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After last week’s Tory loss of 5 local by-elections the blue team returns to its winning ways

Two CON holds and a gain Stamford, St. George’s on South Kesteven (Con defence) Result: Con 309 (46% +13% on last time), Ind 174 (26%, no candidate last time), Lab 114 (17% +1% on last time), Lib Dem 68 (10%, no candidate last time), Green 13 (2% -10% on last time) (No UKIP candidate this […]

Tories lose all FIVE seats they were defending in party’s worst night of local elections since TMay became PM

But LAB only makes net gain of one Farnworth on Bolton (Lab defence) Result: Con 153 (6% -3% on last time), Lab 969 (38% -10% on last time), Lib Dem 23 (1% -2% on last time), UKIP 169 (7% -29% on last time), Green 18 (1% -3% on last time), Residents 1,204 (47%, no candidate […]

Chris Rennard’s “Winning Here” – the requiem for the battered Lib Dems or the handbook for another revival?

A review of Chris Rennard’s newly published “Winning Here” “ Paddy’s personal ratings were shown to be very high in our poll, even at the outset of the by- election campaign. This helped to persuade him of the validity of the other poll findings.” Thus Chris Renard then the LD director of campaigns and elections […]

Slurs & water fly at Russian presidential debate as Lib Dem leader faces off with Sobchak

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

A presidential debate on Russian TV saw the nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky verbally assaulting socialite-turned-politician Ksenia Sobchak, who responded by pouring a glass of water over her rival. Read Full Article at

Lib Dems can do it on a drizzly Thursday in February – but what about on 3 May?

By-election gains may well be yet another false dawn Up until last year, Sunderland had carved out for itself one, and only one, niche in British political life: it counted its votes at general elections faster than anywhere else. For six successive elections from 1992 to 2015, the southern Sunderland seat was the first to […]

UK Special Elections Super Thursday 1 : February 15th 2018

Higham Ferrers on Northamptonshire (Con defence) Result: Con 1,414 (57% -3% on last time), Lab 557 (22% +3% on last time), Lib Dem 336 (13% +2% on last time), UKIP 109 (4% -6% on last time), Green 81 (3%, no candidate last time) Conservative HOLD with a majority of 857 (35%) on a swing of […]

Victor Davis Hanson: The NeverTrumpers Are Cultural Kin of the Progressive Left, And Would Rather Lose All Political Points Than Lose Face With Their Leftist Political Brethren Being Seen Associating With Embarrassing Walmart Republican Bumpkins

Dem's fighting words-- and completely accurate, down to the punctuation. Have you noticed the Detestables -- the cohort of liberal-leaning #FakeNews Republicans largely ensconced in liberal industries in liberal neighborhoods in liberal cities -- emulate their liberal pals' use of...

Latest local by elections see a LAB loss to LDs on swing of 35% in strong Leave area

Falmouth, Smithick on Cornwall (Lab defence) Result: Lab 643 (60% +20% on last time), Con 184 (17% -7% on last time), Lib Dem 184 (17% -2% on last time), Green 57 (5% -11% on last time) Labour HOLD with a majority of 459 (43%) on a swing of 13.5% from Con to Lab Pallion on […]

Winning where? The Lib Dem targets for 2022

Alastair Meeks looks at the challenges facing Cable’s party Three years ago, the Lib Dems were still in government. Danny Alexander and Nick Clegg comprised half of the quad, the inner circle that fixed the government’s direction. It feels like a lifetime ago now. The Lib Dems were reduced to 8 MPs in 2015 and […]

Bad night for LAB in latest local elections losing a seat to CON in one of its heartlands

Hulton on Bolton (Lab defence) Result: Con 1,455 (49% +16% on last time), Lab 1,179 (40% +3% on last time), UKIP 190 (6% -18% on last time), Lib Dem 67 (2% unchanged on last time), Green 52 (2% -1% on last time) Conservative GAIN from Labour with a majority of 276 (9%) on a swing […]

Lib Dem leader baits US by urging it to help him win Russian election

2 months agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said he won’t believe the claims of Russian meddling in the US election unless the Americans help him win the March 18 presidential vote in Russia. Read Full Article at

Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to back cross-party vote to stay in the single market and customs union

Labour urged to back Report Stage amendment which would block Theresa May from taking Britain out of the single market and customs union. Lib Dem, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green Party leaders are tabling the amendment. Some Labour MPs are...Show More Summary

'Epidemic of stress' blamed for 3,750 teachers on longterm sick leave

Policy changes, budget cuts, fewer staff and bigger classes blamed for toll on teachers’ mental health revealed by figures compiled by Lib Dems Teaching unions are warning of an “epidemic of stress” as research revealed that 3,750 teachers were signed off on longterm sick leave last year because of pressure of work, anxiety and mental illness. Show More Summary

Tim Farron says he regrets saying gay sex is not a sin

Tim Farron says he acted "foolishly and wrongly" when he said homosexuality was not a sin. The former Lib Dem leader was pressed on his Christian views during the general election campaign. "There I things I said, including that, which...Show More Summary

Local By-Election Results : December 14th 2017 and December Summary

Bradwell on Newcastle under Lyme (Lab defence) Result: Con 360 (46% +22% on last time), Lab 396 (51% +5% on last time), Lib Dem 25 (3% unchanged on last time) (No UKIP candidate this time -23%, No Green candidate this time -3%, No Independent candidate this time -1%) Labour HOLD with a majority of 36 […]

A LD gain from CON and a LAB hold in this week’s local by-election

Newton and St. Leonard’s on Exeter (Lab defence) Result: Con 512 (27% +4% on last time), Lab 1,044 (55% +5% on last time), Lib Dem 179 (9% +2% on last time), UKIP 40 (2% -3% on last time), Green 137 (7% -5% on last time) (No Independence from Europe candidate this time -3%) Labour HOLD […]

MPs demand the power to vote down Theresa May's Brexit deal

Labour, Green, Lib Dem and SNP MPs rally outside Parliament ahead of crucial amendment 7 vote. MPs will vote whether Parliament should get a meaningful vote on any final Brexit deal.   LONDON — MPs from across the Commons rallied outside...Show More Summary

CON loses another seat to LDs in latest Local By-Elections

Newport on North Devon (Con defence) Result: Con 373 (37% -3% on last time), Lab 83 (8%, no candidate last time) Lib Dem 390 (39% +7% on last time), Green 159 (16% -12% on last time) Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative with a majority of 17 (2%) on a swing of 5% from Con to […]

Local By-Election Review : November 30th 2017 and November 2017

Maidstone North on Maidstone (Con defence) Result: Con 364 (26% -6% on last time), Lab 270 (19% +8% on last time), Lib Dem 719 (51% +20% on last time), Green 47 (3% -2% on last time) (No UKIP candidate this time -20%) Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative with a majority of 355 (25%) on a […]

Local By-Election Review : November 23rd 2017

Perth City South on Perth and Kinross (Con defence) First Preferences: Con 1,734 (31% +6% on last time), Lab 314 (6% unchanged on last time), Lib Dem 1,597 (29% -6% on last time), Green 102 (2% -1% on last time), Ind 25 (0% -4% on last time), SNP 1,780 (32% +6% on last time) SNP […]

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