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Governor’s penchant for secrecy goes digital with messaging app that leaves no trace

Gov. Eric Greitens and his senior staff use an app that deletes text messages after they’ve been read, raising concerns among transparency advocates that it could be used to subvert … Click to Continue »

In the 1930s, two promising young American writers disappeared without a trace

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Everett Ruess and Barbara Newhall Follett were born in March 1914 at opposite ends of the U.S. Both followed distinctly unusual lives as they pursued a love of writing. And both disappeared in their 20s, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. Show More Summary

Kevin Spacey replaced with Christopher Plummer in new ‘All the Money in the World’ trailer

Sony Pictures is releasing a new trailer for “All the Money in the World” that leaves no traces of Kevin Spacey.

Secure payment without leaving a trace: Scientists have developed safe protocol to guarantee privacy

No matter whether payment of the public passenger transport ticket is made via a smartphone app or whether a prepaid card is used for the public swimming pool or a bonus card for the supermarket: Many people already open their "electronic purses" every day. Show More Summary

Trailblazers: Amanda Jameson

2 months agoFitness / Hiking : Modern Hiker

Trailblazer: Amanda Jameson Trailblazing Role: Writer and Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Location: The Great Lakes to the Gulf I’m a Modern Hiker because: I talk about belonging, difference, race, and context both on trail and online. Show More Summary

5 Best Leave No Trace Trowels of 2017

3 months agoFitness / Hiking : Section Hiker

Using a Leave No Trace trowel is one of the most responsible things you can do to preserve the backcountry for others to enjoy. While there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a good bowel movement outdoors in the crisp morning air,...Show More Summary

Bringing Leave No Trace to Life Off-Trail

On trail, we follow Leave No Trace practices every day. Since Katahdin, I've thought more about how these principles can apply to my off-trail life as well. The post Bringing Leave No Trace to Life Off-Trail appeared first on The Tr...

5 Best Leave No Trace Trowels of 2017

3 months agoFitness / Hiking : Section Hiker

Packing a top-notch Leave No Trace trowel is one of the most responsible things you can do to preserve the backcountry for others to enjoy. While there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a good bowel movement outdoors in the crisp morning air, surrounded by white-capped mountains and wild flowers, it’s important to leave no

Leave No Trace: Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

The second principle of Leave No Trace is, "travel and camp on durable surfaces." At the conceptual level, the idea is that travel over a weak surface does damage. And indeed, camping on a weak surface, or clearing an area for a camp, may create lasting damage... Show More Summary

How to Change a Flat Tire with a Leave No Trace Trowel

3 months agoFitness / Hiking : Section Hiker

Have you ever tried to use the cheap jack that comes with your car to change a flat tire? If it won’t raise you car high enough to get your tire off, try digging a hole under it with your LNT trowel. We were 3 miles from the US/Canada border on a backcountry gravel road …

Outhouse Etiquette

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about different techniques for climbing. We talk about mountain ethics, land management advocacy and Leave No Trace. Indeed, we have several leave no trace articles in the blog, including one...Show More Summary

One photo reveals how insanely big Burning Man is — and how completely it disappears every year

Burning Man is many things. It is a place where 65,000 people descend on a 7-square-mile patch of Nevada's Black Rock Desert, getting whipped by sandstorms and, of course, burning "the man." But as the "leave no trace" rule declares, Burning Man is not a giant garbage can. Show More Summary

Leave No Trace: Dispose of Waste Properly

The third principal of Leave No Trace is to Dispose of Waste Properly. When discussing LNT, most people immediately jump to human waste disposal when talking about this. But that's not the only consideration when it comes to disposing of waste properly.First, it's important to make a plan to pack out all trash and waste. Show More Summary

From fighting regime to anti-IS, Syria rebel traces US policy shifts

4 months agoHumor / odd : The Sideshow

From special forces officer to brigade-hopping rebel, Abu Jaafar has seen Syria's uprising from all angles. "I fall apart, I get annoyed and I want to leave but I say no -- if I leave and others do too, the country will be even more destroyed than it is now," Abu Jaafar told AFP in interviews via a messaging app. Show More Summary

Leave No Trace? Not in the National Parks These Days

There's a growing number of vandalism citations at national parks in the US, and the Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado appears to be a top target. In a Facebook post, the park says its mission of educating and inspiring "this and future generations" through the "unimpaired" preservation of...

Leave No Trace: Leave What You Find

It's not especially intuitive...You see a beautiful flower, a cool native arrowhead, a colorful rock, or something else that you just want to take home and keep...but you know what's going to happen to it. That flower will be destroyed in your pack. Show More Summary

Why ?Every Hiker Should Take A LNT Course

Leave No Trace Principles (also referred to simply as LNT)?, are the golden rules for outdoor ethics. Everyone from backpackers to climbers, and hunters to bikers follow these 7 rules to help minimize their effects on our trails and recreational spaces. Show More Summary

Art, succulents, & a crystal crown at this vegan eco-friendly wedding (all for under $2200!)

This eco-friendly couple wanted to leave no trace at their outdoor park eco-friendly wedding, and they truly succeeded. they rocked all vegan food, all vegan clothing, and donated food and blankets to local charities after it was all over. Show More Summary

How To Browse The Web And Leave No Trace

On today's web it's hard to set a (digital) foot online without it attracting dozens of trackers and log entries, as companies look to learn everything about you and sell that data on to advertisers. To hide you've got a few tools at your disposal, many of which we've talked about in the past, and all of which add up to a largely anonymous browsing experience. More »      

Alien megastructures – where we should look next

Huge extraterrestrial construction projects should leave detectable traces that astronomers could see You remember the alien megastructure. No? Let me refresh your memory. Back in October 2015, the internet nearly broke when astronomers...Show More Summary

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