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KeepVid Site No Longer Allows Users to ‘Keep’ Videos

The popular video download service KeepVid no longer allows users to download videos. Instead, the site has transformed into an educational page warning people about copyright issues and urging visitors to use legal options, if available. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have VPN reviews, discounts, offers and coupons.

How Islam Started the Original Women’s Liberation Movement

yesterdayReligion / Islam : altmuslim

Women’s liberation is defined as a movement to combat sexual discrimination and to gain full legal, economic, vocational, educational and social rights and opportunities for women, equal to those of men. The women’s liberation movement started by Islam transformed women’s lives from degrading slavery and submission to enlightenment and empowerment.

Ronald Rotunda, 'Brilliant Dynamo' of Con Law and Legal Ethics, Dies at 73

His course book on constitutional law was a mainstay for generations of law school students, and he's credited with helping establish professional ethics as a formal piece of legal education.       

Most Recent Issue of LawNow: Law for Entrepreneurs

The most recent issue of LawNow is available online. The magazine is published by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.The issue features a series of articles on small business law as well as a special report on poverty and homelessness.

The Uneasy History Of Experiential Education in U.S. Law Schools

Peter A. Joy (Washington University), The Uneasy History of Experiential Education in U.S. Law Schools, 122 Dickinson L. Rev. ___ (2018): This article explores the history of legal education, particularly the rise of experiential learning and its importance. In the early years of legal education in the United States, law...

Give Students Who Complete Their 1L Year And Then Leave A Master’s Degree In Legal Principles

Joni Hersch (Vanderbilt), Increasing Diversity by a New Master’s Degree in Legal Principles, 67 J. Legal Educ. 86 (2017): Students who leave their J.D. program before graduation leave emptyhanded, without an additional degree or other credential indicating that their law school studies had any professional, educational, or marketable value. The...

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

ABA Journal (Susan Nevelow Mart), Results may vary in legal research databases Above the Law, Innovating In Legal Education Above the Law, Oh No, Are We Going To Create Another Law School? Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), Updated LSAC Data On The Quantity And Quality Of Law School Applicants Crain's Cleveland...

University Of Minnesota Study: Enhanced Individualized Feedback In One Core 1L Class Improves Student Performance In Other Classes

Daniel Schwarcz (Minnesota) & Dion Farganis (J.D. 2017, Minnesota), The Impact of Individualized Feedback on Law Student Performance, 67 J. Legal Educ. 139 (2017): For well over a century, first-year law students have typically not received any individualized feedback in their core "doctrinal" classes other than their final exam grades....

Net Tuition Trends By LSAT Category, 2010-2014: Net Tuition Rose In Highest (165+) And Lowest (

Jerry Organ (St. Thomas), Net Tuition Trends by LSAT Category from 2010 to 2014 with Thoughts on Variable Return on Investment, 67 J. Legal Educ. 51 (2017): The “macro” discussion of legal education highlights that law school is expensive. This general point fails to highlight the extent to which...

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

ABA Journal, ABA removes remedial actions requirements for Ave Maria School of Law Business Insider, There's No Such Thing as 'Visual' or 'Auditory' Learners Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), LSAT Test-Takers Surge 29.7% In December; 19.2% Yearly Rise Would Be Highest In 16 Years Chronicle of Higher Education, A More Upbeat...

Pathetic Percentage Of Law Grads Say Law School Was Worth The Cost

Given how unhappy graduates seem to be with their legal educations, do you still think you should go to law school?


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Gallup: Only 23% Of Law School Grads Say Their Education Was Worth the Cost. But none of the degrees measured, which include PhDs, MDs, MBAs, etc., do very well.

New U.S. Immigrants Are as Educated as New Canadian Immigrants

President Trump wants to cut legal immigration by more than 40 percent, complaining that the system focuses on family reunification rather than skills. In defending the plan, Attorney General Jeff Sessions generalized today’s immigrants...Show More Summary

Tax J.D. And LL.M. Program Rankings By Tax Hiring Authorities

Tax Talent, 2018 Top in Tax Educational Survey: This annual survey provides tax employers the opportunity to vote for the best U.S. undergraduate, graduate and legal programs from their perspective for the 2017-2018 school year. 370 total respondents (U.S. tax hiring authorities, from both corporate in-house tax departments and professional...

The Uncertain Landscape For Online Legal Education

Inside Higher Ed, The Uncertain Landscape for Online Legal Education: In late 2013, the American Bar Association gave a private nonprofit law school in Minnesota permission to create a part-time Juris Doctor program that blended online courses heavily with face-to-face instruction. The question Inside Higher Ed posed in our article...

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

ABA Journal, Does ideology influence editors' law review picks? Study finds a correlation Robert Anderson (Pepperdine), Scholarly Residuals for Faculty Compensation Adam S. Chilton (Chicago ), Jonathan S. Masur (Chicago), & Kyle Rozema (Chicago), Political Discrimination in the Law Review Selection Process E. Scott Fruehwald (Legal Skills Prof Blog), Understanding...

ABA Proposes To Double The Number Of Credits Law Students Can Earn Online To 30, Including 10 As A 1L

ABA Accreditor For Law Schools Recommends Expanding Distance Learning Opportunities: The Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, the American Bar Association’s accreditor of law schools, is proposing a new rule for distance education that would nearly double the number of credits law students can...

#AM_Equality Tipsheet: February 13, 2018

U.S. DEPT OF EDUCATION ADMITS TO FLAT-OUT REJECTING CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINTS BY TRANS STUDENTS: Said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow: “While civil rights advocates have suspected that the Department of Education was not acting on complaints...Show More Summary

MARK PULLIAM: Looking Back at Law School: A Lawyer Ruminates on Legal Education. In recent years…

MARK PULLIAM: Looking Back at Law School: A Lawyer Ruminates on Legal Education. In recent years my law school alma mater has hosted an annual “celebration of diversity” event, which I recently attended out of curiosity. I thought that my law school class of long ago was quite diverse, with students from all over Texas, […]

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

ABA Journal, Would an Overhaul of Federal Student-loan Programs Help Bring Down Law School Tuition? Paul F. Campos (Colorado), The Extraordinary Rise and Sudden Decline of Law School Tuition: A Case Study of Veblen Effects in Higher Education, 48 Seton Hall L. Rev. 167 (2017) Andrea Anne Curcio (Georgia State)...

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