

The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #67: Anuradha Roy

A tranquil beach town named Jarmuli is the setting of Anuradha Roy’s third novel, Sleeping on Jupiter, which won the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature and made the longlist for the 2015 Man Booker Prize. Four older women travel as friends in search of a bucolic vacation, and a young woman, contending with the trauma of her past, finds her stay in Jarmuli tied with theirs.

Three bright planets grace dawn skies

This is a post from Skymania News - Space and astronomy news and advice plus night sky Early risers can enjoy the sight of three bright planets - Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn - at the moment in the morning sky. The post Three bright planets grace dawn skies appeared first on Skymania News. [[ This is a content summary only. Show More Summary

Juno Mission Explores Jupiter's Awesome Mysteries (Today's "Galaxy" Stream)

On July 4th, NASA Television aired live coverage of the solar-powered Juno spacecraft’s arrival at Jupiter after an almost five-year journey. Juno is the first spacecraft to orbit the poles of our solar system’s most massive planet. It will circle...        

ENGEL Coolers Hosts Celebrities Nick Hoffman & Melissa Bachman at Shot Show Booth

Host of Nick’s Wild Ride and Winchester Deadly Passion Star To Take Photos and Sign Autographs Jupiter, Fla. – January 9, 2017 – ENGEL, the leader in AC/DC fridges and freezers, high performance roto-molded coolers, vacuum insulatedShow More Summary

Three new gas giant exoplanets discovered by SuperWASP-South

(—Astronomers report the discovery of three new gas giant planets using the SuperWASP-South Observatory in South Africa. Two of the newly detected alien worlds were classified as the so-called "warm Jupiters," while one of them is most likely a super-Neptune or a sub-Saturn planet. The findings were presented in a paper published Jan. 13 on the arXiv preprint server.

The Sky This Week - Thursday January 19 to Thursday January 26

The Last Quarter Moon is Friday January 20. Venus is prominent in the evening sky in the star poor regions of Aquarius. Mars is just above Venus. Jupiter and the bright star Spica are close in the morning skies with Saturn and Mercury close to the horizon below. Show More Summary

Former A&E GM David McKillop Sets Up Shop At Jupiter/Sky Vision

EXCLUSIVE: Former top A&E and History executive David McKillop, who developed and put on the air such hit series as Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars, has signed an in-house deal with distributors Jupiter and Sky Vision to develop and produce...Show More Summary

No one wants to buy Celine Dion's lavish Florida mansion, which has gotten $34 million in price chops since 2013

Another year, another price chop for Celine Dion's extravagant Jupiter Island property. The price for the lavish house now stands at $38.5 million after a series of price chops over the last four years, according to The Wall Street Journal. Show More Summary

Deadly ice storm spreads into Midwest, targets New England

Winter Storm Jupiter is now spreading its icy mess into parts of the Upper Midwest, after leaving a mess of downed trees and power outages across parts of the Plains this weekend. This winter storm will have a final chapter in parts of the Northeast, wringing out accumulating snow and some ice beginning Tuesday. Show More Summary

Image: Crescent Jupiter with the Great Red Spot

This image of a crescent Jupiter and the iconic Great Red Spot was created by a citizen scientist (Roman Tkachenko) using data from Juno's JunoCam instrument. You can also see a series of storms shaped like white ovals, known informally as the 'string of pearls.' Below the Great Red Spot a reddish long-lived storm known as Oval BA is visible.

aphroditepandemos: Jupiter in the guise and the nymph Callisto...

aphroditepandemos: Jupiter in the guise and the nymph Callisto ~ Pietro (Il Libertino) Liberi 1605-1687 ???? He was the first president of the Academy of Painters of Venice.

Steelers could face the Chiefs and a ton of ice in Sunday’s playoff game

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Pittsburgh Steelers in their divisional playoff game on Sunday afternoon, but a looming ice storm may force a change of plans. According to the Weather Channel, Winter Storm Jupiter is slated to hit the Kansas City metro area later today and continue through Sunday morning and “ice accumulations […]

Astronomers just discovered a ‘Hot Jupiter,’ and it’s absolutely massive

Jupiter is the undisputed big dog in our solar system. It's so huge that even if you took all the other planets in our solar system and combined them, Jupiter would still be two-and-a-half times bigger than that. So when astronomersShow More Summary

This space mission could save Earth from killer asteroids — but NASA keeps hitting the snooze button

On January 4, NASA announced two new space missions to explore the solar system: Lucy, a probe that will visit swarms of ancient asteroids lurking near Jupiter, and Psyche, which will orbit the all-metal core of a dead planet. TheseShow More Summary

'Hot Jupiter' detected around nearby variable star

(—Astronomers have detected a new "hot Jupiter" exoplanet orbiting a nearby T Tauri star known as TAP 26. The newly detected alien world, designated TAP 26 b, is about 66 percent more massive than Jupiter and is orbiting its parent star approximately every 10 days. The findings were presented in a paper published Jan. 6 on

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