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Justin Trudeau should read the Charter of Rights

Stephen Maher: The Liberals are choosing to play politics with summer camp funding, and taking a stupid legal risk in the process The post Justin Trudeau should read the Charter of Rights appeared first on

Barry Sherman’s death is forcing the lobbying commissioner to make a tough decision

Nancy Bélanger tells court she'll decide by Feb. 2 whether to keep investigating Sherman’s cash-for-access fundraiser featuring Justin Trudeau The post Barry Sherman’s death is forcing the lobbying commissioner to make a tough decision appeared first on

Justin Trudeau bars funding for pro-life projects in new youth volunteer program

'Insisting Canadians adhere to his particular ideology is totalitarian': Jim Hughes

The lessons Canada should learn from Britain’s anti-immigrant politics

Opinion: Canada is seen as a global beacon on immigration. But Justin Trudeau would be wise to look for the warning signs that Britain ignored before Brexit The post The lessons Canada should learn from Britain’s anti-immigrant politics appeared first on

Pro-Lifers Challenge Justin Trudeau to Meet Pro-Life People After He Says They’re “Not in Line With Society”

On Friday, more than 300,000 Americans are expected to march in the nation’s capital to celebrate life and condemn abortion. While the networks often overlook the March for Life, it exemplifies the strength and youth of the pro-life movement – something one leader wants the Canadian prime minister to grasp. March for Life President Jeanne […]

Canada’s Trudeau to businesses: Support abortion or lose government funds

(LifeSiteNews) Canadians can believe what they want but can’t act on those beliefs when it comes to the right of women to “control their own bodies,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday. The Liberal leader made the sweepingShow More Summary

9 Weirdest Words for Pot, Courtesy of Canadian Gov't

Justin Trudeau has vowed to legalize marijuana across Canada by this July. CNN reported in December that there's one legislative obstacle left, and it explains that if the bill is indeed made law, the time to market should be much more rapid than in the US, as the country already...

Trudeau watches as North America takes Continental Cup lead

American skip John Shuster scored an 8-3 win in front of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Team North America's only victory Friday evening, giving his squad a 10.5 to 7.5 advantage in the race to 30.5 points at the Continental Cup.

How Justin Trudeau makes town halls work

The PM is at home on the stage, managing the energy level in the room even when questions turn hostile, or his answers start to bore The post How Justin Trudeau makes town halls work appeared first on

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Trashes Pro-Life People: You’re “Not in Line With Society”

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s radically pro-abortion prime minister, blasted pro-life advocates Wednesday amid a nation-wide outrage about barring pro-life groups from a federal grant program. “An organization that has the explicit purpose of restricting women’s rights by removing rights to abortion, the right for women to control their own bodies, is not in line with where […]

Dispatches from the Ottawa biography wars

Paul Wells on Andrew Scheer's new 'people-like-me' (read: not Justin Trudeau) sales pitch and the things he chooses to include in life story The post Dispatches from the Ottawa biography wars appeared first on

Justin Trudeau, up close and personal

On @am640 now with @TashaKheiriddin @jellerton @anneedawson and I'm the one defending @JustinTrudeau on his cross-Canada tour. It shows guts, frankly. #cdnpoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 10, 2018

Justin Trudeau woke a sleeping giant when he banned summer job grants to pro-life employers

'Liberal MPs fielding angry phone calls are beginning to realize that there are millions of pro-life Canadians living in this country—and that discriminating against them comes with a cost.'

Justin Trudeau is passionate about abortion. Is it because his mom aborted his half-sibling?

Did his mother’s confession to Playgirl magazine about her own abortion inform Trudeau’s passion for abortion?

After Trump’s TPS decision, Canada tells Salvadorans: Please don’t come here

last weekNews : BlogPost

OTTAWA — When the Trump administration issued an immigration ban on citizens of seven majority Muslim countries a year ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent out an unambiguous tweet about Canada's stance on refugees and asylum seekers. “To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is […]

Spot the Genius!

Try and 'Spot the Genius' in this fascinating YouTube video featuring Canada's Justin Trudeau and America's Donald Trump. I also have it on good authority, from a very reliable source, that one of these two gentlemen can fart and chew gum at the same time. Show More Summary

Canada’s frustrating year dealing with the Trump administration, Why the West is culpable for untold suffering in Yemen, The new year calls for a pivot in anti-Islamic State strategy, President Trump’s National Security Strategy is devoid of direction

last weekNews : The Lookout

“In dealing with the Trump administration, it’s been a year of frustration for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cast. The North American free-trade agreement zigzags offer an example.... Frustration anyone? “[Saudi Arabia’s] Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is on quite the shopping spree: a $500m yacht here, a $450m Leonardo da Vinci painting here,” writes Owen Jones.

L’Affaire Boyle: who knew, and when did they know it?

…and if they didn’t know, why didn’t they know? A snippet from next week’s column, about this mess: Sure, it seems likely that Joshua Boyle was under criminal investigation when he and his wife and kids met with Justin Trudeau.  It’s obvious, however, that Trudeau didn’t know that: there isn’t a political advisor alive –... View Article

Did Justin Trudeau just give Patrick Brown a gift?

It sure looks that way. Check this out: Minimum wage hikes across Canada this year could cost about 60,000 jobs, despite the benefits they would bring, the Bank of Canada says in a new report. The central bank published a report over the winter break, attempting to calculate what sort of economic impact a series... View Article

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