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The New Horizons spacecraft is heading towards a mystery rock

After its visit to Pluto, the New Horizons spacecraft is travelling through the Kuiper belt towards what seems to be one rock - but what if it's actually two?

Help nickname New Horizons' next flyby target

NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt is looking for your ideas on what to informally name its next flyby destination, a billion miles (1.6 billion kilometers) past Pluto.

NASA’s New Horizons Probe Wakes Up to Study Kuiper Belt

New Horizons has sent back a signal confirming that it had woken up from hibernation and executed computer commands to begin bringing its systems back online. The post NASA’s New Horizons Probe Wakes Up to Study Kuiper Belt appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Hibernation over, New Horizons continues its Kuiper Belt cruise

A long summer break ended for NASA's New Horizons on Sept. 11, as the spacecraft "woke" itself on schedule from a five-month hibernation period.

New Horizons Will Get Incredibly Close To Its Next Target

On New Year's Day 2019, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will zoom past MU69 -- a mysterious Kuiper Belt object located 6.4 billion km from Earth. In anticipation of the upcoming flyby, NASA has just revealed the probe's flight plan, and there's some exciting news. New Horizons is expected to come three times closer to MU69 than it did to Pluto in 2015. More »      

NASA's New Horizons Will Fly Much Closer to a Hunk of Rock and Ice Than it Did Past Pluto

NASA is slowly releasing details about its visit to a Kuiper Belt Object four billion miles away.

Here Are The Messages NASA Should Not Beam Into Deep Space

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft is one of the universe's only unproblematic faves. For over 39 years, it's been cruising along in space, flying by Saturn and the Kuiper Belt, doing nothing but beaming back beautiful photos and scientific research. Show More Summary

Celestial target of small worlds beyond Pluto

Astronomers ponder the make-up of an oddly shaped Kuiper belt object before Nasa’s spacecraft completes a flyby in 2019 Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft is making good progress towards its next target, an elongated mini planet which may actually be two smaller worlds in orbit around one another. Show More Summary

New Horizons' Next Mission To A 'Provocatively' Shaped Object Just Got Weirder

Two years ago, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto, capturing never-before-seen views of the dwarf planet and its icy heart. Since then, the intrepid spacecraft has been speeding toward a reddish object in the Kuiper Belt known as MU69 (nice). Show More Summary

New Horizons' next target is starting to look a little weird

4 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

In less than 17 months NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will make a close proximity pass of the ancient Kuiper belt object (KBO) 2014 MU69, marking what will be the most remote flyby in the history of robotic space exploration. In preparation...Show More Summary

NASA Captures Impossible Glimpse Of Kuiper Belt Object Billions Of Kilometres Away

In about a year and a half from now, the New Horizons Spacecraft will whiz past a distant Kuiper Belt object named 2014 MU69. This rocky relic of the ancient Solar System -- which is located about 6.4 billion kilometres away -- just passed in front of a distant star, resulting in one of the more extraordinary eclipses ever captured by scientists. More »      

Distant Kuiper Belt Object Observed By New Horizons NASA Team In Argentina

4 months agoNews : The Cutline

NASA researchers with the New Horizons team captured new images of a Kuiper Belt object over the weekend.

New Horizons: NASA Catches Glimpse of Ancient and Elusive Kuiper Belt Object It Will Visit Next

4 months agoNews : Newsweek: US

Located beyond Pluto, 2014 MU69 will be the farthest object ever encountered by any spacecraft.

New NASA flyovers get you closer to Pluto and Charon than you ever could’ve imagined

The New Horizons spacecraft has Pluto well and truly in the rear-view mirror by now, as it's on the way to check out the Kuiper Belt. But the magic of space exploration is that long after the probe has departed, scientists still have...Show More Summary

New mysteries surround New Horizons' next flyby target

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft doesn't zoom past its next science target until New Year's Day 2019, but the Kuiper Belt object, known as 2014 MU69, is already revealing surprises.

Possible Mars-sized Planet Detected in the Outer Solar System

A new paper hypothesizes that there could be a Mars-sized object on the outskirts of the Kuiper Belt. If true, this would be distinct from the hypothesized Planet 9. The post Possible Mars-sized Planet Detected in the Outer Solar System appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Mysterious Planet May Be Messing With the Kuiper Belt

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the history of mass extinctions, rogue asteroids are not good for the planet. That’s why the latest news from the Kuiper asteroid belt is disconcerting at best, apocalyptically frightening at worst. A group of astronomers has uncovered evidence that a warp in this asteroid belt beyond Neptune is... Read more »

The curious case of the warped Kuiper Belt

An unknown, unseen "planetary mass object" may lurk in the outer reaches of our solar system, according to new research on the orbits of minor planets to be published in the Astronomical Journal. The post The curious case of the warped Kuiper Belt appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

The Curious Case of the Warped Kuiper Belt --"Is There an Earth-Sized Planet Far Beyond Pluto?"

The plane of the solar system is warped in the outer reaches of the Kuiper Belt, signaling the presence of an unknown Mars-to-Earth-mass planetary object far beyond Pluto, according to new research from the University of Arizona. An unknown, unseen...        

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