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Physicists observe amplification of an optical signal within cubic nonlinear nanostructures

(Kazan Federal University) The coherent amplification of a localized optical signal within a planar titanium nitride nanoantenna has been achieved by scientists of Kazan Federal University (under the leadership of Sergey Kharintsev) and physicists from Harvard University, Nazarbayev University, and Imperial College London. Show More Summary

Russian Science Foundation grant winners: Neuronal networks of the hippocampus

(Kazan Federal University) The results can be used to understand the nature of neurodegenerative diseases characterized by dementia.Inhibition in neuronal networks is an important part of brain functioning. The main role in these processes is played by interneurons which use gamma-aminobutyric acid as a neurotransmitter.

New tool for cell-free therapy based on artificial membrane vesicles

Scientists at Kazan Federal University's Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, led by Professor Albert Rizvanov, have shown that artificial membrane vesicles generated by Cytochalasin B treatment of human cells retain angiogenic...Show More Summary

New tool for cell-free therapy based on artificial membrane vesicles

(Kazan Federal University) Scientists at Kazan Federal University's Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, led by Professor Albert Rizvanov, have shown that artificial membrane vesicles generated by cytochalasin B treatment of human cells retain angiogenic activity.

Soil erosion in European Russia studied in a grant-funded project

(Kazan Federal University) The method is based on ground laser scanning and remote sensing or Earth.

Russian Science Foundation grant winners: Contrast agents for MRI quality enhancement

(Kazan Federal University) The project titled 'Development of new contrast agents for MRT based on nanosized rare earth fluorides' is headed by Senior Research Associate of the Institute of Physics Yegor Alakshin. The work will also involve employees of the Magnetic Radio Spectroscopy and Quantum Electronics Lab Yekaterina Kondratyeva and Darya Nuzhina.

Russian Science Foundation grant winners: Soil decontamination

(Kazan Federal University) The team studies soil decontamination by microorganisms.

Russian Science Foundation grant winners: New antibiotics

(Kazan Federal University) The project's full title is 'Quantum computing based on magnetic resonance control of electron and electron-nucleus states of extrinsic paramagnetic centers in crystals,' It will now receive five million rubles annually in the next three years.

KFU astronomers discovered an exoplanet together with Turkish and Japanese colleagues

(Kazan Federal University) In the last 20 years several thousand exoplanets have been found orbiting solar-type stars, but only about a hundred around giant stars. Most of them are 10 to 20 times heavier than Jupiter, and only about 15 planets are close to Jupiter in mass. This is the first time in Russian astronomy when a planet was discovered with spectroscopic methods.

Russian Science Foundation grant winners: Dry storage of biomaterials

(Kazan Federal University) The technology in question is aimed at storing various produce and materials based on anhydrobiosis -- in this case present in Polypedilum vanderplanki, a buzzer species found in Nigeria.

Study reveals mechanisms of fighting pathogenic viruses

Researchers of the KFU Omics Lab have succeeded in deciphering a Phi29-family virus genome. Junior researcher Raihan Shah Mahmud of Kazan Federal University says, "There is an immense number of viruses in nature, hundreds of times more than bacteria. Show More Summary

Astronomers Capture Wild Intergalactic Gamma Ray Burst As It Happens

Snapshot of burst via S.Karpov, G.Beskin (SAO RAS and Kazan Federal University, Russia), S.Bondar, E.Ivanov, E.Katkova, N.Orekhova, A.Perkov (OJS RPC PSI, Russia), A.Biryukov (SAI MSU and Kazan Federal University, Russia), V.Sasyuk (Kazan...Show More Summary

Four candidates submit bids for FINA World Short Course Swimming Championships in 2022 and 2024

Budapest, Kazan, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong have submitted bids for the 2022 and 2024 World Swimming Championships (25m), the International Swimming Federation (FINA) has announced following a meeting of its ruling Bureau in Budapest. The FINA Bureau also awarded Hungarian capital Budapest, which pulled out of the race for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic [...]

New wound healing properties of ficin researched at Kazan University

(Kazan Federal University) Biofilms, the communities of surface-attached bacteria embedded into extracellular matrix, are ubiquitous microbial consortia securing the effective resistance of constituent cells to environmental impacts and host immune responses. Show More Summary

Cytokine profile differentiating Old World and New World hantaviral infections

(Kazan Federal University) Hantavirus infection is acute zoonosis clinically manifesting in two forms: Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS), caused by Old World hantaviruses, and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), caused by New World hantaviruses. Show More Summary

Staphyloccus ribosome structure researched by KFU Structural Biology Lab

(Kazan Federal University) The results were published in Nucleic Acids Research. This paper was announced as the best of May 2017 by FSBMB.Bacterial ribosome is a macromolecular complex containing three RNA molecules and about 50 individual proteins. Show More Summary

Lukoil takes interest in geophysical research at Kazan University

(Kazan Federal University) Several devices were demonstrated during the seminar -- a nuclear magnetic resonance logging complex, lab and field whole core NMR analysis devices, a HD sonic well scanner, and an automated system of wireless geological technical analysis. Four departments of the KFU Institute of Physics have contributed to the construction and testing.

Paleobiologists make intriguing new discoveries about dinosaurs' ancestors

(Kazan Federal University) Dinosaurs' closest ancestors were at the base of the bird branch. Many scientists have pictured them in a somewhat chicken-like shape, bipedal, quite quick and agile in comparison with crocodiles. By slowly evolving their forelimbs into wings they finally became birds. Show More Summary

Uber and Kazan University name Saint-Petersburg the most 'taxi-abundant' city in Russia

(Kazan Federal University) The results showed that Saint-Petersburg has 7 taxis per 1,000 inhabitants. Following Russia's northern capital are Yekaterinburg with 5.9 and Kazan with 5.7 cars per 1,000.Moscow is only fourth with 4.8 taxis. In comparison, London and New York have about 12 per 1,000 population, said Uber representatives.

New biomarkers of multiple sclerosis pathogenesis

(Kazan Federal University) Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic debilitating inflammatory disease targeting the brain. The pathogenesis of MS remains largely unknown. It is believed that brain tissue damage is due to immune cells targeting and breaking up the myelin basic protein (MBP), which is essential for nerve cells function.

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