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Jeb Bush cozies up to haters: Jerry Falwell, Liberty University and the real story of religious right evil

Jeb Bush is the latest GOP hopeful to cozy up to Liberty's evangelicals. Here's why their views are so extreme

5 Interesting Facts About Ted Cruz's Christian Faith

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced his presidential bid at Liberty University, a well-known conservative, Christian college founded by Jerry Falwell. It's a testament to his faith and Southern Baptist roots that have kept him grounded throughout his life. But here are five facts you may not know about Cruz's personal faith.

Nicholas Vincent on the Magna Carta

Did an 800-year old piece of parchment really change the world? Nicholas Vincent of the University of East Anglia talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the Magna Carta, the founding document of English law and liberty. The Magna Carta was repudiated just ten weeks after King John issued it. Show More Summary

George W Bush Defends Religious Liberty at Commencement Speech

During a commencement ceremony at Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) former President George W. Bush gave a full-throated defense of religious liberty. At his first commencement speech since he left the

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Returns To Liberty State Park

Imagine a universe in which you'd happily spend $500 to watch neatly-pressed men on horses push balls across a perfectly manicured lawn in New Jersey. It's not so far-fetched— just think about how much money you've saved reading Gothamist for free! [ more › ]

President George W. Bush defends religious liberty

If you noticed liberals acting extra liberal this weekend, it’s because George W. Bush spoke publicly.  He gave the commencement address at Southern Methodist University and spoke about religious liberty. “And

George W. Bush Calls Himself ‘C-Student’ President At SMU Commencement Speech, Defends Religious Liberty

George W. Bush delivered his first commencement speech since he left the White House on Saturday afternoon at the Southern Methodist University. And during his address the former president touched on a number of topics, while he even referred to himself as a C-student, and told all of the other students out there who receive George W. Show More Summary

George Bush Jokes About Being ‘C-Student’ President, Defends Religious Liberty at SMU

last weekNews : Mediaite

Former President George W. Bush delivered the commencement address at Southern Methodist University earlier today, making jokes about his grades and taking a firm stand in defense of religious liberty.

Interview: Q+A: Talking to Jeb Bush About Religious Freedom at Liberty

Another likely candidate speaks in Lynchburg. (And yes, the school invites Democrats, too.) The drive from Liberty University to Lynchburg Regional Airport takes less than 8 minutes, even amid heavy traffic from the influx of visitors in town to celebrate the university’s graduation ceremonies on Saturday. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush enters the Falwell primary with speech at Liberty University

During the 2000 Republican presidential primaries, Arizona Senator John McCain proclaimed Jerry Falwell an "agent of intolerance." But after losing the nomination to George W. Bush, McCain determined he would not repeat his mistake the next time around. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Accuses Sheldon Adelson of Lacking Moral Fiber. Or of Being a Closet Christian. (Not sure which, but it’s one or the other.)

Jeb Bush’s graduation address last Saturday at Liberty University is absolutely breathtaking, and I’m betting that it will backfire significantly.  Whatever the religious views of the likes of the Koch brothers, they surely will recognize...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush embraces the narrative of Christian victimhood

While the rest of the Republican presidential candidates were at the South Carolina Freedom Summit this weekend, Jeb Bush traveled to Virginia to give the commencement address at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. While a speech like that will of course be full of praise for God, Bush’s speech went farther than one might have expected, […]

Jeb Bush to Liberty University Graduates: Of Course My Christian Faith Dictates How I Govern

Yesterday, Jeb Bush, the Republican who's supposed to be one of the more moderate candidates for the party's Presidential nomination, gave the commencement address at the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University and told the audience that the separation of church and state would be an afterthought if he were elected.

Jeb Bush Again Blows Anti-LGBT 'Religious Freedom' Dog Whistle in Liberty University Commencement Speech: VIDEO

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

During his commencement speech at Virginia’s Liberty University on Saturday, Jeb Bush accused the Obama administration of using “coercive federal power” to prevent Christians from pursuing their right to discriminate

Jeb Bush Defends Religious Liberty at Liberty University

As the Washington Examiner noted, Jeb Bush said that the government is trying to get Americans to submit their their will and not give Americans the space to exercise freedom of religion: “Federal authorities are demanding obedience, in complete disregard of religious conscience,” Bush continued. “And in a free society, the answer is No.”

Jeb Bush Blasts Obama for Using 'Coercive Federal Power' to Limit Religious Freedom

In his commencement address at Liberty University in Virginia Saturday, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is a likely Republican presidential candidate, condemned the Obama administration's use of "coercive federal power" to limit religious freedom.

Jeb Bush At Liberty University: The Bible Provides America's Moral Vocabulary

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

“It is not only untrue, but also a little ungrateful, to dismiss the Christian faith as some obstacle to enlightened thought, some ancient, irrelevant creed wearing out its welcome in the modern world. Whether or not we acknowledge the...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Defends Religious Freedom at Liberty University

Jeb Bush delivered a forceful defense of religious freedom from a secular government, deploring the rise of “coercive federal power” under President Obama that he said was seeking to impose progressive dogma on the country’s faithfu...

Jeb Bush accuses Obama of pushing ‘complete disregard of religious conscience’

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush accused President Barack Obama’s administration of trying to stifle religious freedom during an appearance at Liberty University in Virginia on Saturday, The Hill reported. “Somebody here is being small-minded and intolerant, and it sure isn’t the...

Jeb Bush Heads to Liberty University in Desperate Search for Evangelical Votes

Bush is trying to bridge the gap when it comes to evangelicals. This should be fun! Jeb Bush on Friday will try to bridge the gap between himself and the GOP's evangelical voters, who are being heavily courted by Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, and to some extent, Marco Rubio. Show More Summary

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