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Swing Justice John Roberts

There’s been a lot of rightful focus on Anthony Kennedy ahead of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, this Supreme Court term’s blockbuster case about whether commercial bakers have a constitutional right to refuse to serve same-sex couples planning their weddings. Show More Summary

Supreme Court justices to celebrate Harvard Law bicentennial

Several justices on the nation's highest court are heading to Massachusetts to celebrate the bicentennial of Harvard Law School. Chief Justice John Roberts will be joined by Justices Anthony Kennedy, … Click to Continue »

Can the Supreme Court Save Democracy from Minority Rule?

A new case could put an end to partisan gerrymandering once and for all. The Supreme Court now has the power to put a decisive end to extreme gerrymandering — if Justice Anthony Kennedy and the four liberal-leaning justices can craft a clear and manageable standard to identify when partisan mapmakers go too far. Show More Summary

The Supreme Court Court has the power to end partisan gerrymandering before 2020 — but what if it doesn’t?

last monthNews : The Raw Story

The Supreme Court now has the power to put a decisive end to extreme gerrymandering — if Justice Anthony Kennedy and the four liberal-leaning justices can craft a clear and manageable standard to identify when partisan mapmakers go too far. But what if it doesn’t? What happens if Kennedy sides with...

Partisan Gerrymandering Got the Sotomayor Treatment

Throughout Tuesday’s oral arguments in Gill v. Whitford, Justice Anthony Kennedy and the Supreme Court’s left-leaning justices grilled Wisconsin’s attorneys with tough questions that suggest a majority of the court is prepared to impose constitutional limits on political redistricting. Show More Summary

How to Win Justice Kennedy’s Vote

Jeffrey Toobin: “The secret to advocacy before the contemporary Supreme Court is no secret: it’s all about pandering to Justice Anthony Kennedy. With the other eight Justices evenly split between liberals and conservatives, lawyers in controversial cases spend most of [...]

Which Way Will Justice Kennedy Swing in Gerrymandering Case?

With SCOTUS basically split along partisan lines, Justice Anthony Kennedy's swing vote is expected to decide the closely watched Wisconsin gerrymandering case. During oral arguments this week, Justice Kennedy's line of questioning may have hinted at what he's considering in this case. First off, he did not bother questioning......

The Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Case and Strategies for Winning Justice Kennedy’s Vote

Jeffrey Toobin on Gill v. Whitford and Justice Anthony Kennedy’s particular receptiveness to arguments concerning the First Amendment.

Who Will Justice Kennedy Believe When It Comes to Gerrymandering?

David Daley on the oral arguments about gerrymandering before the Supreme Court in Gill v. Whitford, and on the importance of Anthony Kennedy’s opinion in the case.

Has Anthony Kennedy Been Pushed Too Far?

I’m cautiously optimistic that he will do the right thing on the Wisconsin gerrymandering case: In the 2004 case Vieth v. Jubelirer, the Court’s four most conservative justices held that gerrymandering cases were “nonjusticiable” — that is, even if gerrymanders violated the constitutional rights of some voters there was no possible judicial remedy. Chief Justice John Roberts […]

Justice Kennedy on hot seat in major voting rights case

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Supreme Court justices clashed on Tuesday over whether courts should curb the long-standing U.S. political practice of drawing electoral maps to entrench one party in power, with conservative Anthony Kennedy likely to cast the deciding vote. The nine justices heard an hour of arguments in the major...

Is the Supreme Court Finally Ready to Rule Against Gerrymandering?

Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy has long been the only conservative justice who’s sympathetic to arguments against gerrymandering. The problem is that, like the other conservatives, he’s been unable to figure out a concrete standard to use. How do you tell if a map is gerrymandered so much that it’s unconstitutional? Today’s big gerrymandering hearing […]

Is Math Legal? Gill v. Whitford Will Determine If We Can Have Nice Things

2 months agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

At oral arguments today, Justice Anthony Kennedy sounded like a mathlete.

Anthony Kennedy’s Questioning Suggests Extreme Partisan Gerrymandering Could Be in Danger

Creatively drawn political maps designed to give one party an entrenched advantage could be in danger, if questioning by the Supreme Court’s swing justice on Tuesday is any indication. The court heard a landmark challenge to partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin, a case whose outcome could strike down extreme gerrymandering or inspire more states to adopt […]

This One Supreme Court Case Could Determine the Very Future of American Democracy

Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely decide Gill v. Whitford, and the stakes could not be higher. When the worst blizzard in 130 years pummeled Madison, Wisconsin in February 2011, something impossible happened: It stranded Green BayShow More Summary

Supreme Court back in session amid rumors Justice Kennedy could retire

"Sources close to Justice Anthony Kennedy say he has been seriously considering retirement..." The post Supreme Court back in session amid rumors Justice Kennedy could retire appeared first on Hot Air.

No matter how you slice it, Justice Anthony Kennedy key vote in cake case

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

A high-profile legal fight involving a conservative Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple promises to showcase the pivotal role Justice Anthony Kennedy will play on the U.S. Supreme Court during its new term that begins next week. Kennedy, the longest-serving justice...

“Time to Protect Our Democracy; Anthony Kennedy should follow Byron White’s guidance and strike down partisan gerrymandering.”

Palma Joy Strand, who worked with Justice White as a clerk on Davis v. Bandemer, has written this piece for Slate. … Continue reading ?

Supreme Court justice temporarily preserves Trump refugee ban

2 months agoNews : Trending Now

By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday provided a temporary reprieve for President Trump's order blocking most refugees from entering the United States, putting on hold a lower court's ruling loosening the prohibition. Show More Summary

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