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Largest Ridership Changes on Metro Routes in 2016

King County Metro’s 2017 Annual System Evaluation is now publicly available. One coarse performance measure in the appendices (pages 45-60) is weekday ridership on each route, comparing fall 2016 ridership to fall 2015 ridership. STB covered the March 2016 and September 2016 service changes that occurred during this period, as well as the March 2017 […]

RapidRide H (Metro 120) Is Having a Second Survey

Planning for the conversion of King County Metro route 120 into RapidRide H has begun a second round of community input. Most of the alignment will be exactly how route 120 runs today. However, the alignments north of downtown, through White Center, and near Burien Transit Center, are being reconsidered, as is stop spacing. The […]

Youth Fare Cuts Achieve Their Goal

Last summer, King County Metro and Sound Transit agreed to lower youth fares for ORCA users from $1.50 to 50 cents (Metro) and $1 (Sound Transit) for the season. Many students get free passes for the school year, but pay the full fare during the summer (here defined as June 17 – September 4). Ridership […]

$125 Million Price Tag for Next Gen ORCA

With the current ORCA system “near end of life,” upgrading the ORCA card system is estimated to cost roughly $125m, according to Scott Gutierrez, a King County Metro Transit spokesperson. The ORCA agencies are predicted to share the entire cost, with $95m predicted to be the region-wide cost with the other $30m related to agency-specific […]

Metro Fare Simplification Passes Last Hurdle

On Monday, the King County Council unanimously approved a fare simplification proposal for King County Metro Transit which eliminates higher zone and peak fares — establishing a flat rate of $2.75. In August at a press conference Dow Constantine, King County Executive, announced the agency’s intention to streamline fares. Constantine said this change would speed […]

15-Minute Headway on 15th Ave S Between Beacon Hill Station and Georgetown, All Day & Evening, 7 Days a Week, Virtually for Free

......... King County Metro Route 60 has received at least two large investments from 2014 Seattle Proposition 1 funds that extend span of 30-minute-or-better headway all the way to 7 am to 11 pm seven days a week and, as of this September, now provide 15-minute headway […]

County Council Committee Delays Card Fee Vote

King County Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee quickly approved Metro’s fare simplification proposal that would eliminate zones and peak-rates — establishing a flat rate of $2.75. But the committee hesitated on a proposal to reduce card fees for adult and youth passengers from $5 to $3, delaying action until the next meeting. Metro already […]

169 to Rainier Beach Station, or Bust

In September, King County Metro route 169, which serves a major business corridor on Kent East Hill, got a serious investment, going from half-hourly all day to running every 15 minutes from 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Its north terminus is Renton Transit Center, from which riders have to transfer to route 101 […]

SODO Connections Project Focuses on Alternative Service

A couple of months ago, I blurbed a survey for King County Metro’s Community Connections project, which was seeking input from people who work in Seattle’s SODO district, a mostly-industrial and commercial area immediately south of downtown. I noticed that the SODO Connections project seemed very focused on alternative service — i.e. not fixed route […]

Metro’s Profit From Fare Flattening is Enough to Wipe Out ORCA Card Fees

King County Metro’s fare restructure proposal got its first formal vetting, and approval, at the King County Regional Transit Committee last week. The proposal consists of: a $2.75 regular fare on Metro, regardless of time or distance a reduction in the regular and youth ORCA card fee from $5 to $3. elimination of the $3 […]

King County Metro Riders Will See More Bus Service, Boosted Night Owl Service Starting Sept. 23

King County Metro and the city of Seattle are adding hundreds of new bus trips and increasing reliability on more than 50 bus routes across the county beginning Sept. 23.

Modest service changes proposed for March 2018

Tuesday Metro presented a list of proposed services changes slated for next March to members of King County Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee. The proposal includes adding over 50,000 hours of service and eliminating bus Route 99. As the proposal added service to only one Eastside bus route, Councilmember Claudia Balducci criticized the proposed […]

$3 Is Simpler and Faster Than $2.75 Cash Fare

The $2.75 flat fare just proposed by County Executive Dow Constantine is a big step forward for the simplicity of King County Metro’s fare system. But consider if the cash fare were $3 instead, with the electronic fare left at $2.75. Paying $3 is simpler and faster than paying $2.75. You just pull out three […]

WA: King County Metro Plans Single Bus Fare Systemwide

King County Metro Transit plans to change to a single all-day, all-zone $2.75 basic fare in July 2018, to replace the multiple prices that have appeared on bus fareboxes for decades.

A Single Metro Fare for All

King County Metro Transit wants to simplify bus fares by establishing a flat rate of $2.75 for passengers — eliminating zones and peak-rate fares. Calling the current fare system one of the most “complicated” in the country,” Dow Constantine, King County Executive, announced a proposal to streamline fares at a press conference Thursday. The change […]

WA: King County Metro Transit Workers Approve Inflation Raises, Guaranteed Breaks

It took four votes, but union rail operators, bus drivers, supervisors and mechanics at King County Metro Transit approved a contract this month that includes 9 percent worth of inflation raises spread over three years.

New Labor Agreement Allows Part-time Drivers to Work Weekends

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 587 approved a three-year labor contract which includes a nine percent raise over three years and allows part-time drivers to work weekend shifts, King County Metro Transit announced Tuesday. The current contract prohibits part-time drivers from working weekends and past 8:30 pm during the week. According to Metro, this […]

Back to Ballard. Win!

In 2011 I lived in Ballard. I rode my bike into the city sometimes and other times I rode the bus. At the time the bus I took was the 18. Sometime over the years King County Metro took the 18 and the 75, killed those local routes and rolled them into route 40. There […]

Avoid Trailhead Congestion, Ride a Bus

To relieve overcrowding at parking lots near trailheads in the Issaquah Alps, starting Saturday a new King County Metro bus route will ferry hikers to three trailheads between the city’s two park and rides. Partnering with King County Parks Department, Metro’s new Trailhead Direct service will run Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays through October, with buses […]

Metro Survey for SODO Commuters

King County Metro has a survey up, aimed at people who work in the SODO area, which the agency defines as between Royal Brougham Way and Lucille Street. This is part of Metro’s Community Connection program, “in which Metro works with local governments and community partners to develop innovative and cost-efficient transportation solutions in areas […]

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