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The feral nature of the UK’s long term housing policy

28 minutes agoNews : Slugger O'Toole

I keep waiting for someone in the Labour Leadership contest to pick up on housing as a key issue. That they haven’t is probably as much a reflection of the fact that its a classic wicked problem (with tenticles that reach far into economic policy). Angela McGowan of the Den Danske Bank nails the wickeness more...

Friends reunited: how George Galloway hopes to ‘work closely’ with Jeremy Corbyn

Things could start to get very strange indeed if Jeremy Corbyn is successful in his bid to be the next Labour leader. Corbyn’s old chum George Galloway has today voiced his… Continue reading The post Friends reunited: how George Galloway hopes to ‘work closely’ with Jeremy Corbyn appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Relax, There Is No Labour Meltdown

Another day, another bout of mischief making. In today's Indy we learn that things aren't looking too rosy for Labour. In a specially commissioned poll, it "shows party is now even 'less electable' than under Ed Miliband. Blimey, that doesn't bode well for 2020. Show More Summary

Labour Farce

Just about everybody and their uncle has a opinion about the slow motion 'car crash' that is being played out in the Labour party leadership election. Here's one of my favourites by Philip Collins writing in The Times who thinks we're in for a re-run of the contest in the not too distant future. Show More Summary

Time for Time Limits

A new ASI report, Time for Time Limits: Why we should end permanent welfare, finds that a 5-year limit on Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) across workers’ lifetimes could save the Treasury £300-350m per year, as well as boosting labour markets and putting a break on self-fulfilling cycles of dependency. The paper, authored by Peter Hill, a […]

The old Labour right tells the new right to pull its finger out

Keeping Labour grounded to the centre is proving a tough battle for the moderates. Labour First, a pressure group of the old right within the party, has penned a public… Continue reading The post The old Labour right tells the new right to pull its finger out appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Ed Miliband’s legacy: 140,000 new hard-left members sign up to back Corbyn

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next Labour leader, there will be a lot of finger pointing at Ed Miliband. Today’s Sunday Times reports that 140,000 new members are projected to sign up to… Continue reading The post Ed Miliband’s legacy: 140,000 new hard-left members sign up to back Corbyn appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

The rival factions at war over Labour’s leadership contest

Which factions have the most influence in the Labour leadership and deputy leadership contest? The biggest split in the party is between the pressure group Progress and those with links… Continue reading The post The rival factions at war over Labour’s leadership contest appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Ministers go on the offensive in rail pause row

The government is upping its attacks on Labour’s railways legacy, as the war of words over electrification continues. Coffee House has seen a letter from the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin… Continue reading The post Ministers go on the offensive in rail pause row appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

‘Prosecco socialist’ Charlotte Church backs Jeremy Corbyn

As Jeremy Corbyn edges closer to victory in the Labour leadership race, his critics grow more vocal with both Tony Blair and John McTernan attempting to thwart his campaign this… Continue reading The post ‘Prosecco socialist’ Charlotte Church backs Jeremy Corbyn appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Liveblogging Les Trente Annees Glorieuses: July 27, 1945: British Labour's Victory

Manchester Guardian: [27 July 1945: Britain is a socialist country](

Why we won’t be hearing much from the Tories this summer

The Tories Are Staying Off TV So Everyone Watches Labour Tear Itself Apart: — BuzzFeed UK Politics (@BuzzFeedUKPol) July 27, 2015 Notice there’s been nothing from the blue side re-Mid Staffs Probably the most successful Lynton Crosby message in the run-up to May 7th was the warning of “confusion and chaos” if Labour […]

The elusive quest for labour market reforms

Structural reforms of labour markets are almost universally advocated by international institutions. This column argues that some of the labour market reforms implemented in Europe during the Crisis were misguided. One problem is that when reforms are imposed on national governments by international institutions, they can backfire. Show More Summary

Leadership Farce

The Sunday Times ran an interesting story yesterday in which it suggested that Labour leadership election had descended into complete farce and may need to be called off. Apparently more than 140,000 new 'activists' are projected toShow More Summary

Robots will help China remain the world's factory

As labour costs continue to rise, China is turning to robots and automation to help it hold on to the mantle of the world's factory.

Russia Fines Former Gulag Museum for Being a 'Foreign Agent'

A Russian court has fined the organisation behind Russia's renowned Perm-36 Museum, which is housed in a former Gulag and is the only Soviet labour camp in Russia to have been preserved as a museum, state news agency Itar-Tass reports. The...Show More Summary

Vote Rigging Allegations As Communists Pull Ahead In UK Labour Leadership Race

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom – A senior Labour MP has called for the party's leadership election to be halted amidst claims large numbers of people...

Jeremy Corbyn and Hard Left "Infiltration"

The press are not neutral arbiters when it comes to the Labour leadership contest. If they can use the debates between party members as a way of deepening divisions in the party, they will. At the forefront of these attempts is the so-called quality "paper of record" The Times, which of late is transforming itself into a straight propaganda sheet. Show More Summary

Just when you thought the Lab leadership contest couldn’t get any more exciting

The Sunday Times front page on the plot by the hard left to infiltrate the Labour leadership race via @hendopolis — TSE (@TSEofPB) July 25, 2015 The next Labour leader might have to keep the Blairites and Communists happy, that might not be possible. The major news overnight was the Sunday Times story on […]

Cuts: the big bad wolf's howl is worse than his bite

My regular column is available to subscribers on This is an excerpt. Sometimes I think that when George Osborne looks in the mirror each morning, he thinks: ?Now how can I put the wind up the Labour party...

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