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Wine Art Book Featured on Kickstarter

4 years agoMedia / Publishing : GalleyCat

Vinography.Com blogger Alder Yarrow hopes to raise $18,000 on Kickstarter for his art book, The Essence of Wine: Celebrating the Delights of the Palate. Yarrow collaborated with award-winning food photographer Leigh Beisch on this project. For the first printing, they hope to produce at least 700 copies of the book for the first printing. Show More Summary

Introducing The Essence of Wine Book

Almost two years ago now, I began a collaboration with superstar food photographer Leigh Beisch that I called The Essence of Wine. The premise was simple. I wanted to celebrate some of the mystery and beauty of wine through gorgeousShow More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Flaws

Image © 2013 Leigh Beisch The essence that is not an essence. Universally unloved, the flaws in wine are as insidious as they are unwanted, and come in many forms. The sharp vinegar and acetone tang of volatile acidity; the rotten eggs...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Oak

Image © 2013 Leigh Beisch Few have actually spent time gnawing on a piece of oak, but some know the scent well enough, having perused the selections at their local lumber yard. Some may have even tried their hand at drilling, cutting or planing in the service of one or another project. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Passionfruit

Image © 2013 Leigh Beisch The fruit takes its name from the vine on which it grows. But no matter how sensual the fruit or however beautiful its blossoms, the missionaries who named the vine had something else in mind entirely. The complicated...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Violets

Image © 2013 Leigh Beisch Before it was the perfume of our sorrows (garlanding poor Ophelia's demise, no less), it was the flower of kings. Ion was the name the greeks gave both the flower and the king of Athens, who wore them as a crown. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Green Wood

Image © 2013 Leigh Beisch A childhood spent out-of-doors yields memories of many scents, including the vivid astringency that marked forested adventures, especially with a pocket knife in hand. A well whittled stick. The peeled curve of willow strung with makeshift bowstring. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Graphite

Image © 2013 Leigh Beisch Perhaps if you were well-behaved or maybe just lucky, your teacher sent you to the edge of the classroom with a tightly-clasped fist of yellow, where you would have the pleasure of producing those wavy ribbon-like curls of beige and gray that litter many a school day memory. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: The Sea

Image © 2013 Leigh Beisch With your eyes closed, even absent the screams of wheeling gulls, and the throaty slap of waves against the sand, you'd know where you are. The tangy scent of the sea is unmistakable. The flavor is equally familiar...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Grapefruit

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch Pendulous globes of yellow dangling like suns from their leafy boughs must have been tempting indeed to those Barbadians who first named this "the forbidden fruit" of their isle. How far the simple grapefruit,...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Licorice

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch Many of the world's true delicacies walk the razor's edge between danger and deliciousness. Licorice is not fugu, of course, but too much of this innocuous little confection can lead to everything from hypertension to liver failure. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Melon

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch The melon is hard to ignore. Its fullness, dangling awkwardly at the end of a slender vine seems to make a conspicuous show of fecundity and the promise of interior treasures. And what treasures they are. The...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Strawberry

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch Bright gems nestled under tiny green canopies represent the perfect summer treasure for fingers small and large. A perfectly ripe plucked strawberry represents the quintessence of flavor. And what a flavor! Sweet. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Lychee

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch For what other fruit would Chinese emperors establish networks of galloping couriers to deliver it freshly plucked and in the height of its ripe delicacy? If you grew up in Asia, lychees would be a well known...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Bread

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch Science suggests that the smell of freshly baked bread calms us and stimulates the brain the same ways as music and art. But did we really need science to know this? Bread has always meant comfort, home, and...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Pears

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch Which is a better testament to its glory? That the oldest languages we know all have a word for "pear?" Or that its growing patterns spread like alluvial fans along the world's most ancient trade routes? We've...Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Umami

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch The fifth taste. The molecular expression of savory deliciousness that explains what bacon, chicken soup, and sautéed mushrooms all have in common. Unlike many of the things we taste, which are more aromas than tastes, the flavor known as umami is perceived directly by the taste buds. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Apples

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch In one simple fruit are all man's sins remembered. Dully reflected in the freckled orb we have witnessed some of our deepest archetypes. Forbidden knowledge, betrayal, murder, immortality, respect, sustenance, even civilization itself. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Blackberries

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch Fingers splotchy dark purple, scratched and pricked. Snags and scrapes and dirty knees. The occasional razor burn of nettles and the mad lingering itch of poison oak. These are the hazards of the blackberry patch, where the choicest bundles of shiny, dark goodness hang just out of convenient reach. Show More Summary

The Essence of Wine: Plums

Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch The tree has become so beloved that its name has become synonymous with beauty. From the grace of its slender boughs, to the spectacular burst of its blossoms in Spring, the plum has inspired some of history's greatest poets, painters, and thinkers. Show More Summary

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